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30 Times Uber Drivers Surprised Their Clients

Trista June 28, 2021

You never know what you’re getting yourself into when you get into the car for an Uber ride. It may just be a boring ride, or it might be something shocking and unpredictable. That’s exactly what some of these people explained in this article about their Uber rides.

Most of their rides were pleasant, while some had a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they wish to never relive. It seems that not all Uber drivers care about their ratings and what others have to say about them in reviews. Surprisingly enough, however, others have gone out of their way in hopes they please their customers. Check out 30 times Uber drivers surprised their clients below.

30. Took A Special Turn

The last place you or your driver wants to be is stuck in traffic. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid and happens. Most Uber drivers sit and wait for traffic to clear. That is, except this one, who was dead set on getting his passengers to their final destination even if it meant taking an alternate route. That meant jumping the curb and driving down the sidewalk.

One of the riders explained how their experience was with their Uber driver on this particular ride. Because he was inpatient, he decided to drive up on the sidewalk, not thinking about anyone who may have been walking there. Everyone in the car was screaming at him to get back onto the road while he argued with them, stating that he was in the “Uber Lane.” It’s a miracle that no one got hurt over while trying to get out of his way.

29. Huge Language Barrier

It doesn’t take an expert to know that you don’t have to speak English to drive. However, it does make things easier for everyone involved when you’re an Uber driver. Most people who use Uber usually expect their driver to be someone who can speak at least a little English. However, it seems like this rider was in for a big surprise when there were two drivers and neither spoke any English.

The experience for this rider happened while in LA. They explain that they were with a colleague, and it was on the last day of the conference they attended. When they called for an Uber, they were delighted when a woman finally replied. It was a welcoming change for them because they had male drivers responding to their Uber calls almost the whole week they were there. However, when the car arrived, the woman was in the passenger seat. A man was driving, which is fine. However, after getting into the car, neither the man nor the woman spoke a word of English.

28. Riding In Style

Uber is available in many foreign countries, not just the US. However, sometimes, the Uber rides in other countries are very different from what you would get here in the states, which is to be expected. Not every place or person is the same, so why should this be any different? For instance, take this Uber that someone got picked up by in Dubai.

Just imagine this, you get picked up for your ride to the airport in this flashy car. Now you’re riding in style. What an impressive way to end your trip and a great strategy for the tourists. This person talks about his friend being picked up from his hotel by his Uber driver in this McLaren. If we were him, we’d be surprised too.

27. When You’re Not Riding Alone

As you may be aware, Uber does have a service where you may share your ride with others. Thinking about that, it can make for an interesting ride because you never know who you may be meeting. Sometimes, to your surprise, though, the rider may not even be human. They may not be able to hold a conversation with you, but it can make for a fun ride.

Unless you’re allergic to these furry friends, this could be a wonderful way to spend some of your time between destinations. After all, who doesn’t like pets? Especially if you are having a lousy day or just feeling down, a surprise ride along with a companion with a cute face and a wet nose would surely help to bring a smile to your face.

26. This Driver Went The Wrong Way

Whether it’s your side gig or your main hustle, driving for Uber is a good way to make some side money. However, when you think about working for Uber or getting a ride from someone who drives for Uber, you expect them to know their way around the city. Especially if they’ve been driving around often and GPS existing in our phones. When you get a ride from an Uber driver and take a wrong turn, you may become concerned with where you’re headed.

Riders may be surprised about where they’re going, just like this rider was when her Uber driver tried to drive down railroad tracks. Not only would that worry others and make you wonder where common sense was because that’s not even a road, but it would affect the driver’s ratings. It’s no wonder it had this Uber rider thinking something along the lines of “what on earth is my driver doing?!” Maybe this Uber driver should start using his GPS.

25. When The Driver Is Deaf

No one likes to be ignored even if they aren’t. It is definitely not to be expected to climb into an Uber and feel like the driver is ignoring you. For some, it may feel like heaven, the quiet, not having to make small talk or try to carry on a conversation. For others, feeling as if they are being ignored could be annoying or frustrating. As a precautionary measure to his riders so that there would be no surprises with his fares, this driver left a note.

