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45 People Who Deserve An Award For Their Comments

Trista August 5, 2021

Now and again, no matter which website you visit online, there are comments on media that consistently receive the most votes. Some of them are pretty run-of-the-mill that many people agree with, but some words will blow you right out of the water.

Such comments deserve to be honored and this is the article to do just that. Here are 45 of the best comments on the Internet that deserve their own kind of award.

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45. Can’t Find Your Phone

The comments that stick out the most are typically the shortest. That’s because they’re easy to remember and pack a punch. This person asked how to cure a hangover, and the first commenter shot back with a doozy.

People tend to do silly things with their phones when they’re drunk, like texting exes or taking compromising photos. Thinking about the possibility of losing your phone after a drunken night out is definitely a way to shock you sober.

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44. Rice Can’t Solve Everything

It’s common knowledge that if you accidentally drop your phone in water, you should put it in a bag of rice. Rice is a natural desiccant that will draw the water out of your phone. Whether your phone works again is an entirely different story. Rice isn’t going to help this situation, however.

The unfortunate owner of this phone dropped his phone right into his bike chain while riding, crushing the whole thing into a warped mess. Daniel’s comment probably made the phone owner chuckle a little though.

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43. Too Big For His Own Good

Celebrities are known for having a security detail to protect them from fans who don’t know how to stick to boundaries. Sometimes they stick with the celebrity wherever they go; other times, they choose to remain hidden so that the star can feel a bit “normal.”

However, there’s no real point when security ends up being smaller than the person they’re protecting, like Jason Momoa. So what purpose would they serve? Hayley made it clear they’re just there to prepare you for the final battle. Just like in a video game, you get a few challenges first before you take on the boss.

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42. Cats Don’t Even Have Thumbs

This person thought that they were just sharing a cute story of how they ended up with a stray cat in their bed. All it took was a piece of bacon, apparently, and he ends up being a new cat owner. The first comment, however, seemed to have misinterpreted the photo.

No one knows why they thought the cat would be posting the photo or even know how to text, but we all get a hysterical story to laugh at as a result, one that they can also share with their friends.

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41. It’ll Break Your Windows

If you’re unlucky enough to park under a tree for an entire day, you’ve probably experienced your car getting pooped on by birds. It can be incredibly annoying if you’ve just washed your vehicle, too because that means you have to do that all over again.

So when you see a life-size statue of an extinct bird, it really put things into perspective. Your first thought would probably be, “wow, that’s big!” but for the birdhouse commenter, their priorities are like somewhere else entirely.

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40. Chivalry Isn’t Dead

There are people out there who are still kind enough to hold the door open for their friends or partners when they’re getting into the car. It’s a gesture of kindness to help them get into the vehicle more easily. Not many people do that much anymore, though this commenter recalls the last moment someone was this “kind” to them.

It definitely wasn’t an answer anyone was expecting, even though it makes perfect sense. It also puts on display that this person has a sense of humor if they’re willing to share that they went to jail for naughty behavior.

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39. Not The Teacher’s Pet

When children have a favorite teacher, it often shows. They go out of their way to show their appreciation for these teachers any chance that they get. Moreover, some teachers value their students too, going out of their way to ensure that they’re getting the education they need.

Furthermore, some teachers take the extra step; this woman gave up her own kidney so that this girl could live. Sounds heartwarming, right? This commenter, however, has never had the same experience of a teacher appreciating them.

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38. A Wonderful Comeback

No matter where you go, someone has something to complain about. Moreover, they’re not afraid to let the rest of the world know just how unhappy they are. The Internet has made that much easier for people to do. That is, as long as they have a keyboard and a smartphone. Some of the things they complain about, however, are just plain stupid.

If you’re going to rag on one subject, you might as well rag on all of them. This comeback definitely put this person in their place because you could apply the same logic to just about any subject that people are studying.

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37. Who’s The Real Bully Here?

Being in high school isn’t easy, especially if you constantly get picked on. Children will pick anything to tease someone about, from their looks to just being weird. That kind of teasing can stick with you for a very long time and can even be traumatizing.

