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30 Luxury Camping Destinations Around The World

Shannon October 10, 2019

Looking to do something different on your next vacation?

Then you may want to try glamping. If you’ve never heard of “glamping” before, it’s the words “camping” and “glamour” combined together. This is a way to enjoy the great outdoors with all of the comforts of a five-star hotel.

In recent years, glamping has become more popular than ever before. And there are now locations around the world that are available for you and your family to stay. We broke down some of the best locales for the growing trend below.

The beautiful tiny cabins in the Fireside Resort of Jackson Hole. Credit: firesidejacksonhole.com

30. Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Even in the snowy winter months, you could still enjoy camping in one of the glamorous cabins at the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is perfect for anyone who loves to go skiing in the mountains. If you choose to book a week in the winter, it will be significantly cheaper than going in the summer.

Grand Teton National Park. Credit: Shutterstock

You could also visit Jackson Hole in the spring and summer months. Jackson Hole is close to Grand Teton National Park, as well as Yellowstone National Park. There are amazing hiking trails and guided tours of the park’s natural splendor.

The geometric dome keeps guests snug and safe from the elements. Credit: chateaudelamottehusson.com

29. Château de la Motte Husson in The Loire Valley, France

What could be more glamorous than camping just outside of a castle? There are two geometric camping domes, and one floats on the moat of the castle. Each of these domes has its own wood-burning stove and is fully insulated to keep you warm at night. The camping area also has its own shower and outdoor kitchen.

The view of the Chateau from the camping dome. Credit: chateaudelamottehusson.com

If you want to see the making of this glamping retreat, watch the TV series “Escape to the Chateau.” The owners of the Chateau de la Motte Husson, Dick and Angel Strawbridge, chronicle their process of buying and renovating their castle in France. Since the television series is so popular, you have to book these glamping spaces at least a year ahead of time. Check their website for availability.

You will have breathtaking views from inside your tent. Credit: undercanvas.com

28. Under Canvas Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota, USA

The Under Canvas Mount Rushmore Campground in Keystone, South Dakota is a great place to take your family for an all-American vacation. As the name suggests, it’s very close to the famous Mount Rushmore. The Under Canvas campground has safari-style tents set up for their guests. They are solar-powered and come with wood-burning stoves to keep you warm at night.

Each tent has its own porch for an outdoor living space. Credit: Glamping.com

When you stay at this location, they give you complimentary camp activities. That’s great if you’re going with the whole family. For adults, they offer yoga classes with mountain views in the background as well as kayaking. There is a fire pit, a trail for hikes, and full bathrooms for guests to shower.

The beautiful views from one of the trailers at the Canna Camping Holidays. Credit: cannacampsite.com

27. Canna Camping Holidays, Inner Hebrides, Scotland:

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the beauty of the Scotland, you may want to consider staying at the Canna Camping Holidays. It’s located on the island of Canna, so it may be difficult to get to if you’re only visiting the United Kingdom for a short amount of time. But it’s totally worth it if you are taking an extended vacation. They have several different options for staying in a caravan, pod, or cabin.

The exterior of one of the cabins. Credit: cannacampsite.com

All of them are very affordable at just 15 to 45 Euros per night. Just keep in mind that they charge extra for bedding and towels. If you can, bring your own supplies with you and read all of the restrictions carefully on the website.

The tents can be open to the air during the daytime and closed at night. Credit: PassPortTherapy.com

26. Ventana Big Sur in Big Sur, California:

One of the most popular vacation destinations for nature lovers in California is Pfieffer Big Sur State Park. This stretches along the coastline and is popular for anyone who wants to visit seaside cliffs. It’s also known for hiking, walking, and of course, camping. The Ventana Big Sur resort has several “glamping” tent options that are facing a 20-acre canyon. Enjoying getting away from it all, even if it is just for the weekend.

