30 Luxury Camping Destinations Around The World

By Shannon
30 Luxury Camping Destinations Around The World

Looking to do something different on your next vacation?

Then you may want to try glamping. If you’ve never heard of “glamping” before, it’s the words “camping” and “glamour” combined together. This is a way to enjoy the great outdoors with all of the comforts of a five-star hotel.

In recent years, glamping has become more popular than ever before. And there are now locations around the world that are available for you and your family to stay. We broke down some of the best locales for the growing trend below.

The beautiful tiny cabins in the Fireside Resort of Jackson Hole. Credit: firesidejacksonhole.com

30. Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Even in the snowy winter months, you could still enjoy camping in one of the glamorous cabins at the Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is perfect for anyone who loves to go skiing in the mountains. If you choose to book a week in the winter, it will be significantly cheaper than going in the summer.

Grand Teton National Park. Credit: Shutterstock

You could also visit Jackson Hole in the spring and summer months. Jackson Hole is close to Grand Teton National Park, as well as Yellowstone National Park. There are amazing hiking trails and guided tours of the park’s natural splendor.