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Ranking The Top YouTube Channels Of 2019

Shannon January 10, 2020

Making money on YouTube can be tricky. Depending on the type of content someone posts, the value of views goes up and down. Someone with a high subscriber count may not make as much as someone else who has the same amount of fans. Creators are constantly trying to keep up with the YouTube algorithm. Most YouTube stars get brand deals for posts on Instagram, podcasts, affiliate links, and other sources of their income.

Jeffree Star is a great example of a creator who happens to have a popular channel with 16 million subscribers, but his main income comes from his business, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is estimated to earn $200 million per year. Casey Neistat made a name for himself in daily vlogging, and he currently has over 11 million subscribers. He frequently takes public speaking gigs and directs full-length documentaries, as well as his creative studio business 368.

With so many variables in place, it is impossible to tell who really makes the most money using YouTube as their platform to promote their personal brand. Many people like to keep it a secret how much money they actually make. So, for the sake of this article, we are using data from SocialBlade. Even with the data provided, you will see that while the majority of these videos make more the higher they go on the list, it is not always the case. We can provide total subscribers, yearly views, and a rough estimate as to how much these channels are making from in-video advertisements alone. If you are considering making a YouTube channel, this may give some insight into what topics are more profitable than others.

LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes. Credit: YouTube

30. LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes: $24 Million

With many of the YouTube channels on this list, you’ll notice that the majority of them are kid’s related content. This is for a few reasons. For the first time ever, children are now getting phones, iPads and Smart TVs at home. Parents want their kids to consume content that is family-friendly. So when they find a channel that is filled with high-quality educational content, they stick with it. LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes checks all of those boxes. They create 3D animated cartoons to go along with some famous children’s nursery rhymes. One of their videos has surpassed two billion views.

Subscribers: 22.2 Million

Yearly Earnings: $24 Million

Colors TV. Credit: YouTube

29. Colors TV: $25.9 Million

Colors TV is a Viacom channel that appears on Indian television. Their YouTube channel features clips and trailers to some of their most popular shows that appear on TV. Their most popular video is a clip showing the finale of the series “Big Boss.” Considering how large the population of India is, this makes sense that one of their stations would be in the top-earning channels from around the world.

Subscribers: 22.1 Million

Yearly Earnings: $25.9 Million

YRF. Credit: YouTube

28. YRF: $24.5 Million

YRF is short for Yash Raj Films. They are a production company that has been around since the 1970s and are one of the biggest studios in India. They are well-known for being masters of Hindi cinema and didn’t waste any time getting their work on YouTube. The channel has music videos, movie trailers, and scenes to tease audiences to buy tickets to new films.

Subscribers: 26.7 Million

Yearly Earnings: $24.5 Million

Baby Bus. Credit: YouTube

27. BabyBus: $26.8 Million

BabyBus is yet another kid’s YouTube channel. Only this time, they have the voice of a baby Panda character speaking English, but they try to teach children Chinese characters through animation. This works well for anyone who is Chinese-American. There is also a growing number of parents out there who want their kid to learn Mandarin. Since China is now one of the most powerful economies in the world, it may benefit their future to learn the language.

Subscribers: 11.9 Million

Yearly Earnings: $26.8 Million

Stacy Toys. Credit: YouTube

26. Stacy Toys: $26.8 Million

Anastasia Radzinskaya is a Russian-American YouTube starlet. She is an adorable little girl who stars in videos filmed and edited by her parents, who have six other channels on top of “Stacy Toys,” which made it to the list of top performers on the platform. Anastasia was born with cerebral palsy in Southern Russia, and her parents moved to the United States. She has difficulty speaking and communicating, so they started to film her playing with toys and going around town to document her daily life with sound effects playing instead of dialogue. As time went on, filming these videos has helped Anastasia grow her confidence and ability to communicate with others. It turns out that kids loved their family’s style of videos, and it has done incredibly well. In this channel, she goes by the alias “Stacy,” which is meant to help protect her identity.

