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40+ People Shared The Weirdest Food Anomalies They Found

HizkiailNovember 4, 2021

Have you ever found an extra-large carrot or an odd-shaped gummy? Sometimes food does strange things like growing in weird shapes or getting stuck together in the factory. These food oddities are rare, and you are one of the lucky ones if you have found them. Take a look at all the bizarre abnormalities that people found in their food; you might start seeing some yourself.

This person found a mysterious golden wizard in their bag full of gummy bears. Maybe it was part of a contest, and if you find the golden wizard, you get a prize from Haribo.

The Magical Wizard Gummy In A Bag Full Of Bears

It is possible that if you make a wish and then eat this wizard gummy, all your dreams and desires will come true. Who knows, it could work.

When you need an extra hand while making dinner, use the handy dandy carrot hand. With time it could grow into a whole carrot person.

A Handy Carrot

This hand-shaped carrot looks like something you could find in a vegetable horror movie. Just imagine if carrots grew upwards instead of down into the ground, this carrot would be reaching out to grab you from the soil.

What is the worst thing about avocados? It is the pit. That thing can ruin the avocado because it can take up too much room and leave only a little edible avocado.

The Perfect Avocado Doesn't Exi--

This avocado is pitless so that you can eat the entire thing. You also don’t have to struggle to remove the pit while trying not to chop off a finger.

This clementine must have been pregnant because it came with a little clementine within it. The person who opened this just performed a successful (vitamin) c-section.

I Shall Call You Clemintiny

We have to know if the small clementine tasted just as good as the regular-sized one. We hope it did.

This person’s Nonna wanted him to post a picture of her tomatoes on the internet, so “everyone in Italy can see how big they have gotten.”  She looks like the proudest tomato grower the internet has ever seen.

Nonna And Her Giant Tomatoes

Italy must be super proud of this woman and her beautiful tomatoes. We know whose house we want to go to for Sunday dinner.

This person found a pearl while they were eating their oysters, that must be good luck. Maybe they can use it to make one earring or a single pearl necklace.

Get The Shuck Out Of Here, It's A Pearl From An Oyster

This person should start a pearl collection so that one day they will have an entire strand of pearls.

The mutant carrots are taking over the planet. This is their leader who has come to access if the earth will be a suitable home for its species.

The Mutant Carrot Overlord

The best way to take care of something like this is to kill it with fire, salt, pepper, and a little garlic for extra flavor.

We don’t know if these melted together or if they didn’t get cut apart in the factory, but this person was lucky enough to find a gummy chain!

For Nutritional Purposes, This Counts As One Gummy Bear

You have a few options with this chain. You can cut them apart or consider it as one gummy bear and eat the whole thing.

These four bananas grew in one giant peel. They almost look like an old-timey barbershop quartet that would go by the name bananashop quartet.


The real question here is if the person ate all four bananas at once because they came in one pee. What do you do with the other bananas now that they are not in the peel?

This picture-perfect cheeseburger finally looks like all the advertisements on TV.  This is the most satisfying cheese melt we have seen in a while, and it’s a shame that it is going to be gone in a few minutes.

Like A Perfect Cheese Blanket For Your Burger

They just need to add tomato, onion, and a better bun to make this the perfect burger to exist.

This boy is squashing the competition with his fun dance moves. He is someone who knows how to showcase a prize-winning squash.

A Boy And His Abnormally Large Squash

He also seems to have the longest arms that can display the squash well. He is very proud of this squash find.

When a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, this is probably what they are talking about. That is the largest clove of garlic we have ever seen.

Italians Finally Found The Perfect Amount Of Garlic

This would save a lot of time when it comes to peeling each clove of garlic. Apparently, the larger it is, the less taste the garlic has.

This avocado is almost two kilograms, which is massive. This person should have a guacamole party for the amount of avocado they can get from this.

Every Avocado Lovers Dream

We wonder what size the pit is inside of this avocado. It would be nice if the pit was not bigger than an average-sized avocado, so you could get a lot out of the big one.

Tiny hand verse giant blackberry. This little girl found an extra-large berry, and we want to know how people are finding these unusually large foods.

Possibly The World's Largest Blackberry

Since her hands are so small, we need a better object to compare for scale, like a banana.

Based on the size of this one leaf, imagine how massive the rest of the plant was. You could use that one leaf to make collard greens for a long time.

Someone Will Be Having Collard Greens For Weeks

They look so proud of their giant leaf as if it was one of their children. It’s like they are posing with it before it leaves for college.

We don’t know what kind of miracle grow people are using in their soil, but these giant plants are impressive in size. The man looks small in comparison to the cabbage.

