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40 People Share Stories Of Epic Times They Put Entitled People In Their Place

Trista July 19, 2021

There are few things more annoying than having to interact with an entitled person who never thinks they’re in the wrong. They believe everything is someone else’s fault, and the only thing they deserve is praise. These people want to have everything handed to them on a silver platter.

However, these entitled people can’t stand up for themselves when the right person comes along and puts them in their place. Take a look at 40 epic times entitled individuals got knocked down a peg via Science Sensei below.

Science Sensei

40. Karma Does The Job

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing an entitled person get what they deserve. It’s like the universe’s way of balancing everything out. The entitlement in this story is a little beyond belief because this woman thought she could drive anywhere she wants.

We all have our bad days when we park where we’re not supposed to. However, this woman tore across a university lawn and thought she wouldn’t have to suffer any consequences. Moreover, when she was caught, she tried to get away in her expensive car. The universe said “no,” and ripped the bumper off her car as she tried to go over a curb.

Science Sensei

39. Entitled Person Wanted More

When you see something advertised for free, there’s no reason to ask for anything more from the person. It’s like spitting in their face. Just take the free item with no more questions and be on your way. However, this person had the audacity to ask for more stuff for free so that the trip would be “worth their time.”

Nevertheless, the person getting rid of the dishwasher wasn’t interested and decided to make a sarcastic reply, reducing the “asking price” instead. We have no idea if the entitled person gave up on picking up the dishwasher altogether, but at least they were put in their place.

Science Sensei

38. When You Don’t Play By The Rules

Rules are there for a reason. But there are those people who outright break them and don’t care about the repercussions. Even worse still are those who find loopholes to suit their needs. It’s the ultimate form of selfishness that throws everyone else under the bus.

This kid was more than just a brat. He was being selfish so he could win a game of laser tag. Warning him didn’t seem to stop him, so this person took matters into their own hands. There was no guilt involved, and the revenge got even sweeter when the kid tried to complain to his parents. This kid must already have a lousy track record with his parents.

Science Sensei

37. The Ultimate Revenge

We all have our own daily habits that we don’t even realize. It’s an automatic mannerism. This person’s habit caused an issue for them. But they eventually came up with a good prank so that they could enjoy their favorite snack at school.

That’s one way to stop a bully from punching your bag of chips over and over again. Let’s hope they didn’t hit it too hard, though, or there could have been blood involved. It’s a hard way to learn an easy lesson, but if that’s what it takes to make a kid stop being a jerk, then so be it.

Science Sensei

36. Outsmarting An Entitled Person

The best way to give an entitled person a taste of their own medicine is to beat them with smarts. So when this person discovered that a fellow employer wasn’t doing what they were supposed to do and getting paid for it, they took matters into their own hands to ensure they would be annoyed.

It sucks that their employer didn’t even care because the employee was rewarded for work they didn’t do. This little prank might not have gotten the other employee fired, but there was still the reward of satisfaction. It makes you wonder if that person is still clicking on that prank icon to this day.

Science Sensei

35. A Lack of Patience

When someone asks you to do something, you probably try your best to get it done promptly. Nevertheless, there are just some people in the world who have no concept of patience. Instead of letting them do their job, these kinds of people go out of their way to make things more difficult so that the thing they asked for takes even longer to get to them.

This person had the perfect revenge up their sleeve for them. If they were going to call and ask for this fax so many times, it only seemed reasonable to fulfill all of those requests until they’d had enough. It was a shame this person didn’t get to see the look on the other person’s face, but they could probably imagine the scream of frustration every time a new fax came in.

Science Sensei

34. Entitlement Isn’t Just For Customers

It’s one thing for customers to feel entitled to whatever they think they deserve, but it’s something else entirely to have a potential “employer” act the same way. This post just shows the lengths people will go to to get something for free. They don’t care that people go to school to learn these skills and need a decent wage for their talents.

The comment below the post perfectly sums up what everyone else is thinking. That’s an empty promise of “payment” since there’s no way to verify if the poster would even give them publicity at all.

Science Sensei

33. Cutting Things Off Mid-Sentence

Breaking up is never easy to do. Even when you’re broken up, your ex still tries to get in the last word so they can feel superior. It can be challenging to get away from that person. However, this person’s ex continued to bug them every hour of the day. But this person had the perfect revenge planned for them.

