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Rejections to Remember: People Share the Strangest Ways They’ve Been Turned Down

Hizkiail August 10, 2021

You’re Not Rich Enough

We all know someone who might think this about a person they dated, but few people would actually say it to the person’s face. It takes a bold (and rather mean) person to say something like this. This person knew exactly what kind of partner they wanted, and they weren’t afraid to say it, no matter how weird (or just plain rude) it sounded.

It almost sounds like they were trying to say this nicely (if that’s even possible). We’re left wondering if that strategy ever worked out for them and if they made that overture to Mr. Right by letting him know how glad they were that they had finally found someone rich enough. One again, it sounds like they did them a favor, and they dodged a bullet with this one!

Success is the Best Revenge

There’s never a perfect time for a breakup, but apparently, a lot of people manage to find the worst timing possible. This guy really added the dramatic touch though, walking down the hallway and dropping her had just before the big moment. Honestly, some people really live in a high school movie.

Finally, a rejection story with a happy ending. This person really moved right on and showed the guy who’s boss. We’ve got to commend her, it takes some serious determination and holding yourself together to get through that. Or maybe it was just the motivation she didn’t know she needed.

Nope at First Sight

Some people believe in love at first sight, and maybe the opposite is true too. This woman knew what she wanted, and knew that her date wasn’t it. Arguably, this turned out better than it could have if she’d waited for him to get invested. Either way, it’s probably better to know from the get-go.

They say looks aren’t everything, but I guess for some people they are. Or at least, important enough to know what won’t work. Most people would have at least gone through the date, to be polite if nothing else, but this girl didn’t have any time for dating around. Maybe he really didn’t look like his profile picture.

Stealing from Twilight

We’ve all heard stock breakup speeches that sound like they could come out of a cheesy movie, but this guy literally used someone else’s breakup speech. Or rather, a fictional character’s breakup speech. The creativity to even come up with this idea would be impressive if the idea wasn’t so utterly strange.

Can you imagine what that realization was like? This person must have thought she was crazy looking through Twilight books for her boyfriend’s breakup speech, but there it was. Definitely an iconic high school moment, and, to be fair, breakup plagiarism is probably the most creative form of plagiarism we’ve ever seen.

The Idea is Better Than the Reality

It’s a common warning when it comes to infatuation. You spend so much time thinking about the person that you fall in love with your idea of them, rather than the person themselves. Apparently, this guy didn’t think it through when he started this relationship and fell right into that trap.

Fifteen years is a long time to know someone, just to realize that you never really knew them at all. Maybe this guy had gotten so used to her saying no that he didn’t really want her to say yes. Some people like the thrill of the chase better than the real thing.

Proposal Gone Wrong

Some people make a mutual decision about their future together before one person pops the question. Other people want it to be a complete surprise. But maybe there are some people who should really have had that discussion if only to avoid the worst possible version of a proposal gone wrong.

Well, it’s better that she told him then and didn’t say yes, but that one must have really hurt. She really waited for the wrong moment. There’s never a good time to admit cheating, but imagine getting all ready to propose and that’s what you hear. Ouch! Apparently, they both had really different ideas of how that relationship was going.

I Can Live Without You

The first few dates can be like a trial period to see whether you like someone and whether your relationship is likely to work out. Apparently, this girl decided she needed a trial period for her breakup too. It might not be the worst idea, but it seems like there might have been a nicer way to go about it, though.

We have so many questions about this method. Did she decide it takes 48 hours to know if your partner is right for you? Did she plan this out? Was she planning on telling him at a certain point? Was there some way this scenario played out in her head that wasn’t weird?

Buying a House

Getting your first home together is usually a major milestone for a couple. It’s one of the first big decisions both people make together, and it’s the start of a new chapter of building something together and sharing a space. Except when one partner does it behind their spouse’s back, in which case it’s the sign of a very unexpected breakup.

We can’t help but wonder what some of these stories would look like if they were told from the partner’s perspective. In what situation do you decide it’s a good idea to end an engagement by secretly buying a house? It seems like potentially this person got the order of things backward.

Teach Me How to Dump You

Teaching someone to do something can be a really fun experience. It can really bring two people together… except when it doesn’t. This person thought they were helping their partner out until they realized why their partner had asked for help. Turns out they had set up their own downfall. Ouch!

