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30 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

Trista September 10, 2021

You probably hear that your babies look just like you. Or maybe your baby is the spitting image of your grandmother or uncle. However, some children catch their parents off guard with their appearances. They may not even look like anyone else in the family.

Some babies just have doppelgangers, and sometimes, it just happens to be celebrities. The catch is that they’re not even related. Most of these people don’t even know each other. Check out these young doppelgangers who have an uncanny resemblance to celebrities in the list below.

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30. Euphegenia Doubtfire, Dear

We all know the beloved late Robin Williams and his series of genuinely memorable roles. One of his funniest characters is Mrs. Doubtfire. While he dressed like a graceful old lady, Williams stole the screen and left everyone laughing with his performance.

It’s quite funny to see this baby who looks so much like his iconic character. When the same round glasses, you can definitely see it. Let’s hope that she will be as loving and warm as the supernanny her looks take after when she grows up. Either way, this is a perfect example of a doppelganger.

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29. Stranger Things

It may appear that this little one has been following Joe Keery’s hair advice. This baby looks like they’ve been using just the right amount of the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle to perfect this look. This baby has a great head of hair as well as a sparkle in his eyes.

Keery is a young actor beloved for his character Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. His lovable and quirky character is well known for the popular hairstyle he wears. This baby here has the same hairstyle and smile to follow his lead.

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28. The Baby Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

We all know who the late Elvis Presley was. From his expressions, like those famous side smiles, everyone seemed to love his style. This baby definitely looks like he takes after the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, even if the parents are forcing it a bit.

Even though they styled his hair and dressed him in a flashing costume the king would wear, the baby’s expression is still spot on. With the same wide smile and that intense and penetrating gaze that fans so adored, it appears that this baby has it all. The wavy black hair just further reinforces the resemblance between the two.

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27. Little Miss Jennifer Garner

Our favorite part of this doppelganger? The bangs! Garner has given us great performances in a number of hit movies, especially in romantic comedies. She does, however, have an edgy and stirring side to her as well.

First gaining the attention of fans in the famous show Alias as CIA officer Sydney Bristow, this delicate and lovely smile of an actress is nothing short of iconic. There is no denying that this baby girl shares similarities in her looks with this winning attribute. From the graceful posture to the sleek ponytail, these two appear to have a lot in common.

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26. Ryan Gosling Junior

Ryan Gosling, an undeniable heartthrob for a lot of us, with a dashing personality and killer smile, has delivered a series of hit movies for us to enjoy. He is one of the celebrities who started his career quite early, starring on The Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel as a child. A young Gosling also graced the screen with roles in ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark?’ and ‘Goosebumps’ to boot.

We know you want to go back and watch those shows. And if you did, you’d see a reflection of this little one in Ryan Gosling’s smile and expression. You can’t ignore the sleek backcombed hair and the jawline similar to Gosling’s.

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25. Game Of Thrones

If you ever watched the HBO series Game of Thrones, you’re sure to recognize the solemn and brave character Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington. And this baby looks like a mini Jon Snow. It’s clear to see that the curly hair and serious look resembles the King of the North. Harrington won the hearts of his fans with his malleable and friendly personality and the courageousness his character had shown.

His expressions and famous lines have even been made into countless memes. Snow is known for his serious-yet-soft expressions and those jet black locks. This baby not only has the exact same look, but they also rock that messy black hair with soft eyes that will surely remind you of Jon Snow.

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24. Matt Damon Has How Many Babies?

Not needing an introduction, fans love Matt Damon for his charismatic personality and filmmaking. Well, and those blue eyes, blondish hair, and charming boy-next-door smile, of course. How proud the parents must be to see that this child resembles him.

Damon is known for being one of the most bankable actors in the industry. His charming smile and those ever-so-appealing dimples most certainly take the cake to go along with those sparkly eyes. This kid is definitely going places with a face like that.