Their ex had forgotten that they weren’t paying for their own phone, which gave this person the power to end things. No more phone calls, no more texts. Moreover, their ex can’t leech off them while treating them like crap anymore. The real icing on the cake is that they did this mid-sentence, which was likely a very rude awakening for their ex when they heard the phone go dead.

Science Sensei

32. The Tiniest Revenge

Roommates can be a dicey situation. Everything seems fine at first, but things can devolve to the point that they don’t want to share living space anymore. It’s even more difficult when you’re underage and can’t legally sign a lease so you have nowhere else to live. This is what this person’s roommate did to them instead of giving them sufficient notice their lease was ending.

So they got their revenge in an aptly frustrating way, yet no one was the wiser they were involved with their jigsaw puzzles pieces missing. This might have been the passive-aggressive route instead of confronting their roommate about it, but at least they know that their roommate will be frustrated for the rest of their lives that they’ll never be able to finish those puzzles.

Science Sensei

31. Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

Nothing is more annoying than coming out of a store and discovering your car has been hit. What’s worse is if the other party didn’t even leave a note with their contact information. However, this person was lucky enough to have an eyewitness to tell them everything that happened.

What sweet revenge this was. The victim may still have to pay out of pocket to fix the damage to their car, but then so did the other person, and we’re pretty sure that four tires are more expensive than a fender bender. To add to that, the perpetrator likely had to call a tow truck.

Science Sensei

30. An Entitled Person Takes Advantage

Everyone struggles with their bills from time to time. So when this person noticed a woman who was a little short on getting her groceries, they offered to pay the remaining balance on her receipt. Instead of being grateful, she asked if she could add a few more items since she wasn’t the one paying for them.

Talk about ungrateful. She took this person’s gratitude and turned it into more of a free ride instead. This person was smart enough to say no instead of being taken advantage of. They should’ve told the cashier not to bother when she got mad about his refusal.

Science Sensei

29. A Kiss No One Wants

Not every entitlement story leads to karma being served with a bow on top. Sometimes, things can get messy and gross. Be aware that you may want to skip this one if you’re grossed out by revenge involving poop. It’s not that far off from that scene from American Pie.

This guy’s father might have gone a step too far in getting his revenge on his fellow CEO. It’s unlikely that they stopped their shenanigans after receiving a cute kiss from their daughter, but the father felt vindication in some respect. Nevertheless, one would think that the little girl should have known better not to do that with fecal matter.

Science Sensei

28. Assignment Theft

Going to school means you’re going to have to get used to people you don’t like. This kid made it known early on when the poster commented on them by what he did in his younger years. However, things didn’t get any better over the years, it seems.

The kid turned their vendetta on this person and just didn’t want to do any of the work, copying from them instead so that they could get a grade. This person learned of their actions and decided to screw with them in the best way possible. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing someone get a grade they don’t deserve.

Science Sensei

27. Revenge Without Violence

It’s easy to give in to your anger and get revenge on someone acting entitled. However, there are better ways to go about it, especially when road rage is involved. This person took matters into their own hands by not even laying a finger on the person.

Instead of escalating things, they ended locked the other guy out of his car. As simple as that, argument over, and now that guy has to deal with figuring out how to get into his car again. It likely involved many phone calls and maybe even some money if he had to get a company to get his car doors open.

Science Sensei

26. Getting Involved For The Wrong Reasons

These days few things are more annoying than social media influencers. They never seem genuine and are only interested in raising their follower numbers to generate more revenue. Although there’s some respect for the hard work that they do to get those numbers, the ways they go about them can be annoying and entitled.

So when this social media influencer wanted to get involved with Meatzilla, the company had no problems with letting the public know so that this influencer’s fans know what kind of person they are. They probably lost much respect after this.

Science Sensei

25. Intimidated At The Gym

Going to the gym is difficult by itself. There’s a lot of confusing equipment to use and it can be embarrassing asking someone for help; That’s why most people lose their self-confidence and end up not going to the gym anymore.

Nevertheless, it’s a much different story when you’re picking on kids. This jerk decided to ruin their day and harass them two days in a row, making going to the gym not fun for them. Thankfully, this person stepped in and gave this guy a dose of his own medicine. Maybe after this, the gym bully learned to leave other people alone when they were working out.

Science Sensei

24. Don’t Cross The Wrong Person

We can’t help but roll our eyes when someone who’s wronged us in the past decides to come to us for help. You don’t want to be the bad person holding a grudge and say no, but you don’t want to reward them for being a jerk to you either. So what do you do in that situation? This person had the perfect response: bold-faced honesty.

