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40 Posts That Make Us Worry About The Future Of Humanity

Trista September 17, 2021

The Internet has become a place where people can share the wildest posts about their lives. But many need a filter before they post because they end up saying unbelievable things they perhaps should have kept to themselves. This is more than just sharing private information, it’s a lack of common sense. The Internet has made it easy for anyone to post whatever they want.

There’s also the danger that toxic people will influence the masses to start believing lies. We found several instances of people whose posts may dampen your outlook on humanity. Hopefully, these 40 posts will make you feel a little smarter, but they could make you worry. And for good reason. Nonetheless, have a chuckle at people’s online ridiculousness via Science Sensei below.


40. Conspiracies About Jay-Z and Beyonce

There have always been conspiracy theories about celebrities, ranging from the mundane to the seemingly insane. It’s a wonder that these celebrities deal with these kinds of rumors on a daily basis. Jay-Z and Beyonce aren’t above these rumors.

Their reputations fell into the rumor mills a few years ago. They really believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce are both into Satanic rituals and are cannibals for a living. If that’s true, why haven’t news outlets picked it up yet?


39. Doesn’t Understand Pet Sitting

There’s something to be said for someone who wants to pet sit for a living. It’s kind of like babysitting, but it’s for people’s pets. Nevertheless, when someone put an ad up for their business as a babysitter, this respondent didn’t understand what was happening and thought the poster was giving away a free cat.

How this person came to that conclusion is beyond comprehension. However, at least they did the courtesy of removing themselves from the conversation and saving the pet sitter a lot of future hassle and confusion.


38. Disney World Is Ruined

Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on Earth. It’s one of the vacation spots that children have at the top of their lists. The theme park is labeled “family fun,” but this woman took that meaning a little too far and ended up screaming down everyone else in the park who doesn’t have children.

She focuses her anger on childless couples like it’s their fault they chose not to have children while she stands in line with a screaming three-year-old.


37. The American Bible?

It’s a wonder how people can get history so incredibly wrong. Nevertheless, people say they spread misinformation simply because they are uneducated enough to know the truth. After reading these posts, and this one in particular, you may be scratching your head by the end of it because it definitely doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

For this person, “facts” of the Bible happen to be that Jesus was an American, that he wrote the Bible himself, and swears by some nonexistent history that it’s true. What kind of parallel dimension is this?


36. Who’s Going To Tell Her

Some people are just bad at basic geography. Some people can’t even name another country in the world. However, if you live in America, you probably know some basics, especially about the state you live in.

This student announced that she was living in her home state of California to go to San Francisco University. Wait, what? Apparently, she missed the part that San Francisco is actually in California.


35. Smoother Ride?

Cars are expensive to take care of, but doing regular maintenance saves you a lot of money in the future so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new car. But this person apparently didn’t understand how tires work and decided to get rid of all those pesky “grooves.”

They believed they were actually helping their car have a “smoother ride” on the road. Is this some kind of weird joke? Sadly, there’s someone out there looking at this picture and probably thinking this is a good idea.


34. You Want the Tax Dollars To Go Where?

Many people don’t understand where our tax dollars go. Taxes go towards building roads, funding public buildings, and developing a sound education system.

However, this person wants their tax dollars to go to the weather? Never before has anyone ever cared about the rain falling and creating puddles on the road because that’s just nature. Nevertheless, this person thinks that their village should do something about it. Are they expecting their officials to walk around with mops and hairdryers to get the roads dry?


33. Health Experts Without Degrees

It has become much easier for anyone to get on the Internet and tell the world that they’ve found the secrets to long life and perfect health. Self-diagnosing problems have become more prevalent over the years, which compounds the problem or worsens things. T

his mother thought that some healing oils would be enough to help cure her daughter’s ruptured eardrum. What a bizarre choice to help her daughter, but now she’s made the situation worse.


