30 Paths That Make It Possible To Retire Comfortably

By Shannon
30 Paths That Make It Possible To Retire Comfortably

Almost everyone aspires to become a millionaire someday, but there are some jobs where it would be impossible to earn that much money, even after decades of working. Most multimillionaires made their money through businesses and investments, but those aren’t the only career paths where it’s possible.

There are actually a few traditional jobs where you can actually earn enough to retire a millionaire. We broke down 30 such jobs in the list below.

Plastic surgeons are one of the highest-paid professionals in the medial industry. Credit: Pixabay

30. Plastic Surgeon

In recent years, plastic surgery procedures have become more affordable to people in the middle class. Some women almost expect to get some sort of plastic surgery in their lifetime, especially in cities like Los Angeles. Because of the fact that there is less of a stigma, more people than ever are going to the doctor for a nip, tuck, or facelift. 

Plastic surgeons help women feel more confident in their bodies. Credit: Shutterstock

Reconstructing people’s faces and bodies is a complicated job and it’s a huge responsibility to improve someone’s physical appearance. The median salary of a plastic surgeon is $390,000 per year, while some make upwards of $570,000 per year.