People who stay at the background can use the communal showers and bathrooms. Credit: murphydeesign.com

Keep in mind that their camping locations are remote and only accessible by foot. So you won’t be able to drive your car up with heavy gear. Pack light or bring a backpack to help carry your things into the woods. The “glamp site” provides guests with towels, heated blankets, bundles of wood, and more. Everyone shares the amenities of bathrooms and showers, and each campsite has its own fire pit.

These yurts help keep you warm in the mountains. Credit: www.myswitzerland.com

25. Mongolian Yurts, Vaud, Switzerland:

The location of the Mongolian Yurts in Vaud, Switzerland is so remote that you have to take a tiny train to get there. You’ll get panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and Mont Blanc. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience you would never forget. If you love hiking, you could go there in the spring and summer and enjoy some amazing trails.

These yurts have beautiful views of the Swiss alps. Credit: www.myswitzerland.com

When some people think of the Swiss Alps, their mind immediately goes to skiing. Luckily for you, they stay open in the winter too. Keep in mind that this campground doesn’t allow you to bring very young children for safety reasons. Check out their website for prices and booking information.

The inside of the tents look like a traditional hotel room. Credit: TerraGlamping.com

24. Terra Camping in East Hampton, New York:

Taking a vacation in “The Hamptons” of Long Island, New York, is notoriously expensive. The beaches are lined with multi-million dollar homes. This area may look familiar if you are a fan of TV series like Revenge, Royal Pains, or The Affair. East Hampton is also one of the most expensive towns in all of Long Island, as well. So staying in a luxurious camping resort like Terra Camping can help you save money compared to a hotel.

Camp, surf, and swim in Cedar Point County Park. Credit: TerraGlamping.com

Terra Camping is located in Cedar Point County Park. They have a total of 30 safari tents which are complete with a comfortable bed, hardwood floors, hot showers and toilets on-premises. They even provide a complimentary breakfast. Starting at $300 per night, you may think it’s outrageously expensive. But once you compare those prices to hotels and AirBnB’s in the area, you’ll realize it’s actually a great deal.

El Cosmico is trendy among travel bloggers. Credit: localadventurer.com

23. El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas:

Fancy taking a camping trip in the desert? The El Cosmico campground in Marfa, Texas, has several different options for a glamping experience. You have the option to stay in a trailer, yurt, teepee, tiny house, or a safari tent. Each of these options has been beautifully decorated.

The exterior of a yurt in the El Cosmico campground. Credit: elcosmico.com

The campground has all the comforts you could hope for. You can also pitch your own tent on the grounds if you’re trying to save money. While you’re in Marfa, you may want to visit their famous Prada shop in the middle of the desert or one of the many other artistic places in the town.

Covered wagons serve as tents for the Capitol Reef Campground. Credit: capitolreefresort.com

22. The Capitol Reef Resort in Torrey, Utah:

If you’re looking to have an all-American experience, you should consider camping at the Capitol Reef Resort in Torrey, Utah. Guests can stay in covered wagons that are complete with real beds big enough for an entire family or group of friends.

The inside of the covered wagons are comfortable and cozy. Credit: capitolreefresort.com

The campground is located just one mile away from Capitol Reef National Park, so you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous mountains everywhere you look. You’ll be centrally located near loads of hiking trails. The campground also has a pool, hot tub, showers, and even provides Wi-Fi for the guests.

One of the glamping tent options at the Dunton River Camp. Credit: duntondestinations.com

21. Dunton River Camp in Dolores, Colorado:

Years ago, The Dunton River Camp was a very small settlement created for coal miners. The property is 12 miles away from the nearest town of Rico, Colorado. Even though the location is remote, this campsite has plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. You can go fishing, hiking, horseback riding, paddleboarding, and even walk down a trail to see a waterfall. The inside of their tents look like a luxury hotel. Guests can enjoy food and wine around a campfire under the stars.

There are plenty of gorgeous places to go hiking near the Dunton River Camp. Credit: duntondestinations.com

This campground has multiple options available for cabins and tents. The main downside is that it’s $1,730 per night for the smaller cabins and $2,165 per night for the larger family-sized cabins. They also require you to stay more than one night.