Seeing that this driver was deaf, he just wanted to let his passengers know that they could feel free to have any type of conversation they wanted or blast their music as loud as they wanted as he wouldn’t be able to hear it. Moreover, now that his riders know that he isn’t being rude and ignoring them, they can ride in peace and not feel awkward about their driver. How’s that for privacy?

24. Accommodations At No Extra Cost

We all have those days where we are in a rush to get out the door for whatever reason and forget something. But this Uber driver chose to be a star and provided those things to her clients, and how grateful they must have felt when they realized she had something they needed in a pinch. The thought behind this was quite nice.

Whatever you need, you are taken care of when you get into this driver’s car. The only thing you are required to do in return for this kindness is to leave a good rating and a nice tip. Although, don’t feel like you are obligated to leave a tip if you are strapped for cash because a good rating can still help the driver out a bunch as well.

23. A Quick Brake Check

Whether you’re the one in the driver’s seat or just one of the passengers, dealing with traffic can be tedious and quite frustrating. One of the most frustrating things as a driver is when you witness other drivers not following the rules. An example would be when people tailgate others on the street. Not only is it annoying, but it can also be dangerous for all those involved. It definitely should be something to avoid when driving down the street.

This Uber driver has a way of dealing with others tailgating behind her while driving down the road. She lets all her riders know upfront that she likes to check her brakes consistently so that others can get the hint to stay clear of tailgatinghwe. True to her word, she did just that with this rider as well. At least she lets her riders know ahead of time to have no surprises when it happens.

22. Fell Asleep At The Wheel

Often Uber drivers use the job as a means to get extra cash in their wallets. Unfortunately, that usually means that they may work more than one job. That could lead to them being tired as they drive you around town. That could be especially true if they don’t get much sleep due to a second job taking time away from them getting rest between gigs. With that being said, however, you still would never expect them to fall asleep at the wheel.

That just so happened to be the case when this rider got into their Uber. They were unaware that they were in for a surprise with one of the most adventurous Uber rides of their lives. Sometimes caffeine just doesn’t cut it, either. So if your driver is looking a bit tired and looks to be struggling to keep their eyes open, maybe politely suggest to them that you get a different driver and that they go home for some rest.

21. Impressively Scary Drivers

Many people who choose to be a rideshare driver will do so both on Uber and Lyft to get more customers, which means more money of course. Most, however, will choose to drive one or the other when it comes to their fares. Not only did this rider get a surprise in her Uber when she was a passenger alongside a Lyft passenger, but she also had to listen to the driver talk about something unexpected for them to be hearing.

Her driver told the story about how she had picked up some high school kids earlier that day and bragged about how they had their destination set to the liquor store. Not only that, but when they got there, she then bought them liquor. That’s illegal and not something that anyone should be bragging about. It’s not something to be proud of, that’s for sure. Her passengers probably couldn’t wait to reach their destination so that they could get out of that car.

20. Family Isn’t Always Blood

When you’re a driver for a living, you try as hard as possible to avoid any sort of ticket. Unfortunately, though, drives can’t always prevent it. In some places, Uber drivers who sit in taxi zones can get a fine. Some Uber drivers have figured out how to work the system, which can come in handy for them if they’re in that situation often with that kind of job. That’s exactly what this Uber driver did.

When this person came out of the building, the driver was waiting. The Uber driver greeted him with a hug and “I love you.” This action left them surprised. Eventually, the driver explained the situation as to why that had happened, and the rider thought that it was pretty funny. To be hugged and told you were loved by a stranger can be somewhat awkward, especially when it catches you off guard.

19. Daughter Along For The Ride

When you call for an Uber and your ride arrives, you’re most likely expecting to get only one driver. There is a rule that talks about not having more than one driver in a car, but there’s always a loophole. This mother-daughter duo must have found that loophole because when this rider hopped in, they were surprised to find two women instead of just one in the car’s front seats.

This Uber rider posted about their experience, explaining how they had the weirdest rideshare experience of their lives. They explained how a middle-aged woman who had only done eight rides showed up, but with someone else in the car with them. The second driver? Her daughter. They explained to the rider how her daughter was in town from out of state and visiting her mom. The girl’s mom had called her and said she was tired, so her daughter offered to drive for her.

18. Making Small Talk

We all have our bad days, and that also goes for Uber drivers. So sometimes, when you try to strike up a conversation to fill in the awkward silence, you may get a little bit of bad attitude from your Uber driver. That could be frustrating to witness, or it could make for a funny story.