They received a message on Twitter from their old bandmate asking for money. Needless to say, their request didn’t go over too well, and this person told them exactly what they thought of them. It’s unlikely that they handed over any money at all, and their ex-friend had to look somewhere else for help. Good on them.

Science Sensei

23. Monopoly Is Not Real Life

Lines exist for a reason. It’s common sense and courtesy to stand in line and wait to be served. It’s also kind of an equalizing measure because everyone has to stand in line. Apparently, not for this person. He thought he was too good to queue the line and thought he could impress the people behind the counter.

Furthermore, he wanted to skip the line for some simple donuts. The line had probably been moving at a steady pace, too, so he couldn’t have been in line for more than a few minutes. This Krispy Kreme worker didn’t mince any words with him when he tried to impress them with his bragging rights.

Science Sensei

22. The Entitled Office Thief

Working at the office sometimes means that you have to bring lunch to work to eat a meal during your break. However, some people don’t care about names being written on bags and will steal other people’s lunches. Catching them in the act is the most challenging part. Nevertheless, there are some ways to do it if you’re inventive enough. This man’s wife had the right idea.

She probably never caught the person stealing her chocolates since they worked the night shift, but they likely didn’t have an enjoyable night making so many trips to the bathroom. Let’s hope they learned their lesson and didn’t try to steal any more in the future.

Science Sensei

21. Making Up A Law

Being creative on the spot to get back at someone takes a lot of guts to pull off. Even more so when adrenaline is high after someone has started getting on your case when it’s their fault. This person had the bravery to pull something out of their rear end to make this person leave them alone – and it worked!

To think that all this person wanted to do was cross the street, and they ended up getting shouted at for absolutely no reason by an entitled jerk driving on the road. Throwing a made-up law at them shut them up quickly.

Science Sensei

20. Taking Return Policies Seriously

It’s customary not to take back any returns that don’t have any tags on them. That way, the store can always clean them up and put them back on the rack for the same price. Plus, it makes it easier for them to keep inventory. However, when a customer treats you poorly, like this employee, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little payback so that they can’t return anything that they’ve bought.

One simple thing and this employee jeopardized this woman’s plan altogether. Now she’s stuck with clothes she doesn’t want and can’t get any of her money back. Maybe if she hadn’t been so rude and mean to the other employees, she wouldn’t have been treated like the jerk she was. Perhaps she’ll be nicer to people in the service industry in the future. One can only hope.

Science Sensei

19. A Bully Getting What He Deserved

Many bullies get away with a lot of their crap and never get karma for it. They learn that there are no repercussions when they do whatever they want, no matter how badly they hurt people. Nevertheless, this bully got precisely what was coming to him. He deserved it because this person was an excellent older sibling.

Although this revenge entailed violence, it was definitely what this kid deserved when he didn’t listen to this person the first time. Cracking a bus window with his head probably left him stunned, but he learned the hard way not to mess with this person’s sibling ever again. Blood is stronger than water, so this guy took the right step to ensuring the bullying never happened again.

Science Sensei

18. Entitled Kid Demands

Children sometimes have no filter. Instead of being polite, they make demands and expect everyone to give them what they ask for. What’s worse is that they do this to strangers out of sight of their parents. However, this person knew how to handle this situation perfectly so the greedy kid got exactly what they wanted.

There’s no way this kid can get angry when this person delivered exactly what they promised they would give them. The satisfaction of seeing the angry look on the kid’s face, too probably didn’t make them feel bad either. That was perhaps the last time he demanded anything from a stranger ever again.

Science Sensei

17. Everything Comes Full Circle

Getting the ultimate revenge always tastes pretty sweet, especially on people who deserve it. When someone is spreading lies about you and then turning around to act like your friend, there’s no better way than getting revenge on a two-faced individual. This person got the better of their rival in the end by ruining their chances of getting good grades.

This jerk tried to stay on this person’s good side in order to reap some benefit, namely copying her geometry homework so she could pass the class. All it took was one moment of purposely writing the wrong answers to ruin this girl’s chances altogether. It was what she deserved for trying to destroy the poster’s opportunity on the softball team.

Science Sensei

16. Entitled Shopping Carts

People tend to leave shopping carts lying around wherever they want in the parking lot, thinking that it’s not their job to put it back. However, people are watching, and those people are the ones who wrangle all those carts together. Little do you know that they could end up ruining the rest of your day if they wanted to.