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23. Lord Of The Rings

It’s okay if you are not a fan of the Lord of the Rings. You don’t even have to watch the movies to know this infamous character. By taking one look at this baby, you might feel he is wise beyond his years. The solemn, serious look makes him a close contender to the old but wise wizard we all know and love from The Lord of the Rings.

Those worrying yet prudent lines on his forehead and that all-knowing look make him look like he should be saying “You shall not pass” at any moment. We may need to wait until he grows some facial hair for better judgment, but even with that smooth face, he has an undeniable likeness to Gandalf. This doppelganger is one of our favorites hands down.

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22. Is That Taylor Swift?

Okay, this one may be stretching it when it comes to baby doppelgangers, but what the heck. This adorable little girl has the same lovely blonde curls and peach and cream complexion that reminds us of Taylor Swift. She also seems to have that same bright smile as well.

Swift is one of the most celebrated pop and country singers worldwide. Fans admire her talent because she writes her own songs, composes the music, plays the instruments, and sings the lyrics. Her songwriting style reflects her personal experiences, thoughts, and even personality, making her songs fall upon millions of receptive ears.

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21. Babies In Hell’s Kitchen

This doppelganger is uncanny. Although not everyone likes Gordon Ramsay, you may still know who he is. He has given us a series of golden moments with his fits of anger and outrage on his famous cooking show.

Most remember where he was expressing his displeasure and disappointment to his chefs. This baby here truly takes after the star food critic and talented chef in terms of looks and expressions. He seems just as unimpressed as the chef does, along with those golden locks giving him the perfect look.

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20. Little Leo

The comical candidness of Leonardo DiCaprio has graced many memes with its hilarity. If you love Leo, you probably will simply adore this resemblance. Not only that, but this baby has quite a similar pose here that could give Leo a run for his money.

From the posture to the million-dollar expressions, all of it matches the meme of Leonardo walking happily down the road. The timing of the photo, along with that mischievous chuckle, is sure to put a smile on your face. Remember, when it comes to babies and their doppelgangers, it is not just about the looks. The entire attitude affects the likeness.

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19. Mini Malone

This is exactly what we mean about having the mood match the appearance. You may recognize Kevin Malone from “The Office.” Comedian and actor Brian Baumgartner plays this noteworthy character. Over the years, fans have grown to adore and love him for his simple-minded and mischievous personality while playing the part.

Kevin Malone’s character has often left us in fits of laughter with his wacky schemes. This baby really takes after his essence when it comes to looks, with his adorable cheeks and round face. Plus, his ‘I don’t feel like it’ attitude. Clearly, he prefers to take a nap rather than work, just like Kevin.

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18. Babies Born Camera Ready

There may be a chance that this baby keeps his parents up late every night. Taking after one of the biggest names among late-night talk show hosts, this little one has an uncanny resemblance to Conan O’Brien. Conan is a brilliant redhead who is known for his comedic one-liners and quirky personality.

He’s interviewed a wide range of famous public figures and celebrities over the years. This baby shares the same hair, along with a warm and welcoming smile. That orange ‘do looks just like O’Brien.

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17. This Isn’t Ed Sheeran’s Baby Picture

Again with the orange hair. But this doppelganger photo is doing more than showing a great head of hair. This baby might be a boy or a girl, but it doesn’t matter. Ed Sheeran is one of the top English singers and songwriters in the industry. He has a devoted following of fans and has delivered them a number of musical favorites.

This young singer has quite a sweet-looking baby face and has even made cameos in a bunch of shows, as well. So, you probably aren’t surprised to know that he has a baby doppelganger. With the same bright ginger hair and innocent expressions, this baby is like a spitting image of Sheeran. It’s as if we’re looking at his baby pictures.

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16. Danny DeVito’s ‘Other’ Twin

Here’s another favorite! With his witty sense of humor, Danny DeVito is a ray of sunshine to many people. He has a long list of impressive movies and TV shows to his name. Good things come in small packages, especially when it comes to this baby who looks an awful lot like DeVito himself.

This picture is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, with the same scattered side hair and playful grin. You can even see the same mischief in his sparkly little eyes that Danny has.

