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30+ Iconic Movies That Took Place In Surprising Locations – Which One Was Filmed In Your State?

Hizkiail June 27, 2021
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Although they are supposed to be driving from Arkansas to the Grand Canyon, most of the movie was shot in California and Utah. Many people visit southern Utah to take the classic “Thelma and Louise Selfie,” and you can too at the Dead Horse Point State Park.


The movie is dark and twisted, and definitely not for the faint of heart. The movie deals with murder, intellectual disabilities, and lots of drama. In real life, Thorton has expressed that he is anti-violence, which was the complete opposite of the movie he wrote.

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With her sidekick Dionne and their makeover project Tai, these two ruled Beverly Hills High School. Paul Rudd was the cherry on top of this already amazing sundae, and we thank the people who gave us this incredible film.


The movie was filmed at a 900-acre ranch in southwest Colorado, and although it was winter, the crew kept running into nice weather. To create the whiteout blizzard, the team had to use giant fans and lots of cornstarch even though the region usually gets a lot of snow.


The girls are just trying to earn some extra money, so why do their neighbors have to crush their side hustle? The movie talks about divorce, medical diagnosis, and teen crushes; it literally has something to inspire any teen, and you have to see it!

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This cult classic launched several of the actors into successful careers, and people remember to celebrate Rex Manning Day every April. If you haven’t seen this movie and live or visit Delaware, you need to watch it because you will probably recognize some memorable locations.


The movie is about a young African-American boy who finds guidance in a drug dealer. The movie symbolizes one’s innermost self because, under the moonlight, people discover who they truly are and their hidden desires. The film takes place on the gorgeous Florida coastline, with many scenes showing Chiron on the beach.

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Like Moonlight, this film was historical, and it was the turning point for many of the stars’ careers. Although it was filmed in North Carolina, the story takes place in Georgia. They couldn’t film in Georgia because the location they chose was unsuitable for the film.

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With Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake, the movie has mixed reviews, but it was everything for teens in the early 2000s. They couldn’t get enough of the drama, romance, and surfing. What really made this movie was the natural locations of Hawaii.

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As a young teen, most of us had “Vote For Pedro” shirts that we proudly wore, and the obsession just made sense. How could anyone forget Napoleon’s talent show dance or his awkward romance with Deb. This is probably what the world thinks all people from Idaho are like.


A few famous movies have taken place in Illinois, but none of them have a broadway show and a holiday like Mean Girls. This was one of Lindsay Lohan’s last good movies, and we miss the days when she didn’t have a weird made-up accent.


If you haven’t seen Rudy prepare to cry. It’s going to happen, but it will be worth it when you see this highly underrated movie. Today’s sports movies don’t hit the same as the ones of the early 2000s and the ’90s.


Although the movie is set in Iowa, most of the movie was filmed in different parts of Texas. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape gained a lot of critical attention, and people were impressed with how the actors were able to tell this delicate story.

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Although this is our favorite movie of all time, there were some dark secrets on the set. From torturous costumes to forcing Judy Garland to take drugs to keep her weight down, that Kansas farm was not certified organic.

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The film was loosely based on the life and racing career of the real horse named Seabiscuit, who rose to fame during the Great Depression. The horse lifted the spirits of a nation when they needed it the most.


The film is based on a group of college friends who grew apart but come back together for a girl’s trip to New Orleans. With crazy drunken antics, dance battles, drama, and lots of beautiful men, this movie makes all other girl’s trips look like a boring night at home.

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Stephen King was raised in Maine, and he must have experienced some scary stuff to use it as the setting for his horrifying novels. It makes people want to avoid the place unless they are interested in running into child-eating clowns.


Although most people aren’t fleeing the altar every time they decide to get married, that is Julia Roberts’ MO, and Richard Gere is the one who can finally capture this runaway bride. She literally gives him her running shoes, so she can’t go anywhere…iconic.


The film is set in Massachusetts, but most of it was filmed in Burbank, California. However, the day time scenes were filmed during a two week period in New England. Who else wants to travel to Salem just because of this movie.


The writer and director based the film on reassuring dreams he had as a child, and we now believe he needs psychological help. Some people believe the thing that is transferred between the characters represents HIV/AIDS or another STD.


The movie perfectly showed how life was like for African-American people in the south during the Civil Rights Movement. Viola Davis was nominated for “Best Actress” for this film, but Meryl Streep unfairly robbed her.


It had a low score on Rotten Tomatoes, but the people of Missouri might be offended that their home state is getting such low movie ratings. Don’t trust the ratings in this situation; trust us. These three stars could not have made a better movie if they tried.