However, if you’re going to make such claims after posting a glow-up picture of yourself, be sure that the ones who know you don’t catch your post. Because they’ll have no problems proving you wrong and telling the entire world that no one actually called you ugly at school.

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36. Into Adulthood

The journey from being a child into an adult can be a difficult one to navigate. So it begs the question: when are you not a child anymore? Is it when you no longer need your parents’ financial support or when you move out of the house?

This person posted that very question while considering a variety of interesting considerations. Nevertheless, it’s the responder who comes up with the perfect answer. As kids, we all hated going to bed because it meant we couldn’t have fun anymore. However, as an adult, we learn to appreciate sleep so much that we hate getting out of bed in the morning.

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35. A Terrifying Costume

Some people really get into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up as something scary and others see it as a time for fun and getting candy. However, the mother of this little girl decided to go all-in and make the perfect costume for her child.

When asked what people think of the costume, Julia’s comment would make anyone laugh. Not only would she give her candy, but she would give her anything else she would ask for too. She’s not wrong; that costume is pretty terrifying.

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34. A Cow From Space?

Animals can be born with some of the strangest markings. For example, there’s a cat that has its face split down the middle, one side being grey and the other side black. This cow looks like it stood too close to someone cleaning a paintbrush, but the caption on the photo is more accurate: it seems like she is covered in stars.

Moreover, when it comes to cows, one of the most popular puns makes an appearance, thanks to Casper’s comment. Three hundred other people enjoyed the comment too.

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33. Hang The Cat To Dry

It’s no wonder there’s another post about cats; they get into a lot of mischief and end up in precarious positions they need rescuing from. How they got there, to begin with, is a mystery, but this person was amused enough to snap a picture of this cat just hanging from this pole.

Only this isn’t a cat that’s stuck, not according to the upvoted comment. If you’ve ever bathed a cat and wanted to figure out the best way to dry it, you may want to try this method instead. It might actually work.

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32. This Comment Couldn’t Be Any Hotter

This might be the most real comment in this entire article. The visual of the image is definitely very fitting, so much so that you think it wouldn’t get any better than this. Nevertheless, the comment right below completely makes this entire online interaction.

The fact that the “hot” in hotel is the only part that got burned is absolutely perfect. In fact, it’s almost ironic. That’s the direction the comment went in with its fabulous pun. We have a comedian on our hands here.

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31. A Funny Misspelling

Coming up with a new and interesting idea to make an announcement takes some talent. You don’t want to copy someone else’s opinion so that you can stand out from the rest. So this couple thought they had the right idea by using wedding rings as letters in their announcement.

What they didn’t count on was that the ring, shaped like an O, would be used in spots where there isn’t actually an O. Lara noticed that quite quickly, and you can’t help but laugh at how she writes out precisely what the announcement is saying.

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30. If A Comment Could Kill

There are plenty of reasons someone could be single. Sometimes it’s their fault, other times they just have bad luck with relationships, and other times, they’re just not interested in being in a relationship. Telling someone the truth as to why they’re single can also be quite harsh.

Furthermore, this commenter didn’t hold back on sharing exactly what they thought of the person posting the picture. At least they exercised a little self-deprecating humor too, which kept the mood light and didn’t read like a complete insult.

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29. Acrophobia?

One of the most common fears in the world is heights. You get that tingly feeling down your spine, and your knees go weak. It’s not a sensation anyone enjoys. So when this person posted a photo from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, they seemed to be okay, despite saying that they were afraid of heights.

Something made them overcome their fear, but the commenter took the cake on this post. When you’re standing that high up, looking down isn’t that much different from looking at the Street View-version of Google Maps. So would someone afraid of heights also hate using Google Maps by how high up the view is?

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28. Not The Anklet You Think

Going out for a night on the town, especially after being stuck inside for a long time, can feel like a godsend. Putting on a nice outfit, getting to hang out with friends, and having photos to remember the night by can really lift your mood. This young lady thought she was getting just that and decided to share a photo of herself. She was definitely determined to go out that night.

Only one problem: she has a house arrest device on her leg, which means she can’t leave and the commenter stepped in to remind her of just that. Why did she even take a picture that included her anklet in the first place? This girl knows she is in trouble for breaking the law and going to jail.

