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40 Of The Most Interesting Photos That Have Been Hidden Across The Internet

Trista August 11, 2021

The Internet is a wide, wonderful, and weird place. There’s plenty of things to see if you know where to look. Pictures often go viral, spreading across the world like wildfire to the point that everyone is talking about it.

Nevertheless, even with the accessibility of the Internet, there are still some amazing things that people haven’t seen. Some seem too good to be true, and you might think these images are edited, or the stories are fake. Not the case. Here are the 40 most interesting photos you’ve probably never seen before.

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40. Twin Sisters Who Look Different

When you hear of twins, you expect them to be almost exact duplicates of each other. But there’s the off-chance where there are paternal twins, which don’t end up looking anything like each other. This pair of twins, Maria and Lucy, are far from identical.

The father is white, and the mother is half-black; who knew they would end up with one daughter being very fair with red hair? It’s not a form of albinism either because Lucy doesn’t have any of those characteristics. The sisters have never let their differences or the looks they get stop them from loving each other, though. One simply received the dominant, browner genes whereas the other has more recessive blue-and-blonde traits. If they were born on the same day to the same mother and father, they truly are twins.

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39. Ruby Bridges Escorted By Marshalls

Ruby Bridges, only six years old at the time, had to be escorted to an all-white school because she was the first African-American to attend. This was due to the volatile nature of the South at the time against people of color. The Marshalls were worried that people would try to hurt little Ruby.

No one at that age should have had to deal with such awful racist acts, but it was a good thing the U.S. Marshalls went by her side all day to ensure she received the safe education she deserved.

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38. The Longest Living Fish

When people think of goldfish, they don’t think of them living for more than two or three years. What they don’t know is that Koi, another form of goldfish, can live a lot longer than that. They live much, much longer according to this story. Hanako, the koi fish, was born in 1751 and died in 1977.

That means that this koi fish was at least 226 years old. Hanako was the oldest living Koi fish to date. So how did they age the fish? When she died, they analyzed her scales to see how old she was. It just shows that when you provide the care that a fish needs, it can live a very long time.

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37. Tomb of Ramses VI

Egypt is known for its history of pharaohs and their elaborate ways of honoring the dead, especially royalty. The tomb of Ramses VI is one of the more elaborate tombs people can visit, evidenced by the picture on the Internet.

The long hallway leading to the burial chamber is covered in hieroglyphics likely depicting the pharaoh’s life. To think that such inscriptions would last this long over the centuries is difficult to fathom. Thanks to the Internet, you can explore historic sites online, like this one.

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36. Large Trees In The Mist

Baobab trees are very fascinating. They look like they belong on another planet in some alien landscape. However, sure enough, they grow quite well here, with their hollow trunks full of water so that they can survive the harsh climate of the desert.

This Internet photo was taken on a foggy morning when the temperature starts to change from cold to hot, causing the fog to form. The baobabs jut out of the ground, looking like trees a child would draw.

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35. Turkish Garbage Men Made A Library

When most people are done with a book, they choose to put them on a shelf, have a garage sale, or donate them to a library. It takes a strange person to actually throw a book in the trash when you can give it to someone else to enjoy. And for those who do throw them in the garbage, they probably think nothing of it.

However, these garbage men in Turkey realized that many books were being thrown away. Instead of bringing them to the dump, they decided to save them and create their own library so that other people could enjoy these books and magazines. The Internet won.

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34. Tiny Apple Tree

Did you know that bonsai trees can actually produce fruit? In most cases, because the bonsai tree is so small, the fruit ends up being pretty small too. Well, this little bonsai tree didn’t get that memo and ended up growing an apple bigger than itself!

If it had decided to grow more than one, then this little tree might have fallen over. Which would have been a shame since bonsai trees require a lot of care and patience on their own. We wonder what that apple tasted like.

