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30 Effective Ways To Save Extra Money

Trista December 21, 2019

Looking in your couch cushions for change is over. It’s time to get a side hustle or take on a temporary gig to give yourself a little extra money in your pocket. The fantastic online world gives you more creative ways to earn cash now than ever before.

Using one of these innovative ways to earn cash fast will not only give you a little extra money in your pocket for certain times of the year but also build your savings. You might even find yourself turning your side hustle into a work-from-home position within the next few years.

No matter what you want to research, a Qmee result will give you a cash reward. Pixabay.

30. Search The Internet With Qmee

Qmee is an online money maker that allows you to save money in a virtual piggy bank by taking surveys, searching, and shopping. Wait – did you just read “shopping?” Yes, you did. All you need to do to get started with Qmee is head to their website and sign up. You also need to connect your account to your PayPal.

The money you can make per search with Qmee varies from a nickel to a dollar per click. One factor you do need to remember is that you won’t receive a payment for every search. Qmee needs to have a relationship with the advertising for you to see some money.

Airbnbs are a popular way to make consistent money. Pixabay.

29. An Airbnb Rental

Renting is another excellent way to get a little extra money. Over the last few years, people have looked at Airbnb renting over staying at hotels when they are on vacation or for work. Airbnb allows you to rent out a basement apartment, room, or your home for a period of time.

The safest way to become involved in Airbnb is to connect with the Airbnb website. They offer protection, insurance. You can connect with people looking for a place to stay right on the site. While there are always a few risks, it’s a great way to earn cash on a near-monthly basis.

Depending on your location and room, you can make hundreds of dollars every month renting out a room in your home. Pixabay.

28. Get Into Real Estate

Most people think you need to be a real estate agent to rent out your home or purchase a rental property. While the experience will help, anyone can rent out rooms in their home as long as you follow all of your state requirements. You also need to perform research about renting to ensure you think of everything before hitting “go.”

Renting out a room in your home to someone will give you extra money every month. You can also look into remodeling your basement to create an apartment. This way, you and your tenants will have their privacy.

Selling your old games is a great way to get some money. Pixabay.

27. Sell Old Games & Books On Amazon

Do you have an old game system that you don’t play anymore? Is there a variety of books that are just collecting dust? If so, you should think of making a seller’s profile on Amazon. It’s relatively easy to sign up. It is also incredible what items people want, especially if they are of good quality.

The bottom line to your seller’s account is you want to think about the customer. It helps if you were honest about the item you are selling. If there are signs of wear and tear, let them know. It would be best if you gained good reviews to make decent money on Amazon.

You can make a one-time payment or receive royalties as a freelance writer. Pixabay.

26. Become A Freelance Writer

Many people sell books with their names on it that they never wrote. This idea is because they hired a freelance writer who agreed to become their ghostwriter. While ghostwriters don’t usually receive royalties for their work, they receive a one-time payment that can give them a good paycheck.

In fact, many freelance writers start working from home full-time within months of starting their freelance writing side hustle. Of course, you don’t have to become a ghostwriter. You can spend your free time writing your own e-books to sell on Amazon.

Help others by teaching them your skill or becoming an online tutor. Pixabay.

25. Become An Online Teacher Or Tutor

Whether you have a degree or a skill that people will find useful, teach. You can set up your own website where you can sell your services by teaching other people your set skills. For example, you can become a writing coach or help others learn a craft.

Many parents are looking for someone to tutor their elementary or high schooler a couple of nights a week. As long as the parents are willing to allow online tutoring, and you can help their child, you are set to go.

Becoming a personal trainer can give you some extra cash and the benefit of helping someone stay physically fit. Pixabay.

24. Become A Personal Trainer

If you are into fitness and want to help people make sure they stay physically fit, you need to look into becoming a personal trainer. You can work with someone and set a schedule with them. Please work with your clients to ensure they meet their goals.

Along with helping people with their physical fitness, you can also help them with nutrition. You can meet them at a local gym, always gain the gym’s approval first, or start your own home business. There are also websites available, such as FitnessTrainer, that will allow you to advertise your new business.

