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30 Photos That Reveal Secrets Inside Things We Use Every Day

Monica February 28, 2022

When we use an everyday item, we don’t think about what’s inside of it, or what its interior makeup is like. Usually, it’s nothing more than a few wires and batteries. But, sometimes, the inside of everyday objects contain more secrets than we thought, such as the inside of a gas pump, Rubik’s Cube, pregnancy test, or lightbulb.

These items range from useless items to items we need in our day-to-day lives. Thanks to various users on the internet, these interesting secrets inside things we use every day have been revealed.


30) Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cubes are already confusing enough. And now that we’ve seen the inside of a Rubik’s Cube, we have more questions than before. Still, it’s pretty cool to see how a Rubik’s Cube operates inside, even though it probably won’t give us any insight on how to master the Rubik’s Cube. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty interesting to learn about the inside of the Rubik’s Cube (via gumbl3g33).


29) USB Drive

Honestly, this is probably what we’ve all expected the inside of a USB Drive to look like, even though how all of that data is stored on such a tiny space remains a mystery (via Get_Clowned_on).


28) Fresh Lotus Pod

In Asian religion, a lotus symbolizes purity and non-attachment. On the outside, it’s beautiful. But have you ever thought about its interior makeup? The inside of a lotus is remarkable, even if it might activate some of our trypophobia. Still, this is an interesting secret to learn about a lotus pod (via psychnerd27).


27) Tiny Nail Thumbtack

It may come as a surprise to most of us that the inside of a thumbtack is, in fact, a tiny nail. For some reason, we might’ve all expected it to be something different, but this makes the most sense. Now we know the interesting secrets of tiny nail thumbtacks (via Accetable_Web_5829).


26) Gas Pump

To most of us, gas pumps are just a place to fill our cars with fuel. But the mechanics behind gas pumps are pretty spectacular when you take a close look, and it’s an interesting secret to learn. Honestly, though, the best part about this photo is the Croissant sign above the gas pump (via PostMaStoned).


25) Escalator

“I saw an escalator being built today and the inside was not what I expected at all.” – via Blink1Whitey2

Escalators can already induce fear in some, but now this fear is validated. Escalators seem even more complicated than before, now that we see what the inside looks like. We can all probably agree that we’ll stick to riding them up and down, instead of trying to figure out their interior makeup.


24) Lighthouse

If you look at this photo for too long, you might start to feel dizzy. It almost looks like the inside of a shell. Now we know there’s way more to the inside of a lighthouse than meets the eye, now that this interesting secret is revealed (via Deadly***).


23) Fire Hydrant

There’s way more to a fire hydrant than meets the eye. We can assume that, because of their power, there needs to be some sort of mechanical science behind it. We might’ve even thought the inside would be more complicated, after noticing how simple it looks. Even so, it’s an interesting secret to learn (via HeartacheHouston).


22) Breast Implants

This is probably not what any of us expected. The inside of a breast implant looks like something you would play with during the summer in the pool as a kid. They look simple, but knowing their purpose makes them that much more interesting (via YouTube).


21) Etch a Sketch

“In case anyone ever wondered what the inside of an etch a sketch looked like, cause I wasn’t expecting this.” – via Bodega

We can safely assume that none of us expected this, so it makes it an interesting secret to learn. It looks like the needle moves around as a cross to create the drawing. Pretty cool stuff!


20) Mango Seed

“What is inside of a mango seed. I left it on my neighbor’s doormat.” via Enhancing_Guru

Firstly, we’re probably all wondering why this Reddit user left the mango seed on their neighbor’s doormat, but that’s another mystery for another time. We’ve all eaten mangoes, and after seeing this photo, it may even put us off from eating them, ever again. After learning this interesting secret, we can agree that the inside of a mango seed looks like a shriveled bean.


19) McDonald’s Self-Serve Kiosk

The inside of a McDonald’s self-serve kiosk looks pretty simple, considering how much it gets done and how intricate the ordering screen is. This is an interesting secret to learn about McDonald’s and get the inside scoop to how the very popular chain restaurant operates (via uneasythinking).


18) Egg Without A Shell

We’ve all eaten at least an egg or two throughout our lives, probably way more. But to see an egg without a shell is an interesting secret to see (via scathing).


17) Sewing Machine

“My friend’s sewing machine broke, so she took it apart and fixed it. Fortunately she snapped this awesome cutaway image in the process.” via nater255

This is pretty awesome, to say the least. To us, a sewing machine is nothing more than a needle and thread, but the inside of one is pretty intricate. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.


