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These People Asked To Get Roasted Online & The Results Were Hilarious

Darren February 11, 2022

The Internet can truly be a terrible place, yet Reddit takes this to a whole new level. Luckily some people in this world still have a sense of humor. A trend started where they asked people to roast them based on their photos. Unsurprisingly, Reddit users brutally roasted them.

We’ve selected some of the best comments from users because they’re glorious. They’ve earned the right to be remembered forever, so check them out below via BoredPanda.


30. Friends Forever?

These people claim to have been friends for seven years. Then they invited the Internet to break it up for good. It’s no surprise that Reddit accepted this challenge and unleashed chaos:

“The girl with the glasses put y’all up to this, didn’t she?” Riverchex asked cruelly.

But the comparisons between her and the rest of the crew didn’t stop. “Must be nice to be in a group of friends where someone could describe you as “Not the fat one” and everyone would know they meant you,” Douglasqqq observed. That’s about as ice-cold as anyone can be.


29. Grandpa Stoner

Everybody loves when an older person uses the internet. This gentleman claims to be an 80-year-old stoner but he always forgets his Reddit password. Maybe people should respect their elders. However, the internet roasted him remorselessly instead:

“I can’t roast you because even if I did you’d forget about it in 10 minutes,” spangoloid wrote. Meanwhile, Market Maker wrote the wittiest comment of the day. The user said: “You’re so much of a stoner, even your age is 4 20s.” Take a bow.


28. Computer Engineering

A computer engineering student, this woman claims her housemates aren’t very nice to her. Neither was the internet when it roasted her. The aptly-named DrDiarrhea said, “If you are looking here for validation that you are pretty, you aren’t going to find it. Oh, and we know what you are really using that SonicCare toothbrush for.”

But things became even more brutal. “You wouldn’t even be successful if you were the only audition for Meg in a family guy parody porn,” upermans wrote.” This was a solid roast. Meanwhile, there were a whole host of comments about her body but they were lazy.


27. Turkish Love

This lady didn’t think that the Internet could roast her harder than her family. She hails from Turkey and her parents question why she isn’t married despite being past her prime at 30. However, she underestimated the savagery of Reddit.

“The casting couch is going to be the place to build your Ottoman Empire,” ReillyDeifenhach roasted her. Meanwhile, Mentorsworld was even more brutal, writing, “They’re not upset that you’re unwed, they’re upset that everyone is getting a turn.”


26. Too Many Questions

We question this man’s outfit but we respect his confidence. He claimed to have slept in the same bed as a girl for four nights but remained a virgin. Looking at that picture, it’s not difficult to believe. Reddit roasted him mercilessly for his efforts.

Chudnstuff said, “This dude’s breakfast consists of a spruce tree and a side of acorns.” That’s cold but about right. “This man is so ugly that he’s managed to direct everyone’s attention away from the fact that he’s got his underwear on over his pants,” MyNamesNotStephanie proclaimed.


25. Eight-Hour Drive

According to the male in this image, these two met on Reddit. Then the lady drove for seven hours to meet him in real life. It’s still a better love story than Twilight but users roasted them relentlessly. “So were you selling her magic cards or something,” LizardFlavurd asked.

Then Life_GuardFlakey noted, “And she’s probably gonna have a disappointed eight-hour drive back too.” Furthermore, some users said that she looked like a trucker and had seen a lot of mileage. But at least these Reddit veterans knew what they were getting into.


24. Friendzone

The couple above were once members of the same church and were in a relationship. Now they’re just friends but Reddit users went to town. Orphansaver666 said, “She tossed him in the friend zone so quick, his hairline is still trying to catch up.”

Lightoftheworld_ noted, “Except for the background, this looks exactly like every picture taken at an Adult Video Convention.” They also roasted the girl because they knew she was aware of her appearance compared to the young man beside her.


23. Horror Artist

Reddit trolls are often extremely lazy in their insults. This Asian would-be horror artist observed this and invited people to roast her. However, her caveat was that they at least show some effort in their responses. Jrock2356 brilliantly wrote, “Your wall looks like a memorial for removed tattoos.”

That must have cut deep because it questioned the nature of her existence. Another one jumped on the artist-bashing bandwagon. Picklocksget_money said, “My parents thought I was a huge disappointment. Then I told them your life goals and they wrote me back into their will.”


22. Salad Fingers

After his girlfriend cheated on him, this man decided to neck half a bottle. Then, he decided that the time was right for the internet to insult him. Unfortunately, netizens aren’t the most sensitive souls and they piled onto his misfortune like crazy.

Saltzja roasted him like a hog at a fair. “If you went down on your girlfriend as hard as you did on the vodka you’d still have her,” the Reddit user wrote. Meanwhile, many other commentators referred to the bizarre size of his fingers.


21. Anime Artist

Anybody who asks people to roast them online must have unbelievable self-confidence. This woman claimed to be a 20-year-old anime artist and invited the internet to do its worst. Of course, this was like leaving an alcoholic alone in a brewery because they unleashed chaos.