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27. Cat Creates Its Own Jewelry

Cats are creatures of mischief. They’re pretty curious and end up getting involved with things that they would be better off leaving alone. Unfortunately for this cat owner, their cat ended up getting their head stuck in a vase and had to go to the vet to take care of the piece attached around their neck.

It’s a situation that people would be a little worried about since cats also aren’t very good when it comes to going to the vet. However, this person’s comment definitely provided some levity to the situation. Hopefully, the owner laughed a bit and got their cat back without the makeshift vase-choker.

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26. A Dog’s X-Ray

Everyone remembers the game Monopoly. They probably also remember the arguments that result from playing that awful board game that seemed like it was designed to ruin friendships. However, the most memorable part of the game was getting to pick which piece you wanted to use to move around the board.

So when this person brought their dog to the vet after a Monopoly game got involved, no one expected what they would find inside. Of all the pieces this dog had to swallow, it chose the Scottish Terrier. Funny in and of itself, but it gets even more amusing with the comment.

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25. Fossil Phone?

Roads get repaved all the time, and sidewalks are also redone with new concrete. It’s not the paver’s job to move things out of the way, so a lot of the time, they end up just dumping concrete over whatever is already there. In this case, it happens to be a cellphone.

But not just any cellphone; a Nokia. Not too long ago, memes were going around about how indestructible Nokia phones were because many of them are so old but still work. The first commenter played on that fact, joking that the phone probably still had 100% of its battery even after being under concrete for that long.

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24. Unnecessary Technology

Tech developers are always coming up with new ideas to make our lives better. For the most part, much of it has, but some ideas just aren’t necessary. What could you possibly use it for, and how would it help? It sounds more like a nuisance than anything else.

So when Samsung said that they were creating a fridge that can talk and answer your questions, this commenter decided to play out a perfect scenario of just that but taking it in a new direction. After all, if you want to find out who keeps stealing your yogurt, why not ask the fridge itself?

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23. High Jumper

You have to exercise caution when you’re keeping different species of pets together. You never know what’s going to happen, and you may end up with a fight on your hands (as well as some expensive vet bills). Thankfully, this isn’t one of those cases, as this owner was keeping bunnies in their yard when the next-door kitten came over.

Needless to say, it looks like they surprised each other. On the other hand, Tiny made a smart suggestion so that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again in the future. It does look like they’re floating in space, doesn’t it?

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22. Are You Married To A Human?

Sometimes, spouses can get the better of us. They can be both loving and random. They might just make our lives easier and more difficult at the same time. However, there’s never any reason to resort to insults unless you’re not in love with them anymore.

The comment perfectly encapsulates what’s wrong with this image. Without context, one would think that an actual raccoon ripped into these packages. Maybe this man needs to teach his wife the proper way to open boxes in the future.

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21. Not The Focal Point

When you accomplish something great, you want to take a picture of it so that you can share it with your friends and family as proof. For this person, it was sharing the sandcastle that they built all by themselves. To be honest, it’s actually quite impressive, especially in getting all those flat areas to look so smooth.

Erin, on the other hand, was impressed with something else entirely. Now that you’ve read their comment, you’re probably asking yourself the same thing right now, aren’t you? Yeah, we don’t know what it’s supposed to be either.

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20. The Worst Puzzle

Everyone feels satisfied after solving a complex puzzle. It’s a moment of pride that anyone would want to tell the world about. However, this kind of puzzle isn’t one anyone should get stuck with, especially when they’re not in the comfort of their own home.

Can you even figure out which faucet you’re supposed to turn on? And then where does the water come out of? It’s the kind of mistake you don’t want to make, or you could end up with a big mess on your hands. The commenter did a little mood-lifting with their comment; it does look like a combination lock you need to solve somehow.

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19. Who Ordered The Half-Elephant?

Elephants are some of the planet’s most majestic creatures. They’re the largest mammal and are capable of high levels of emotion that we’re just staying to comprehend. Moreover, everyone knows that they love going for a dip to keep cool.

Nevertheless, no one ever imagined that they would look like this. Stellermatt even comments that they look a little similar to the charging battery icon we’re all familiar with on our phones. The real question is: what do they plan to do when they get to 100%?