This Person Grew A Giant Cabbage

It almost looks like the cabbage is a costume that he is wearing for a middle school play about eating your vegetables.

This person found one giant egg in their henhouse, and it is twice the size of the other eggs. That one egg could make double the amount of scrambled eggs.

How Many Yolks Do You Think Are Inside The Giant Egg

Maybe an ostrich disguised itself as a chicken and laid this egg while everyone was asleep and then left.

“We are siamese if you please.” These apples are like siamese twins and we don’t know how to feel about it. It’s like it has a head growing out of its shoulder and we are uncomfortable thinking about that.

An Apple With An Apple Growing Out Of It

We are not sure how this happened, but it is a strange phenomenon. We shall call them the conjoined twins of the apple world.

These blueberries are gigantic in comparison to an average-sized one. We wonder where this person found them or if they have a unique plant that grows giant blueberries.

Berry Big Berries

Maybe this person’s home is close to a nuclear facility, and that is why their berries have grown so much larger than normal ones.

This woman found a very large lemon, and we are curious about what she is going to make with it.

Lemon The Size Of Her Head

She could make many batches of lemon bars or gallons of lemonade. There are so many possibilities with this monstrous lemon.

This man could not be happier with his harvest of giant mutant zucchinis. We wouldn’t be smiling, considering that it looks like they are going to take over his home.

The Giant Zucchinis Are Taking Over

The man who grew them says he grows them for show and the largest one was 131 pounds.

This person’s popsicle came with a full Korea inside of it. At least she can now be sure that there are genuine Oreos inside instead of other generic cookies.

Cookies 'N Cream...More Like Cookie And Cream

At least there were other small cookie bits in it instead of only having one oreo and ice cream.

This person found a single piece of bicycle pasta in his penne. It must be a sign of what he should do after he eats all the pasta.

A Bicycle In A World Full Of Penne Pasta

This is like finding an onion ring in your french fries; you know it isn’t supposed to be there, but you aren’t mad about it.

This person grew a large lemon, and they have the regular-sized lemon next to it for reference. The giant lemon looks like it is going to bully the small one.

When Life Gives You Mutant Lemons...Make A Ton Of Lemonade

Aren’t you curious to see if the inside of the lemon has more juice than a regular lemon? We would like to know.

These three bananas grew together to create one mega banana. This person seems to have dug into the banana, but are they really going to eat three bananas in one sitting?

Surprise Triple Banana

It is so interesting how fruits can morph together to form a giant fruit, but that could also be the plot of a scary movie.

This cluster of grapes looks like Marge Simpson’s hair from The Simpsons. She must have seen this picture and felt inspired by the look.

Instead Of Corn On The Cob, It's Grapes On The Cob

We have never seen a cluster of grapes how in such a perfect clump, but they look good enough to eat on a hot summer day.

It is a rare thing to open a yogurt and has no yogurt left on the lid. It is so perfectly clean and smooth. It almost makes you not want to eat it because it is so smooth.

Miracles Can Really Happen!

It’s like when you see fresh snow, but you don’t want to mess it up because it looks clean and untouched.

This person found an extra-large chunk of chocolate in their ice cream, and it looks so delicious. The only reason to be upset about this is if it was the only chocolate chip.

Not Complaining, But That Is One Giant Chocolate Chip

This specific ice cream brand, Greaters, is known for having huge chocolate chunks because of how they make their ice cream.

This grape turned into a small pumpkin shape, and it is so adorable. A pumpkin must have cheated on his wife with some grapevines.

Happy Grapeween!

We wonder if this was supposed to be many grapes, or the grape just grew misshaped and extra-large.

Getting an extra 103 grams in a skittles bag that is supposed to be 61 grams is like winning the lottery. They usually fill bags like this with mostly air, so you get less than the package says.

When You Get An Extra 42 Grams Of Skittles

It must really suck for the person who ended up with only 42 grams in the bag after this one got to extra. We would not want to be that person.

This long grape looks like a suffocating baby carrot. Why is this grape so long? Are there grapes that grow like this naturally?

Sausage Grape

These are actually called withes finger grapes, and they do sort of resemble a creepy looking finger, so it makes sense.

The Chocolatey Delight cereal by Special K is supposed to be a healthy alternative to eating other sugary breakfast cereals. However, this is not making anyone think that this is a healthy alternative.

They Said It Was "Low Calorie"

That bowl has more chocolate in it than a candy bar, but some people wouldn’t be complaining because this cereal is so addicting.

We have seen some pretty impressive shaped strawberries at the grocery store, but nothing like this massive berry.

Strawberry That Turned Into A Splatberry

This looks like a strawberry-shaped coin purse that is holding a ton of change ready to be put into the coin machine.

