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40 Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Hacks You’ll Want To Try Immediately

Hizkiail July 25, 2021
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The vampire facial has plenty of rejuvenating skin benefits that helps your skin’s cell turnover. The only reason she said she wouldn’t do it again was that she had just found out she was pregnant, so she couldn’t use the numbing cream, which made for an uncomfortable experience.

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The only thing that worked for her was ketchup. For about a year and a half, Miller put ketchup on her hair and sat under heat until the color went back to normal. She thought it was funny that it wasn’t even a childhood mistake and happened when she was already in the public eye.


Woodley discovered that clay is good because your body doesn’t absorb it. Also, it has a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes. It can help clean heavy metals out of your body and detoxify you from the inside out.


Snooki said she doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on her beauty treatments, so she searched the internet and found that cat litter was an alternative. When asked how she felt rubbing a pet product on her face, she said it worked, and she hadn’t broken out.


The wine bath is supposed to firm your skin and improve elasticity. We don’t know about you, but that seems like a huge waste of wine, and who has that much wine in their home to fill a bathtub. It must be why it is a celebrity secret.

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Anything with the word poop seems disgusting, and we would be too grossed out to give it a try. The facial is basically dehydrated bird poop that is supposed to make you glow from within, and it’s clearly working for her.


Basically, it helps her look ageless even though she is in her 50s. We’re not sure how it feels to have this mask on, but it is doing the trick for her, so maybe we should be more open-minded to these bizarre treatments.


Baldwin uses Sturm’s MC1 Blood Moisturizer, which only costs more than a month of rent. You have to go to the doctor, let them take your blood, and they add the plasma to the cream. We are sure you could find something that works well for a fraction of the price.


Stone says she has a giant bottle of olive oil on her sink that she uses for her face and body. She says she smells like focaccia, but her skin is always as soft as a baby. She also uses grapeseed oil after the shower and throughout the day.


While most of us could never afford that, she swears by it. One of her other tricks is to dunk her face in a bowl of ice water for a minute because it brings out the color in her cheeks. That’s definitely affordable but not very comfortable.


Lively shared that her mom taught her to put oil or mayonnaise on the ends of her hair before she showered so the shampoo couldn’t strip the ends of her hair and dry it out. This is probably how she has such long hair without it looking dead and lifeless.


Robbie believes that normal chapsticks have additives that actually dry your lips out, so you have to keep buying them. But Bepanthen is just for dry skin, and she says it works better than anything she has ever tried.


You might be surprised to find out that Diaz’s secret is Neosporin and Visine eye drops. The products take away redness and swelling, and it helps them heal faster. Her skin cleared up beautifully, and she is now glowing from the inside out.


Suki’s trick is to rinse her hair with Coca-Cola because it gives her hair a tousled look. We have never thought about putting soft drinks in our hair before, but maybe there is a first time for everything.

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Ashley uses a flat toothbrush to keep her eyebrows full and natural because it’s bigger than a brow brush and works much better. She also adds some eyebrow gel, and they stay in place all day. She said it makes her much more confident even when she isn’t wearing any other makeup.

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Hayek said you take avocados and mayo and put them in your hair to moisturize it. She also uses egg yolk and lemon to bring out the shine as well. It seems like she is trying to make guacamole on her head, but the stuff clearly works.


One of her staple products is a mixture of milk and water that she sprays on her face a few times a day to keep her skin moisturized. She says it has a refreshing result, and if that keeps her looking young, we are going to give it a try.


It must be better because eyelash curlers have a tendency to rip out your lashes, and a spoon can’t do that. However, we wonder if it does the same job and really curls your lashes. Based on her looks, we would say it does wonders, but she is naturally gorgeous.


After soaking them, she puts them on her eyes for 15 minutes. Conrad says it always works like a charm, and clearly, she doesn’t have puffy eyes. If only mastering her winged liner was as easy as depuffing ours under eyes.


The most interesting part of her beauty routine was that she washes her hair with beer. While we would rather not have our heads smell like a frat party, she says the beer and honey mixture conditions her hair and leaves it shiny and healthy.


While there isn’t any proven science behind the cream helping to reduce wrinkles, many people still use it in their beauty routines. It has been shown to effectively promote wound and burn healing, which could be another use for this cream.


In an interview, she said, “Once a year, my family will get together and put mayonnaise in our hair for old times’ sake. We’ll do it on my niece, and we’ll always try to get our partners to do it, but they refuse.” We are just picturing everyone with their hair covered in mayo.


Kidman usually goes between red and blonde hair, and to keep it looking healthy and vibrant, she rinses with two things. For red hair, she uses cranberry juice, and for her blonde hair, she rinses with champagne.

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Johansson said apple cider vinegar is excellent if you have problematic skin because it naturally eliminates all the spots. It might be a little smelly, but it is worth the effects. She keeps things natural because the harsh chemicals don’t go well with multiple makeup applications.


To keep her lips soft and moisturized, Hadid uses a clean mascara tester wand to apply sugar scrub to her mouth. She says it is a great way to exfoliate her mouth in a gentle yet effective way. It seems like a reasonable thing to add to our routine.


Pinto gets her eyelids to stay dewy by using vaseline because it gives her an angelic look. She always has a very natural glow, and now we know how to recreate her flawless looks perfectly.


It is said to help people find Zen, and although we have never tried it, stars like Victoria Beckham and Michael Phelps swear by this. There are far crazier things that we could be doing besides this, so it might be one to try out.


Berry also keeps her skin tights and smooth by exfoliating with coffee grounds. It is supposed to combat the appearance of cellulite, even though that is very normal for women because of the shape of the fat cells in our bodies.


Peppermint oil is known to improve circulation and soothe dry skin. Even using it on your lips alone will give you the same plumped and tingling look that you desire. If it works for the diva herself, we should give it a try too.


Beyonce’s longtime makeup artist, Sir John, revealed that he uses Elmer’s glue sticks to keep Beyonce’s eyebrows in place. It is not toxic, so it is safe for the face, it won’t clog pores, and it washes off easily. It’s something drag queens also use to block out their eyebrows.


The trick to the perfect smile is to stick your tongue behind your teeth to keep you from over-smiling. If you smile without doing it, Chastain said you show too much gum, which is the best actor trick she has ever learned.


Moretz says she washes her face with olive oil and claims her skin is clearer because of it. While most of us try to avoid excess oil and use oil-free products, she decided to go in the polar opposite direction, and it’s clearly working for her.


The dancer said in an interview that she uses turmeric to brush her teeth because it works as a whitening treatment. You would think the orange-yellow spice would stain your teeth, but it has the opposite effect.


When she is wearing a wig, she puts her hair in a wig cap and uses tape to give herself a new eye shape or a mini facelift. She also pulls back her neck and decides how dramatic she wants her face to look for the day.


After cleansing with the baby shampoo, Cox uses a wipe and moisturizer. Her skin looks clear and healthy all the time, so maybe it’s time for us to start using baby shampoo again. She says it is important to have clean skin to apply foundation perfectly.


Teigan keeps her eye cream in the freezer because having it nice and chilled makes a big difference. It wakes you up and depuffs your under eyes. It’s also great when she has to be on set early because the cold makes her look more awake.


Munn relies on hyaluronic acid-rich Japanese sweet potatoes to keep her looking young and wrinkle-free. However, due to her love for them, they became so popular she couldn’t find them at any store because they were sold out.