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33. Sounds Like Destiny

Taking a photo in front of a strange sculpture to add to your photo album seems like nothing weird. There are obviously going to be people in the background going about their day. However, this was a strange coincidence that tied these two individuals’ fates together. You see, they both ended up in the background of the other person’s photo taken on the same day.

The funnier part of the story is that they didn’t even realize this until they got married! They were probably perusing their old photos one day and realized that they both had pictures of the same structure. They used the Internet to share their amazing story.

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32. Wine Windows

During the 17th Century when the plague was killing everyone it touched, someone created wine windows to separate people. However, these windows allowed them to enjoy their wine still. Who knew that they would come back into fashion for such an occasion as the quarantine?

Just a glass of wine to help make the hours go by a little faster so that people can get through their loneliness. However, this is a stark reminder that history is doomed to repeat itself if people don’t take better care of themselves and get vaccinated.

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31. The Inventor Of Karaoke

If you asked yourself if you know the name of the person who invented karaoke, you probably wouldn’t know the answer. That’s because the inventor of the karaoke machine, Daisuke Inoue, didn’t put a patent on his invention, so he never made a single dollar off of it.

Now that it’s a billion-dollar industry, he probably wished he had. However, he doesn’t seem to mind. He made the machine because he wanted to help people learn how to sing. He wasn’t just in it for the money.

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30. One Of The Largest Protests Ever

2020 was a year to be remembered. Not only was there a pandemic, but the year was also filled with plenty of protests. One of them took place in Poland, where abortion laws were passed. Instead of taking it lying down, however, over 100,000 people were brave and outraged enough to take to the streets to protest the passing of these laws.

Poland already had pretty strict laws governing abortions, but these new laws made having an abortion illegal even if there is a fatal defect that affects the child’s life. Needless to say, many people weren’t happy about it.

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29. The Extinction Of A Species

Although this photo is dated back to 2018, its impact can still be felt to this day. It is an image on the Internet of the very last male white rhino passing away. The animal used to thrive across Central Africa. However, poachers hunted them for their horns for centuries. That is until they were driven to extinction.

There have been other efforts to increase these beautiful species’ numbers, but none of them have been very successful. It may be time to say goodbye to the white rhino forever, thanks to the cruel hand of humankind.

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28. A Different Circus

There are plenty of horror stories about how animals are treated in the circus, including animal cruelty and forcing them to live in inhumane conditions. This led many people to stop going to circuses altogether to avoid supporting such awful behavior. Nevertheless, one show in Germany found a neat idea to keep business going.

Instead of using real animals, they decided to create holographic shows where people can still see “performing animals” without being injured or treated inhumanely. What do you think? Would you want to go to a circus where the animals aren’t real?

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27. An Unlikely Hunting Pair

Bears are known for being solitary when it comes to looking for food; wolves, on the other hand, are pack animals that hunt together. So what would convince a bear and a wolf to pursue food together? After all, they usually stay away from each other. No one knows, but this Internet image is a reflection of their strange friendship.

Apparently, they both lost their families and seemed to have found solace with each other. They likely have no idea that they’re not supposed to be friends with each other, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them.

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26. Legacy On Display

Everyone wants to leave something behind for other people to remember them by. Now 97 years old, this soldier got to see the very plane he flew in during WWII being put on display in a museum. It’s unlikely that he became a pilot during those trying times for this very moment, as he was risking his life to protect his country.

However, his daring feat culminated at this moment where a piece of himself gets to live on for everyone else to see. It’s no wonder he looks so happy to stand in front of his own plane that played an important part in history.

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25. A Heart In The Rough

There are rocks and then there are geodes. Geodes are particular constructs of nature where gemstones are created inside, just waiting to be found. These two men were lucky enough to crack a geode and discover a beautiful heart shape of amethyst inside.

They were not sure whether they saved them as gifts to someone special or if the geodes were left as they were, but they definitely had a unique find on their hands. Who would’ve thought that nature would’ve been able to capture the shape of a heart so perfectly?