It doesn’t take much just to put your cart back in the corral. It’s more about courtesy than being lazy because then you’re making it easier for someone else to park there or preventing the mishap of the wind blowing the cart into someone else’s car. Just put the cart back, you’ll feel like a better person for it.

Science Sensei

15. The Sign Applies to Everyone

When you’ve worked in customer service for a long time, you get used to seeing the same types of customers over and over again. You know, the ones who want to talk to your manager and constantly complain about every single detail. It’s those people who cause a sign like this one to be made and put up in a store for everyone to see.

It pretty much covers every entitled person that tries to be rude to get what they want. It covers everything from return policies to complaining to the manager. This employee is no longer having any more of that and doesn’t care if customers want to take their business elsewhere.

Science Sensei

14. Teaching An Entitled Kid

We’ve all been there, stuck in a line at the grocery store and having a whiny child behind us. When the parents aren’t doing anything to stop them, it can get pretty annoying. Most people try to grin and bear it, hoping that it will all be over soon so that they can have peace of mind again. Nevertheless, this person had a completely different idea.

By mirroring precisely what the whiny children are doing, they can hear for themselves exactly what they sound like and how annoying it is. We have no idea if this plan even worked, if it got the children to stop or if the parents reprimanded them, but it’s a pretty amusing picture to imagine a grown adult doing all of this in the middle of a grocery store.

Science Sensei

13. Break Up With Entitled People… For Good

Breaking up with someone you once loved can hurt a lot. Sometimes breakups are amicable, while others can be pretty nasty. It’s the nasty ones that stick with you for a long time. Some people are desperate to have the last say or get back at their ex so that they can feel better. However, nothing is more rewarding than using their own words against them to shut them up quick.

To think that this woman had the audacity to break up with this person in the most awful way possible and then still try to get back together with them multiple times. At least this person had the sense to screenshot her horrendous message. That way, they could use it on her over and over again to get her to leave them alone.

Science Sensei

12. When Selfishness Gets Out Of Control

There is such a thing as an only-child syndrome, and people don’t know they have it until people start telling them that certain habits weren’t normal. They’re not very good at sharing, believe that everything is about them, and engage in behaviors that people with siblings find strange. Such is the story of this weird college roommate and how they got back at them.

Have you ever heard the saying “cutting off your nose to spite their face?” This is what this roommate was doing. At least this person sought out the perfect revenge without causing any harm and not getting caught since a lost sock happens to everyone. No one would think that their socks were getting sabotaged by the person they’re sharing a room with.

Science Sensei

11. Age Isn’t An Excuse

It’s usually polite not to refer to a woman’s age. However, some circumstances warrant it, such as when said woman is extremely impolite for no reason. There are lines for a reason when a store is busy, so it’s only polite to wait your turn. When you don’t, you’re going to get called out as this person did.

Talk about being rude. That old, and she still didn’t understand how a line worked? It didn’t matter if she had a busy day or if she just thought she was better than everyone else, but she could have at least asked for permission to jump the line. This person was right for treating her like a child for the way she was acting.

Science Sensei

10. When Coincidences Go In Your Favor

Playing sports comes with the added side effect of possibly getting injured. It’s an acceptable risk that hurts. Accidents are bound to happen on a playing field when everyone is running around. This person recalls a story that resulted in beautiful payback that happened purely by accident.

This is the perfect example of a bully being in the right place at the right time and getting their just desserts. Moreover, although the person didn’t mean for their bully to get hurt, there’s an air of satisfaction. Why? Because you are giving them back some of the pain they’ve been giving you.

Science Sensei

9. Come With a Muffin, Leave With a Muffin

Children tend to amuse themselves by annoying everyone else around them. It seems all they want to do is rebel and misbehave. But sometimes, they meet another kid who isn’t going to take any of their bad behavior anymore.

Throwing chunks of muffin seems harmless, but it got annoying to the point where this person saw it fit to save every single piece and then smash it into the other kid’s face once he got off the bus. And what a good waste of food. Nevertheless, it seemed like the kid wasn’t interested in eating their muffin anyway. At least it went to good use by embarrassing him in front of his friends.

Science Sensei

8. “Working” For Your Boss’ Kid

There’s nothing more annoying than having your boss’ kid come into your place of work and start to act like they can tell you what to do. Most people could ignore it, but there comes a point where they completely get on your nerves. However, what can you do? Complaining about them won’t earn you any favors with your boss. Luckily for this person, they had the perfect comeback to shut the kid up.

