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40 Posts That Make Us Worry About The Future Of Humanity

TristaSeptember 17, 2021
Max Ilienerwise/Unsplash

3. Doesn’t Come From Pluto

There’s one thing to be wrong about something and not understanding why, but it’s another thing entirely to insult the person who’s giving you the correct answer even after you’ve still denied it. A naive mother thought that plutonium came from Pluto because it sounds similar.

However, plutonium is really a manufactured substance. Someone needs to go back to school or at least not treat their daughter like an idiot.


2. The Awful Girlfriend Test

There’s a list of things you really shouldn’t do in a relationship, and this guy broke one of the big ones. He invited his girlfriend over to his place for the first time and expected that she would clean his entire home for him.

Moreover, when she didn’t (because she doesn’t live there!), he declared that she had failed the girlfriend test and wanted to end the relationship. Talk about a selfish pig.

Emile Bartow/nanoresort

1. Dinosaurs Are Not Dragons

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t taken a science class lately. People should already know that dragons and dinosaurs aren’t the same animals. They’re both giant lizards, but dinosaurs existed, and dragons didn’t.

However, one conspiracy theorist took it upon themselves to make crazy posts like this one. The person declared that “dinosaurs” are actually dragon bones that people buried to hide the truth. Their theory is definitely a stretch of the imagination, to be sure.