This yurt is located in the Dyfi forest of Wales. canopyandstars.co.uk

20. Eco Retreats, Powys, Wales:

For 133 Euros per night, you can stay in an adorable yurt at the Eco Retreats campsite in Powys, Wales. Located in the middle of the Dyfi Forest, this campsite is a full 25 minutes away from the nearest major roadway. You’re truly getting away from it all here. Once you arrive, you will be surrounded by fields, forest, and mountains.

The inside of the yurt has everything you need to stay cozy. Credit: canopyandstars.co.uk

The inside of each yurt has a wood-burning stove, as well as a bed. They also provide a small fridge and cooking supplies, which will come in handy for you to make food during your retreat. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pets, and it can only fit up to two adults. So leave the kids at home and choose this destination for a romantic getaway.

The nautical style room inside of a luxury tent. Credit: SandyPinesCamping.com

19. Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine:

The Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine has several “glamping” options. There are several cabins, luxury tents, and even a vintage airstream. Just a few minutes away from the campsite, the seaside town of Kennebunkport has restaurants, shops, and boat rides. You can also go to Goose Rocks Beach in the summertime. In the fall, they have festive events during Halloween.

Indoor-outdoor living at its finest. Credit: sandypinescamping.com

If you are interested to see more, check out Sandy Pines on Instagram, where they have more photos of the different stays as well as pictures from guest experiences.

The interior of the tents come with a wood-burning stove, as well as a private bathroom. Credit: theranchatrockcreek.com

18. The Ranch at Rock Creek in Philipsburg, Montana:

The Ranch at Rock Creek campground is located in the middle of the Montana wilderness. You can watch eagles fly while you soak in a large cedar hot tub outside. The inside of their tents look like a fully stocked hotel room. There’s also the option to stay in one of their cabins any time of the year. Besides the cabins and tents, there’s also a large lodge where you can go for dinner and socialize with other guests.

There are cabins you can stay in during all kinds of weather. Credit: theranchatrockcreek.com

National Geographic named this location as being one of the most unique lodges in the world, and it has also been featured by several magazines. It’s great for nature photography, hiking, biking, fishing, and more. For more information, check out their website.

The Teapot Lane campground has a “Treehouse” nestled in the woods. Credit: glampingireland.ie

17. Teapot Lane Luxury Camp, County Leitrim, Ireland:

Have you ever wanted to explore the luscious green forests of Ireland? Well, you have your chance at the Teapot Lane campground in County Leirtrim. There are several options to stay there including a vintage caravan, a treehouse, cottage, yurts, and more. They even have weddings and bridal showers on the property if your dream is to have your wedding in a mystical fairytale landscape.

The Bluebell Cottage at the Teapot Lane campground. Credit: glampingireland.ie

If you’re staying in the summer, this campground is just 10 minutes away from the beach called the TPL. This is the best surf spot in all of Ireland. If it’s your first time, you could take a surfing class, too. There’s also an equestrian center just 15 minutes away where you can go horseback riding on the beach.

Enjoy the New York Skyline from the comfort of a tiny home. Credit: collectiveretreats.com

16. Collective Governor’s Island in New York City:

This next location is truly luxurious and only available for people who are looking for an upscale glamping experience. The Collective Governor’s Island campground offers views of both the Manhattan Skyline and the Statue of Liberty, all while on a small island. As you can imagine, you need to catch a ferry to take you to Governor’s Island before you get to the campground. Once you’re there, they offer meals, massages, and just about anything else you can imagine at a luxury retreat.

Camp in style at Governor’s Island. Credit: collectiveretreats.com

Their summit tents are safari style and range from $500 – $800 per night. The smaller “journey tents” are $150 – $300 per night. If you want to stay in an “outlook Shelter,” which is essentially just a tiny house, you’ll pay $700 – $1200 per night. Essentially, it’s like paying the same (or more) than a hotel room, but you get a truly unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

A German fire truck has been converted for your “van life” dreams to come true. Credit: goglamping.net

15. Eco-Lodge Brejeira, Algarve, Portugal

If you feel like getting away from it all, consider visiting the Eco-Lodge Brejeira in Algarve, Portugal.

