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40+ Maps That Show Us What The World Really Is Like

DanyJune 15, 2021

Texas is the size of an African country, but it cannot compete with the entire continent. The continent alone is 45 times the size of Texas. Africa is not usually shown to scale on most maps, which explains why it is believed to be so small.

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For star lovers, the states with the least amount of light pollution are those located in the middle of the country. Head to North Dakota or Wyoming to enjoy the night sky. If you are on the shores, you may have difficulty seeing the stars twinkle.

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Essentially, the population in red is the same as in orange. That means that almost the same number of people live on the coasts as in the central USA. If you are thinking of buying land and building, then head to the Midwest.

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Rather than being named after their states, they are named after the largest city they serve. There are 21 zones in total and within them, each airport is responsible for the airspace that corresponds to them. Each has a radius of almost 5 miles.

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If you examine this map, you will see where flowers for florists come from and where biodiesel can be produced. Most of the center of the country is dedicated to agriculture, while heavy industry is located on the coast.

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While empires like the Roman and Greek were large too, they were widely dispersed and did not have the amount of territory that the Mongol had. Genghis Khan was the leader of this great empire.


New Zealand, the country responsible for the magnificent settings of The Lord Of The Rings , sits comfortably on the borders of America. In fact, it is 3,558 times smaller, much like the UK.

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The United States uses the imperial system that includes miles, yards, and gallons. The most interesting thing is that those responsible for introducing the imperial system were the British, still being something that was used during the colonial era. Liberia, in West Africa, and Myanmar, in Southeast Asia are other countries that use it.

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Afforestation is a growing industry, and while indiscriminate logging contributes to the loss of forests, tree planting programs have helped combat this. Mayors and governors constantly plan afforestation programs, which keep America’s green spaces alive.

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In the year 1893, this dream came to an end. It was known as “The Panic,” and it was a time of economic turmoil that caused many businesses and families to go bankrupt. Because of that, there are train tracks going nowhere throughout the United States.

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The pink color on this map shows that flamingos enjoy being in South America, Africa, and part of Asia. The next time you see a flamingo on one leg, think about how much they have flown to get there.


To put this even more in perspective, California is 25% larger than Italy. However, Italy has more population, with a total of 60 million inhabitants.

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To date, there are about 157,724 miles of highways throughout the entire United States. These roads connect every state, city, and county to each other and require a lot of maintenance. Interestingly, maintenance is not carried out at the federal level but depends on the authorities of each state. That is why some roads are better maintained than others.


Australia is 27% smaller than the United States, which can be seen on this map. It may be a smaller country, but it also has a lot less population to support. The United States needs all the space it has to care for its growing population.

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There are more than 10 million people in that small county! The population is similar to the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York, just to name a few. Getting a house there must cost a lot of money!


Cuba is the size equivalent to 0.083% of Hudson’s Bay, and when we overlap it in the center of the Bay, it looks like it is underwater. If Cuba starts to sink like the Maldives, it will be nothing more than a sandbar, but that will not happen anytime soon. Go on vacation and enjoy its sunny beaches.

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Based on population density, this is what states would look like if they were mapped. As you can see, much of the population is still on the coasts near the Canadian border. If you feel like moving from those crowded places, then this map will help you.


When we overlap them, we see that the United States is not far behind China. The two overpopulated countries are about the same size, but the United States is 9,833,517 km² and China is 9,596,961 km². If this were a competition, the United States would win.

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In most states, Starbucks, which started in Seattle, Washington, is everyone’s top pick. On the east coast, Dunkin ‘Donuts takes second place, as the eastern coastal states prefer it more. Caribou Coffee in Minnesota has an honorable mention, as it is the only state that prefers it.

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There are some areas of the world that are closed and do not appear in Google Street View such as Russia and part of Africa. In the future, they may be visible, but for now you will have to visit those places yourself or search Google images.


When we superimpose India on the United States, we realize how large the North American country is. India may be large and has a large population, but it is very small next to the American giant. India has half the territory of the United States, but it is still very large. World maps should start to get a little more accurate and show reality.

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One of the reasons why countries like New Zealand, Canada and Australia have much less population and so much territory is due to their climate. The harsh Arctic climate in Northern Canada makes it very difficult for people to live there, and the arid and desert climate in much of Australia makes it very difficult for people to live there. This means that countries with more pleasant climatic conditions tend to have more population.


China is not as small as the maps make it seem compared to Russia, however it is much smaller. If you measure it by territory, Russia is 44 percent larger than China.