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18. Cycle of Worry

Insomnia sucks. You can’t get your mind to turn off. Your subconscious can be your own worst enemy, making it difficult for you to go to sleep even when you’re tired. If you thought that was bad enough, then animals, especially dogs, do exactly the same thing.

So if you have a dog, as this commenter pointed out, then you’re probably only going to be more worried that your dog is stressed and not getting a good night’s sleep, forcing you to stay up and ruin your own sleep. It becomes a vicious cycle, albeit a slightly funny one.

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17. IKEA Gone Wrong

Like cats, sometimes dogs can twist themselves into weird positions. It’s a wonder how they’re even comfortable, twisted up like a pretzel. This sleeping pup seems to have no problem at all, despite the owner’s concerns. However, as one commenter points out, maybe it’s not the dog’s fault.

After all, IKEA has a reputation for building furniture that’s difficult to put together, even with the instructions. That’s why many horror stories of people have to take their dining room table apart because they didn’t put something in the right place. Needless to say, this dog doesn’t look too different from some poorly put-together IKEA furniture.

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16. A Fluffy Secret

Cleaning up the inside of your house is a chore that not many people actually enjoy. Cleaning the outside is even more daunting because it gets dirty so much more easily. Nevertheless, this person was determined to get the job done, even though their washer was broken and they had to go out to get a new one.

However, that back walk is so much cleaner now… with a bonus! Everyone else probably thought that the dog just wandered into the picture for a nice pose, but Steve discovered the real secret: the dirt on their walk was hiding the dog the whole time!

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15. The Best Time

When a girl turns 16, she dreams of a beautiful sweet 16 birthday party. Whether there’s a large cake with a room full of friends or a smaller get-together, it’s a hallmark in a girl’s life. Some girls really just focus on the gifts they get, and this girl definitely got something quite expensive.

Imagine getting one of the most expensive cars in the world from another music superstar. Now imagine someone humbling you by reminding you that not everyone is as special as you. Maybe you only get something as mundane as just a cake for their 16th birthday.

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14. Crocodile Versus Alligator

Despite them looking quite similar, they are actually two different kinds of reptiles. People often confuse them with each other and use the names interchangeably. However, as the graphic below will point out, there are some characteristics you should look out for in order to tell the difference between them.

Of course, in comparing crocodiles and alligators with each other, there’s only one significant difference. Ry Keener did the honor of reminding all of us what that difference was, giving us all a good laugh in the process.

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13. When Something Doesn’t Look Quite Right

Buying a toy at the store can sometimes be something of a gamble, especially if the toy is cheap. You don’t know if it will last very long or if your child will even enjoy it. So when this person bought this toy pony, they noticed that the mane and the tail didn’t match.

That’s when they popped it open and discovered the absolute truth behind that long, flowing tail. Instead, the top comment went in a historical direction, referencing the Trojan Horse, a large wooden horse built to hide people on the inside secretly.

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12. Unicorn…Waste?

Bath bombs are a special treat designed to massage our skin and help us relax after a long day of doing hard work. Some of them are even scented and leave your water a beautiful color. Unfortunately, no one told this person’s father that this was a bath bomb.

Nope, he thought it was a special cleaner for the toilet and dropped it right in. Admittedly, the sight is quite pretty, but Daria found the humor in the situation with their comment. It makes you wonder what unicorn poop would look like.

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11. IKEA Is A Commitment

Going to IKEA requires you to plan the rest of your day being there. In fact, you should expect to not having anything else going on that day because you’re not going to be leaving the store for a few hours. And not everyone is interested in spending that kind of time with one person they don’t know very well.

So if you’re taking a date to IKEA, you’re in it for the long haul. So long, in fact, that you should take this commenter’s advice and just get married there. Because if you like someone enough to spend literally hours with them in one store, especially a store that has kitchenware, appliances, and furniture, then you can definitely see yourself spending the rest of your life with them.

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10. Milk For Thought

There are days when our thoughts drift to things that we have no answers for. They’re still interesting to think of, especially when you feel that the answer would be evident for something so trivial. This woman decided to take a picture of herself with a jug of milk for some reason. Not only that but with an interesting look on her face.