Guests can choose between a fully furnished Mongolian yurt, a gypsy caravan, or a German firetruck that has been converted into a living space. Each option only sleeps two people, so this is a much better vacation for couples rather than an entire family. The entire campground is designed to be eco-friendly. Each campsite has a compost toilet, and the waste is used to feed the garden. Water from the showers is also re-used to water plants.


The yurt has its own porch so that you can spend time lounging outdoors. Credit: goglamping.net

If you’re looking for some entertainment, you can learn about farming and help with straw-bale building. Or you can go to the beaches nearby, ride on a mountain bike trail, or go hiking. This location is very affordable. The yurt is €30 per night, and the caravan is €35. The cheapest option of the three is the firetruck, which is €15 per night.

The interior of the canvas tent on little Raccoon Key. Credit: littleraccoonkey.com

14. Little Raccoon Key, Georgia:

Little Raccoon Key is a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Georgia that’s only accessible by boat. Years ago, The Timucua & Guale Native Americans inhabited the island, but they’ve died off and left it completely untouched since the 1600s. The new owners of the island have turned it into a beautiful glamor camping retreat. This location would be perfect for a honeymoon because it provides a lot of privacy.

Guest can enjoy all of the amenities you would typically find in a hotel. Credit: littleraccoonkey.com

There’s a lot of wildlife on the island, making it perfect for nature lovers. If you’d like, the owners can arrange to teach you about oyster hunting, or you can go on a history tour. Fishing charters are also available on the island. There’s a two-night minimum stay required, and prices range from $300 to $600 per night.

At the Casa Karen, you can relax and read a book in a hammock. Casa Karen Credit: Google

13. Casas Karen, Los Caños de Meca, Cadiz, Spain:

Looking to get out of the US? The Casa Karen is a tiny rustic village in a forest just a few minutes from the beach. There are a total of 11 locations to choose from, including cottages and “chozas,” which are traditional Spanish beach huts. Each campsite has its own well for water and sewage, so you don’t need to share a common area with other guests. You also have the option to get a massage, take a yoga class, and relax. At the beach, you can also arrange for canoeing and dolphin-watching trips.

One of the houses in the Casa Karen complex. Credit: Casa Karen

If you’ve already made the expensive trek over to Spain, The Casa Karen is just €75 per night or €405 per week, making it one of the most affordable glamping destinations on this list.

Hang out together in the common tent with other guests. Credit: UnderCanvas.com

12. Under Canvas Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee:

Driving through the Smoky Mountains truly is a beautiful experience, and it may just be worthwhile to stop at the Under Canvas campground in Gatlinburg. Guests can stay from April through December. The campground is 182 acres and is just a few minutes away from Smoky Mountains National Park. Under Canvas is a company with several locations across the United States, and they offer “adventure packages” for activities in the local area.

The tents are just as comfortable as a hotel room. Credit: UnderCanvas.com

One of the most unique attributes of this campground is that you can listen to free country music performed on the weekends. Considering that Tennessee is the home of the famous country music capital, Nashville, these musicians are guaranteed to be talented. Tents are $150 to $160 per night depending on the size.

This adorable yurt is situated on a French farm. Credit: glampinggetaway.com

11. The Écovallée Yurt Camp, Dordogne, France:

The Dordogne is an area of southwestern France that’s famous for having some of the most amazing vineyards in Europe. The Écovallée Yurt Camp site is family-owned on 12 acres of land. The yurt sleeps up to four people, and there’s even a 12-foot “play yurt” filled with toys for kids. There’s also a kitchen and dining area in a separate tent, as well as a compost toilet. Free-range chickens roam the property, which means you can get farm fresh eggs for breakfast every morning.