“Shame that choker wasn’t fastened a few notches tighter,” ck01bruh wrote. Then, FreddieQuestie said: “I don’t see why people are roasting. We should be supportive of rescue greyhounds, especially those that can poorly draw anime.”


20. Dessert Storm

When a boomer tells the internet that he’s a Desert Storm veteran and ‘tougher than all you snowflakes,’ it’s time to take out the popcorn. The internet roasted him worse than the siege of Basra in the Gulf War. “More like Dessert Storm,” Sport-Fifty responded.

This was simple but beautiful. There were many more references to his weight but some people were more creative. “Bold of you to call out “millennial snowflakes” with a venti half-caf, no foam, skinny white chocolate mocha on your desk,” IAmNotaJellyBaby observed.


19. Anything Original

Attractive women tend to receive predictable comments on Reddit. These three ladies asked Reddit users to do their worst. but they had to try to be original. Holy_Hand_Grenade125 replied: “You’re trying to roast the roasters for not being original? Have you three looked in a mirror lately? It’s like Forever 21 is making people now, LOL.”

Another user roasted them in an even more brutal fashion. Links-Shield632 simply wrote: “Hepatitis A, B, and C.” There were also many comments about Tik Tok being their main personality trait. Others went after their fashion sense or lack of it.


18. I Hate My Job

Some people hate their everyday life. According to this 33-year-old teacher, she’s one of them. She duly posted her selfie before asking the Internet to go to town. HavocODST said, “You look like the kind of person to complain that sushi is raw.”

Many users agreed that black holes have more light in them than she has in her soul. Carlos_AVP chimed in: “Don’t worry, having a 13-year-old boy turn you down for sex isn’t the end of the world.” Ouch, they roasted her like a Thanksgiving turkey.

17. Oldest Roasted Person

Most 90-year-old women don’t know what the internet is, nevermind Reddit. However, this elderly lady decided to participate with her grandson. Of course, this is a place of equality so netizens happily roasted her. They insulted her appearance as well as her grandson’s fashion choices.

drewmeister90 responded, “When she asked to be cremated this isn’t what she meant.” Some of the best roasts are also the dumbest. A-A-RonHipHop asked, “What does it feel like when she takes her teeth out?” It’s great when people show some creativity.


16. World Air Guitar Champion

When somebody claims to be a ‘world air guitar champion’ they’re setting themselves up to be roasted. That’s exactly the case in this scenario. Emailio_Estevez replied, “It must be easy when you’re used to fingering things that don’t exist.”

Then Absolutely_Coffee said, “You look like a caveman who ransacked a pawnshop.” Others compared him to Zach Braff while some referred to his ‘air girlfriend’ too. In the end, he suffered a roasting as bad as a barista’s first day in Starbucks.


15. Sid from Ice Age

Reddit users roasted this lady after she said she moved to Malta to be with her boyfriend. But they broke up and still live in the same house. Meanwhile, she took the photo while he was downstairs with other women. A5madal said, “Looks like that bottom tooth is trying to leave you for your boyfriend too.”

Furthermore, several users compared her to Sid the Sloth from Ice Age. No doubt this gave her self-esteem the boost she craved. Another compared her to the Spice Girls. That’s because they all wore different colors like her teeth.


14. Whoopie Goldberg

Another day, another painful experience for a Reddit user. This gentleman told the world that he’s a 60-year-old, New York Uber driver. Then ojsimpsondidntdoit replied, “My first thought was…damn Whoopi Goldberg shaved her dreads. Stay safe out there.”

This is hilarious but they get even better. “Captain Holt really went downhill after losing the bid for Commissioner,” harmony138 said, referring to Brooklyn 99. Also, another person roasted him by saying people count their fries after his deliveries.

13. Dying Kelp

Another person received more than they bargained for when Reddit roasted them. This individual thought that he was invincible but even Achilles had a weakness. It started in a hilarious but brutal manner when NoBedKid420 wrote, “Your hair looks like dying kelp.”

Then mreyes1798 continued the assault on his hair. Next, he said: “I was scrolling and when I first saw your hair I couldn’t tell if it was a ginger root or a tarantula.” Finally, another compared him to Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Feel the burn.


12. Fat Al Jankovic

This 340-pound gentleman decided to tell Reddit that he needs the motivation to lose weight. “You look like if Al Yankovic actually listened to his own lyrics in Eat It,” XSilent_DevilX replied. If that doesn’t encourage him, we don’t know what will.

Another person described him as Tenacious D if they were just one person. But the savagery doesn’t end there. The Internet is a cruel and wonderful place. MattMurphy000 ended him with these immortal words: “You should have included your gender in the title because I honestly can’t tell.”


11. Battery-Powered

It looks like this is the happiest man in the world. However, after Reddit trolled him at his own request that may no longer be the case. He said that he’s living his best life with the first vehicle that he was able to buy himself. Needless to say, the replies were ruthless.