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15. Bieber Babies

It’s hard to imagine Justin Bieber all grown up. However, he has an adorable baby doppelganger who looks a lot like him. Bieber has a diehard fan following, and his rise to fame may be an inspiration to many people. He started on a small YouTube channel to help show off his talent. When it comes to looks, Justin is known for his iconic hairstyle with the long side-swept bangs.

This baby copies the same hairstyle. It makes the kid look a lot like the young singer. Maybe if Biever and his wife, Hailey, ever decide to have babies one day, they can imagine what those babies may look like using this photo.

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14. The Fast And The Curious

This baby closely resembles Vin Diesel with a curious and mean look. This baby isn’t going to take crap from anybody, just like Dominic Toretto. Vin Diesel gained his international fame playing Dom in the world-renowned “Fast and Furious” movie franchise. Everyone loves this actor for his action sequences and captivating yet solemn personality.

With his high energy persona and athletic build, he has earned lead roles in many action movies besides Fast and Furious. We can’t say what he will look like or what will happen once this baby grows some hair on his head, but for now, he sure looks a lot like a celebrity.

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13. Babies Born Legends

Just take a quick glance at this baby picture. You probably already know whom the face reminds you of. Indeed, you didn’t even need to see the side-by-side picture to see the doppelganger. Of course, the Grammy Award-winning singer and actor John Legend comes to mind. This little guy has been quite famous on the internet ever since his aunt posted his picture on Twitter.

It got so much attention that even Legend himself caught the eye of it. Furthermore, Legend even posted a baby photo of himself “for comparison’s sake.” However, we don’t need to see a baby picture comparison because of the uncanny resemblance. The fact that Legend himself still has a bit of a babyface definitely helps with the likeness.

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12. Pitt Doppelganger?

It must feel like an honor to be so lucky to share the same facial features and smile as Brad Pitt. Not only is he the seminal heartthrob for an entire generation, but he has delivered spectacular performances in a wide variety of roles.

This kid (and probably the parents’ other babies) has a striking resemblance with the same deep electrifying eyes and killer smile. The fine-looking expressions and sleek tuft of hair tell us that this kid is sure to be turning heads when he grows up.

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11. Babies That Might Require A Paternity Test

Michael Cera is known for his quirky roles with a lot of personality and character. Not only does he act, but he is also quite adept at singing and songwriting. His most memorable performances include his shy boy persona in both Juno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

This baby delivers the same nervous and panicky expressions that are characteristic to Cera. He definitely appears to be personifying his personality in the picture with curly hair, wide eyes, and jittery looks.

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10. Animal Crackers

She can sing, dance, and even act. Now it appears that Shirley Temple also had the ability of the rare gift of active reincarnation. This adorable child star was absolutely irresistible with her acts, cheering people up in the nation during the Great Depression. Audiences couldn’t help themselves but be delighted and astonished as they watched her.

Now you might be wondering how many babies Shirley Temple had? It doesn’t matter, this girl could be her twin! Okay, granddaughter? With big lashed, a gorgeous smile, and those beautiful curls, she might want to consider taking up tap lessons in the near future.

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9. Modern Family Doppelganger

If you saw the hilarious ABC sitcom Modern Family, you recognize Cameron Tucker, played by the talented Eric Stonestreet. Cameron’s character is flamboyant and lovable, which Eric perfectly portrays. This baby looks like the star, dressed in the same cheery patterned shirt that Cam usually wears.

We find it quite a funny coincidence, as Cameron’s character likes to dress up their baby as celebrities on the show as well. The side part adds to the resemblance. However, nobody could have predicted the baby’s adorable face would be such a look-a-like. Did they dress this baby as Cameron Tucker for Halloween?

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8. Some Babies Love Uptown Funk

This one looks a lot like a mini version of Bruno Mars. Don’t believe us? Just watch…. and look at his picture next to Bruno himself. The pop star won hearts over with his chart-bursting hits and dancing capabilities that remind us of Michael Jackson. This talented singer is known for a vast range of musical genres and styles but is most known for pop and hip pop.