Subscribers: 24.1 Million

Yearly Earnings: $26.8 Million

Captain Watch Hits. Credit: YouTube

25. Captain Watch Hits: $3.9 Million

Indian movies are often known as “Bollywood” instead of Hollywood. They are iconic and have a style of drama that is unique to their country. The Captain Watch Hits YouTube channel has full-length vintage movies, as well as movie clips. This is similar to our Turner Classic Movies channel here in the United States. Most of the movies featured on the channel are in Hindi, so unfortunately for English speakers, you won’t be able to understand the content. Their most popular video has 24 million views, and their overall views are 383,284,400.

Subscribers: 2.7 Million

Yearly Earnings: $3.9 Million

Sesame Street. Credit: YouTube

24. Sesame Street: $25.3 Million

Everyone has seen Sesame Street as a kid (and if you haven’t, I am truly sorry for your childhood.) So among all of these other channels featuring children’s educational content, it only makes sense that Sesame Street would want to get in on the action. The majority of their videos are short clips from the television series, usually featuring songs and scenes that kids can enjoy as standalone content. A few of their videos have hundreds of millions of views, with one titled “Shake the Mango Tree” that has over a billion.

Subscribers: 12.1 Million

Yearly Earnings: 25.3 Million

Aaj Tak. Credit: YouTube

23. Aaj Tak: $33.2 Million

So far on this list, we have had a few popular Indian channels, and Aaj Tak is no exception. They are an Indian Hindi language news channel that is one of the oldest media companies in the country. Their parent company, Living Media Group, runs the news station as well as the YouTube channel. For anyone who speaks Hindi, it is a good way to keep up with current events.

So Subscribers: 25.4 Million

Yearly Earnings: $33.2 Million

Credit: YouTube

22. Toys and Colors: $34.9 Million

Toys and Colors is yet another channel for kids. Each of the videos showcases kids playing pretend with toys that are being showcased on the video. They also sing and dance to popular kid’s nursery rhymes. Their videos seem to star members of the family and are reminiscent of family home video skits, and yet kids seem to absolutely love watching them.

Subscribers: 17.8 Million

Yearly Earnings: $34.9 Million

Zee Music Company. Credit: YouTube

21. Zee Music Company: $34.2 Million

By this point in the list, it should be no surprise that an Indian music company is making its way to the top of the list. The Zee Music Company is a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. The company owns majority in Bollywood Music, making them one of the most powerful Hindi language companies in the industry. As you can imagine, Zee Music Company’s YouTube channel has music videos from popular artists.

Subscribers: 48.5 Million

Yearly Earnings: $34.2 Million

Credit: YouTube

20. Paramore: $95 Million

Many musical artists are under contract to have their music videos featured on a channel belonging to the record label. Paramore is one of those bands that is lucky enough to have more independence, and the ability to post their own music videos on YouTube. Even though the band has been around for over a decade and they haven’t uploaded a new video in over a year, people still love them enough to keep coming back.

Subscribers: 1.37 Million

Yearly Earnings: $95 Million

SHFA. Credit: YouTube

19. SHFA: $36.4 Million

So far on this list, we have lots of kid’s channels and lots of Indian channels. So it’s not surprising that we have a channel that combines the two. SHFA stars a little girl who is speaking Hindi, and she acts out various skits. Some of the videos have over 100 million views, with the most popular content having something to do with Disney’s Frozen.

Subscribers: 13.4 Million

Yearly Earnings: $36.4 Million

Ryan’s World is formerly known as Ryan’s Toy Review. Credit: YouTube

18. Ryan’s World: $38.1 Million

Ryan’s World was formerly called Ryan’s ToyReview. As the name suggests, a young boy would play with toys on camera. This became massively popular, and gained a lot of attention in the media. However, in September of 2019, Truth in Advertising sued Ryan’s parents. In the United States, there is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. They were also slapped with a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission and accused of subliminal advertising to children. Since then, the family has decided to rename the channel “Ryan’s World,” and they are adding more skits and educational content.