Garage sales and flea markets are a quick way to make money from items you find for free or no longer need. Pixabay.

23. Sell Free Items You Find Online

One of the easiest ways to make money is to find items on certain websites, such as Craigslist, that are free, then turn around and sell the item for a profit. There are times where you won’t receive the right thing, but you don’t have to worry about wasting money because the article didn’t cost you any money.

You don’t need to turn around and sell the item back on Craigslist. You can look into other ways to sell, such as Amazon, garage sales, or flea markets. You might feel that free items aren’t worth your time because if people are giving them away, it means there is something wrong. This situation isn’t always the case. Sometimes people need to move quickly and want to get rid of the items ASAP.

Use some of your free time taking online surveys for a little extra cash. Pixabay.

22. Online Surveys

While you will need to be careful that you do not get involved in a scam, but one great way is to sit at home and take online surveys. Imagine curling up under a blanket after a busy day at your full-time job with a cup of hot cocoa, your laptop, and a list of online surveys to make a little extra cash.

Most online surveys will come from research companies that allow you to test their new products. It is easy to get up to $5 per survey that will only take you a few minutes to fill out. Some of the best online survey sites include Opinion Outpost, Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, YouGov, and SurveyBonds.

Advertise with your car, just like race cars, for a set income every month. Pixabay.

21. Advertise With Your Vehicle

If you don’t mind having advertisements on your vehicle, then you might want to look at platforms like Carvertise. This one is a website that connects you to companies and brands that are willing to pay you to advertise their product or service on your vehicle. In other words, your car becomes a moving billboard.

This side hustle will give you a certain amount of money every month, which you will receive from the company. While you need to have a newer car and a clean driving record, you don’t need to pay anything else to get the advertisements on your vehicle.

Earn some extra money through tips when you deliver meals on your free night. Pixabay.

20. Deliver Meals

Many companies are starting to get on the wagon of bringing food from restaurants that don’t deliver to your home. There are also a lot of apps, such as Postmates or GrubHub, that will connect you to people who want to have food delivered to them.

All you need to do is join an app, create your schedule, and have a reliable car to get the opportunity to earn some extra cash bringing a meal to someone and receiving a tip. While you might see more money through these tips, it’s cash that you can use right away.

Get a little extra money and sun by helping your neighbors with their gardens. Pixabay.

19. Help Someone Get Into Gardening

Do you have a green thumb and never seem to get enough time when it comes to gardening? Many people can use your skills online and locally. Help people start their own garden whether you are next to them or give them instructions on how to keep their gardens growing.

You can also take your love of gardening a step up and create a community garden where people come together to grow their favorite vegetables or flowers and sell them for a profit. Other options for you are helping clients pull weeks, set out planting decor, or even start a small side business.

Turn the mop into a microphone and have a little singing fun while you are cleaning and making money. Pixabay.

18. Clean Houses

You might not like cleaning your own house, but when you start to receive payment for helping someone else keep their home clean, you become more determined to clean house. You can get house cleaning jobs in a variety of ways from applying on social media or creating a flying that you post around your town.

If there are specific tasks that you will not do, you want to be honest about this. However, if you are willing to perform most tasks and your work is high quality, you could easily make over $20 an hour as this is a job that is high in demand. You can even make this job more long-term or start your own home cleaning business if you give your best and enjoy the work.

Selling items you no longer need will free up space in your home and give you some extra cash. Pixabay.

17. Sell Your Clothing Online

One benefit of social media is you can join local buy and sell groups to get rid of some items piling up in your storage and make a little extra money. You can quickly sell clothes online for half of what you paid – as long as they are of good quality.

People are always looking for a good deal, so to make the best money, you want to sell good quality items and know how much they go for in the stores. By proving they can purchase your item for a lower price, you will receive their cash instead of a store.

They may be worth thousands of pennies, too, if you get enough downloads. Pixabay.

16. Sell Your Photos

There are several ways to get involved in freelance work, and one is to sell your photography, especially if you are looking to dive into that field or have an eye for a great picture. Fortunately, with the internet, you can branch out from setting up a booth to sell your photographs at a local mall.