32. Offended by Tampons

People are grossed out by periods for no reason. It’s a natural process that women have to go through. There is nothing they can do about it. Thus, people shouldn’t shun their hygiene products, either. This mother, on the other hand, wanted no part of it.

When there’s an announcement that a local school would be offering tampons and pads for free, she had to get on her soapbox and tell the world that it should be a private matter instead. She missed the point entirely.


31. Your Sugar Daddy

At first glance, you may think that this post is about honoring a dead boyfriend or partner. However, the more you read, the more difficult it is to figure out why this person shares posts like this in the first place. It gets weirder and weirder with every sentence.

First, this man wasn’t her boyfriend but her sugar daddy. Then it turns out that they didn’t even have a happy relationship at all, that she was in another relationship at the same time, and wants her sugar daddy to stop haunting her.


30. Forgot The Name Of The Boat

Everyone remembers that classic three-hour movie directed by James Cameron. It also went on to win many awards. It focused entirely on the famous boat sinking in 1912. Furthermore, the name of the ship was even the title of the movie. So for this person to ask this question is absolutely baffling.

Maybe they didn’t know that the film was named after the ship or just never opened a history book. However, how would anyone answer this question without being too mean?


29. Afraid To Let The Truth Out

Flat earthers are some of the most remarkable people out there. This poster, however, definitely takes the cake. They claim that they worked as a CGI expert for NASA. (Okay… on what?) Furthermore, because they’re telling the truth about the Earth, the government will come after them.

It seems legit. Yeah, that is until they spill the secret that they spent 11 years on the Sun to take photos of Earth. Maybe this is just some elaborate joke to make fun of flat earthers.


28. Pilots With Secrets

The original person posts about meeting an old friend who happens to be a pilot. Of course, they couldn’t help but ask their friend the question about the Earth being flat. The pilot friend then said that all pilots are sworn to secrecy and took an oath, and if they break it, they lose their pilots’ license.

Instead of thinking that the pilot might be pulling their leg, the original poster probably ran with it as proof that the government is hiding secrets from the general public about the state of the planet.


27. Against Stem Cells

Stem cells are a relatively new area of science still trying to gain ground with the general public. Mostly because people don’t understand precisely what they are or what people are doing with them. In simple terms, stem cells provide new cells for a body to replace what was lost.

However, because there are always people out there trying to protest something without doing any research. There are many people posting things like the one above. They don’t know what stem cells are; they’re just against them because other people are.


26. When The Math Doesn’t Add Up

When you really put your mind to it, maybe there’s an ounce of sense in their question. However, then you remember that other factors come into play that makes the question sound ridiculous. It’s not one person born every second.

Multiple babies are being born all over the world, just as there are plenty of people who die every second, too. Nevertheless, there’s a bit in the middle called living, where we grow from babies to adulthood that this person didn’t consider.


25. The Evolution Of Strange Animals

Cows and pigs? No, they’re hybrids of other animals put together so that we could raise them on farms. Never mind this person saying pigs are a cross between hyenas, bobcats, and muskrats.

Those are animals that aren’t even in the same regions of the world. But they also declare that there is nowhere in the world where you’ll find cows and pigs in nature. As if an ox and boar don’t exist in the wild.


24. Misogyny That Backfires

Some individuals think that they can dictate what women should do in their daily lives. According to this person, women should not say swear words. They haven’t said why. Furthermore, it must be acceptable for men to have a potty mouth since there is no mention to the contrary.

That means this opinion doesn’t come from a wholesome place. Funny enough, the response they get puts them in their place and declares to the whole world what kind of person they really are.


23. Jealous Posts Gone Wild

When a family member starts dating someone, it can be one of the most awkward moments to get to know this person. But what makes things even weirder in this post is that this person feels obligated to tell their partner’s cousin not to like their partner’s posts on Instagram.

Feeling jealous of your partner’s cousin is definitely not normal, and this person needs to seek some help for their issues with control.


22. Vegan Or Not?

A vegan is someone who abstains from eating all meat and animal products including eggs and dairy. So you’re probably scratching your head reading this post. How could someone vegan admit that they eat meat? They should get a clue: that’s not being a vegan.