Tonyenkiduxc wrote, “Now both you and your girlfriend are happier with a battery-powered alternative.” This is savage but it’s impossible not to laugh. There were a lot of roasts related to his disability but we’ll just leave those on the thread.


10. Escaped From Azkaban

Here’s one of the most depressing cover stories. The picture uploader said they used to create multiple Facebook accounts to post and reply on her wall. That’s because she didn’t have friends. Reddit brutally roasted her as one person advised her to go back to Azkaban.

LitPresent said: “If I were you I would unfriend myself.” There were also a lot of comments about her appearance. Some people compared her hair to dead animals. Meanwhile, others insulted her face tattoo. We’re not sure if this was the self-esteem boost she needed, but maybe she’s a masochist.


9. Gamer Girl

Many gamer girls receive a lot of love online. However, this user certainly didn’t after claiming to spend days indoors. Reddit roasted her remorselessly after she invited them to. Randomkazoo said, “The time it took you to make this post is longer than all your relationships combined.”

Then DeweyTheDew said, “You look like the sort of person to eat popcorn with a spoon.” Allegedly, the original uploader is also a YouTuber. But she’s not very popular if her Reddit roasting is anything to go by. She should have known that it wasn’t going to end well.

8. Real Slim Shady

Everybody has to appreciate this uploader’s sense of humor. That’s because he called himself the Real Slim Shady but he can’t stand up. It’s a great bit of self-deprecation but Reddit users took it to the next level when they roasted him.

Scurvywaif4 had the best comment. They wrote, “Knees broke, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, his legs are spaghetti.” This is an iconic roast because it fits in perfectly with the original tag. Meanwhile, another asked if his barber was also disabled.


7. Convicted

This user claimed that he just secured his release from prison. First, we question the mindset of a person whose immediate instinct is to ask Reddit to troll him, but that’s exactly what he did. Needless to say, Reddit happily answered the call.

Siennagiant70 said: “From jail to homeless. You actually downgraded yourself.” Another said that he dropped his soap on purpose in the showers but still nobody wanted to touch him. The internet is a harsh place but he asked for it.


6. Locked In A Basement

It’s always tricky when a young woman asks people to roast her because the results are predictable. There will always be a lot of unoriginal and crude comments that aren’t that funny. She claimed that her mother locked her in the basement to isolate her for two weeks.

This created more potential for humor. Southern_Photograph said, “Locked in a basement is probably your best-case dating scenario.” Other users also focused on her upper lip with one saying that it hadn’t loaded properly during the ‘create your character’ stage.


5. Born for Roasting

It’s safe to say that this individual has discovered the meaning behind his existence. People should respect his self-confidence because it takes a lot to ask Reddit users for a roasting. Especially when they aren’t exactly blessed in the looks department.

There were many comments about his combover but the best was a thing of beauty. AeonsSeen wrote, “You look like you just came out of 4 hours in make-up, to nail a role as a wartorn medieval peasant leper.” We have ourselves a winner.


4. Roast Bentley

This man claims to own a Bentley and smoke bong hits all day on his toilet. Perhaps it’s not the healthiest life but it seems fulfilling. After all, happiness comes in all shapes and forms. Anyway, he invited Reddit to get involved. Then, many users roasted him.

“You seem awful cocky for a chauffeur,” Putt_Bunyon wrote. This is a hilarious comment but some users were full of praise for the original poster. They compared him to the Dude in the Big Lebowski because of his apparent lifestyle.


3. Depressed Fettucine

This Reddit user is also a YouTuber. In short, he craves attention in any form possible. That’s why he asked Netizens to roast him. They duly obliged as they crushed his self-confidence. NearlyOutOfMilk wrote, “You look like a depressed piece of fettuccine.”

Another compared him to an Afghani goatherd. Allegedly, the individual in the image is Italian and many people were quick to make fun of him. He claimed that the power of the bass made him immune to roasting. However, we doubt that claim.


2. Roast Baby

This Reddit user explained that he brought out this picture of his uncle during the holiday season. Then, he roasted it in front of his family. However, his mother revealed that the photo was actually of him. He saw the funny side before asking Reddit to pile on.

PothosPastaPepper wrote, “Your baby picture says 80-year-old Asian grandpa. But your current look says lady bodybuilder.” Meanwhile, several users referred to the baby’s ‘preceding hairline.’ It’s hilarious how cruel people can be about an infant’s appearance.


1. Harvard Virgin

Another user revealed that Harvard accepted his college application. He also claimed to have 3.4 million karma but never kissed a girl in his life. It seems like the source of his problem is right there because he’s spending too much time online.

Anyway, Reddit users roasted him without remorse. tanner_kennedy said, “A haircut by someone other than your mom may help with that virginity issue.” Other users made references to Harry Potter and the fact that he will be lonely for the rest of his existence.