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40 Ridiculous Instagram Editing Fails That Exposed Fake Pictures

Trista August 19, 2021

There are many different apps available today that help people edit their photos. Sometimes, these apps enhance the lighting or color effects. People like to play around with filters or correct minor blemishes in their photos. But other times, people use them to change their appearance completely. There’s pressure to look a certain way that comes along with social media, and some people like to take it to the extreme on Instagram or Snapchat.

We found some hilarious edited Instagram images via Science Sensei. It’s hard to believe people would actually post these for the public to see, but they did. You may or may not be surprised what extremes some people have gone to when it comes to editing their photos. Some may make you laugh, while others may have you scratching your head and asking yourself why. Read on and enjoy.

Science Sensei

40. Something’s Up With The Tennis Court

We’re not entirely sure what is happening here or why she thought this would look realistic to everyone else, but we aren’t buying it and most others probably aren’t either. This photo definitely is not natural.

Not only are her curves a bit unbelievable, but the tennis court behind her also has some unbelievable curves. We’re not sure why she felt the need to edit all of this. However, we’re not buying it.

Science Sensei

39. That’s A Sharp Chin

Her chin is so sharp in this photo that her name should be cheddar. She could use that thing to cut someone. Maybe that was her intention on the look? Either way, it does not look natural, and we can definitely tell that this photo has been strongly edited so that her face seems exceptionally angular.

It’s safe to say, however, no matter what face shape she may have had to begin with, we can tell she is beautiful, and there was no need to edit her chin, especially into the form of a triangle.

Science Sensei

38. Snapchat Filters

If you have Snapchat, you know there are many different filters to choose from when taking a photo or video in the app. You have probably even played around with some of them, changing up your appearance one way or another. Well, that’s precisely what this woman has done.

She looks unrecognizable compared to the unfiltered picture. Anyone who knows her in person would know it was edited. With a side-by-side photo, it’s almost hard to tell that it’s even the same person in both pictures.

Science Sensei

37. Reflection’s A Dead Giveaway

The girl in the photo wanted to show off this dress she had tried on. However, instead of taking a picture and simply posting it for everyone to see, she edited it first. What gives it away, you may ask? Well, the reflection of herself behind her looks just a tad bit different than what she wants everyone to think her figure looks like.

She forgot to take into account that her reflection would be noticed in the photo as well. She looks great in her reflection; we’re not sure why she felt the need even to edit her picture in the first place.

Science Sensei / Pic Collage

36. That’s Definitely Drawn On

Have you ever wanted to get a piercing done but weren’t sure how it would look on you? Well, this girl had found the perfect solution. Although, we aren’t sure why she also posted it, making it look like she was trying to convince others it was an actual upper lip stud.

There’s just no denying that it was drawn on. The least she could have done was make it look a bit more realistic. She isn’t fooling anyone with this photo.

Science Sensei / TikTok

35. Form-Fitting Clothes?

Even wonder why clothing seen in an advertisement looks perfect, and then when you go to try it on, it looks completely different on you, even if you have the same body type as the model in the advertisement? There’s a secret behind that.

Models usually have their clothing pinned onto them like this. This is so that the garment they are wearing fits them perfectly when being photographed. That explains a lot, and doesn’t seem very fair, now, does it? Too bad we can’t do that in real life without it looking silly.

Science Sensei

34. This Girl Can Bend Light

Unless this girl has some special powers none of us know about, she definitely edited her photo. If you look closely, it appears that she is bending light in this picture. However, we don’t think that was her intention when she edited this image.

Nevertheless, in the world of Instagram, the laws of physics sometimes don’t seem to apply. She must have adjusted to her nose and didn’t realize that the ray of light next to her face would be affected the way it had been.

Science Sensei

33. One Has Lost Some Air

The woman in this photo is known for editing her photos on Instagram, specifically her chest. However, in this post, it seems she had forgotten to edit one side and it’s definitely noticeable. The right side has been enlarged as intended, while the other side looks much smaller.

It seems like the left one has lost quite a bit of air comparatively. How embarrassing, and it lets everyone know that she has been editing her pictures heavily for quite a while now.

Science Sensei

32. Reflections Give Away Secrets

Looking at the reflection in this man’s sunglasses, you’ll notice that they don’t seem to match the surroundings in this photo. The photo is of someone sitting outside with grass behind them, but the reflection in the glasses shows a different story.