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24. Nepal Has A Dog Holiday

In Nepal, there is an annual festival called Kukur Tihar, and it involves worshipping dogs by putting colored powder on their heads and placing necklaces of flowers around their necks. If you are disrespectful to a dog on this sacred day, then you have sinned.

They’re given special meals too, including meat and eggs in honor of them. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to give dogs their own special day every year? Their loyalty is above and beyond any other animal out there. Thus, so they should be treated like the special animals they are.

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23. The Reattached Arms

Amputations involve the removal of a limb, usually for health reasons. However, if a limb is ripped off in an accident, it can be challenging to save them. Not only that, but it is difficult to reattach them. There are many nerves and blood vessels that would have to be reattached to make the limb work the same way.

John Thompson was lucky enough, however. While working on a farm, he suffered an accident that left him without any arms to call 911. Thankfully, he managed to get a pencil into his mouth to dial the number. He hasn’t regained full functions in his arms, but he can still use them despite his accident.

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22. A Spring Through a Tree

Yes, you read that right. This tree will never suffer from dehydration because it has a spring flowing right out of it. It’s a wonder how nature managed to create something like this, but it’s a good thing this photographer decided to snap a picture for the rest of the Internet world to see.

To be fair, the photo does look a little obscene. It seems like the tree is going to the bathroom in front of everyone while they stare. However, we have a better question. How doesn’t the tree rot from the inside out with all this water flowing through it?

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21. A Two-Faced Cat

We’re not talking about a cat born with two heads. Moreover, we’re not talking about a cat who spreads rumors behind your back either. We’re talking about a strange thing called chimerism, where a cat’s markings are split right down the middle. It’s a strange thing to behold, but it does happen in nature more than you realize.

This condition only happened to half of this cat’s face, causing one side to be a beautiful grey color while the rest remained black. It’s unknown whether the siblings ended up with the same kind of marking, but it’s unlikely. Thanks to the Internet, though, everyone has the chance to see this pretty kitty.

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20. Not The Skin Grafts You Were Expecting

A horrific accident can sometimes result in the loss of a lot of skin. That can easily lead to infections that hospital staff can’t combat quickly enough. However, science has found a new way to help those who need extra skin, and that’s through fish.

Yes, this person’s legs kind of look like a mermaid’s, but it is an ingenious way of doing it. The fish skin protects the underlying tissue and helps the body’s cells regrow into living tissue. An even greater benefit is that the fish skin does help to soothe the pain associated with burns. A lot of people probably would think this image is edited. However, even though it is on the Internet, this image is real.


19. A Moment Never Seen Again

This photo actually looks kind of scary if you don’t know what it shows. The photographer was taking pictures of the city skyline when they caught an image of a meteor falling out of the sky. They probably thought it was a trick of the light at first but realized later what they’d really captured. They shared the photo with the Internet.

That green hue is a bit shocking, especially in contrast with the yellow-orange of the landscape. Yes, those are the natural colors of the picture, too, and not any edits. This photographer should probably receive a few pats on the back for capturing such a moment.

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18. A View Very Few See

We’re all privy to watch a sunset at the end of the day. It’s an even better few if there aren’t any trees around because you can see the sun sinking below the horizon. However, have you ever considered what a sunset looks like from space? Consider your question answered.

You can see the band of red covering the Earth as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a red glow on everything. What’s even more beautiful is that that band continues to travel around the globe as the sun continues to set in different countries. And on the opposite side of the planet is the same band indicating a new sunrise.

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17. Literal Faceplanting

Baby owls aren’t very attractive. Until they get in all their plumage, they look like scrawny, screaming devils that want to tear your eyes out. However, you may not know that baby owls actually sleep face down wherever they are because their heads are just too big for their bodies to support.

This owl looked like it basically gave up on today and flopped onto its face to avoid the rest of it. It’s a perfect representation of how we all feel on a Monday morning when we have to go back to work.

