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40+ rare celebrity photos that will give you a glimpse of what they were like before they hit Hollywood

Hizkiail July 12, 2021

Reeves was also interested in music so he formed an alternative music band in 1991. Surprisingly, it had a little success, and they were active until the early 2000s. Their big appearance was on Point Break , which helped him get there. to stardom.


At a young age, she gained media attention for her performance of a Shirley Bassey song, which made her the winner of the Junior Star Trail competition. Zeta-Jones traveled to London with her dance company, where she added for different shows.


Instead of taking his scholarship, however, he enlisted in the Air Force and served between 1955 and 1959. Later, Freeman worked as a transcriptionist for Los Angeles City College and studied art there. He was also a dancer until he began to win roles in different performances.

Anne Hathaway

Hathaway wanted to be a nun as she grew up in a very conservative Roman Catholic Apostolic family during her childhood. However, acting was always on his mind, and we are grateful that he chose to entertain us on the big screen.


Biden eventually took a bar exam and began practicing law. This helped build his career, and he served in the United States Senate for 36 years before serving as Vice President of Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. Outside of political ideals, we cannot deny that he was very handsome.


Madonna dropped out of school after her mother died, and her father decided to sign her up for piano and ballet classes. Her dance teacher was one of those who helped her pursue her dream of being a dancer.


His popularity as an impersonator and comedian quickly grew, as well as touring and appearing on television. His performances made him more and more popular, thus becoming the main character in films like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask , which helped him become the actor he is today.

Taylor Swift

At age 11, Swift traveled with her mother to Nashville to pursue her musical dream. Swift took her demos to record labels but was rejected. However, she kept trying until someone finally took her seriously when she grew up.


Not long after graduating, Sarandon managed to land a role in the movie Joe , which opened the doors for him to get more characters in different movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show . She became a classic and everyone recognized her wherever she went.

Selena Gomez

While auditioning for Barney and Friends , Gomez met Demi Lovato and the two landed a role on the show. She said that everything she learned about acting and production she did from Barney . He left the show when he was too old to be on it.


After college, it took Dinklage to get well-paying jobs, so he had to work at a data processing company in order to live. He was unable to get a job as he refused to play roles that focused on his dwarfism. Finally, in 2003 he had his breakthrough role in The Station Agent and was nominated for a SAG award for him.


Beyonce’s interest in getting on stage continued after she won a talent show when she was seven years old. Her parents enrolled her in a music school so she can improve her talents. He also attended an art high school.


Eventually, Hanks decided to drop out of college and audition for whatever role he could find. After the success of Splash , he became a recognized face and came to star in Big . It was that movie that made him achieve his fame in Hollywood.


Garner initially went to college to study chemistry but quickly changed and wanted to study theater. She spent her time working in the summer theater and that’s how she discovered her passion for acting. He also moved from South Carolina to Los Angeles once he graduated.


His nickname “The Rock” arose from his days as a wrestler, and by the 90s, he was already a star who was offered countless roles in movies. The production that changed his career was The Mummy Returns in 2001.

Charles Peterson

Nirvana found success by releasing their 1991 single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from the Nevermind album . They sold 400,000 copies in just one week and 30 million worldwide.


After the navy, Connery worked as a truck driver, lifeguard, laborer and artist model at Edinburgh College of Art. In the 1950s, he finally started landing extra roles, but it wasn’t enough. He had to work as a babysitter until he got better paid characters.


Jolie later studied drama at NYU and participated in her brother’s student productions. However, his first professional role did not occur until 1992 in Cyborg 2 , but he did not like the result and did not audition for anything else for a whole year.


After a couple of performances, Brown went on to land the role that would make her extremely famous on Stranger Things as Eleven. Her performance earned multiple nominations even when she was so small. Today she is a little more adult but just as mischievous as in this photo.


When Waltz got to college, he studied acting, but his passion was singing and opera. Eventually, he realized that his voice was not made for singing, so he began working as an actor and director on a German television show called Wenn Man Sich Traut before his starring role in 2009.


Everything changed in Eminem’s life when he adopted the name Slim Shady and released a new album in 1997, Slim Shady EP . The album caught the attention of Dr. Dre and invited Eminem to work together to release another EP two years later.


Gaga also studied method acting for ten years but had no luck with any characters. While studying in New York, she was singing when a talent scout heard her and helped her find her way to fame.


Marley began making music in his elementary school with his friends before moving to Kingston to start a vocal duo. However, the group did not rise to fame until they signed a contract with Island Records.


