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40 Times People Were Lying In Broad Daylight and Got Called Out

Trista August 2, 2021

There are few things more annoying than a bold-faced liar. It takes a lot of gall to look someone in the eye and tell them a lie you know isn’t true. Still, many people unfortunately get away with lying on a daily basis. But the online world sometimes has a way of doling out the necessary justice. These dishonest people were called out on the Internet for the entire world to see.

There’s no way of knowing if they felt shame for being caught or if they continued lying because of their pride. They may be so dishonest they just brushed off the attention they got. A few of them probably even thrived on it. Here are 40 incredible stories of karma getting back at people and putting them in their places via Science Sensei.

Science Sensei

40. Fake World Records

One man tried to claim on Twitter that a beautiful Sudanese model had won the Guinness World Record for having the darkest skin tone. Why he would make such a claim when he has nothing to back it up with was just for clout. However, what made this moment even more memorable is who responded to his tweet.

The Guinness World Records official account had no problem telling him that his claim was wrong in front of the entire world. Let’s hope he managed to swallow that humble pie for his false claim.

Science Sensei

39. Taking Care of Stereotypes

When you think of Ireland, you only think of a few things. Most people’s thoughts instantly go to St. Patrick’s Day. But some think of people with red hair and the color green. There’s much more to Ireland than those stereotypes, but this person didn’t understand that. They posted this photo hoping to gain some attention.

However, it turned out someone else knew better and put them in their place. The picture was depicting children from an entirely different country and was a professional shoot for a magazine. The original poster is eating crow.

Science Sensei

38. Someone Else’s Credit

It’s pretty easy to steal someone else’s work online and pass it off as your own. However, that doesn’t make it right. It takes a little bit of photo editing to remove a signature and then post it wherever you want with the hopes that the original artist won’t find out.

Nevertheless, this guy didn’t even put in that much effort. He posted a picture, claimed it as his own, and left it at that. It took another commenter to point out his mistake: someone else’s signature was already all over the image. There’s no way this thief can come back from this one.

Science Sensei

37. Wrong Parable

It’s important to know where you’re getting your sayings from. Quoting the wrong words can make you look like a fool. However, you would think that if you’re quoting from the Bible, you would know that it’s actually from the Bible, but apparently not this person.

Furthermore, the commenter definitely put them in their place. It may sound like it’s from the Bible, but it’s not. In fact, no one’s sure where the quote is from, but there are no Bible verses where this lesson is quoted.

Science Sensei

36. Not Exactly Color

It’s one thing to make a claim and get it wrong, but it’s something else entirely to try to get attention when you know what you’re saying is wrong. Many people might have taken this person’s claim at face value and believed them, but someone was smart enough to look at the photo and call them out.

Moreover, call them out they did. When you look at more of the details in the picture, you can see that this person is just dead wrong. The hands, the swans’ beaks. There’s just no way that this is a color photograph, and this person knew it.

Science Sensei

35. A Matter of Perspective

Looking at a photo only tells you some of the story. Looking at this image, you wouldn’t know what’s going on. However, the poster of the picture decided to share the details. While doing so, declaring that they were, in fact, ahead of the person next to them. Little did they know that they were going to get called out for their nonsense.

As we said, it’s a matter of perspective. We wouldn’t have been looking at anyone else in the background if the commenter, who is the person who really won the race, hadn’t said anything.

Science Sensei

34. A Business’ Real Story

Many businesses, especially restaurants, depend on word of mouth in the form of online reviews to draw customers in. So when there’s a bad review, it’s more than likely that people aren’t going to drop in, especially if the review says the staff treats their customers poorly.

This customer didn’t expect that the restaurant’s actual owner was going to lay out the real story on the table for everyone to see. So it wasn’t that this Mr. Taylor was treated poorly, it was the fact that they didn’t want to listen to the restaurant’s rules on the mask mandate.

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33. Hyping Yourself Up

If you wanted an embarrassing story, then this one is going to take the cake. This person tried to convince their Facebook friends that they’d left their account running on a library computer and that a random person posted this status as a way to compliment them.

However, everyone caught on quickly that this wasn’t from a computer library but their own phone, which means that they posted this themselves. Busted! No doubt their friends continued to tease them about this for weeks afterward, and they never tried this again.

Science Sensei

32. The Ultimate Catfish

Online dating can be a minefield to navigate when it becomes easy for people to lie about themselves. They can use a fake picture of other people, like about their stats, and make their histories look more attractive. Nevertheless, this guy took the cake when it came to putting his face out there.

If you looked at his picture and thought something was odd about his face, you would be right. That’s because he managed to merge a selfie of his face with a picture of Bradley Cooper to create this mug. Not the best idea, but the easiest catfish to catch in his lie.

Science Sensei

31. Got Schooled By A Professor

The Internet is filled with people who think they’re always right and try to pass off their so-called ‘knowledge’ as such. Of course, it’s easy for them to forget that there are people online who can verify or deny their crap to their faces and put them in their place. This guy got the brunt of that.

There’s no way this guy could have recovered from that tremendous burn he received from someone actually working in the fields he suggested. Instead of trying to look smart, he ended up looking like a fool.