It appears that the person taking the picture is actually taking a selfie in their car. This man must’ve Photoshopped his face onto someone else’s body and then pretended it was him. He definitely forgot to make sure all the details were fixed before posting this pic.

Science Sensei

31. Mirrors Don’t Make Things Curvier

In this pic, it’s a little unclear whether she edited her reflection or her actual body. But either way, they don’t match up. It appears that she had made her butt quite a bit bigger in the reflection, but not on her actual body.

Either way, however, she looks beautiful, so we’re not sure why she went through the trouble of editing the photo so much to begin with. As stated before, reflections are a dead giveaway when editing photos if you forget to edit both sides.

Science Sensei

30. Not Sure What Happened Here

Talk about looking fake and not really hiding the fact that your faces look unnaturally edited. We don’t know what this couple had looked like before they edited their photo, but we are sure that their faces looked better before the final result here.

They look like they were practicing their cosplay costumes of the Corpse Bride while wearing matching Gucci outfits together. No matter how you look at it, this photo of this couple seems beyond fake.

Science Sensei

29. Different Than Your Tags

If you weren’t aware, this gentleman went viral for licking a public toilet seat and calling it the “coronavirus challenge,” and then tested positive for the virus. It’s still unclear what thoughts were going through his head at that time or why he also felt the need to edit his photos.

Especially when people who know him in person know what he indeed looks like. He was interviewed on TV, and people could see what he really looked like without editing. It will be difficult for him to post those over-edited photos now that everyone knows what he looks like without a filter.

Science Sensei

28. One Hand Isn’t Like The Other

Maybe she favors one of her arms and hands over the other because it looks quite a bit bigger and stronger than the other one. Or perhaps someone edited her photo and forgot to edit her arm to go along with the rest of her body so that it would match?

In any case, we’re sure that this was not how she wanted the photo to look, but she also wanted to appear extra skinny. Because of that, her arms were sacrificed because it was overlooked. Oops!

Science Sensei

27. The Whitest Eyeballs

We’re all well aware that makeup can do wonders to change a person’s appearance when done right, but that is not quite the issue here. The problem is that we had never seen an eyeball on anyone before that was as white and as bright as in this photo.

It’s clear that this photo has been edited, especially since there are no visible veins in their eyes and naturally there should be. So what happened to hers? We’re sure her eyes look just fine before she edited them.

Science Sensei

26. A Bit More Than Catfishing

Even been online and seen someone, and sometime later met them in person, and they look nothing like their photos? That is often called catfishing. It probably comes as a shock to those who see this poster in person after seeing what he (supposedly) looks like online.

He’s obviously editing his photos, and we’re not entirely sure why he went to the extremes that he did. Thus, we are not sure what this guy looks like, but this is bizarre and is sending the wrong message to his followers.

Science Sensei

25. This Booty Bends Space

This poster’s butt is apparently so big that it can bend time, space, and reality. We highly doubt that anyone believes this photo is genuine and not edited. The problem here is that she didn’t seem to have taken into account that shadows never lie.

And on top of that, the wood she is sitting on seems a bit wonky, which is a dead giveaway that this was indeed edited. Who on earth was she trying to fool? Because they most likely didn’t fall for it either.

Science Sensei

23. Losing Weight With Photoshop

This woman looks beautiful in the unedited photo, so we’re not really sure why she wanted to edit her image. Especially since the picture she posted is overly edited. Instead of feeling like you should be looking a certain way, you should feel confident just the way you are.

No one can support how you look if you don’t show them your proper form. Natural beauty and curves look good; there’s no need to edit your photos for others to enjoy.

Science Sensei

23. Not The Same Person

In the photos on the left, you can see the pictures of this woman posted are from her Instagram account. On the right, these photos are of her while she was on TV. There is no denying that she looks like two different people when comparing pictures from the left and right.

Some significant editing was involved. It’s amazing what a filter with some good lighting can do to someone’s appearance. It can indeed change your appearance drastically.

Science Sensei

22. Where Did Her Organs Go?

The longer you look at this picture, the more ridiculous it seems. We must wonder how she could keep her pants from falling down if this weren’t an edited photo. From the looks of it, it looks like she is trying the paper waist challenge to make herself look as thin as possible.

There had to have been some significant editing involved in this picture here. Her body just seems a bit disproportionate to us and we’re not sure where her organs went.

Science Sensei

21. An Obvious Green Screen

Although the train tracks seem legit, and they may have been somewhere else, that snow that looks to be falling in front of their mugs isn’t real. They are inside a car while taking these photos. It seems that so many influencers will do whatever they can to get as many likes as they possibly can on an image.