If you thought breaking up over text was bad, this really takes the cake! At least this person’s girlfriend could have asked someone else how to block them. Most people have the decency to at least let their partner know they’re breaking up, but this person pulled a full-on ghost move.


If there’s one surprise you DON’T want on your birthday, it’s a surprise breakup call. And if that wasn’t bad enough, this guy did it on a milestone birthday too. This definitely sounds like it was a birthday to remember, but not for the reasons this person was hoping for.

It’s hard to know where to even begin with what’s wrong in this situation. A serious boyfriend? A breakup at the office? This person’s 30th birthday? Totally killing the mood of the surprise party? You’d think the breakup could have waited another day or two and just let this person enjoy their day.

Ghosted IRL

Most people get ghosted over text. One day the other person just stops replying, refuses to answer your calls, or blocks you on all your social media. It’s not fun to be ghosted, but apparently, there are worse ways to break up with someone. This person didn’t take the easy way out. They set up a full date and even showed up before they ghosted their partner.

Getting up to get popcorn is usually not a sign of breaking up, but I guess it can be. It just seems strange that this guy made all the effort to plan a date, get the tickets, show up, sit down, and get up to get popcorn before leaving. At that point, why show up at all? Did he think this way might be easier? If anything, it made things that much harder!

Breaking Up Over Email

After 2020, digital relationships do seem like more of a possibility, but at some point, the in-person side of things does have to happen. Shared experiences are essential to building a relationship, especially when you live in the same area. Apparently, this middle schooler didn’t realize that when he got his first girlfriend over MSN.

Normally, we’d say breaking up over email is pretty weird, but in this situation, it actually seems like the part of the story that makes the most sense. If their entire relationship was online, it does make sense to break up online too. This usually goes without saying, but in-person interaction really does make or break a relationship.

Uncalled-for Opinions

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. That’s always a good rule when it comes to talking about someone’s appearance, especially on a date. Even if you don’t want to go out again, there’s probably a better way to tell someone that than insulting their appearance.

Apparently, this person did have wonky teeth after all, but I’m sure they didn’t need their romantic date to tell them that. The fact that they stayed after to wait for another round honestly makes us feel bad for them, so it might be a good thing the guy never came back.

A Dream Break Up

Not a phrase you’d expect to hear, right? Usually, dreams are for the good stuff, and most often they don’t correspond exactly to what happens in the real world. But this person actually got broken up with because of something they had done in someone else’s dream. Talk about trust issues!

Some people think dreams are a representation of reality, so maybe this woman interpreted her dream as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. Or maybe she genuinely was mad at her dream boyfriend. It does seem a little unfair to not give the real person a chance, though.

He Got a Better Offer

This person wasn’t taking the chance of being alone, so he decided to go out with both of the girls he’d been talking to. Which might have been fine if he didn’t leave one date in the middle to go to another, and explain what he was doing on top of it all.

Sometimes online dating is just not it, and this is definitely one of those times. The horror stories people share from their online dating experience are endless. There is such a thing as too many choices, especially when you get up in the middle of one date to go to another. At least he paid. That’s about all we can say for this guy.

Lightening the mood

Adding humor is often a good way to diffuse a tense situation, but this is NOT true when it comes to a breakup. Never a good idea. Especially if you’re breaking up with your partner after they’ve just been injured and the pun is making fun of their injury. This is just poor taste. Just no.

Leave it to 6th graders to find the most awkward, cringeworthy, and kind of mean way to break up with someone. Joking about their broken leg… yikes! It just brings all those awkward middle school memories flooding back, although most of us probably don’t have a story this bad to remember.

I’m Eating This Cookie

We’ve got to hand it to this girl for creativity—she didn’t know how to tell the guy she didn’t want to dance so she found the perfect excuse: a cookie! Ok, maybe not the perfect excuse, but at least she came up with something creative. Might have just been better to tell him, though.

Sometimes cookies are better than relationships, and this girl was just being honest about her priorities. It’s a priority that a lot of us can probably relate to. Telling someone “no” is often awkward, so some people prefer to avoid it. Maybe not the best thing to say to let someone down easy, but we hope it was really that good of a cookie.

Putting It Off

There’s conflict avoidance, and then there’s literally running away from the scene of a breakup, which is what this guy did. That’s definitely on another level. It’s not fun to have someone dump you, but it’s probably best to at least hear them out before you walk away in a hurry and never speak to them again.