That’s what happened to this person when they happened to hop in the car of this Uber driver and tried to have a little bit of small talk with their driver. Unfortunately for both of them, the driver seemed to be having a bad day. When the rider brought up the weather to the driver by stating how hot it was, the driver responded with, “Yes, good practice for hell.” It sounds like they weren’t having the best of days. How do you respond to that?

17. Left Behind By The Driver

Mistakes happen. We all make them and no one is perfect. We’re sure many Uber drivers have mistakenly picked up the wrong fare. However, opting to drop the passenger you have wrongfully picked up for the one you were supposed to pick up seems a surprising choice for us. We think that this driver should have just stuck with the fare they had accidentally picked up and maybe also tried to pick up the right one as well.

Leaving a customer on the side of the road just seems too mean for us to understand. They definitely don’t deserve a good review left for them. We’re sure the rider would have understood if the driver had turned around, with them still in the car, and drove back to pick up the other fare and then given both of them rides to their destination. They all would probably have had a good laugh about the mistake and thought it was funny, but they would also have been forgiven.

16. Uber Driver Let One Rip

Whether you hold your farts and do it in the privacy of your own home or let it out wherever you may be with no shame, it happens. Some try as hard as possible to avoid passing gas in public even though it is a fact of life. It can be challenging for those who work in fields where they regularly deal with people; they hold it out of respect for others around them.

Though it may have surprised this rider when this Uber driver let one go, they just rolled with the punches. They tried not to embarrass the driver. Instead of making a big deal of the situation, they just rolled their window down and acted cool. We understand, though, why the driver was a little embarrassed and didn’t want to make eye contact after that. The driver probably felt awkward and utterly embarrassed they had let one slip in front of someone in such a confined space. Luckily, they had an understanding passenger riding at that moment.

15. “Vroom Vroom,” Says The Uber Driver

There may have been memories of when you were a kid riding in the car with your parents, and you would make race car noises as they drove down the street. Adults still enjoy doing this. However, instead of being the passenger in the car, they drive while making those sounds. When this Uber rider got into the car, they didn’t know what to expect on this ride until they started to head towards their destination.

This ride must have been one unforgettable ride for this Uber passenger. It’s clear why they gave their driver five stars. They probably even told their friends or family and had a good laugh about it later, too. Keeping things light and having fun can help make things enjoyable and less boring, like car rides. Not only did this passenger have fun on their ride, but we’re sure the driver had just as much fun too.

14. When Jamming Out Goes Wrong

When you accidentally lock eyes with someone, especially a stranger from across the room, it can make for an awkward moment ourselves. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it can lead to amusing situations, and other times it can just lead to a very awkward silence. In this instance, it turned into an uncomfortable ride for both the Uber driver and the passenger. Sometimes, when you get a ride from someone you’ve never met before, keeping your eyes on the road or out the window seems to be the better option.

This Uber driver and passenger were jamming out to some tunes on the radio when suddenly a classic came on. It would have been fine and dandy if it were for the song being a classic love song. On top of that, their eyes met in the rearview mirror, and unlike a scene you’d see in a Hollywood movie, it was not the beginning of a happily ever after. It made for a very awkward car ride instead.

13. When You Gotta Go

Many people think of their home as their sanctuary. Most may choose not to let just anybody enter into it, understandably. Sometimes, however, they make exceptions for others. That’s especially accurate for those who have gone out of their way to help them. That’s the case for this rider when the Uber driver asked to use his fare’s bathroom. They felt that they had to let him. After he left, though, the poor rider was in for a big surprise, and not a good one.

The rider explains how the ride was perfect. The driver even insisted on dropping their baggage at the front door. When the driver reached the door, they asked if they could use the restroom, to which the rider obliged. He was in and out pretty quickly but left quite a surprise for the rider. Instead of showing appreciation for letting him use the restroom, he destroyed it. And not just by leaving the toilet seat up and the water in the sink running, which would have been an easier thing to look past. That was sure to affect his Uber rating.

12. What Does That Sign Mean?

Anybody who drives for a living should obviously understand what traffic lights, signals, and signs all mean, whether they are an Uber driver or a taxi driver. Most of us would be very surprised if we heard one of these drivers ask us what one of those signs or signals meant. We learn them in drivers training. It’s partly how we get our license. So what would you do if you were in this type that these riders were in?

