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These People Met Their Online ‘Friends’ and The Results Were Disastrous

MonicaAugust 17, 2022

Truck Driver Boyfriend 

This one’s an eye opener, especially to a twelve-year-old. There are creepy guys out there who seem to have zero awareness or boundaries when it comes to age. We’re not sure why, but it happens. These young kids have no way of defending themselves, and if they get themselves into serious trouble, it could end horribly. We just hope that these creeps get caught and leave the youngsters alone. This internet user had a close call with a truck driver who was much older than her. Even though it was creepy, it ended well. She never met this creepy truck driver in person.


She said, “I used to play a war game and I was friends with this other person (a guy). We became good friends and then out of the blue, he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was a truck driver in the US and I was only 12. It freaked me out a lot and I ghosted him. It was a terrifying experience and a real eye-opener for me.” Her intuition was right. Even though this one burned quickly, it was powerful enough to save her from a future encounter and maybe an even more terrifying experience (via Ranker).


You Shouldn’t Have Kids

Sometimes, there are success stories when it comes to online friends and online dating. Even though it seems rare, it does happen. This internet user met up with an online friend and when they both started families, they’d meet up and all take their kids to the zoo.  Eventually, “she wanted us to go on a cruise together, with our husbands and kids. I commented on the effect of “We can’t afford that,” and she went nuts.”


Even though we understand sticking to your budget, we don’t understand someone flipping out about someone else’s budget. It’s rude and uncalled for. She continued and said, “we shouldn’t have had kids if we can’t afford them, we shouldn’t have more children, our life sucks, all because I didn’t want to go on a goddamn cruise with her and her bratty kid. Sounds like a nightmare.” At least they probably dodged a huge bullet. Who knows what would’ve happened on that cruise. It’s better that it ended the way it did, and that their in person friendship didn’t take a turn for the worse during the cruise ship (via Ranker).