At that point, it’s almost like he dumped himself. Maybe he saw it coming? Or maybe he just really really didn’t want to have that conversation. We just wonder how it went afterward, did he realize they were broken up? Did he just stop answering texts? Did he just want to break up with her after all – but he wanted it to come from him?

Too Immature

Sometimes two people are just not meant to be together and this definitely seems like one of those times. It can be hard to accept, but it’s better to know, especially if your personalities are just a bad match. And this person’s response to the breakup just shows that his girlfriend was right about the difference.

From this story, seems like she was right. And hey, if she wanted to be with someone more mature, it’s better that she said so earlier on because this relationship wasn’t going to work out. Hopefully, this guy found a better person to joke around and make silly voices with. We all deserve to find that special someone who truly gets us.

High School Reputation

Summer love is fun and all, but when school starts again, maintaining your reputation is a serious business. Especially if you’re a popular Varsity cheerleader who wouldn’t be caught dead in the hallway kissing a nerd! What’s up with all the high school rom-coms coming to life? Apparently, when it comes to high school romance, love is not all you need.

There’s keeping your relationship private, and then there’s hiding the other person so that they don’t damage your perfect cheerleader reputation. And with that rejection line too. Apparently, this relationship wasn’t as serious as this guy thought after all. Sometimes summer love just can’t survive the pressures of the school year.

Better from Afar

If you go on a date and realize that the person isn’t as attractive as you thought they were, you might start to think differently once you get to know them. And if you don’t, there’s no need to let them know that. It’s especially unnecessary to passive-aggressively let them know which of their features you’re not satisfied with.

She thought he was cute, but apparently, after seeing her up close, he didn’t feel that way about her. And he wasn’t going to stay silent about it either. You’d think he’d just make up an excuse and let her down easy because sometimes honesty is just not the best policy. Personally, we think freckles are adorable.

A cheap breakup

Let’s just say once and for all that making any romantic decisions because of a bet is just a bad idea. Making any decision because of a bet seems questionable. It’s literally a way of playing games with someone else’s feelings. But there’s something about making that bet for only $1 that really makes it all so much worse.

Seriously, who would break up with their girlfriend on a $1 bet? Was it something he had wanted to do all along, and that was just an excuse? The push he needed? Was this just the other guy’s elaborate plan to steal his friend’s girl? Well, if it was, it seems to have worked out in his favor after all.

Slumber Party Rejection

Slumber parties are hallmarks of every girl’s middle school experience. Usually, they’re fun memories of spa nights or movie nights and telling secrets with friends, but they can also be hotbeds of gossip and mean girl behavior. And for this person, getting invited to a slumber party turned into a pretty harsh rejection.

The craziest thing about this story is that the girl’s mom was in on it. You’d think the mom would tell the kids to be nice to each other, not help sneakily kick one of them out of the party. What kind of mom teaches her kids to be mean to their peers? Our real question is: why was she even invited in the first place?

Ghosted on Valentine’s Day

On this week’s episode of worst possible timing for a breakup: ghosting someone on Valentine’s Day. Seriously, how heartless can you be? At least you could have the decency to tell the person you’re breaking up, and preferably not when you’ve planned a special date for the holiday of love.

After disappearing without a trace, this guy clearly wasn’t deserving of his girlfriend’s heart-shaped fudge. Even though it probably hurt at the time, it’s better that he never received it. We hope she found someone better in the future who really deserved and appreciated her cooking talents. To that, we say, good riddance!

The Other Guy

It can be natural to think that after you’ve had a number of dates with someone, you have a good idea of where the relationship is headed. In that case, it’s best to make sure you’re both on the same page. In this person’s case, he was awkwardly wrong. It turns out he wasn’t the only person she’d been going out on dates with.

Sometimes the conversation about making it official doesn’t go as planned. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how life is. It’s probably not a good idea to just walk out and leave the other person with the bill, though, even if that conversation makes you uncomfortable. At least have the decency to pay for your dinner.

Group Rejection

If there’s anything that hurts more than having your crush reject you, it’s having that person completely write you off in front of all your friends, and the dungeon master in a Dungeons and Dragons session. And having all of them laugh about it. That’s definitely a hard reaction to get over.