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16. Selfies With Gorillas

Many countries have taken up arms and started hiring anti-poaching guards in order to protect the animals that can’t defend themselves. Very rarely do these guards ever post selfies, but this one definitely took the Internet by storm. These guards were protecting some gorillas, and one of them decided to pose for the photo.

Although their jobs are dangerous, anti-poaching guards take their jobs very seriously, and moments like this can be gratifying. That gorilla looked like it was ready to have its good side taken so that it could show the world just how handsome it is.

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15. These Strange Clouds Look Fake

Everyone plays that game as a kid where they look up at the sky and try to pick out shapes in the clouds. It’s a wonderful way to stretch the imagination. That is not the same as these clouds you’re about to witness. Don’t adjust your glasses or rub your eyes; these clouds are exactly what they look like. Your vision isn’t off.

These are known as undulatus asperatus, which is a type of cloud formation most commonly seen in the Plains states of the United States. They’re known for their chaotic undersides, such as what you see in the Internet picture, and are typically associated with storms. However, they have been known to dissipate without a storm actually occurring.

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14. A Long Run With One Leg Way Before The Internet

There are just some stories that are so inspiring. It makes you want to get up and go instead of sitting at your desk. This is the story of Terry Fox, who lost his leg to cancer when he was only 21 years old. Instead of allowing his disability to get the better of him, he decided to do something with it.

He set himself on the path of running from Canada’s East Coast to the West Coast to raise awareness for cancer. He ran a full marathon every day for 143 days, adding up to 3,339 miles on just one leg until he eventually lost his battle with cancer.

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13. The Strangest German Sculpture

At first, the sculpture looks a bit weird, considering there isn’t really much there. It was initially called the “electoral campaign” and was put together by Isaac Cordal. But as time passed, it gained the more popular name “politicians discussing global warming.” A very apt name considering the photo of the sculpture with puddle included.

It’s an authentic message about how deliberating for too long instead of taking any actions will only worsen things. And then it will be too late to do anything except swim in our mistakes.

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12. 2020 Was A Different Time

When you think of voting, you think of people standing in line at their polling site, waiting to cast their ballots. But 2020 was a crazy year, and everyone had to do seemingly ordinary things much differently. With the pandemic, people couldn’t stand in line anymore.

That didn’t stop Beatrice Lumpkin, who has been around long enough that she remembers a time when women couldn’t vote. At 102 years old, she wasn’t going to miss out and donned this biohazard suit to drop her vote into the nearest mailbox.

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11. Real Size of A Kiwi

If you think we’re talking about the fruit, you would be wrong. We’re talking about the flightless bird. You would think that they’re small and fuzzy and perhaps strangely cute. However, kiwis are actually a lot bigger than you think. They’re much more prominent than chickens, as you can see.

Their beaks look pretty dangerous as well, but they’re more likely to run away from you than fight you, so maybe that’s a good thing. They’re one of the flightless birds left in Australia and are often prey for wild dogs. Let’s hope they don’t go the way of the dodo.

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10. Scarier Vulture Than You Would Imagine

A vulture isn’t a bird that anyone would call cute and cuddly. Taking a picture of one isn’t a risk, but they’re not the most photogenic birds either. At first glance, it might look like this vulture as its eyes closed, but that’s not actually the face you’re looking at. Its face is actually at the end of its long neck.

It’s not a very happy-looking bird either, and the fluffing up of its feathers makes it look even more intimidating. No one understands how giant vultures are either until they saw one in person. With a wingspan that big, it’s a wonder they choose to eat carrion instead of flying away with someone’s livestock. Luckily, this photographer shared the photo with everyone on the Internet to see.

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9. A Gecko Wearing Itself

Do you have any pets? Lizards are known for shedding their skin regularly when they’re growing. Unlike mammals, who have stretchy skin that grows with them, reptiles don’t have such a luxury. So when they get too big for their skin, it becomes dry and itchy, and they have to squeeze themselves out of it.

However, it’s still a strange sight to witness when a gecko has an entire hoodie made out of its own skin, still hanging on its body. It’s weird to look at, but we’re sure that it felt much better once it got out of that old skin.