Subscribers: 23.2 Million

Yearly Earnings: $38.1 Million

El Reino Infantil. Credit: YouTube

17. El Reino Infantil: $37.2 Million

El Reino Infantil is very similar to some of the other animated children’s content channels on this list, except that everything is in Spanish. They have popular nursery rhymes, Christmas carols, and more.

Subscribers: 29.2 Million

Yearly Earnings: $37.2 Million

Movieclips. Credit: YouTube

16. Movieclips: $47.6 Million

The Movieclips channel is owned by Fandango, the same company that allows you to reserve movie tickets online. Along with movie trailers, they also have clips from some of the newest movies. This is great for anyone who wants to check out a movie before they commit to paying for a ticket. Or they want to send their friends a funny clip from a movie. There are plenty of other channels like this out there, but it might be because Fandango has access to some of the best quality video clips before anyone else that makes it succeed far more than others.

Subscribers: 32.3 Million

Yearly Earnings: $47.6 Million

Funny Baby Russian. Credit: YouTube

15. Funny Baby Russian: $22.7 Million

With a name like “Funny Baby Russian,” you can probably guess what this channel is all about. Similar to “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” these are movie clips of cute babies doing adorably funny things. Considering that these videos must be family-friendly, they would also be advertiser-friendly. At first glance, the fact that this channel makes so much money doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. With only a little over 1 million subscribers, they don’t have many loyal fans who keep going back for more. However, they have a whopping 476,579,205 total views. Their most popular video has 65 million views. This is a sign they are probably being pushed by the YouTube algorithm and showing up in the sidebar.

Subscribers: 1.19 Million

Yearly Earnings: $22.7 Million

ABS-CBN Entertainment. Credit: YouTube

14. ABS-CBN Entertainment: $45.2 Million

ABS-CBN is a Filipino entertainment company from Quezon City, Philippines. Their YouTube account has clips and full episodes from some of their shows that would normally go on TV.

Subscribers: 24 Million

Yearly Earnings: $45.2 Million

Vlad and Nikita. Credit: YouTube

13. Vlad and Nikita: $45.3 Million

Vlad and Nikita are four and six-year-old brothers who do skits, play with toys, and make educational content together with their parents. There is not much information online about where the boys are from. Some of their videos are in Arabic, while others are in Russian or English.

Subscribers: 31.8 Million

Yearly Earnings: $45.3 Million

SAB TV. Credit: YouTube

12. SAB TV: Unknown

SAB TV is an Indian comedy and family content channel with content made entirely in Hindi. While their income was not listed on SocialBlade, it was still listed near the top of the list. If you look at the data from individual videos, many of them make over $100,000 each.

Subscribers: 26.7 Million

Yearly Earnings: Unknown

DM Films Scary Clowns. Credit: YouTube

11. DM Films- Scary Clowns: $25.7 Million

The title of this channel says it all. A few years back, you might remember a trend where people thought killer clowns were roaming the streets. Apparently, people couldn’t get enough of that fear factor. DM Films creates independent horror skits, and they also have pranks where they scare people while wearing clown costumes.

Subscribers: 5 Million

Yearly Earnings: $25.7 Million

Zee TV removed its content. Credit: YouTube

10. Zee TV: $62.6 Million

This next one is a bit of a shock because when you see the Zee TV YouTube channel, you’ll notice they have removed all of their content. Just like all of the other Bollywood channels on this list, it was doing incredibly well. Why would anyone do that when they were making tens of millions of dollars? According to Forbes, Zee TV was over $1 billion dollars in debt.

Subscribers: 39.5 Million

Yearly Earnings: $62.6 Million

New Tamil Movies. Credit: YouTube

9. New Tamil Movies: $33.7 Million

Along with many of the other channels on this list, New Tamil Movies has clips from popular Indian films. There are also a couple of full-length movies on the channel. One of the most popular movies on the channel called Anaconda 3 has 23 million views.

Subscribers: 2.3 Million

Yearly Earnings: $33.7 Million

SET India. Credit: YouTube

8. SET India: $78.5 Million

SET India has been around since the 1990s and is owned by Sony. Their YouTube channel has clips from the Hindi language content that you would normally see on TV in India. There seem to be a lot of comedies and sitcoms on the channel.