This Dungeons and Dragons group was not playing around. Apparently, gaming can be as harsh as it is fun. “Oh my god no” is definitely not a nice way to turn someone down either. At least if she didn’t like him, she probably could have found a nicer way to say so.

The Ultimate Friendzone

This guy clearly didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings. In fact, he probably thought he was giving her a compliment when he introduced her to another friend. Or so we’d like to think. It turns out that they just had very different ideas of what was happening in that relationship. And sometimes rejection is even worse when the other person doesn’t realize it.

Usually going out to dinner multiple times and going to a gala together would indicate some kind of romantic relationship, but not to everyone. This is why it’s always important to have the “what are we” conversation, as awkward as it may be. You can never really know what the other person is thinking, and you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Best Friend Demotion

Life can get really busy, especially if you have to balance school with a job and all of your other obligations, and it’s hard to keep track of our friendships. We all try our best but sometimes life genuinely does get in the way. Nobody’s perfect, but we hope our friends will forgive our shortcomings. Not this friend, though.

This person was trying to make time for their best friend even when they were struggling with so many responsibilities. They let things slide, and they were trying to make it right. But their friend was having none of it. Who knew “regular friends” could be such a harsh insult? It’s like a breakup of a friendship – have you ever heard of that?

Too Good at School

It’s important to not compare yourself to your partner in any aspect of your life. It’s also important to be happy about their accomplishments, even if things didn’t turn out the best for you. This high schooler clearly hadn’t learned that, though, and was just too intimidated by someone smarter than him.

This is mostly just embarrassing for the insecure guy. He just admitted that he was intimidated by his partner’s success, and didn’t feel any need to deal with that himself. Even though it hurt at the time, this breakup was probably for the best, because it’s never good to be with someone who puts you down.

House Hunting

House hunting with your boyfriend after ten years of dating is a natural step. Moving in together, and finally being able to live in the same place. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? But this person had a very unpleasant surprise waiting for them when she and her boyfriend finally found the house of their dreams.

Breaking up always hurts. Especially after ten years of dating, a breakup can really mess you up. But it’s definitely worse to be strung along through the whole process of house hunting, only to find out that the home of your dreams is where your boyfriend is going to live with his wife. Talk about an unpleasant surprise!

Height Matters

It’s common for people to want a partner that’s attractive, and many women consider height to be an attractive feature in a man. This woman definitely had some strict standards, though, and she wasn’t willing to give anyone she didn’t consider tall enough a chance. So much for getting to know you.

The real question is, how tall of a guy did this girl want? This guy wouldn’t exactly count as short for most people. Plus, think of that height difference! It’s important to have standards and things you look for in a potential partner, but some expectations really are just unrealistic and ultimately get in your way of finding true love.

No Takers

Speed dating can be a fun way to meet someone you might connect with down the line. Except if you’re the only guy in the room with 14 women. It almost sounds like the concept for the bachelor—a whole group of women just competing for this one guy’s affection. Except that’s not what happened this time.

It sounds kind of like a season of the Bachelor gone wrong. Getting rejected by one woman is bad enough, but getting rejected by 14 women at once is really bad. Probably that guy wasn’t very motivated to show up to speed dating after that. Or maybe his problem was that he wasn’t motivated enough while he was there. We hope he found someone another way.

What’s So Funny?

It’s always nice to let someone down easy, to let them know that they’re a great person, but you really just don’t share their feelings. Breakups are hard enough as it is, why make it worse by being mean or brutally honest? Be as nice as you can. Or you could be like this woman and just find the idea so hilarious that you can’t contain yourself.

There’s no right way to reject someone, but there has to be a better way than laughing at their face. She couldn’t even stop laughing to say sorry and actually turn him down politely. Could it have actually been that funny? Or was she just awkward laughing, waiting for him to leave? I guess we’ll never know.

Twenty-Five Dollars

Let’s be real, asking someone out on a bet, especially if you know they like you, is just mean. It doesn’t matter how much money is on the table and how funny it seems, it’s never a good idea – you’re playing with people’s emotions here. But it’s even worse to hear that your crush decided your feelings are worth exactly $25.

This story just goes from bad to worse. He shouldn’t have asked someone out on a bet in the first place, but he definitely shouldn’t have waited three days to break the news. And the $10 at the end just adds insult to injury. Moral of this story: don’t do every stupid thing your friends tell you to do.