Antarctica does not have a permanent population like the other continents, since only scientists, researchers and rotating work teams live there. To understand how big Antarctica is, you have to compare it to all of North America. It may not be that big, but if it were a country, Canada would be 40 percent smaller.

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This map shows illuminated areas, which are concentrated in large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Each of these cities has large numbers of inhabitants, which leads to more noise. If you enjoy the calm, then head to the center of the country. We hear Maine is a good option.

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These peaks are concentrated in large cities, which also receive a large flow of immigrants. Along with the Canadian border, we don’t see many peaks, and maybe that’s because there are no major cities in the US near the border.


In terms of territory, Montana is 4.1 times smaller. The strange thing is that cartographers make Mongolia look like a huge country in Asia, when in fact it is not.

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If you’ve been looking to embark on an adventure, visiting one of the many Springfields will be great. This map shows the route that allows you to visit most of all Springfields. There are some municipalities that also share the same name.

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Poland alone is great, but Texas is bigger still. In this instance, everything is bigger in Texas. However, we are not sure if the food in Texas is better. Poland will surely win in a food competition.

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As you can see, a large number of countries fall within it. Although the USA is large, and is densely populated in some states, there are many places that do not have much population.

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The United States tends to appear much larger than it actually is, South America and Africa are much larger. When looking at a map, always keep this in mind.

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You will notice that there are not many cities that have so many inhabitants. In some cases, the majority of the inhabitants live outside the urban centers, which generates a smaller population.

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The highlighted circle on this map marks where the largest number of people in Asia live. If you thought America was densely populated, then think twice. It only adds up to 5 percent of the world’s population.


If you said soccer or football then you got it right! Soccer is played all over the world, and fans keep coming to see it in the stadium or on television.

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In an effort to raise awareness, NASA’s Earth Observatory Team released a map to view all active fires. This 2020 image highlights the importance of fighting climate change and doing whatever it takes to stop it.

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In the UK, they continue to drive on the left side, and in the colonies that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations as well. When in doubt when driving, always watch traffic and have this map handy.

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Looking at this map, which shows how the world population is scattered, you can see that these factors are very important. Most of the population is concentrated on the coasts of the continents and in areas where the climate is extremely cold, we see fewer inhabitants. Nobody enjoys freezing!

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Africa is much bigger than what we usually see, and it is important since little by little it is becoming an economic power, and it is experiencing a great increase in its population. The United States is much smaller than what we usually see, this is also interesting since despite being very important economically, it is not the largest country of all.

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This map shows countries like Thailand, South Africa, and many more comfortably overlaid on Australian territory. There is even a place to put some smaller countries, like Luxembourg, if we wanted to add more. If you want to live in a country with a hot climate and great wildlife, then Australia is the place.

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This method continues to be used, especially on nautical charts. The problem with this method is that it is not always entirely accurate. Since the lines are not always shown exactly where the continents would be located on a flat map.

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Japan, when compared to the east coast of the United States, is quite large. As if that were not enough, it contains a population of more than 126 million inhabitants. This is almost a third of the US population, which is impressive considering how small Japan is in terms of territory.

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This red line shows where the largest Canadian population lives. It is concentrated on the east coast and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Part of this is because Toronto and Montreal are two of the largest cities in Canada, both of which are located in these provinces. With more than 20 million people living there, the rest of Canada does not have that much population.

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Each migrating animal follows a route, usually from north to south, so they can enjoy the warm weather during low winter temperatures. This map is primarily focused on mammals, but insects like monarchs are also known to follow these specific paths.

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Each continent is separated by a blue line, and the small curved rectangles that enclose the continents are islands that do not have direct borders but are in the immediate vicinity. Conceptually, this map is very easy to understand, even though it does not really show the amount of territory that each country has. This is another way of seeing the world.

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Wherever you look, you will feel that there is a river close by. With so many out there in America, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that there is one that is 2,540 miles long. The Missouri River wins the title for having the longest distance in the USA.

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It is estimated that around 7,000 rivers that flow through the United States eventually reach the Mississippi, resulting in the river we all know and love. You will see that the Mississippi River eventually reaches the ocean and from there directly to the Gulf of Mexico.

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India and China have a billion people alone. Africa, Europe combined with the Middle East, part of Asia and Oceania do the rest. Those are many people that Mother Earth must take care of.

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With the United States superimposed on the lunar surface, you can see that it occupies one side almost entirely. If Asia were superimposed there, it would have completely covered the surface of the moon. The moon is quite small when you think of it in those terms.