16) Nintendo Switch Controller

“Took apart my Nintendo Switch Controller, here’s what it looks like inside!” – via Plane-Policy-8284

If you’re an avid Nintendo player, then you might love this one. The inside of a Nintendo Switch controller almost looks like a game itself, and it’s an interesting secret to learn the inside scoop to how one of the most popular games in the world operates.


15) Measuring Tape

“Insides of a measuring tape. I imagined the metal coil as a normal thin spring, but it’s a big wide metal coil that is very rigid. The metal comes out of the beige roller and attaches to the yellow measuring tape and creates the whole self winding tension, along with the concave shape of tape.” via pyjamaman12

This is quite intricate. We can all relate to this Reddit user, who was shocked when they found out what was inside a measuring tape.


14) Pregnancy Test

“Inside an expensive digital pregnancy test there is an ordinary cheap pregnancy test.” “The electronic device just picks up the number of lines and shows the result on the display.” – via YouTube

We’ve been duped! Expensive pregnancy tests are nothing more than cheap pregnancy tests placed inside an electronic device. We can thank this Reddit user for revealing this interesting secret, who has now helped a lot of women reading this list to save a lot of money. Next time, stick to the simple pregnancy tests. What a scam.


13) Lightbulb

The inside of a lightbulb looks like an entirely new lighting device itself. This is not what most of us expected. In fact, it’s quite beautiful and artistic (via Mihaluch333).


12) Cactus Interior

The inside of a cactus looks like a papaya, cut in half. This is an interesting secret that most of us didn’t expect. We’re getting an entirely new perspective on plants that we didn’t have before, thanks to this Reddit user. It almost looks like a completely different species (via ksenosaurus).


11) Brick Chimney

The inside of a brick chimney looks like a black hole in outer space. Who knows where we’d end up if we followed the tunnel (via TulenKanni***).


10) Removable Dentures

We’ve all met an elderly person with dentures. Have you ever considered what the insides of them looked like? Probably not, and it’s something we could’ve gone the rest of our lives without seeing. Nonetheless, this interesting secret of the inside of removable dentures has now been revealed, and there’s no going back (via JunioR0907).


9) Turbine Pit

“Inside the turbine pit at a hydroelectric power plant.” – via tem_po_rary

Most of us probably had no idea what a turbine pit at a hydroelectric power plant looked like in the first place. Now we know what the inside of one looks like, thanks to this Reddit user who revealed this interesting secret.


8) Grocery Meat Case

It may come as a surprise to see these tiny fans in the grocery meat case. This is an interesting secret revealed, considering none of us probably ever thought about what was inside a grocery meat case in the first place (via Greatknight99).


7) Fast Food Soda Fountain

This reveal might deter us from ever drinking from a fast food soda fountain again. Knowing that the soda comes from these cardboard boxes isn’t very appealing, and makes them seem even more horrible for you (via trashd0gs).


6) Food Garbage Disposal

“Most people think that garbage disposals have sharp spinning blades inside of them. This is actually what is grinding up the food in your disposal.” – via OwlThief32

It turns out that there aren’t sharp spinning blades inside garbage disposals. That’s pretty shocking, to say the least!


5) Elevator Shaft

“I took part in fixing the elevator. This is how the elevator shaft looks.” via kuper201

We’ve seen an escalator, and now we’re seeing an elevator. It’s pretty creepy, and isn’t a place we’d want to find ourselves in. This interesting secret revealed the insides of an elevator, something many of us have ridden in time and time again.


4) Toothbrush

“My toothbrush without the case” via SoupGood9256

Electric toothbrushes are already unique, but the inside of one makes them seem that much more interesting. It’s quite phenomenal how intricate such a simple tool can be. It almost looks like an entirely different machine.


3) Wrist Band

“This is what is inside those things which you smack on your arm then it turns into a wrist band” – via Massive_Calendar

We’ve all been duped again! If you never opened your snap bracelet as a child, then you never would’ve realized what’s inside of them – a simple measuring tape. It’s pretty funny once we realize what’s inside. We can thank this Reddit user for shedding light on this interesting secret.


2) Barbecue Lighter

The inside of a barbecue lighter is just a small BIC lighter. It’s similar to the pregnancy test, they just use the same material but with a larger electronic device (via LogicalLogistics).


1) Water Heater

“Water heater after 6 years of service.” – via drakulino

This is one of the grossest items on this list, but still an interesting secret. Apparently, this is what a water heater looks like after six years of service. It almost looks like something you’d find at the bottom of the ocean inside the Titanic.