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People Share 40 Embarrassing Moments That Made Them Cringe Forever

Darren April 14, 2022

Embarrassing moments happen every day. It’s a part of life but this doesn’t make it easier for the people involved. But the best thing is that they create great stories that make people laugh. And that’s the most important thing because it could happen to anybody.

So today we looked at 40 of the most embarrassing moments that people ever witnessed. There are quite a few great stories from every walk of life here. Many readers will relate to these wacky situations because they’re so easy to do at times. Check them out via Bored Panda.


40. Sorry, Mannequin

This one is easy to do. @TheAJMendez bumped into a mannequin and kept up with the conversation. Many people have accidentally apologized to a store mannequin before realizing what they had done. This isn’t bad because it shows that they have good manners. But the fact that he continued speaking to the mannequin was hilarious.


39. Forgotten Bag

Twitter user @AlasdairKenned1 revealed that his granddad tried to help someone on a train by letting them know they left their bag behind, but it was someone else’s. This is a hilarious but embarrassing situation. It’s easy to imagine everybody in the carriage facepalming after this moment. The other person’s reaction must have been special. Their poor granddad was just trying to do the right thing.

38. Gym Thief

This is a horrible situation for many reasons. GeorgieGirl explained on Twitter that she grabbed another girl’s underwear at the gym, mistaking it for a weightlifting strap. She went back to return the underwear to the blissfully unaware girl. This is horrible because it’s somebody’s most intimate item of clothing. Furthermore, they were in the gym so they were probably sweaty too. Nobody wants to deal with that.

37. Ice Cream Time

Andy Ryan revealed he went to get an ice cream that was offered at a park only to realize the woman handing them out was giving them to their family. This is an embarrassing situation but it’s an easy one to make in a public park. We appreciate the Twitter user’s hustle because he wanted free ice cream. No doubt it was a humiliating moment that traumatized him for a long time.


36. Waffle Maker

A hotel breakfast buffet is a wonderful place. But there is always a level of tension between the staff and the guests. Most decent people try to make their life easier because it’s not an easy job. However, pouring gravy into a waffle maker isn’t the way to do this. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Tyler Townsend did. The Twitter user revealed his massive mistake when he was on vacation. He thought that he was going to produce a delicious sweet treat. But he made the embarrassing error of using gravy instead of batter.


35. Trying on a Coat

Some things could happen to anybody but that doesn’t make it easier. That’s exactly the situation for this person who went on a shopping trip. Little did they know that they would experience a moment that would haunt their dreams forever. This hapless Twitter user tried on the coat of another customer who was trying on another coat in a clothing store.


34. Where Are You From?

Accents can be tricky, as they differ from region to region. That’s what this poor individual discovered after one awkward conversation with a stranger about where they come from. The other person told them they hailed from ‘Arlent.’ This created confusion because @ChristyShenani1 had never heard of ‘Arlent’ before. More details revealed that it was near the UK, but this didn’t help much. Finally, a few days later, the Tweeter realized that she was from Ireland, not ‘Arlent.’ The person simply had a strong Irish accent.


33. Yee Haw

Sometimes people don’t know what to say and say the first thing that enters their brain. They don’t have time to process it so it’s almost always embarrassing. But this makes for a good story and that’s what we all love. The more of these awkward situations, the better. @InternetUser8 was greeted by a man in a cowboy hat and instinctively said, “yee-haw.” To be fair, this seems like a perfectly appropriate response to a neighborhood cattle hand.


32. I Love You

There are three words that people use too much. “I love you” is a declaration of intense feeling for a person. Many people say it when they don’t mean it. Unfortunately, Twitter user Al had an embarrassing nightmare with this phrase. A man entered an elevator and it was just the two of them alone. Then he suddenly said, “I love you.” Al didn’t want to be rude so he replied, “I love you too.” The other man frowned in confusion before pointing to his Bluetooth earphone. What a beautifully cringe moment.


31. Medical Emergency

Surgeons have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. They take lives in their hands every time they cut somebody open. However, this can create awkward and embarrassing moments for other people. One medical doctor revealed how somebody farted during surgery. But that’s not the end of the story. That’s because the surgeon demanded to know if anybody had farted. If they hadn’t it could signal a perforated bowel. There was silence before he said this before finally, a medical student admitted he farted in shame.


30. Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful. Sometimes people know that they aren’t the right fit or have flopped. They just want the questions to end so that they can pretend that it never happened. But some interviewees have even more mortifying experiences. @noahvail revealed his embarrassing moment. He tweeted that he made a bad job interview worse by walking into a coat closet afterward. It’s reasonable to assume that this confirmed everything they thought that they knew about him.


29. Airport Security

Everybody hates walking through airport security. It’s not uncommon to see people checking their pockets to see if they accidentally packed illegal items. Of course, most travelers don’t have these items so it’s completely psychological. However, this poor Twitter user revealed their embarrassing moment. The TSA agent told her to ‘scan her face down.’ But she didn’t realize that he meant her license and not her literal face. Sadly for her dignity, that’s what she did, but at least she made the agent laugh.


28. Hard Nuts

It’s important to make a good impression when meeting a new business acquaintance because a negative experience can influence important decisions down the line. Unfortunately, this Twitter user had a terrible moment in a bar. They sat down at a table and he dipped his hand into a bowl of nuts. Then, he popped them into his mouth and began to chew. After a moment he realized that they were very hard. Suddenly, he realized that they were leftover olive pits. This was a double whammy as it’s both embarrassing and disgusting.


27. Car Won’t Start?

It’s incredibly inconvenient when a car won’t start. This Twitter user’s sister found herself in this predicament after going to a bar. After getting multiple people to try, including a pair of cops, they realize the battery was missing. Finally, a tow truck brought them home. But that’s not the end of the story. When they arrived back at their house, they saw her car in the driveway. This meant that she had accidentally stolen a car and forgotten that she took a ride to the bar. This is one of the wackiest stories on this list.


26. Wine-Tasting

Wine-tasting is so pretentious but people still wish that they could do it. There’s something inherently cool about being able to identify the different notes in a wine. That’s why people go on tasting courses because they want to develop their palate. Unfortunately, the techniques were a little bit too much for this Twitter user. After he took a sip of wine, he inhaled deeply as the instructor advised. Then he choked and spat wine all over their teacher. @vittone described the moment as ‘horrifying.’


25. Third Kid

Parenting isn’t an easy job. It’s even more difficult when one person is supervising multiple children. It doesn’t. take long to enter a frazzled state of mind as this person discovered. The Twitter user was supervising her two children in the play park when they spotted another child. However, the toddler didn’t appear to have any parents nearby. This shocked @Kosmickkid before they came to an embarrassing realization. They realized that they had three kids but had completely forgotten. This incident didn’t cover them in glory.


24. Sandcastle

Many people pee in the sea because nobody will notice. However, it’s a highly different story on dry land. This Reddit user revealed that she couldn’t hold it in when she was playing with a friend. They were in kindergarten in the sandbox when her life-defining moment occurred. In all fairness, she was just five years old at the time. That’s why she didn’t want to stop peeing and she just allowed it to flow like a faucet. Her friend didn’t realize – not even when she suddenly found wet sand to build with. That’s gross but forgivable.


23. Let’s Go Dad!

Here is another embarrassing childhood story. When this Twitter user was a youngster, they wore a pair of Heely’s with wheels. She was in the supermarket with her dad when she grabbed his pocket. That’s because she wanted him to drag her along. Then she realized that her dad was behind her and she had grabbed a random man’s butt. This is hilarious because it’s so awkward. At least she was a child so it wasn’t as weird as if a random adult grabbed another person. But it was still traumatic.


22. Last Name

These days everybody stalks their crush online. It’s a big taboo but we all secretly do it. Many people check their ex’s profile pages too. It’s just part of the new online world that we live in. That’s all well and good, but if they catch you, it’s extremely embarrassing. This individual revealed that they were looking up a man’s information on a public computer. Little did she realize that he was standing behind her at the time. The most awkward and embarrassing moment of her life arose when he told her how to spell his name correctly.


21. Not a Cab

We place a lot of trust in taxi and Uber drivers because we don’t know anything about them. That’s why nobody should simply jump into the car without taking a good look at the driver. However, this Twitter user and her friend didn’t think about that. They told the driver where to go and he brought them to their destination without complaint. When they asked for the fare, he told them he was trying to park his car at home when they jumped. He wasn’t even a taxi driver but he still took them to where they wanted to go.