Many stock photo websites, such as iStock, Shutterstock, and Adobe, allow you to sell your photographs. You will get paid a percentage of each download from your picture. You can also start your own website, especially once you start gaining a fanbase.

If you love organizing and have a skill for it, you can make extra cash by showing people how they can better organize their homes. Joy Home Organizing.

15. Help People Organize Their Homes

Home organizing doesn’t seem like something that can make you money, but thanks to Netflix’s hit series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you can. Of course, you will want to be an organized person and have an eye for detail. You will want to be comfortable telling people how they can make their lives easier through a few changes around their homes.

If this doesn’t seem like a job that you will find in your area, don’t lose hope. Websites such as Care.com has a place where you can find home organizer jobs in your area. You can also look into a company that will pay for you to travel to help people organize their homes.

Dog walking can earn you some money and give you a close friend. Pixabay.

14. Walking Dogs Around Your Neighborhood

If you love animals, you can always spend time with them for a few extra bucks. One of the best ways to get some extra money is by becoming a dog walker. Most people worry about who will take their pooch for some exercise during the day, and this can cause them to say no to getting a dog.

All you need to do is post your information around your area or sign up on websites such as Wag! or Rover.com. Keep your schedule updated to let people know when they can count on you. Some people might ask you to dog sit for some time, which will give you more money.

Watch someone’s home and pets that they can’t take with them for some extra money. Pixabay.

13. House Sit For People On Vacation

People are always worried about what will happen to their homes when they are away. Even if they take all the necessary precautions, such as stopping their mail and making sure their pipes won’t freeze in the winter, something can happen, and no one will know until they come home.

For people who leave their homes for months every year, they need to find someone to watch their home and any animals during their time away. While you might stay at their home, you will receive payment for feeding any animals and checking on their home daily to a few times a week.

Field Agent pays you to do chores. Cnet.

12. Look Into The World Of Field Agency

No, not the FBI. A field agent is a person who downloads the Field Agent app and works around their area, helping residents with various tasks. For example, comparing prices at the local stores to make sure one store has the lowest price. You might also find yourself conducting surveys or raking leaves for the elderly as part of a community program.

You receive payment for each task that you choose. This concept means if you are too busy one day to focus on a mission, you don’t need to worry about looking at the jobs available. You have total freedom over how many tasks you take on and when.

Donating blood or plasma can give you some extra cash when you are low. Pixabay.

11. Give Blood Or Plasma

While you will need to do a little research and find out what your state’s minimum requirements are when it comes to donating plasma, this is an excellent way to make a few dollars when you need the extra cash. The plasma that you donate will help people who are fighting immune disorders, such as Leukemia.

Donating blood can make sure that you help people as well, but not everyone will pay for blood. If you have a rare blood type, you will have an easier time finding a company that is willing to pay you $20 to $50 per blood donation.

Your local thrift shop could pay you for your vintage clothing. Pixabay.

10. Sell Your Vintage Clothing

Sure, your vintage clothes might be cool to have, but are they just collecting dust in your attic? If your vintage clothing is sitting in storage, it’s time to think of selling the items for some extra cash. Many people like to wear, use, or collect vintage clothing and willing to pay well for these items.

Other than looking on social media for a buyer, you can look at antique shops or thrift stores as they might know of buyers or are willing to purchase the items themselves. You can also look for any other maternity clothes or clothing from a couple of decades ago (this includes the 1990s) that are out of style.

Secret shopping gives you great perks and payment for your insight. Pixabay.

9. Become A Secret Shopper

If you can pay attention to details, understand customer service, have a good member, and truthfully report on your experience, then you should look into becoming a secret shopper. It is not a myth; there are many companies that will hire you to go undercover to different stores and pay you to shop.

Not only do you receive money to shop, but they will also pay you for traveling and give you free meals. All you need to do for these perks is to provide the companies with your insight about the store and your experience.

Make money by cleaning someone’s car, so it looks brand new. Pixabay.

8. Look into Car Detailing

People want their cars to look beautiful on the inside and outside. Unfortunately, taking their cars to a car wash, which will clean the inside of their vehicle as well, is expensive, and the employees often clean quickly, which doesn’t make the car look the best on the inside. Look into auto detailing and see if this is something that will interest you.