Their Uber driver asked them, in all seriousness, what a yield sign meant. We aren’t sure about you, but if we were in this situation, we would probably politely ask for the driver to pull over. Then we would calmly call ourselves another Uber. That’s a bit scary to be in the car with someone who doesn’t know what a traffic signal means. That is just asking and waiting for an accident to happen. It’s a wonder how they got their driver’s license in the first place.

11. Multitasking At Its Finest

Sometimes life gets busy and chaotic, and to make ends meet, you have to learn how to multitask. That’s especially true if you are trying to go to school, manage work, and manage your life in general. This Uber driver was thinking outside the box just a bit of doing this to help themselves multitask a bit easier. However, we’re not sure just how safe that is. We already know texting isn’t safe while driving. It can’t be any better.

We are sure anyone would be surprised if you were to get into a car and see a keyboard zip-tied to the steering wheel as this rider witnessed. So they posted this on social media, and it’s probably a bit relatable to some. Hopefully, though, when the driver is working on an assignment (or whatever they are using the keyboard for) they are not simultaneously driving for everyone’s safety.

10. Spreading The Love

These days it may seem that there’s more hate than love in this world, so it’s nice when a stranger offers a little love to someone else even in the smallest of ways. Kind words can go a long way even if people don’t realize it. However, typically speaking, sharing love is spurred on by some sort of act, not just by saying something. However, this Uber driver just seems to want to share the love he has to offer with everybody.

Perhaps this driver thinks that if he gives enough love to those around him, he may get enough love back. Possibly he’s just hoping for enough five-star rating, which could help improve his chances of bringing in cash dollars. Alternatively, maybe he truly wants to let others know that love and kindness still exist and wants to share them with others. Why would that be so surprising? No matter the reason behind this gesture, it’s still nice to be told you’re loved now and again.

9. A Decked Out Dashboard

There are many ways to help make your car stand out from others, and it doesn’t include costing an arm and leg, either. Hopefully, the difference will push your riders to give you that five-star rating you’re searching for if you do decide to make your car stand out, too. One of these may be by making the interior of your vehicle more fun, instead of just the plain black or gray, it may be now. It’s especially accurate when it comes to the holidays, too.

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day, go all-out inside your car. When this Uber rider got into their Uber ride and saw that it was decked out with decorations, unsurprisingly, they spent the rest of their ride trying to convince the gentleman who was their driver that a Santa hat would round out the look. Who knows, maybe he took the passenger’s suggestion and did just that. How sweet would that be if he did? It sure could put more people who rode in his car in the holiday spirit.

8. Get Your Hustle On

As you probably already know, most people who drive for Uber don’t only do that but also juggle other jobs as well. Sometimes they use their rides to elicit more business for those, which is a great idea. Word of mouth can spread fast too. This Uber driver took his entrepreneurship skills, whatever they may be, to new heights when he created this unique business card. He also hands these business cards out to his customers.

Now, we may not be sure exactly what this guy does besides driving for Uber. Apparently, according to his business card, he solves problems, which could be very helpful for others in need. He also seems adamant that he will surely help solve any issue you may have if you choose to hire him. So whether you make out business cards to spread the word of whatever it is you may do, or if you just make a flyer to hang in your car that your passengers can see when riding in your vehicle, advertising your side hustle may help yourself out.

7. Bring Your Game

Not everyone likes to talk while riding in the car, especially when it comes to strangers. Because not everyone wants to make small talk, and sometimes silence can make anyone feel awkward. There’s plenty of people out there like that, and this driver realized that. So they took that into account and opted to set up a game system and a tip jar as well. That is not something anyone would expect when getting inside their Uber ride.

It is mainly a great idea when the passengers are heading to a destination that isn’t just around the corner. That would be so fun to spend the entire length of your trip saving a princess or getting to the end of a track—especially instead of having to stare blankly out the window at trees passing by. You could also skip awkwardly trying to come up with small talk that you’d rather not have with the driver. It could be a welcoming surprise to a lot of gamers out there.