And that’s even if the editing they do is clearly evident to the naked eye. Furthermore, there are so many things that seem to be entirely fake in this picture if you look close enough. This holiday celebration was a fake one.

Science Sensei

20. Simply Unrealistic

Not only are this woman’s proportions impossible in this photo, but they’re just an unrealistic standard. We are unsure of how she edited this picture, but there’s no way it can be real. It’s hard to be confident with today’s social media influencers when they Photoshop pictures of themselves.

These days online, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not, and what is accepted and what’s not. However, as a mother, she should probably be teaching her daughter about body positivity, not about how to use Photoshop.

Science Sensei

19. Obvious Comparison

How awkward must it be when you post a photo and it appears one way. Then the photographer who shot the photo posts the same shot, but it looks way different than the one you posted. In these photos of the same woman, posted side by side, you can see the differences.

One is the shape of her face. The one she posted looks different than what the photographer shot. She doesn’t even look like herself. The photo that the photographer posted looks just fine, so we don’t know why she would feel the need to edit her image in the first place.

Science Sensei

18. Caught In The Lie

How embarrassing is it to post a picture that seems like it could be natural to others only to find out that someone else exposes you. Some did just that by posting the whole situation from a different angle, showing everyone what the liar really looks like.

Someone did a great job editing her to look real, but there’s no doubt that they got caught in a lie, and their photo was majorly edited. She looks much different in reality. There is no denying that.

Science Sensei

17. Supposed To Be The Same Person

This man wants everyone to believe that these two photos are both of him, taken around the same time. The black and white photo looks like he had Photoshopped someone else’s face onto his body and then Photoshopped his body as well.

This could have been an accurate picture of him that was taken 20 years ago, but it’s definitely not the same person from the same year. Who is he trying to kid? Anyone who knows him in real life is sure to know that’s not what he looks like now.

Science Sensei

16. Photoshopping Mugshots

Have you ever heard something as absurd as someone Photoshopping their mugshot? We don’t know many people who would publicly post their own mugshots, let alone also feel the need to edit them first. Nevertheless, I guess if you’re going to post your mugshot, you might as well make everyone think you looked good when you were arrested.

This woman thought it would be appropriate to smooth out her skin. Not only that, but brighten up her eyes a bit to make this photo of her look better. There’s no denying it, however. No matter what, being arrested doesn’t look suitable for anyone.

Science Sensei

15. If Ken Weren’t Just A Doll

So, here we have this man who posted this picture of him with a friend. However, he only felt the need to edit himself and made it look far from natural. He not only whitened his teeth and smoothed his face, but he also added some sparkle to his sleeve.

This guy looks pretty creepy if you ask us. He seems more like a plastic doll than a natural person in this photo. It’s kind of frightening. We’re not even sure what he really looks like underneath all that editing he has done to himself.

Science Sensei

14. She Went Back In Time

Can you guess the original photo and which one she had posted on her Facebook page? She thinks she is fooling her friends into believing she doesn’t look a day over 40. In reality, however, she is actually 71, and for her age, she should be proud of how she looks naturally.

She doesn’t need all the editing she has done to her picture. It’s not a big secret everyone ages, so why try and hide that you are aging gracefully?

Science Sensei

13. Their Faces Are Not Real

Have you ever wondered what you may look like if you were a Barbie doll? These girls edited this photo so in an apparent attempt to actually find out. They got to see what they would look like if they were animated. It looks like they photoshopped Barbie’s face onto theirs.

We are sure they looked just fine before they did all this editing, but we will never honestly know. They look entirely fake. Hopefully, they realize that and don’t think others will believe that this is how they really look.

Science Sensei

12. Editing Hair Is Another Trend

People have called this woman out over social media for editing her hair in her photos. In the image on the left, she revised it to make it look like her hair was wavy. In another picture, she added a little bit of length to her bangs and changed her hair color.

It’s a wonder why she felt the need to edit her hair. She could have easily changed it before taking the photos so that it wouldn’t need editing, or she could have just accepted how her hair truly looks.

Science Sensei

11. Makeup Can’t Do It All

Some people feel that having any kind of texture on your face is wrong and should be smoothed out, at least for this woman. From what her photo looks like before and how it looks after she edited it, it appears she may have been embarrassed with how her face may have looked with having pores and blemishes.