Science Sensei

30. Scammer Gets Caught

Everywhere you go, online scammers are looking to take your money. People will take any opportunity they can to steal your money from under your nose, and sometimes there’s very little you can do about it. That’s why people are wary about buying things online secondhand because they never know what they’re going to get.

However, this person was smart enough to see through this scammer’s tricks and saw them for who they were. He decided to post the conversation online instead to see through the scam and not interact with this person anymore.

Science Sensei

29. “Lying” On The Beach

Some people want to spice up their lives by traveling to exotic locations and sharing photos with their friends. But this person thought he could get away from it all by forging a bit of a photoshoot.

It’s believable at first until you see the second picture posted by someone who lives next to him. Oops. Maybe next time, he should check to see if anyone else is watching him first before taking his next set of pics pretending to be on vacation.

Science Sensei

28. More Stolen Artwork

This is another case of more artwork being stolen by someone on Facebook so that they could pass it off as their own. This happens more than you think and can be detrimental to the original artist getting any future work. Nevertheless, just when this person thought they could get away with it…they got caught.

The image still had the artist’s name on it, so it was easy to tell that the poster, Rebecca, didn’t initially draw it since her name wasn’t also Claire Stevenson. If she’s going to lie and get away with it, she’ll have to put in a lot more effort than this.

Science Sensei

27. The Newspapers Get It Wrong

You’d think that newspapers would do some fact-checking before they report a story. But tabloids are even worse. They go out of their way to make a story more shocking than it is. For James Cracknell, a British Olympic rower, The Daily Mail went the extra mile and fabricated a photo just for a story.

Considering this happened during the pandemic, anyone would be upset by a story that they’re not social-distancing. Thankfully, James took to Twitter to prove to the rest of the world that they were safe and The Daily Mail shouldn’t be trusted.

Science Sensei

26. Time To Suck It Up

The mask mandate brought out the worst in people. Privileged people whine and complain about having to wear one in stores because it makes them feel uncomfortable. One person made such a comment on their Facebook, but this commenter had the perfect comeback.

It just shows that even this old lady knows how to exercise common sense, even if it makes her uncomfortable, because there are worst situations that she could be in, like in the hospital with a tube down her throat. She knows how to set her priorities straight.

Science Sensei

25. When Good Deeds Aren’t

It’s one thing to be kind to people and to go out of your way to be nice, but it’s something else to make up a story just to make yourself look better. There’s a recent phenomenon called virtue signaling, where a person posts online in an attempt to display their good character.

So it’s understandable why a few people don’t find this story believable, mainly for the fact that this person seemed to be walking around in a rainbow cape at work. The more holes you poke in the account, the harder it is to believe.

Science Sensei

24. Trying To Be Vegan Lie

Facebook itself is a cesspool of drama. People are posting their opinions, rarely willing to listen to others, deluges of baby photos, and sharing plain old fake information. It’s no wonder the website still stays in business. However, there are those moments when people have an epiphany and decide to make a change for the better.

Only this person wasn’t actually changing at all. After declaring to their friends and family that they were going vegan, an acquaintance of theirs decided to spill the truth and let the rest of their Facebook circle know that they were full of it.

Science Sensei

23. Taking Things Out of Context

It’s one thing to take something out of context and realize you’ve made a mistake, but it’s something else entirely to take a quote out of context and spin it to suit your own purposes. The latter is how misinformation is spread and often to dangerous heights.

Nevertheless, this commenter wasn’t going to let this person slide when they attributed a quote from Bill Gates to the reason why they’re anti-vax. The real story is that the selection was about cutting down child mortality rates, not reducing the population.

Science Sensei

22. Not The News You Think

It’s pretty easy to spread misinformation online, especially on Twitter. Just because you put “Breaking News” at the beginning of your tweet doesn’t mean that you have something important to say. The focus of this person’s tweet was to say that online gamers ate a lot of Internet bandwidth, so it was only courteous of them to play at “reasonable times” during quarantine times so that other people could use the Internet.

The first commenter on their tweet refuted their claims. Streaming services take up a lot more bandwidth than a video game since streaming uses the bandwidth to transport data to your TV screen.

Science Sensei

21. Bogus Board Brag

Pulling off a fantastic stunt is a great reason to post a pic and brag to your friends on Facebook. They might not believe you at first, but if you happen to have photographic evidence, then there’s no reason they shouldn’t. That’s what this person thought they were getting away with after coming back from a snowboarding trip.

Only someone decided to do a little digging and put the original poster in their place. Not only was the picture not of them, but it was also stolen from a professional calendar that anyone would have seen had they done a Google image search. In fact, it was the very first result.

Science Sensei

20. Pyramid Scheme

Not everyone is aware they’re a part of a pyramid scheme until it’s too late. Now called multi-level marketing (MLM), the business relies on users recruiting new members and then receiving a percentage of those sales. Some people even brag about their exploits. For example, how much money they’re making in their job and the things they can afford to buy.

So when this guy decided to post a picture of his Porsche, it seemed admirable at first. That is, until someone realizes that the image they posted is a royalty-free image from Wikimedia Commons. No amount of money is going to save him from this kind of humiliation.