The Perfect Girl

There’s nothing more painful than talking about love and relationships with your crush, only to find out that they like someone else. Or that they have a new girlfriend and are just utterly oblivious to the way you feel about them. And you just have to pretend to be interested in what they’re saying and not utterly devastated.

Imagine listening to this guy talk about how he wishes his new girlfriend was more like you. That’s just painful and incredibly oblivious. If this was a song or a cheesy TV show, he would realize during the conversation that she’s really the one he wants after all. But real life never works out like that.

Mamma’s Boy

Many people rebel against their parents in high school. They sneakily put on makeup in the school bathrooms, listen to music their parents don’t like, and even sneak out to go out with their friends. But this guy was committed to keeping his mother happy, even if he didn’t ask her what she actually thought.

Some people genuinely do have really strict parents, but this guy answered too quickly. Suspiciously quickly. At least he could have tried and asked her to see if she actually would let him go or not. This just makes it sound like an excuse. Or, he could just tell the girl he didn’t want to go to prom with her.

Couples Costumes

Halloween is always a fun holiday, and it’s even more fun when you have a partner – you can finally dress up as all the cute couples from books, TV, or movies that you love. Or, your suggesting a fun couples costume could turn into a really unfortunate way to find out that there’s someone else you should know about. That’s a weird way of letting someone know you’re not that into them.

Okay, now we’re mostly wondering why they didn’t break up when he wanted to do a couples costume with another girl. Maybe his girlfriend was giving the benefit of the doubt, but if she had been suspicious, it turns out there probably was a reason. After all, it’s called a couples costume for a reason.

Nobody Likes You

This one gets kind of out of the realm of rejection and into the realm of bullying. Getting rejected already hurts, so even if someone else’s interest makes you uncomfortable, there’s no reason to reject them in a way that’ll make them feel even worse. It already hurts more for them anyway.

That’s always the issue with small schools or neighborhoods – word gets around quickly. Once somebody knows a secret, soon enough, everybody is talking about it. And when you’re subjected to that kind of rejection, you not only get humiliated in front of your crush, but in front of everyone you know at school.


Everyone (secretly) wants to date a musician. It’s a teenage dream to be the girl that gets to come backstage at their shows, to be that special face in the crowd, and to have songs written about you. But not every musician is your boyband fantasy. Some are a little more… eclectic.

Anyone else really wants to know more about the secret band? Because we’re just stuck on what that means, and how someone can play the guitar with their feet. He sounds like a talented guy. We hope this guy was able to live out his underground music dreams, and find another feet-guitar-playing sweetheart to share his music with.

Girls Night Out

Sometimes a nightclub can be a great place to strike up a conversation with someone who catches your eye across the room. The dancing and fun atmosphere can make it easier to make advances and meet people. And sometimes, people are just at the club to hang out with their friends.

Even if these girls really did only want to hang out with each other, this was a little harsh. At least they could have turned the guy down, or politely excused themselves from the situation. But they were out together, and had no time for any conversation they didn’t want to have.


It’s important for your significant other to get along with your friends and vice versa. In the long term, this can have some serious consequences and even make or break a relationship. Or, you can flat out reject someone the day after you ask them out because they weren’t up to your friend’s standards.

Apparently, he didn’t like this girl that much if he wasn’t even willing to make his friends give her a chance. And he didn’t see a problem in telling her she wasn’t up to his friend’s standards. She probably dodged a bullet too – it’s pretty embarrassing to reject somebody right after you asked them out.

An Unpopular Fight

It’s always the worst to get in a fight and hear everyone cheering for the person you’re fighting against. But what if nobody’s cheering at all? It could be because they’re not having fun watching two kids beat each other up… or because they don’t like either of them at all.

It seems like these two would have been better off making friends rather than fighting. Especially if nobody liked either of them, it might have been better to have someone else unpopular to hang out with. Put their differences aside; maybe they’d even find out they have more in common than they originally thought. You never know.

College Rejection

Getting a rejection from your dream school is always a sad and disappointing moment, but most of the time it’s just a form letter saying that there were many talented applicants, and unfortunately they couldn’t choose you for their school. This school decided to tell its full opinion, no matter how harsh it was.

We hope this person made other plans too, because this would be the worst possible response to get from the school you were banking on. We also hope this person wasn’t applying for the English or Creative Writing programs. Not everyone can be good at every school subject, and writing definitely isn’t for everyone.