Like many celebrities, he has had quite the journey towards fame, and we adore him for his down-to-earth and warm personality, and charming looks. This baby takes over the young singer and songwriter with the same soft boyish face, lovable expression, and black hair.

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7. Babies Who Redefine “Bun In The Oven”

The Food Network better keep a good eye on this little one because he is clearly already poised to stir things up. This adorable baby shares more than just a passing resemblance to none other than the loved English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. This is him, from the perfectly arched eyebrows to the swooping hair.

Even those eyes are spot on. Perhaps her parents will let her watch this chef at a young age so she may gain a passion for cooking, as well.

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6. One Of Kirsten’s Dunst’s Babies?

Known for her versatile and diverse acting skills as a child, Dunst has been in showbiz since a very early age. This baby doppelganger here reminds us of Dunst’s early acting years, where she appeared in roles like Amy From ‘Little Women.’ Another fan-favorite around this same era would be the fragile little girl frozen in time in Interview with the Vampire.

Her bright and cheerful laughter, along with her innocent face, lights up the screen. When we look at the same vibrant expressions to go along with that cheeky smile and blonde curls, we see a mini her. Although Dunst earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress because of the child vampire role and also starred in three Spider-Man films.

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5. Oswalt’s Mini Doppelganger

Oswalt is an amazingly talented actor, a notable writer, comedian, and unmistakably identifiable voice actor. Fans know him for parts in multiple sitcoms, such as King of Queens. With his round face and kindly warm eyes, this baby is sure to put a smile on your face thanks to his resemblances to Oswalt himself.

Even his bright and wide smile on his face makes him look like a mini him. Plus the big ears and bangs do the trick.

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4. You Got It, Dude

‘Full House’ was probably everyone’s favorite show growing up. It reminded us all of a welcoming and warm family dynamics. Not only that, but the sitcom taught us a lot about love and how to not take yourself too seriously. Michelle Tanner was a beloved character who always knew how to make us laugh, played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Looking at her mini doppelganger takes us back to an era when she was still a child actor. It was a time, back to when we felt more innocent and relaxed while we watched the show. Although the twins are no longer babies themselves, you can see the uncanny resemblance here.

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3. Inconceivable!

Can anyone else hear this picture? From playing a teacher in ‘Clueless’ to the voice of Rex in the ‘Toy Story’ franchise, you probably know this actor. Many newborn babies have a particularly creased and perplexed face, but this one just so happens to share an undeniable resemblance to Wallace Shawn.

When Shawn frowns, everyone notices it right away. This unhappy-looking little one has scrunched up his face in just a way that it perfectly matches his Hollywood Doppelganger. Hopefully, when he’s old enough to watch ‘The Princess Bride,’ he can take some notes from his older twin and learn just what choices not to make in life.

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2. Babies Are Forever Young With Jay-Z

This baby looks quite a lot like rapper Jay-Z. With the same wide-set eyes and serious expressions, this kid looks like a mini him. We sure hope that this baby takes after more than just this rapper’s looks and has the same stimulating entrepreneurial spirit in him that helps him take the world by storm.

For now, he shares the same facial features as the rapper, and that’s good enough for us. Let’s hope that he enjoys even a fraction of the success that Jay-Z has worked so hard to achieve in his unrivaled rise.

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1. Can You Smell What This Baby Is Cooking?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is an unimaginably popular and beloved celebrity. He didn’t start in Hollywood — he began his career as a professional wrestler. Maybe you didn’t know, but that’s where he got his iconic nickname and his infamous motto about smelling what the Rock is cooking. It’s pretty challenging for us to imagine Dwayne as a small baby or for a baby to have the same look that an adult wrestler has.

It’s true, though, as we have found that this baby resembles the grown actor and retired wrestler. That ‘come at me’ look, along with that characteristic one eyebrow raised at a most daring angle from the baby, looks an awful lot like ‘The Rock’ himself.