20. National Anthem

Singing in the shower is a classic form of liberation. Everybody thinks that they sound great. When there’s nobody around to listen, it’s even better because it’s not embarrassing. But sometimes we forget that the walls between apartments are thin. Unfortunately, this Twitter user @BeckySueLucky didn’t think about that when she sang the national anthem with gusto in the shower. A wave of patriotism swept over her and she broke into loud and passionate song. Her neighbors then spent the next week saluting her.


19. Mayonnaise Sandwich

There is no accounting for taste but some people are weird. That’s fair to say, especially in a situation like this one. @Kibblesmith asked for a plain mayonnaise sandwich at a friend’s house. Then his friend’s mom called his own mother to ask if everything was ok. This is a strange situation and embarrassing for everybody. Perhaps the friend’s mother was overreacting. Others may think that she was preventing a crime against humanity by refusing a just mayo sandwich. It’s not a comfortable scenario any way you slice it.


18. Bad Bartender

This is one of the most embarrassing situations on this list. Twitter user @_else_ was working as a bartender when they encountered a person who slurred his words. They refused to serve the individual because they didn’t think they were in a fit state to keep drinking. The man left and came back with his care. He explained that he had a neurological condition and wanted a beer. To be fair the bartender was doing his job and had a responsibility to look out for his customers’ well-being. But this was still a mortifying experience for him.


17. It’s Alive

It’s amazing the number of people who have had an embarrassing experience while trying on clothes. This person saw a beautiful coat in a store on a mannequin. She stroked it and had a sudden urge to rub her face against it because it felt so soft. Then, to her mortification, she realized that the coat wasn’t on a mannequin at all. A human girl was wearing it and she had just rubbed her face against her. This is such a ridiculous story and we would have loved to have seen her expression after it.


16. Be Careful?

A disaster can occur in a split second if people aren’t careful. One wrong step on a staircase will send a person head over heels. Elijah Daniel fell down a flight of stairs and landed at the bottom. Then, to his chagrin, another person told him to be careful. It’s a natural reaction but it’s already too late. That’s the frustrating thing about this situation because Daniel didn’t plan on falling again. If the other man asked him if he was ok, it would be fine. But saying ‘be careful’ is such an awkward response after he had already fallen.


15. Beautiful Girl

Beautiful women have a strange effect on people. This Redditor discovered this the hard way when they were crossing their campus. They were at the main gate of the college when they saw a stunning young woman. She was incredibly gorgeous and he couldn’t stop staring. But then he walked into a lamp post while leading with his face. This was in front of hundreds of fellow students and his friends. Needless to say, he probably never lived this down. If he dropped out of school it would probably have been a reasonable response. Somehow, we don’t think he got the girl’s number.


14. You Too

Sometimes we say things without thinking. For example in a restaurant, the server will almost always say to ‘enjoy your food.’ It’s not uncommon for people to respond: ‘you too.’ Of course, this is embarrassing but it’s very easy to do. Here’s another situation where this happened. @TheBloggess was at the airport cashier and presumably checked in their luggage. Then the cashier told them to have a safe flight. Their automatic response was, ‘you too.’ Cue the instant humiliation and self-reflection.


13. Got Caught Skipping Class

It’s a fact that many students skip class. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school or college because some people just don’t feel motivated. It’s rarer for the teacher not to show up. But in this situation that’s what happened. The teacher, aptly named @thatdrunkfeller, wasn’t motivated to teach that day and called in sick. So he went to the beach for a lazy day. We’ve all done something like this at least once or twice in our lives. So we’re not casting any judgment toward him. However, he didn’t expect to see one of his students at the beach who was also skipping class.


12. Supermarket Chase

There are many cases where people pick up somebody else’s belongings by mistake. Maybe it’s a phone in the gym or a jacket in a changing room. It’s easy to do but that doesn’t make it any less awkward. Twitter user @fionabarton accidentally took somebody else’s shopping trolly. She was walking around the store when a man began following her. This naturally disturbed her so she moved away quickly. But he didn’t slow down and began to chase her. Finally, he caught up and demanded his trolley back. This must have been so disturbing.


11. Spelling Bee

This is a horrible situation because the person just froze. The Redditor explained how they participated in a spelling bee when they were in fourth grade. However, they couldn’t remember how to spell any of the words and had a meltdown in front of the school. It’s a situation that can leave a profound impact on a person. Hopefully, they recovered from the horror of the moment and that their friends didn’t tease them too much. But that’s life and we all have these kinds of scenarios. This must have felt so awkward.