Two years later, Bale appeared in his first film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna . Then she gained attention and thus more roles, which made her career questionable. However, Kenneth Branagh convinced him to stay on the big screen.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston’s first television role was on a show called Molloy in 1990 before her starring role as Rachel Green on Friends . She was 17 when this photo was taken, and we wonder if she knew how famous she would be today.


After graduating, Jones decided to move to New York to continue acting, landing his first role in 1970, playing a Harvard student in Love Story . It shouldn’t have been difficult for him to play this character, considering that he had graduated from Harvard.


Then Tarantino got paid to watch movies (how do we get that job?) And got his first job in Hollywood in 1986 as a Production Assistant. A few years later, he wrote his first movie that led to him being one of the most admirable directors in Hollywood today.


Eastwood was brought to California, where he served as a swimming instructor. After the military, he appeared in a few television series before having his breakthrough role in Rawhide in 1959. Eastwood gained international fame and continues to act to this day in his 90s.


Vin Diesel started college but dropped out shortly to start writing screenplays. Diesel’s first role was in 1990 but he didn’t appear in the credits, but Steven Spielberg later cast him for Saving Private Ryan , which either helped put his feet on big productions.


Perry took dance classes to learn swing, Lindy Hop, and Jitterbug, all popular dances from the 1950s. Also, her first album was released on behalf of Katy Hudson, and it had a lot of Christian music until she finally changed her style.


As he gained notoriety in Hollywood, Harbor became a much more recognizable face. However, it was not until he participated in Stranger Things that his life changed. This character helped him land many more jobs in other productions.


Zuckerberg created video games, and his friend designed the graphics. In college, he became a prodigy programmer and created a couple of shows before Facebook. It’s funny to know that this teenager is one of the richest people in the world today.


Due to his connections to the world of wrestling, La Roca secured a contract with the WWF for eight years before beginning to study acting. Today he is one of the most famous and best paid actors in Hollywood.


During the show, Rihanna met a singer and writer who inspired her to pursue a musical career. Even though we don’t have new music, we must appreciate how far this baby from a small island has come.


As a child, his mother told him to join the church choir because of his great talent. Then his grandmother considered that he could be a professional singer after hearing him sing. The family decided to move to Atlanta and give him a chance to become someone.

Heidi Klum

She wanted to try an apprenticeship at a fashion and design school, but the modeling contract was much more promising. Klum became successful very quickly and made the covers of Vogue magazine in France, Germany, Portugal and Spain .


As a child, she wanted to be a veterinarian, but once she got to college, she decided to leave it and move to New York to be an actress. Once there, she signed a contract with a modeling agency and began taking acting classes.


At 17, Seyfried decided to quit modeling and start working as a waitress at a senior citizen retreat. During that time, he took singing lessons, studied opera, and trained with a Broadway coach. From then on he landed a few TV roles while he kept auditioning.

Britney Spears

While his adult life has not been easy at all, one thing is for sure; This little girl grew up to be one of the greatest artists of all time. If only people would let her make her music and live her life the way she wants, she would be a much happier woman than she is today.


As a child, Aguilera adored soul and blues because of the records that her grandmother had, that is why she practiced and sang about them. She won her first talent show when she was eight years old playing Whitney Houston in the song “” I Will Always Love You “.


Hadid comes from a family of models, and as you can see she possesses beauty from her mother. Here we see her with her grandmother, whom she visited in Holland, where her mother grew up.

Katy Perry

Perry grew up in a religious family, therefore the holidays were very important to celebrate as a family. Her family didn’t have a lot of money, so they sometimes had to order food from the church, but Katy Perry always enjoyed everything her parents were able to give her.

Miley Cyrus

Miley and her little sister Noah may be seven years apart, but they are extremely close. Even Miley has said that sometimes her sister Noah takes care of her despite being smaller than her.


When Timberlake was 11 years old, he appeared on the Star Search show playing country music. However, it was at this time that he began to break into RnB music like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. He was so talented that he earned a spot on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.


In an interview, Robbie said that she was very dramatic and that she loved acting. She watched all the movies she could find on TV and then she would act them out for her mom. He even made him pay his family to see his performances, especially the magic ones.

Ariana Grande

Grande also starred in The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast . When he was eight years old, he also performed on cruise ships, with the South Florida Philharmonic. Everyone knew that she would be a star as she had an incredible vocal range, she was just waiting to be discovered.


Parker remembers that the electricity had to be cut off, or they had to sacrifice Christmas and birthdays since their parents couldn’t afford it all. However, her mother found thousands of free extracurricular activities to write down so they can have a “full and rich life.”

Hilary Duff

Duff wanted to be an actress from an early age, and her mother moved her family from Texas so her children would have more opportunities. Due to her acting career, she was homeschooled from age 8, and had many small roles all the way up to Lizzie McGuire .