8 People Who Became Millionaires From Social Media Videos

By Wesley
8 People Who Became Millionaires From Social Media Videos

There is a large and growing number of content creators on YouTube who are making so much money off of their videos, it’ll make you question all your life decisions up until this point. Some of them have literally become millionaires by playing video games and uploading videos of themselves playing.

In fact screen captures of gamers playing video games and adding their entertaining reactions and commentary are among the most popular videos on YouTube and have minted multiple millionaires with their popularity. There’s just something about their videos that feels like you’re hanging out with your friend playing video games.

If any of these guys had gone into the most prestigious business schools of the world four or five years ago and told the professors and advisors, “You know what I’m going to do? I’m just going to sit around playing video games all day and have my computer record the game while a camera records my face, then I’m going to upload it to YouTube and make millions of dollars,” surely they would have gotten laughed out of business school.

Those professors would have thought these kids were out of their minds, completely clueless, embarrassingly dumb, and entirely useless, lazy human beings. But those professors would have been wrong. Chances are, some of these stars have already made more money than these business experts, and they’re still incredibly young.

So who says the young can’t prosper? And who says you can’t make a fortune doing what you truly love most of all, even if that’s playing video games in your living room?

Here are just 8 YouTube Millionaires (there are plenty more):

1. PewDiePie – $12 Million

PewDiePie is the undisputed reigning, world champion of the entire YouTube platform, with more views and subscribers on this channel than any other channel on the video publishing website. What on earth did PewDiePie do to win all those fans and page views? He played video games. Lots and lots of video games. A lot of them are pretty stupid as he would say himself. PewDiePie’s real name is Felix, and he’s a young guy from Sweden who now lives in England with another self-made YouTube millionaire, the Italian CutiePieMarzia (Marzia’s makeup channel on YouTube has netted her over $2 million). Now that he has become the all time most viewed YouTube creator in history and worn out the video game playing thing, he’s transitioned to making other kinds of content for dramatic and comedic effect (such a watching Try Not to Laugh challenges). Watching his videos, it’s easy to see why PewDiePie has done so well. The young man is extremely likeable and pretty funny about half the time.

2. JackScepticEye – $9 million

JackScepticEye is PewDiePie’s only begotten son, made in his own image, and thrust upon the video game viewing world of YouTube with great aplomb. This Irish YouTube creator (whose actual name is Sean William McLoughlin), is also a video game playing YouTuber, whose signature style is frantic, loud, and abrupt. He describes himself as the most energetic video commentator on the platform. JackScepticEye has amassed an incredible amount of fans with over 10 million subscribers. His big break came when he entered a contest run by PewDiePie to be featured on PewDiePie’s channel and won. The instant notoriety was no flash in the pan, as Jack has continued to grow his channel and remains good friends and an occasional collaborator with PewDiePie. Like PewDiePie, Jack has no college degree. He studied music in high school and was formerly a drummer for an Irish heavy metal band.