This person found a head of garlic in their garden, and the entire thing morphed into one clove. This might be the only instance when one clove is enough.

"One Clove Of Garlic Is the Perfect Amount"

The biggest question we have about these food oddities is why the vegetables are mutation and morphing together?

A man found this mushroom in the forest by his home, and the egg is for reference to show how big it is. If this were in a Mario game, he would grow four times bigger.

This Man Stole A Fairy's Home From The Forest

This man should feel really bad for taking this mushroom because he left an innocent fairy homeless, and now they have to find another suitable mushroom.

This giant cabbage must be the home to a cabbage patch kid. This cabbage could make enough sauerkraut and kimchi to feed a whole village.

Is That Where Cabbage Patch Kids Come From?

Where did this person find cabbage that large, and why did they leave it in the back of a truck? Shouldn’t it be refrigerated?

This boy could not be more proud of the fact that he got an extra-long fry from his school cafeteria. Also, why is he holding it like that?

When You Find The Bonus Fry At The Bottom Of The Bag

How do they make fries that long? What kind of potatoes are they using because this looks more like a golden noodle?

This person was digging in their garden, and they found this giant sweet potato growing on the side of their house. They are going to need a machete to cut through this thing.

How Will They Cut This Massive Sweet Potato?

How do you not know potatoes are growing in your garden? Luckily, he found this before it started rotting.

This person found an extra long cheerio in her cereal, and now we think that she could use it as a straw if it has a hole on the other end.

When They Forget To Cut A Roll Of Cheerios

Cheerios should start marketing cheerio straws like this so people can drink the milk leftover in their cereal bowls and then eat the straw.

This squash is four feet long. It is called a tromboncino squash, and it is taller than a child. That is enough squash to feed a family for two weeks.

This Squash Is Taller Than Most Children

Besides the long squash, we can’t help but wonder why they need so many different coffee pots.

Usually, in beverages, there is a bit of air left in the bottle before it is sealed. This person found a bottle without any air in it, but there is a problem with this.

Finally! A Drink That Is Not Partially Air

When he tries to open the bottle, the drink is going to spill everywhere, and he will probably lose the same amount that is usually air.

This person found a five-pound lobster claw, and it makes you wonder how big the rest of the lobster was. Can you imaging what kind of monster was attached to this claw?

How Big Was The Lobster That Was Attached To That Claw?

It would be funny if the lobster was regular size but had a giant claw that it had to carry around.

This bunch of bananas formed one giant banana that looks like a mango in a weird way. Maybe it’s trying to be a different fruit so it won’t be picked.

A Banana's Impression Of A Mango

It is so interesting to see all these odd-shaped fruits and vegetables that grew naturally.

This shop got a giant carrot with its vegetable delivery, and it was the size of his forearm. How much juice do you think they can get from just the carrot?

They Will Have Carrot Juice For An Entire Day

This guy looks pretty happy to have received an unusually sized carrot. It probably didn’t fit in the juicer.

This person found a perfectly formed hamburger bun inside his hamburger bun. Once he removed it, he left a recent moon shape.

A Bun Inside A Bun

How does that even happen? Was it just a large air bubble that happened to look like a bun.

Someone bought this large apple that weighed 1.2 pounds. That is enough to feed multiple people. You would need a whole jar of peanut butter to accompany this.

This Apple Could Make An Entire Apple Pie

If someone ever wanted to shoot an apple off your head, this is the apple you should use because no one can miss it.

This person hit the jackpot because they got two Fruit by the Foots in one package, which is basically like winning the lottery.

When You Get Two Fruit By The Foot In One Package

Now they have two feet of artificial goodness. That guy should have played the real lottery because he seemed to be having good luck that day.

This is what happens when the packages don’t get cut off from each other in the factory. This person got double chip bags for the price of two regular chips.

Four Packs Of Chips For The Price Of Two

It would be so much better if these were fully packed with chips instead of 80 percent air.

Someone found this large clump of hot Cheetos powder at the bottom of their bag, and if they tried to eat that they would have heartburn for days.

That's Enough Hot Cheetos Dust To Cause An Ulcer

Hopefully the person saved it to sprinkle on other foods like pizza or nachos. That’s the only appropriate use.

This person found an over-sized corn flake in their cereal and it looks more like a corn chip than a flake.

The Corn Flake Turned Into A Corn Chip

They could have used it to scoop up the smaller pieces of cereal instead of a spoon. How does that even happen?

This person found a clump of baked Cheetos in their bag, and it looks like you could use it as a weapon to throw at someone.

A Chunk Of Baked Cheetos

How would someone go about eating that? Do you bite into it like an apple or try to break it apart?