Just friends

Mark was just her best friend from high school, until he moved back to town. Is it just us, or does this sound almost like the plot of a rom-com? But this person clearly didn’t know her best friend as well as she thought, or he had changed a lot in those three years. This rom-com story didn’t end with a happily ever after for anyone.

At least the person who got dumped for the high school best friend here got the last laugh after all. Mark clearly wasn’t the dream guy he was made out to be, and in a way, it seems like his ex-girlfriend got what she deserved. Definitely one of those stories that are funnier in retrospect.

A Memorable Birthday

I’m not sure what this person was looking forward to on their 21st birthday, but this definitely wasn’t it. It seems like their boyfriend could have chosen a little bit better of a time to break the news, or at least not forced them to move out on the same day. Talk about a terrible birthday!

This person’s boyfriend definitely did not know how to plan ahead. At least they didn’t know not to schedule a party on the day of their breakup. It’s bad enough to break up with someone on a milestone birthday, but at 4am? Before two college presentations? Honestly, props to this person for making it through that day.

Prom Competition

This person was so close to getting what they’d always wanted. Having your crush ask you to prom is basically the ultimate high school dream. They were probably imagining their perfect evening, but unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived once they found out why their crush had decided to ask them.

It seems like a lot of these moments happen in high school. It makes sense—it’s such a strange and awkward time when everyone is figuring out their identities, and how to navigate things like friendships, relationships, and their future. And it leads to some truly cringe-worthy relationship (and breakup) moments.

Public Humiliation

This is always the worst possible way to get rejected, especially by a whole group of people that you thought were your closest friends. Especially when they put in all the effort to write a petition, sign it, and read it out loud in front of the whole school. Ouch. We almost forgot how mean high school kids can be!

It’s one thing to not fit into your group of friends anymore. It happens to the best of us. But especially in middle school, kids can be really mean and inconsiderate. If you thought “you can’t sit with us” was bad, these kids took it to a whole new level with a petition.

Talk of the Town

It’s never the nicest thing to go around bragging to the whole school about an intimate moment you had with someone else. This person thought it meant the other person was into them… turns out they were just an experience to show off. Hopefully, their rejection wasn’t gossip material for the whole school too.

I guess if this person was the kind of guy to brag about an intimate moment and expose someone to the whole school, he probably wasn’t a very nice person. that should’ve been clear from the get-go. But he confirmed that when he didn’t even have the decency to tell them no. At least it was worth a shot.

Breakup Flowers

It’s always nice to try and soften the blow during a breakup. You might want to tell the person that things just aren’t working out, or that you still care about them. But an important part of softening the blow is trying to prepare the other person for what’s coming – not to just surprise them with some unfortunate flowers.

There’s never a good time to break up with someone, but it does seem a little harsh to tell them you have this nice evening planned out when you’re about to break up with them. In this situation, the flowers don’t really help at all. If anything, it might even make things worse. A conversation would be nicer.

Growing Apart

It can really hurt to have a friend move away, especially if it’s your best friend in grade school. You always hope that you’ll come together and everything will be the same as it always was, but sometimes that’s just not the case. Sometimes one of you has changed too much.

Apparently, this girl became a lot more popular at her new school and came back too cool for her former best friends. And she became too cool to even say hello to their old friend, or try to be nice to them. There’s nothing worse than having to say goodbye for a second time.

Love Notes

We’ve all written those private notes about our crush that are only really meant to be seen by our own eyes. But probably what this person least expected was for her crush’s best friend to find her ripped-up note, gather the remains, and tape it all together to show him.

Sometimes you can rescue an embarrassing situation, or even turn it around, just by owning it. And sometimes you just can’t. Props to this person for their confidence, but ouch, that rejection must have really hurt at the time. It looks like it all worked out fine for her in the end, though.

The Cold Shoulder

There’s ghosting, and then there’s literally turning your chair around so that you can’t see the other person when they say hello. This might be the most awkward way to break up with somebody (for her too), although, if these stories prove anything it’s that people are always weirder than you think.

At least she could have said, “Hey I don’t think this is working out,” or something. Saying anything would have been better. This is a pretty harsh way to turn someone down by literally turning your back on them. Honestly, it might have been better to break up over text.