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40 Times People’s Home Experiences Produced Shocking And Surprising Results

Hizkiail July 14, 2021
Chris Matthew Brady

We have the impression that he opens a portal to a new dimension and that the aliens will disembark to invade the planet. Inviting aliens to our planet might not be the idea of ​​the century.


We imagine that even the birds must have made a mistake and tried to fly through the house. It must be a job to keep all those mirrors shiny and clean in a place where the wind blows sand and dust all the time. In addition, is there not a risk that the mirrors act like a magnifying glass and cause a fire to start?


Nature is fascinating, beautiful and cruel. We have the impression that this frog will soon explode like in a cartoon. Maybe it’s a security camera disguised as a frog so thieves won’t notice. She’s taking risks, this frog anyway. Because her predators won’t have a hard time noticing her in the dark.


We strongly advise against trying this experiment at home because the ball can explode and become very dangerous. This person was lucky and didn’t have an accident, but that’s really silly. The explosion could make a person blind.


You feel like you can walk on it because it’s a lake of stone and no ice. We are cold just to see this image. Fortunately, the majority of us don’t live in such a freezing cold place.


At first glance, we thought it was a chocolate egg. No one is used to seeing a coconut like this. Coconuts are not round but oval like eggs. It is so bright that you can see yourself through it. Is it easier to open now that it’s so smooth?


If you ran into that, would you take your legs around your neck? It feels like the sand is some kind of monster that has come alive. Looks like a superhero managed to beat him by trapping him in ice before he could take over the world.


It is hoped for the owners of this house that they are not inside because they are very likely to get stuck with the doors completely frozen. It is not known how people can endure these harsh winters over and over again each year.


The temperature suddenly dropped and the waterfall froze quickly, giving the impression that everything had stopped in a second. It looks a bit like the kingdom of the white witch in the world of Narnia.


Looks like Chinese wood paintings done in black ink. These incredibly detailed unique works. We want to see this phenomenon happen slowly on video. It must be so relaxing.


Looks so much more interesting than the vegetables you find in the supermarket. Cabbage is a vegetable that divides. Many people refuse to eat it, so they will agree to make decorations out of it.


We are a little surprised that the barriers are so regular, but the demonstration is very successful. This kind of accidental experience is very nice and brings back so many good memories of school.


We don’t really know why and how it works, but we imagine that the chalk is so hot that it prints patterns on everything that touches it. Given all the colors present, we can imagine that this conductor passed over a magnificent rainbow.


Many accidents have taken place on golf courses during thunderstorms. People were severely injured when lightning struck. With such enormous open space on golf courses, golfers are particularly at the mercy of the weather.


Usually when you see wind turbines, you see them moving, but you can’t see the air being stirred. On very foggy days, you can see the power of the turbines and how much air they are blowing. We can see the effect they create in the fog.


Now their home is a floating garden in the heart of a beautiful forest. It is not known how it all started and the boat started to be covered with plants. This is what happens when we let nature take back its rights.


Looks like the carrots all gathered because they were scared of impending disaster. They might not have wanted to be pulled out of the earth to be cut up and eaten. No one wants to end up in a salad, that’s for sure.


We want to roll in and mix all the colors. Looks a bit like unicorn tears. We imagine that they cry rainbows. We would like our tears to look like this too.


The basketball court is probably destroyed, but at least it makes for an interesting photo. Difficult to say how much water is present, but another hour or two and we will not be far from transforming the land into an Olympic swimming pool.


We want to shake it and see all these stalactites fallen to the ground. It would be a mess, but so satisfying. It’s almost a work of art. One could imagine designers taking inspiration from this photo to create candlesticks.


This is probably not a bad omen. They certainly have a great adventure in the great outdoors awaiting them. Probably a hike. They should go on a trip to Canada or Alaska to see this kind of scenery and fulfill their destiny.


How can you have so much bacteria on one hand? It’s normal to have germs on your hands, but this looks like a biological attack. Someone has to bathe this child in an infection control suit.

Cyprien Verseux

This scientist works at one of Antarctica’s most remote bases and when he’s not busy with his research, he tests how long it takes for food to freeze. The results are quite impressive and he posts them on his twitter account.


It happened because of a type of yeast in beets similar to what is used in kombucha. Don’t watch it for too long or you’ll be uncomfortable too. We just hope they get rid of it ASAP.


If you take a picture of this seat up close, people might think it is a real forest. We wonder if the owner of this bike has invested in a new bike or if he still rides in town with foam under his buttocks?


You can learn every day just by looking at pictures on the Internet. We would be a little apprehensive at the idea of ​​touching it, because it looks like something that comes to us from another planet. We pity the worker who will have to fill this hole.


We know that there is a drug to fight this problem, but it is only on prescription. Maybe if they light the candle it will straighten up and come back to life, that would be an interesting experience.


This person didn’t bother with all these questions and had their highlighter warmed up. The result is pretty cool. It feels like a creative new way to reveal the gender of an unborn baby at an American-style baby shower.


Perhaps this is a signal to call a superhero. Maybe the next Marvel hero? We don’t want to be spoiled. His name is definitely Trash-man or some other trash pun.


You don’t want to live in the same place as the owner of this car and endure such extreme weather conditions. It would be so pretty though if the ice wasn’t covered in dirt, it would almost be a work of art.


They will be able to organize a big party and not spend a dime on ice cubes. We wonder how they did to get rid of it, it must have taken them a long time and a good pair of gloves.


If someone is playing the guitar and you take a photo, you’ll see a bit of the same effect on that photo. Cameras find it difficult to cut out a photo of a moving object. It is a good concept for taking original and artistic photos.


Maybe they should plant it in the ground and see if they end up with any plants. Every week, people in the office could take turns watering it. It would be a fun experience to try with office colleagues, why not?


We always thought that “Jack and the Beanstalk” was just a fairy tale, but we realize that it is ultimately possible. We don’t know if it’s a good idea to go disturb the giants that live in the clouds. Maybe when the giants play sports or bowling, that’s what sets off thunderstorms in the sky?


Printers and fax machines will give you the same message if you try to print a banknote. How many currencies in the world can they recognize? If they let people change tickets, one wonders how many people would attempt to counterfeit, like in the Good Girls series .


It’s intriguing to see that they’ve gotten bigger. It looks like choux pastry after cooking. We would really like to taste them, just out of curiosity. We imagine that the banknote is there so that we realize that their size has increased, but it is enough to put them next to a normal candy.


We learn about it every day on cell phone cameras. Even though the photo is spoiled, it’s fascinating how accurately the phone managed to capture both the bright part and the dark part of this photograph at the same time.