That’s being an omnivore like everybody else. They don’t get to call themselves vegan if they choose to eat animal products. Maybe it would be a good idea to give them a dictionary to learn what the actual definition is.


21. Where Spanish Comes From

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. But according to this person, white people aren’t allowed to speak Spanish for some reason. Little do they know that it’s not only people of color to speak Spanish.

There’s a country called Spain in Europe that defies the very logic of her post. Maybe if they were actually to travel to Spain and see for themselves, they wouldn’t make such silly posts in the first place.


20. Buying A Baby?

Online shopping has made it easier for people to get what they need without driving to the store. You can buy pretty much everything from anywhere. Well, except for children. We don’t know why this person thought it was okay to ask the mother how much she was willing to sell her child for.

Does it make it better that she apologized for her mistake? Let’s hope the mother didn’t report her to the authorities.


19. Dumb Posts Make The Best Puns

Mistakes and spelling errors are common on social media, of course. These mistakes can often lead to hilarious results and sometimes a little bit of embarrassment. The original poster used the wrong word.

It’s cinnamon, not synonym. Nevertheless, what really makes this post is the comment beneath. Grammar, grandma, get it? A simple mistake anyone could make, but this moment definitely shines for the unintended pun that resulted.


18. Apparently, The World Is Still Flat

Looking at a map on the wall, you probably know that it’s just a representation of the Earth so that we can see all countries at once. However, some people think that this is really what the world looks like.

That has to be the logic of this person, who believes that North Korea can’t send nukes to America because it’s on the other side of the map. Who wants to tell them how wrong they are?


17. Don’t Shake Hands With Women

The handshake is an old custom that originated a long time ago. Not only is it a gesture of greeting, but it’s also a way for business people to seal deals. Before this, a handshake could demonstrate that your hands are empty so that you’re not holding a weapon.

This guy decided to tweet what he thought of continuing the gesture with women, and it makes you want to hit your head against a wall.


16. Someone Skipped Education

Breastfeeding, although a natural practice, still creeps some people out. No one wants to stare, but it’s even ruder to ask a breastfeeding mother to put her breast away when her child is obviously hungry.

This person, however, is opposed to breastfeeding because they believe it’s unnatural and that milk only comes from cows. Do they not know that all animals breastfeed? How could someone get it so wrong?


15. Ice In A Bottle

Here’s another science class flunky. They focus their question on how someone could get the ice inside the bottle when the opening is small. Sure, that is a legitimate question. That is if the only time you see the ice is when it’s coming out of your fridge.

Nevertheless, there’s this process called freezing, where if you put water into any container and stick it in the freezer, it becomes ice. This person is going to be baffled the next time they actually try this.

Emile Bartow/nanoresort

14. More Flat Earthers

It’s a sad day when family members fall out with each other. Sometimes it’s for silly reasons, but other times, family members have legitimate reasons for not spending time with their family anymore.

These types of posts, especially this one, wreak of self-pity. Okay, they were spending Christmas alone. All because their family didn’t want to fall into the conspiracy theory hole they dug for themselves.


13. Can Flowers Can Spy On People?

Social media and smartphones can track you and know what you’re regularly doing. But what isn’t keeping a tab on you is the flowers in your garden. Someone complained about the sunflower in their neighbor’s yard, believing that it’s a spy camera to see what they’re doing in their yard every day.

Please cross your fingers that they don’t contact a lawyer about this non-issue. Why? Because they’re probably going to get laughed out of that office.


12. The Wrong Leonardo

Everyone knows who famed Renaissance painter is Leonardo DaVinci is. He’s known for many of his famous paintings, inventions, and experiments that made people think in a different light. However, he’s not a person you easily confuse with a famous actor who’s actually alive today.

DaVinci and Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t the same people, and we’re pretty sure the latter has never painted before, not anything famous anyway.