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8. The Weirdest-Looking Snake Ever On The Internet

Drawing a snake is pretty easy. It’s pretty much just a tube with a head, a pointed tail, and some eyes. Even a child can draw a snake and have it be pretty much accurate. What you never expected was a snake looking like this. Your first question might be “what’s wrong with it,” and the answer would be “absolutely nothing.”

That’s because this is the Arabian sand boa, and that’s how they all look. Its eyes look that way because it burrows its entire body in the sand, leaving its eyes just above the surface so that it can see and catch any prey that’s nearby—an effective hunting strategy at the cost of looking like a mistake.

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7. Survivors Who Arrived The Same Day

These three individuals are survivors of Auschwitz during the Holocaust. That in and of itself is a miracle. Nevertheless, what’s even more surprising is that they all arrived on the same day. In fact, they were tattooed 10 numbers apart from each other.

After leaving the camp, they went on to build their own lives and families, but it’s touching to see them come together one last time. This generation of survivors is slowly dwindling, but at least they have beautiful families to continue on their legacies.

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6. A Space Flower Like No Other

Astronauts have been trying several experiments in space to see what is actually viable. One of those tests was to see if they could grow a flower in space and what effects the lack of gravity would have. It seems like a simple test, but it’s given them many data to work with.

It kind of makes you feel bad if you don’t have a green thumb and end up killing a plant within a week, when you see this photo on the Internet of a flower that could survive the harsher environment of space itself, especially with the different amount of sunlight it can get on any given day.

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5. A Ripped Primate

People think chimpanzees are just smaller humans, but what they don’t realize is just how strong they really are. In recent years, a woman who kept a chimp as a pet had her face ripped right off and needed surgery. The image on the Internet shows just how much muscle a chimp can have at the price of this poor primate being afflicted with alopecia.

It would take about six or seven men to control this chimp if it suddenly decided it wanted to go on a rampage. Despite their somewhat human appearance, they are not to be messed with, nor should they be kept as pets. They are wild animals for a reason.

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4. Finding A Literal Treasure Box

When you go for a jog every day, you don’t expect that you’re going to find anything interesting other than sweat at the end. This person had been running on the same path for a long time until something piqued their interest. It was more than just a piece of trash on the side of the road. In fact, it ended up being something big.

It was just a random box, and when he opened it, it turned out there was a lot of money inside. Furthermore, this was money that dated back to 1621. Some of the money was so old that it came from countries that no longer existed. Let’s hope he donated most of it to a museum and got a nice payment out of it.

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3. A Mighty Ant

Everyone knows that for their size, ants are insanely strong. They’re also pretty hard workers, so they get a lot of work done on a given day. That’s why this photo is such a perfect representation of how mighty the ant can be.

It was taken by Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov, who takes macro photos of ants regularly. This little guy definitely looks like he’s ready to start his day with a bit of weight training before he heads out to work on keeping the nest safe.

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2. The Progress Of An Artist On The Internet

Anyone who draws never thinks that they’re actually getting better, no matter how much they practice. It’s only when they look back at their old pieces years later that they realize just how much progress they’ve made. It’s the same for this artist, as you can see how much better they’ve gotten over four years.

Their art is so realistic that you would think it’s a grayscale photograph being taken, but every single detail has been drawn by hand. It’s obvious they put a lot of hard work into improving, likely practicing day in and day out to get every detail right.

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1. Cutting Down On Plastic Bottles

This idea sounds like so much common sense, yet nowhere else in the world goes to these lengths. The grocery stores have dispensers for shower gel, detergent, shampoo, and laundry softener in the Czech Republic. That means that when your bottle is empty, all you have to do is bring it in and refill it, then pay the cost.

This would cut down on a lot of plastic being thrown away and polluting the ocean or having resources being spent on recycling them. This idea makes so much more sense, and it’s a wonder more places aren’t doing this. Hopefully the Internet can inspire them to.