10. Ruthless Teacher

Most decent educators know when a student isn’t comfortable. Unfortunately, there are also some terrible teachers out there. This Redditor told a terrible story about a teacher humiliating one of the girls in the class. She had three minutes to deliver a presentation. However, she completely froze and was unable to speak. But the teacher didn’t say a word and watched her for three solid minutes. That’s so embarrassing for everybody and somebody should have a word with that person. That poor girl must have wanted a hole to swallow her up.


9. First Date

First dates are a stressful time because everybody wants to leave a positive impression. Good table manners are essential when dining together. A Redditor told how their friend went out with a girl when he choked on his first forkful. Then he spat his food onto her plate. Unfortunately, she didn’t appreciate this and the date ended badly. To be fair, this could have gone one of two ways. There was the result that the hapless friend experienced. In a different situation, they might have laughed it off as an icebreaker.


8. Chicago Bound

Here’s another story about the wrong car. Luckily, nobody stole a vehicle by mistake this time. However, when a couple pulled into a rest stop, a woman climbed into the car. The driver told her that he could only take her as far as Chicago. Then she realized that she was in the wrong vehicle. Her husband’s Toyota Camry was parked next to this car. It was embarrassing for her but her husband thought it was the most hilarious thing he had ever seen. No doubt this is easy to do, but that probably didn’t make her feel any better.


7. Footloose

There are few things more satisfying in life than putting on headphones and blaring music. When people really enjoy the moment they may even sing and dance. Even though there’s nothing wrong with this, they’ll feel self-conscious about it. Especially if it’s in a professional environment. That’s why this Redditor’s story is so funny. They had an embarrassing experience because they thought they were alone when they danced to ‘Footloose’ when there was an entire boardroom full of people.


6. Kissed Something Other Than The Baby

As a general rule, the Pope is the only person who can kiss random babies without any problems. In modern society, even that is dubious. Unfortunately, this person had a horribly embarrassing experience. He accidentally kissed his wife’s friend’s breast instead of her baby. The simple thing to do is not kiss somebody else’s child. It’s never going to end well. But this was the next level of humiliation. We don’t even know if they are still friends because that is such a ridiculous moment. He’ll probably never live this one down.


5. Bad Song

This is such a cringe situation. This person met a guy before a concert and ran into each a few times. Eventually, they got lunch together. Then she said she hated one of the songs a band played. But it turned out that he was the lead singer. She successfully offended the musician. It’s safe to say that they didn’t eat together again or anything else. However, this embarrassing situation stuck with her for a long time. Luckily, she shared it with the Internet so everybody can enjoy it.


4. Dead Leg

Nobody wants to embarrass themselves in front of their entire school. It’s very difficult to get past these moments because somebody will always bring it up. Even later in life, a friend can mention it. That’s why these situations can create a lot of insecurity. In this story, a Redditor suffered a dead leg after sitting at an assembly. Then, he tried to stand up but fell on top of the girl standing next to him. The problem was that this was in front of everybody in the school. That’s an incredibly humiliating moment.


3. Eye Surgery

It’s impossible not to feel bad for this man’s friend in this situation. He had eye surgery before going to a restaurant. Then he went to the restroom but there was somebody else waiting. Or at least, he thought that was the case. But it wasn’t. They took turns telling each other to go first. In the end, it emerged that the man was gesturing toward a mirror for the entire five minutes. This probably entertained the remaining diners because it was so ridiculous. It’s a great story though.


2. Swimsuit Problem

Another Redditor had an embarrassing story. They went to a waterpark and had a great day. Who doesn’t love going down the slides and having a great time? But then something happened that will haunt their dreams forever. A woman whispered that the person’s swimsuit was torn. There was a big rip down the back that exposed their bare bottom. The worst part was that they had no idea how long it was there. At least the woman told them about it because many people just stare and laugh. What a horrible story this was.


1. Free Chicken

Fried chicken is a beautiful food. Almost everybody loves it because of the different flavors, marinades, and spices. That’s why this Twitter user couldn’t resist snatching a free sample on her way past a chicken restaurant. Who could blame her? The problem was that this wasn’t a free sample at all. It was just a random man eating from a box of chicken. She tried to take one of his pieces without realizing it. This was incredibly dumb but sometimes people don’t think. Imagine his face.