11. Geology And Geography

Here is another case of someone not understanding geography very well. This person doesn’t even realize that New York is actually still in the United States of America. However, when corrected, they double down and “correct” the person they took a geology class, so they know what they’re talking about.

Another case of someone getting it completely wrong. It isn’t as bad as the other poster not knowing San Francisco isn’t in California.


10. Not Covering Your Tracks

Some people try to act like geniuses and share posts that they want other people to believe are valid. There’s a clear difference between telling a little white lie and pulling a tale out of your rear end. This poster definitely spun an account that already seemed farfetched from the beginning.

Nevertheless, the falsehood is made perfect by the comment below their story. The response puts the poster on blast for telling such a big lie.

Emile Bartow/nanoresort

9. Socks On Your Hands

What’s better than having warm hands during winter by wearing gloves? Apparently, this person isn’t aware of that concept. They want to invent something that keeps your hands warm.

However, when someone suggests that such an invention already exists, the answer goes right over their head. There are just some people whom you can’t help, no matter how hard you try.


8. You Can’t Please This Vegan

Vegans seem to be very headstrong about other people using animal products, to the point of belittling them for it. This person dared to give a bad evaluation to their Uber driver simply because they had leather car seats.

Their review had nothing to do with their performance as a driver. Talk about having their head so far up their own self-righteous rear end.


7. More Bad Math

Here is another person who definitely skipped sex ed class back in high school. Pregnancy usually lasts for about nine months, regardless if you’re having one child or twins or triplets.

Apparently, this person thought that multiple babies meant that each one had to be carried to term consecutively before they could be born. Can you imagine how big a mother would have to be pregnant for that long?


6. Libraries Do Exist

Libraries are some of the most overlooked places when it comes to finding something to do. People forget that they’re funded with public money and provide many resources to people who need them. Evidently, this person has been in the digital age for so long that they forgot or never heard of a library.

Because their question describes one exactly. Let’s hope they discovered their local library and treated themselves to everything it has to offer.


5. How YouTube Really Works

YouTube is rife with videos from a myriad of diverse people from all walks of life talking about different subjects. However, they do it all themselves; YouTube doesn’t do the work for them. Clearly, this person needs to explain that YouTube is not a film crew.

They don’t travel around the country, recording anything and everything for people to see. If it did that, then there would be much fewer videos of cats and DIY crafts.

Emile Bartow/hive.news

4. The Worst Logic About Vaccines

Analogies on social media tend to be, well, not that well thought out. People will use anything to make their arguments more sound. However, they forget that their analogies don’t even make sense to begin with.

Thankfully, this commenter rightfully put them in their place by pointing out the fallacy in their logic. Knowing the Internet, however, the original poster probably didn’t learn their lesson from these insane posts.

Max Ilienerwise/Unsplash

3. Doesn’t Come From Pluto

There’s one thing to be wrong about something and not understanding why, but it’s another thing entirely to insult the person who’s giving you the correct answer even after you’ve still denied it. A naive mother thought that plutonium came from Pluto because it sounds similar.

However, plutonium is really a manufactured substance. Someone needs to go back to school or at least not treat their daughter like an idiot.


2. The Awful Girlfriend Test

There’s a list of things you really shouldn’t do in a relationship, and this guy broke one of the big ones. He invited his girlfriend over to his place for the first time and expected that she would clean his entire home for him.

Moreover, when she didn’t (because she doesn’t live there!), he declared that she had failed the girlfriend test and wanted to end the relationship. Talk about a selfish pig.

Emile Bartow/nanoresort

1. Dinosaurs Are Not Dragons

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t taken a science class lately. People should already know that dragons and dinosaurs aren’t the same animals. They’re both giant lizards, but dinosaurs existed, and dragons didn’t.

However, one conspiracy theorist took it upon themselves to make crazy posts like this one. The person declared that “dinosaurs” are actually dragon bones that people buried to hide the truth. Their theory is definitely a stretch of the imagination, to be sure.