Even though they are natural and they happen, it’s a part of life. It seems like she is wearing makeup, but it didn’t cover everything she wanted it to, so she resorted to editing to do the rest. Even with her imperfect skin, which even has perfect skin, to begin with, she is beautiful and should not be ashamed of how she looks.

Science Sensei

10. The Door Frame Needs Fixing

The Kardashian and Jenner clan have always been called out for editing their photos. There’s no denying that. They appear to be perfect, but it’s not hard to spot the imperfections in many images posted by them. In this photo, Kylie Jenner posted one of herself that her fans instantly noticed that appeared to have been edited.

As you can see, the door frame just to the side of her is slightly bent. That’s not natural. When it comes to finding that editing fails with their photos, people are like detectives, but do you blame them when the mistakes are easily seen?

Science Sensei

9. Just Stop

Some of us may have gone through phases where we wanted to look like a doll, so we dressed up like them and maybe even did our hair and makeup like them, as well. This girl, however, decided to cheat and edit her photos instead, making herself look so unreal.

There’s way too much editing that has been done to these photos for anyone to believe that this is how she actually looks in real life. She even went so far as to change the color of her eyes, making her eyes look even more unnatural.

Science Sensei

8. That’s Some powerful Deodorant

We understand that armpits aren’t the most flattering part of the body, but everyone has them. This girl in the photo, however, appears to have wicked them away with this powerful deodorant. Someone’s armpits are never this smooth.

Even if you shave or wax, there is no indentation showing that it even is a “pit.” Whoever was trying to advertise this deodorant has some explaining because there really was no reason to edit the photo to promote how well a product works, especially how they did it.

Science Sensei

7. Check Those Stairs

It’s pretty obvious that a photo has been edited when the stairs in the background have been stretched and deformed. There is no doubt that this person had edited this photo to make themselves appear slimmer and curvier. There are other clues as well that this photo was edited.

Her shape doesn’t seem very natural either. There is no doubt she was beautiful before editing this picture, so we are not sure why she thought she should edit anything in the first place.

Science Sensei

6. Bigger Feet Than Her Waist

You’ve probably never met anyone who has bigger feet than their waist; we never have either. She doesn’t look like a real person after all the editing she did to this photo. We don’t understand why she felt the need to edit herself in this picture so blatantly.

But the fact is she made so many unbelievable changes to her image. After all that editing, her body now doesn’t look proportioned right. It just looks unnatural. No one will believe that that’s how she actually looks in real life.

Science Sensei

5. Even Paintings Hide Things

It may be hard to believe for some, but even in the 1500s, people were editing pictures of themselves. In this case, there was a portrait of Isabella De’ Medici that was restored after many centuries, revealing some truths behind it.

When the artists restored the painting, they realized that someone had painted over the original to make her look even more beautiful. The before photo shows what it looked like when it was painted over the original. The after reveals what she actually looked like before her painting was painted over.

Science Sensei / 90daybipolar

4. Instagram Is Not Reality

Did someone say Catfish? This man posted a photo on Instagram where he looked pretty nice, with prominent filters, in any case. He made his skin appear smooth, his eyes brighter, and chose not to show his teeth, although we know he would’ve edited those, too, had he chosen to show them.

When people saw him on TV, they could not believe that he was the same person who had posted that picture on Instagram. They don’t look like the same person. Now that is what you call catfishing at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Science Sensei

3. This Looks More Like A Painting

There’s no way that anyone actually believes this photo is real. This picture appears to be animated; there is absolutely no way it is real life. The girl in the photo smoothed out her skin so much that it now looks like it was computer-generated.

It looks like this picture was taken from a computer app or a video game. It’s incredible what some people will do in hopes that others will believe that it’s the real deal. Who do they think they are fooling here?

Science Sensei

2. The Tagged IG Photo Versus Posted Image

It’s a known fact that when someone else posts a picture of you on Instagram, you usually cannot control the editing of that photo. This girl, however, didn’t expect anyone else to notice when she took a picture she was tagged in and edited it before posting it to her own Instagram, claiming it was her real self.

It’s obvious there were many changes she had done to herself when she edited her photo; from her smaller waist and thinner face to larger eyes, she looks totally different. She doesn’t look like herself anymore.

Science Sensei

1. The Queen Of Catfishing

It’s evident that this woman edited her photo, making herself appear much younger and apparently much more animated when it comes to the eyes. This woman is the queen of editing her photos to make herself look like a completely different person.

She went from looking like your typical “soccer mom” to looking like a young girl in college. She must be a wizard on Photoshop because we are unsure how she did it, making this photo look believable.