Subscribers: 62.3 Million

Yearly Earnings: $78.5 Million

Fortnite Funny. Credit: YouTube

7. Fortnite Funny: $1 Million

For the past couple years, Fortnite has been one of the most popular video games among kids and teenagers. The Fortnite Funny channel has live streams of the owner playing the game. If you look at the amount of money he makes, as well as the number of subscribers, it’s confusing as to why SocialBlade ranked this channel so high on their list. But then you realize that it has gotten 834,325,669 views in a very short amount of time. With nearly a billion views, this gets them very high on the list, even though their revenue and subscriber count doesn’t seem to reflect that.

Subscribers: 3 Million

Yearly Earnings: $1 Million

Kids Diana Show. Credit: YouTube

6. Kids Diana Show: $82.7 Million

The Kids Diana Show is based in Ukraine. It’s the sister channel to Kids Roma Show, which stars a little boy belonging to the same family of YouTubers. Even though this is based in Ukraine, they speak both English and Russian on this channel. With minimal dialogue, the videos are designed to show the kids in funny situations that kids from any country could understand. Obviously, it’s working, because these channels have tens of millions of subscribers.

Subscribers: 42.5 Million

Yearly Earnings: $82.7 Million

Like Nastya Vlog. Credit: YouTube

5. Like Nastya Vlog: $92.9 Million

You might recognize the little girl from Like Nastya as the same child from “Stacy’s Toys,” which we mentioned earlier on this list. Both channels are owned by the same family, and they make content starring their daughter under a variety of character names.

Subscribers: 43.7 Million

Yearly Earnings: $92.9 Million

Kehlani’s music channel. Credit: YouTube

4. Kehlani : $47.3 Million

Kehlani is a musician whose videos are massively popular on YouTube. Even if you don’t know her by name, you have probably heard her music on the radio at some point. She usually collaborates with other popular artists like Zedd. One of her most popular videos is of her song “Gangsta,” which was featured in the movie Suicide Squad.

Subscribers: 2.4 Million

Yearly Earnings: $47.3 Million

Familie Vogel. Credit: YouTube

3. Familie Vogel: $52.3 Million

Looking at the numbers of this channel, it’s very much as “Say what?!” moment. How can someone with only 35,000 subscribers make over $50 million? This is a German family channel with skits played out by toys. Many of their most popular videos have over 8 million views. But there are also a few other videos that only get tens of thousands of views. Perhaps it’s because there is a demand for German-language family channels on YouTube, and Familie Vogel is willing to create content that fills the demand.

Subscribers: 35,000

Yearly Earnings: $52.3 Million

CocoMelon. Credit: YouTube

2. CocoMelon: $112.9 Million

CocoMelon is a YouTube channel aimed at young children and babies. They produce 3D animated videos to go along with popular nursery rhymes and songs. Almost everyone has heard the “Baby Shark” song whether you have kids or not. CocoMelon is one of the channels that made the song massively popular. Surprisingly, that is not even the most popular video on the CocoMelon channel. The most views they ever got was 2.2 billion on their “bath song”.

Subscribers: 69.2 Million

Yearly Earnings: $112.9 Million

T-Series. Credit: YouTube

1. T-Series : $152.4 Million

T-Series is India’s largest music label. They feature music videos from popular artists, with their most popular having over 800 million views. India has a population of 1.3 billion people, which means they have more than triple the amount of people than the entire United States.

It only makes sense that people are loving free content they can find on YouTube. In 2019, T-Series became famous in the rest of the world when they went head-to-head with PewDiePie to take the spot for the highest number of subscribers on YouTube. So you may be wondering, why isn’t PewDiePie on this list?

According to the data, his revenue was not as high as the others. It may be because his content is often flagged for not being family-friendly. According to SocialBlade, PewDiePie made $14 million in 2019, which is only a fraction of what T-Series earned.

Subscribers: 123 Million

Yearly Earnings: $152.4 Million