Set up a home shop, such as your garage, where you can work on cleaning someone’s car for a profit. Ask your neighbors if they will become your first clients and willing to give a review for a discount. You can also make flyers to post locally in businesses and set up a social media account for your services.

Get paid to help someone decorate their home for the holidays. Pixabay.

7. Decorate Homes For The Holidays

Most people often need a little extra cash around the holidays, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Fourth of July. One of the newest side hustles that are out there allows you to go in and decorate someone else’s home for the holidays. Some people want someone who has more of an eye for decorating while other people are unable to decorate their own homes.

Whatever the case is, you can use social media to help find people who are local and looking for a home decorator for the holidays. They are willing to supply all of the decorations and pay you for this particular job. If you do an outstanding job, they might request you to help them throughout the year, which allows you to have a long-term client and build a reputation.

Write reviews of unsigned bands to earn a little cash. Pixabay.

6. Get Paid To Review Music From Unsigned Bands

If you are someone who wants to listen to music all day long, then getting a gig at Slicethepie.com is a job for you. Earn a little extra cash by listening to bands that are not signed by a record label.

Your job is to review these bands on the quality of their music. While you are paid by your reviews, you also need to give quality reviews to receive a payment. This idea means it can take you a bit to earn a decent amount of money, but once you have a reputation, you’ll see the money rolling your way.

Give quality reviews on websites and apps for some extra money sent directly to your Paypal. Pixabay.

5. Review Apps And Websites

Just like you can review a band for money, you can also review websites and apps for cash. Sources like UserTesting.com will pay you to review all types of apps and websites. Each review you need to leave will take about 20 minutes and give you a flat fee of $10.

It’s easy to get involved with reviewing websites. All you need to do is go to UserTesting.com and sign up. You will need to connect your PayPal account to your UserTesting account, so you can make sure to get your payments securely.

Buy extra copies of Disney Vault movies and sell them when they go back into the vault. Slash Film.

4. Sell Disney Vault Items On Amazon

You ‘ve heard of the Disney Vault. This one is the place where Disney stores some of their most cherished classics such as The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Every 8 to 10 years, Disney releases these movies for a short period of time. When this happens, but a few copies of the classics and then turn around and sell them on Amazon.

Don’t think this will work? After Disney let Beauty and the Beast out of the vault, the movie started selling on Amazon for over $70 once it went back into the vault. You only had to buy the film for $25 when Disney released the title on Blu-ray.

Earn some extra cash during your free time through babysitting. Pixabay.

3. Babysitting

Babysitting might seem like a job for teenagers, but it is a great way to make some extra money, especially for busy professionals that will pay you what it’s worth. If you are having trouble finding a babysitting gig, look for parents who work full-time and have children under the age of five. Chances are, these parents will not remember the last time they could enjoy a night out.

You can always post your flyer for babysitting services locally on the bulletin boards around town, but a better idea is to look at websites such as Care.com. These websites are great if you have babysitting experience and want to give potential clients your availability right away.

Recycling locally or by sending your phone to a company can give you some extra cash when needed. Pixabay.

2. Recycle Your Old Cell Phones

Not only will you make money when you start recycling, but you can also help the environment. People have paid for a downpayment on a home, new car, or even for their wedding by saving up their recycling money.

Many companies will give you money when you send them your old cell phones or other devices that you don’t use or are no longer working. Some companies to look into are O2 Recycle, Mazuma, EE Recycle, and Envirofone. Not sure how much you would be paid for your device, most of the websites will give you a quote. All you need to do is put in your phone’s information, and you’ll instantly receive a quote.

Driving people around is a great way to earn some extra cash. Pixabay.

1. Become An Uber Or Lyft Driver

Times are changing, and one way they are changing is many people don’t care to get their license or can’t afford their own vehicle. While cab drivers are everywhere, they are expensive and won’t always take further than a few miles.

Whether you are looking for a decent way to earn a paycheck or you need to work part-time to improve your financial state, working for a company like Uber or Lyft can help you. As long as you have a clean driving record and workable vehicle, you can drive people around, listen to music, and have conversations while making money.