However, Meloy’s hometown of Helena was the original location, and then they changed it to Livingston, Montana, for a much-needed break from her home life. Surprisingly, a movie with Kristen Stewart got high ratings.


Matthew Broderick plays a teacher who asks a football player to run against Flick, and chaos ensues. In the movie, most of the extras were actually high school students at the school they used for the set. Someone might spot their parents walking around in the background of this movie.

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Independence Day made Will Smith one of the richest men in Hollywood, even though he was already having great success before. How could you not love a movie that gives us a preview of what an alien invasion would look like and how to survive it.


Even if your therapist is Richard Dreyfuss, they shouldn’t be followed home. Before long, Bob drives his doctor to insanity while bonding with his family. It seems like a horror movie, but your sides will be hurting from laughter. Although this is set in New Hampshire, the movie was actually filmed in Virginia.

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The was the first of many movies with Sandler and Barrymore and one of their best collaborations. New Jersey is usually associated with The Jersey Shore, so it’s nice to have better representation to refer to.


The movie was filmed in Utah at a real high school. No one knew how popular it would become, but the soundtrack was the top selling album of 2006. It’s hard to get through a day without remembering how much time we spent learning the “We’re All In This Together” dance.

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The movie was filmed in New York; however, the interior of the Tiffany store was filmed in a Hollywood studio because they probably didn’t want to mess up the store. Who wants to dress up as Holly Golightly and have breakfast at Tiffany’s?


The movie was filmed on the North Carolina coast, and it gives a real vision to Sparks’ novel of the same name. Did we mention that Josh Duhamel is a total babe in this movie? It would be impossible not to fall in love with him.


The whole movie is based around Jennifer Aniston and her character’s dad renting a summer house, and the neighbor releases a murderous leprechaun. Who rents a vacation home in North Dakota? They deserved to be hunted by the leprechaun.

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This movie was legendary for the fashion, the actresses, and the incredible plot. It was a masterpiece, and there is nothing that can compare to this fantastic movie. Please, try to find a more iconic teen movie from the ’80s.


We have nothing against storm chasers, but we don’t understand the logic behind it. They are purposely putting themself in harm’s way, and asking for injuries or worse. RIP Bill Paxton, this was one of your greatest films.

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It earned Reese Witherspoon a “Best Actress” nomination, and her performance was incredible. As she hiked along the trail, you could see Oregon’s beautiful scenery, and it made the movie that much more interesting.


Forget about Step-Up and Footloose; Flashdance is where it’s at. Although Jennifer Beals plays Alex, her elaborate dance scenes were done with a body double who could dance, but they were not credited.

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We can thank James Wan for the scares as he is the man behind these movies. It was surprising when the first movie was a huge success, and now it has its own universe like Marvel or Stephen King.

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Between the half-naked men, the dancing, and the music, it is hard to dislike Magic Mike XXL. Anything with shirtless Channing Tatum will turn up the heat even on the coldest nights. Just don’t expect a pivotal storyline.

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We think we can all sympathize as Leo battles the bear, and we scream, “not the face. Not Leo!” Would you abandon Leonardo DiCaprio if you saw a bear coming? That’s what his crew did in the movie, and he took revenge.


This is one of the few places people guess correctly because the name gives away all its secrets. This movie tells the tale of marriage problems with politicians and the rivalry between Nashville musicians.

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Although J.Lo can obviously sing, Selena’s voice was dubbed into the film to bring more of her life to the surface. Jennifer Lopez was lip-syncing the songs, but don’t let this mislead you because she has the pipes to sing all those amazing songs.

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They filmed on location, but James Franco did not actually cut his arm off. The real Ralston said it was so factually accurate that it was basically a documentary of his experience. That is terrifying, and we don’t know what we would do.


From the music to the dancing to the costumes, this movie is pure gold. How can you not love “White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby’s soothing vocals and the comedy from Danny Kaye. It is iconic, and no one can say otherwise.

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Although it takes place in Virginia, the movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Like The Help, people argued that it had a white savior narrative, but people need to just enjoy the cinematography, acting, and historical accuracy of this film.

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The movie was filmed in Washington, where it takes place, and nothing is better than Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger in a romantic paddleboat in the Puget Sound. That is what everyone wishes their first date would look like.

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Although the film takes place in West Virginia, Tennessee was used as the location choice for filming because of the weather and terrain. The crew reconstructed the site to look like a 1957 mining town.


They destroy humanity as they go on their journey, but a group bands together to stop them. The scenes were shot in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania despite taking place partially in Wisconsin.


Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, the two develop a sexual and emotional relationship, although they are supposed to be married to their girlfriends. It was truly revolutionary for its time because it was an advancement to show the LQBTQ community in film.