6. Dinner Promo Code

Like any other workplace relationship, there are bound to be a few drivers who may get a little enamored with their passengers. However, how do you ask someone out on a date, especially when you only met them a short time ago? Well, you get creative, just like this driver had done when he sent this rider a surprise text. The text was unexpected and a bit surprising. It included a special promo code in the form of a dinner date. It may be a little cute to some, whereas others may see it as a little creepy depending on the driver.

The rider shares the text that her Uber driver sent her. It reads, “Hey Julie, this is your Uber driver from tonight, Jeffrey! I just realized I forgot to give you a promo code. Use the code ‘cutie’ for a free ride, but only valid if you use it on the way to dinner with me.” Julie didn’t explain how she felt about this message or how she responded to it, so we are not sure how it went from there.

5. Going The Extra Mile

It’s not often the case where Uber drivers go the extra mile to help out their customers, no matter the circumstances. However, that’s not always the case in all situations. Surprisingly enough, this person who likes to party was lucky enough to find an excellent driver. There are not too many drivers out there who would get to a specific location just to find out that they have to go to another and still complete the fare. However, this driver did, and we are sure the passenger was very grateful for that.

When Xavier found out that his passenger was actually at a different location, he didn’t get upset and decide to bail on the whole gig as some other driver might have. Instead, when his fare mentioned he was not in good condition, he asked if he still needed a ride. When he reached the destination that Patrick was truly at, he even let him know and patiently waited for him. Now that’s good service. Hopefully, Patrick left a good review for Xavier so that others knew how seriously he took his job.

4. The Need For Speed

Thanks to movie franchises such as ‘The Fast and Furious’ or video games like Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto, there are many young adults out there who think they may have fantastic driving skills. However, we should all know that just because you watch it on TV and it looks easy, or fun does not mean you can or should give it a try yourself. It is most definitely not advisable to show off these ‘skills’ when you have customers in your backseat.

It’s also not advisable to try out your skills, even if it’s just you in the car, either. Even still, this Uber driver thought it would be fun to drift a little, and unfortunately, he was quite surprised when he crashed his car into a post. Even though we hope he could keep his license after this so that he could keep his driving job, maybe he shouldn’t be trying these types of stunts while out on the road. Not only did he total his ride, but the passenger was also left to walk to their destination. Furthermore, it was in the freezing rain all thanks to this stunt.

3. Bubbles Out Front

Adding some child’s play into your life can be the one thing that may help to brighten up your day. Apparently, this Uber driver feels that same way and wants to bring a little joy into each customer’s life. How, you may ask? By blowing some bubbles, of course! How fun is that, though?! Not many people would have thought of doing such a thing to attract people to their Uber rides.

This passenger had received a text message from his Uber driver stating that he was out front and to look for the bubbles. We would have wondered what on earth this person meant when saying that until we saw it for ourselves. We would be pretty surprised if we got a text like this one from our Uber driver, but all would make perfect sense to use once we saw him in the act of blowing said bubbles. Here’s to never growing up and adding some fun and excitement into other’s lives!

2. In Love With A Bumper Sticker

If you are like us, you’re ready for a good conversation between you and the driver when you get into an Uber. However, this may not always be the case for everyone, but many people like to carry on a little idle chit-chat while getting to their destination. Especially to fill in some of the awkward silence, there may be if the music isn’t playing very loudly or at all. One of the best things to talk about with someone you have never met before is always pop culture.

Whether it be about music you enjoy listening to or books you love to read, having something in common with the person you are chatting with makes for an easier conversation to be had, without it feeling like it’s being forced. In the case of this driver, they have a sticker in their car of “Rick and Morty.” It seems that the rider also enjoys the show just as much as the Uber driver. It gave them something to chat about while they traveled to their destination.

1. You Got A Hat Face

One of the most common conversations that occur all over the place always seems to be about fashion. Whether you’re complimenting someone on their shoes or asking you where you got your hair done, it seems to get brought up in a majority of conversations, especially between strangers. Maybe it is such an easy topic to discuss, and it doesn’t involve getting personal with others you have never met before.

Maybe that’s why this Uber driver thought they would start a conversation with their rider by discussing fashion with them. Not everyone can seem to pull off a hat. This driver is correct about that. So when the driver complimented their passenger on the hat they were wearing, they had to let them know that they understood how hard it was to find the perfect hat. It may have made the passenger feel a bit awkward, so we’re not entirely sure how they took the compliment.