There is a miniature yurt for kids to use as a playhouse. Credit: glampinggetaway.com

Guests can get massage and reiki upon request. Guests who drive in can leave to go to some of the famous wineries in the surrounding area before settling in for the night. This costs just 350 Euros or $383 for the entire week. If this location happens to be booked, check out AirBnB, which has other glamping packages in the area for $82 per night.

Credit: AutoCamp Russian River

10. Autocamp in Guerneville, California:

Located in the Sonoma wine country, Autocamp in Guerneville, California, offers both tents and vintage airstreams for your glamping experience. It would be best to bring a car so that you can drive around to visit some of the local wineries in the afternoon and fall asleep surrounded by giant redwood trees at night. If you get tired of spending time in your small living space, you can head over to the clubhouse, where they serve wine, beer, and snacks.

Credit: AutoCamp at Russian River

Each camping area has its own fire pit, which is perfect for making s’mores and telling ghost stories. The entire property has WiFi access, so you can even check your e-mail (if you must). The price per night varies depending on the time of year and the type of lodgings you want to stay in. On average, they range from $160 to $300 per night.

Mosquito netting protects you while you sleep. Credit: TripAdvisor.com

9. Bali House and Cottages Kehena Beach, Hawaii:

This next one is just barely “glamping,” and more like staying at a luxury hotel. Bali House is a collection of cottages nestled together in the gorgeous Hawaiian Kehena Beach. You can’t get a much better glamping experience than oceanfront views in Hawaii.

These cottages are gathered together just steps away from Kehena Beach. Credit: TripAdvisor.com

These houses come with free wifi, a hot tub, bathrobes, TV’, safes, and more. Keep in mind this is a very popular vacation destination and rooms are fully sold out months ahead of time. Pricing was not available online, so it’s best to call the number on their website to find out booking information for the dates you plan to visit Hawaii.

One of the cottages of the Jolly Days campground. Credit: jollydaysglamping.co.uk

8. Jolly Days, Yorkshire, England:

Headed to the United Kingdom anytime soon? You may want to consider staying in the Jolly Days Campground in Yorkshire. They have tents, cabins, and huts, which will help give you a far more comfortable “glamping” experience.

One of the campers who showed up with her vintage beetle to go camping. Credit: jollydaysglamping.co.uk

One of the cutest parts of this campground is its “fairy trail.” The owners of the campground have hidden tiny little doors and signs of fairy activity in the woods. This is perfect if you bring your kids, who will love exploring the woods.

The exterior of one of the tents at Lone Man Creek. Credit: Sinya on Lone Man Creek on Instagram

7. Sinya on Lone Man Creek in Wimberley, Texas:

The owner, Lynn Gallimore, was inspired to open this campground after she visited a safari in South Africa. The entire Sinya on Lone Man Creek campground has safari-style tents. But you’d never know this was a tent. There are large beds, kitchens, and even air conditioning available. There are some great amenities in your campsite, like beautiful outdoor bathtubs and white robes.

Imagine taking a bath outside with a glass of wine. Credit: Sinya on Lone Man Creek on Instagram

While the campsite itself is meant for relaxation, there’s also a lot to do in Wimberley. The nearby towns also have a lot of breweries, wineries, and restaurants, and there is also local music performed on a regular basis. This costs $345 per night Sunday through Thursday, or $385 per night Friday and Saturday.

This treehouse looks like a miniature castle. Credit: chateaudememanat.com

6. The Chateau Treehouse at the Chateau de Memanat in Creuse, France:

When you were a kid, did you always want to sleep overnight in a treehouse? Or maybe you dreamed of being a prince or princess in a castle. Well, you’re in luck, because the Chateau de Memanat has both rolled into one. The owners are British expats named Natalie and Andy who decided to make a new life for themselves in France. They were featured on a TV series called “A New Life in the Sun,” which has made their home a popular vacation destination.

The treehouse kitchen. Credit:

This location is perfect for English speakers who feel too intimidated to go to a foreign glamping location. When you stay in their treehouse, there are three comfortable beds, a kitchen, and plenty of space for a couple or small family.