Someone pointed it out and asked her what she was thinking about. Sure enough, the answer to that question is now going to have us all scratching our heads, wondering the same thing.

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9. The Expectations of Introverts

Introverts are people who don’t really thrive in the company of other people. They much prefer being by themselves than being social butterflies. That can be difficult for some people to understand, but this post decides to try and explain it in the easiest way possible.

It’s why some introverts don’t need conversations; they’ve had them already. However, this commenter takes the conversation a step further by pointing out that introverts can be sorely disappointed when their expectations aren’t mean by the real people they’ve already imagined having conversations with.

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8. Chronic Scratching

Cats are going to scratch whatever they want, whenever they want. Even if you buy them a fancy new scratcher, they’re going to take their claws out on your couch. Nevertheless, this cat decided to go to new heights with its scratching habits.

The photo, its caption, and the comment combined make this a perfect moment. Who would’ve thought that a cat would have resorted to a bicycle wheel for its scratching needs? Let’s just hope it didn’t burst it.

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7. Deja Vu?

Long after you graduate, you think that you’re never going to see any of these people ever again. Most times, it’s for the better, especially if you had bullies at school. So when you see someone from high school again, things can get pretty awkward.

Furthermore, what could be more awkward than complaining about someone not remembering you? It’s difficult for some people to remember that they’re not the center of the universe and that not everything revolves around them. Thankfully, this comment was the piece of humble pie the original poster deserved.

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6. The Case Of Melons

What’s better than a witty comment is one that takes the original statement and flips it on its head to create an entirely different thought. This person has been trying to gain more attention from potential partners, probably in hopes of helping them with their groceries.

However, the commenter turns their complaint around in the opposite direction: if they wanted someone to help them carry their melons from the store, while are they only resorting to flirting online when there are plenty of people in the real world to flirt with?

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5. Not Quidditch

Basketball should be an easy game for most people to play, but there are times when the ball can get stuck between the hoop and the backboard. If you’re too short of reaching it, then you might have to find other means to get it out.

Unfortunately, what they used to try and unstick the ball ended up getting stuck as well. This situation alone is funny, but Zenozenobee’s comment is the icing on the proverbial cake. If you’re not familiar with Quidditch, it’s from the Harry Potter books and movies and is a game where Hogwart’s students ride brooms and score goals with a ball.

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4. The Truth About Neanderthals

It can be pretty embarrassing when you’re trying to put someone in their place, and you end up getting put in your place instead when someone defeats you with a smart comment. This conversation started with brain size and how much more advanced we could’ve been if our brains were allowed to grow bigger.

Needless to say, someone had to shoot back that Neanderthals had brains bigger than ours, and they’re not around anymore. However, they forgot that the current human race is somewhat descended from neanderthals, so they didn’t really get anywhere. The last comment points out the stupidity of their argument by going way out of the box.

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3. Miracle Of Nature

People are always taking photos of strange things they witness in nature. Furthermore, this picture is definitely one of them: a beautiful tree growing right out of a rock. How it gets any water, no one knows. However, this person added humor to this beautiful photo with their hilarious comment.

The joke is that trees are used to make paper, and in the game “Rock Paper Scissors,” paper always beats rock. A clever trick was added to a miraculous photo, and this screenshot couldn’t be any more perfect.

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2. The Wrong House

We’re not sure where this person was going with this post, especially with their caption attached to a picture of a KFC. Maybe they posted the wrong image or something, but their post left everyone confused. They confused a KFC with an apartment and thought Colonel Sanders was Leon Trotsky?

Never fear; however, the commenter from Heaven decided to take the confusion and turn it into humor. They pointed out the truth of the photo and even encouraged them to step inside for some food the next time they find themselves near one again.

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1. Strange Sign

After a long flight, you just want to get home, relax and have a long, hot shower. It can be an excellent addition to have your family meet you at the airport. This little girl decided to greet her grandparents when they got off the plane by making her own sign.

No one had the heart to tell her that her handwriting was illegible. Everyone else around her probably smiled that she tried. Csaba, on the other hand, decided to say what he really thought about her handwriting. Moreover, it’s honestly not too far from the truth.