This comeback put this kid in place and shut him up for the rest of the evening. It might have been a jab at his weight, but if they’re going to dish it out, they should be able to take it too. The kid probably learned that they wouldn’t get away with that kind of behavior in the future.

Science Sensei

7. When You Gotta Go

Children can sometimes have very cruel senses of humor. This story is no different, though it did end up being a little gross. Of course, it took place in the first grade, so this poster didn’t know much better then. Is it their fault? The teacher did tell the entire class not to bother her, so what other choice did the student have?

They could have just gone to the bathroom without saying anything but decided to go right then and there in their chair. Furthermore, maybe they could have warned poor Sheldon before he sat in all that pee, but considering Sheldon was their bully, it made sense not to since it led to him getting in trouble instead.

Science Sensei

6. Snaping On Entitled Kids

Getting bullied for a prolonged period can lead to self-esteem and anxiety issues. You think that when you tell any adults that they’ll do something about it. However, everyone has a breaking point; it’s just a matter of what it takes to get to that point. Apparently, for this person, it took a lot before they finally said they’d had enough.

Nothing warranted this kind of behavior from a bunch of 10-year-olds. Where were their parents in all of this? As you can see, things got pretty heated and ugly, with the confrontation ending with a slapped face, a busted phone, and a ruined ice cream cone. Let’s hope that they learned to leave him alone after that because that kind of outburst could have landed a 16-year old in big trouble.

Science Sensei

5. Entitled Parking

It’s too often that you see someone parking in a handicapped spot when they don’t have their handicapped tag. They’re just exploiting the fact that they get to park closer to the store and have a wider parking spot. When this person and their father noticed just that, they took matters into their own hands by plotting the perfect revenge.

She was noticeably confused when she noticed her car gone, but the man’s father, due to his line of work, easily took matters into his own hands in moving her car as far from the store as possible. With a tip of his hat and a smile, he just drove away, leaving her to find her car on her own. A small slice of sweet victory, especially for those who probably really needed that parking spot.

Science Sensei

4. Inconsiderate, Entitled Drivers

There’s nothing more dangerous on the road than an entitled driver. They think that everyone on the road should cater to their needs, regardless of the dangers they might cause. In this instance, it involves an impatient driver and someone in the crosswalk. But not just any person; a woman with a stroller. Who wants to be impatient with a new mother?

The twist is it wasn’t the poster of this story who went out of their way to make things more difficult, but someone else entirely. The steps they took to delay the driver were even more were hilarious to be honest. That’s what you get for being impatient when people in the crosswalk have the right of way.

Science Sensei

3. Pay Attention To The Road

Traffic laws exist for a reason and everyone is supposed to abide by them. Nevertheless, some people believe that the rules of the road don’t apply to them, so they’re free to do whatever they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone. It gets even worse when cellphones are involved.

This woman didn’t even have the courtesy to ensure that the person she hit was alright, more interested in her phone conversation than anything else. Too bad for her, the cyclist wasn’t having any of it. It’s unlikely that the cellphone survived its new gift for flying, and she never got to finish her phone conversation. She probably had to buy a new one, but let’s hope she learned her lesson.

Science Sensei

2. Entitled People Expect Something For Free

Working in the service industry is no easy thing. You have to deal with customers who don’t know what they want, want to use expired coupons, or are just annoying in general. This last one is what this Subway employee had to deal with when a customer walked in acting like a putz.

This guy went out of his way to make this employee’s job as difficult as possible and then expected something free at the end. It’s more than likely that they knew they didn’t have the right amount of money anyway and expected some charity. However, that’s precisely the opposite of what he got. Instead of getting an entire sandwich, he got only the half he paid for. Seeing the other half getting tossed in the trash probably wiped the smile off his face.

Science Sensei

1. Messing With the Wrong Camel

Some kids can just be plain annoying. Nevertheless, it’s even more annoying when their parents don’t keep them under control when someone complains. There isn’t much you can do to change the situation since the parents won’t fix anything. However, this person had a clever plan to get one kid to stop being annoying the hard way.

You can probably hear the kid’s scream in your head right now when he got a mouthful of spit in his face. More than likely, the parents finally took some action to get him cleaned up, but you can be sure the child learned a hard lesson that day. This person probably had a very peaceful rest of the day in the zoo.