The hosts will leave you breakfast in a basket, which you can pull up by rope so it’s not necessary to climb down the stairs. The forest has a stream where you can go swimming in the summertime. If you want to see more of this castle treehouse, check out the YouTube video review by Stephanie Jarvis on her series called The Chateau Diaries.

Inside one of the log cabins. Credit: Moose Meadow Lodge

5. Moose Meadow Lodge in Waterbury, Vermont:

The Moose Meadow Lodge is tucked away in an 86-acre property in the Green Mountains of Vermont. The state is famous for its amazing ski resorts, so this would be a great option for somewhere to go in the winter months. The accommodations are more along the lines of a log cabin, instead of a tent. There’s also an amazing treehouse available for rent.

The treehouse log cabin. Credit: Moose Meadow Lodge

The lodge property includes a hot tub, plenty of hiking trails, fishing at a trout pond, and the very special Sky Loft, which is a glass gazebo at the top of the property. Since it’s placed at the highest point, you can see panoramic views of the mountains from every angle, and enjoy in all kinds of weather. For prices and availability, check out their listing on TripAdvisor.

Credit: undercanvas.com

4. Under Canvas in Glacier National Park, Montana:

Earlier on this list, we already mentioned Under Canvas parks in other locations. This one is seven miles away from the Glacier National Park in Montana. Just like the other parks, their canvas tents have their own front porch, fire pit, and furniture inside. This location actually has a claw full tub in each tent, which makes it incredibly luxurious. Daily housekeeping is available, just like staying in a hotel. Only you get the benefits of sitting around a campfire to roast marshmallows while gazing at the stars.

The tents are lit up at night to make it easy to see your way through the dark. Credit: undercanvas.com

Since this location is so far north, you can only stay between June and September as it becomes too cold for camping. It costs roughly $200 to $250 per night to rent a tent. So while you won’t be saving any money compared to a hotel room, you may get a unique experience you and your family will remember for years.

The interior of the accommodations looks like a luxury hotel. Credit: pawsup.com

3. The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana:

The luxurious Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana, has both cabin and tent options for your glamping experience. Families can enjoy outdoor activities like horseback riding, shooting, and whitewater rafting. This location is also available for weddings, family reunions, and large parties.

The community areas that are shared with all camper. Credit: pawsup.com

The cost to rent at the Paws Up resort changes drastically depending on what package you are looking to buy. Check out their website, where they have a full brochure of prices and activity options.

The inside of the teepee. Credit: AirBnB.com

2. Bellfire Tipi in Roxbury, New York, USA

If you’ve ever wanted to state in a Native American style teepee, you can stay in the Bellfire Tipi in Roxbury, New York. The teepee is in Meeker Hollow, which is known for having some of the best stargazing in New York State. On their AirBnB listing, they say that the teepee is situated in an area that is very private and quiet. On their instagram, @bellfirefarm, you can see more images of the location from both guests and the host.

The exterior of the teepee lit up at night. Credit: AirBnB.com

Compared to some of the other glamping options on this list, this one is the closest you will get to “roughing it.: Since it is a traditional teepee, it doesn’t have a bath or toilet or a shower inside. There’s a fire pit in the center, as well as a wood stove. If you need to use the bathroom, you have to go to the outhouse. It costs $155 per night.

The inside of these tents have luxurious furniture pieces and plants. Credit: TripAdvisor

1. Under Canvas in Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

This is yet another “Under the Canvas” location on this list because they specialize in luxury glamping experiences near national parks. The Grand Canyon is one of the most sought-after national parks in the country. If you’re already planning on making the journey, you may want to consider sleeping under the stars. Yes, it is possible to sleep inside the park itself, but you’ll need to pitch a tent.

The inside of these tents are lit up at night. Credit: TripAdvisor.com

The Under the Canvas in Grand Canyon is one of the most luxurious locations on this list. Located in Valle, Arizona, you can enjoy the great outdoors without the crowds of Grand Canyon tourists before you go to the main attraction. You’re able to book this location from April through November. It typically costs over $300 per night, but prices change depending on the season.