Science Sensei

19. When Fake News Becomes Interesting

In the Internet age, it’s becoming easier for people to make up whatever stories they want to spin their own narrative. This person felt no different, spreading a story about a graduation ceremony they visited at a university. You would think it would be a happy time for everyone involved, but this person sought to sensationalize it for their own purposes.

Needless to say, the commenter definitely proved them wrong since they were also at the same event. And were in charge of organizing it. This person had to put their foot where their mouth is and had no recourse for trying to explain themselves out of this situation.

Science Sensei

18. Photos Of A Fake Cake

Getting attention is all people seem to want anymore whether it’s good or bad. It means that people are looking at them, and that’s all some people need to feed their egos. This person, in particular, took a photo and posted online that they accidentally baked their phone into their cake. A little difficult to believe.

Because it didn’t happen at all. The photos they used came from a video that was testing to see what would happen if an iPhone was baked into a cake. It was an experiment, yet this person decided to turn it into a cry for attention.

Science Sensei

17. Just Plain Lying For No Reason

Traveling has been extremely difficult during the global health crisis and has practically slowed to a crawl. This Twitter user deemed it fit to try and put a country on blast by saying that they weren’t performing the regular protocol for incoming travelers and that he wasn’t temperature-checked. What he hoped to gain from this, no one knows.

But it didn’t take long for the authorities to clap back and post the records that he did go through a thermal check on arrival. He probably would have gotten away with this tweet if he hadn’t tagged the official airport Twitter account too.

Science Sensei

16. Cybertrucks Don’t Exist

Lying for clout is becoming more and more prevalent online because it can be difficult for people to find the truth. Everyone wants to be the first person to do something so that they can get credit for it. Moreover, this person was no different; they were bragging they got to go for a drive inside the new Tesla Cybertruck.

Only there was no way that could be true since Tesla isn’t slated to start production on the Cybertruck until 2021, long after this person made their post on Reddit. This person might as well bury themselves in the sand and wait for this to be over.

Science Sensei

15. Failed Tweet Of A Pop Star

It can be hard to tell which parts of a pop singer’s life are real from which details are fake. They keep themselves guarded for a reason, so when they tweet certain things, their fans are likely to trust them. Unfortunately for Rita Ora, this tweet looks more than suspicious.

You would think that it would be easy for someone like her with fame to get 100,000 retweets to get her new album easily. However, the supposed tweet didn’t gain the attention it was seeking, falling far below the target number. To save face, she probably made another tweet saying her account got hacked and that she would release her music when it was ready. Did anyone believe her?

Science Sensei

14. Stolen Conversation

Sometimes, you just want to share a funny conversation you had with someone else, hoping that your friends will see the humor in it. Of course, that only works if the story is actually true. Try to spin a tail, and you’ll end up getting caught in your own lies.

There’s no question that because there are only four likes on the original post, no one else was amused by this stolen conversation. No harm, no foul, but this commenter wasn’t going to let this fib slide.

Science Sensei

13. Celebrity Sticks Up For Himself

There are always stories and lies circulating about them that stretch from the mundane to the downright outrageous when it comes to being a celebrity. Picking out the truth from the rumors can be difficult, so when this person decided to tweet about a celebrity not being a nice person, they didn’t expect that the actual star would respond.

And what a response it was. Les Dennis refuted this person’s claims of swearing at a two-year-old and being rude by stating that he had been at home all day. Why this Twitter would want to tarnish this man’s reputation, no one knows, but no one is likely to believe them ever again.

Science Sensei

12. Landlord Lies Through His Teeth

Landlords can be the bane of existence for any tenant. They can raise the rent whenever they want, refuse to get anything fixed, and can just be plain difficult to work with. They seek out to blame tenants for any problem they can find. However, when this tenant reported to their landlord that they had bedbugs, the landlord responded that it was their problem.

The tenant had no problem looking up the law on this one. Furthermore, proving to the landlord that, no, it was the landlord’s responsibility to take care of pests and ensure their apartments are clean. Furthermore, when maintenance codes are broken, landlord don’t keep properties for very long.

Science Sensei

11. A Fake Promo

Stealing photos is usually a job for someone to gain some attention. But apparently, companies aren’t above stealing photos from everyday people either. They even went so far as to photoshop their product into this person’s picture to sell their product.

Nevertheless, the person in the picture found out, and although they can’t do anything to get the image taken down, they can warn everyone of this company’s practices and urge them not to buy their products.

Science Sensei

10. Not Your Grandpa

Here is yet another story of someone stealing photos from someone else. This one, however, is more heartbreaking because it involves someone’s grandfather and the story the thief attached to it. This person never expected to scroll through Reddit and see a picture of their own grandfather that they didn’t post.

The person who stole the photo made it worse by saying that this was the last photo of “their” grandfather before he passed away. Thankfully, the original owner of the image put them in their place by calling them a thief. It’s also good to note that they let everyone know their grandfather was still alive.

Science Sensei

9. Upsetting Terry Crews

This is another celebrity story related to Terry Crews. It’s not a good idea to get on his bad side, considering how big he is. This Twitter user reported that they had a bad experience with Crews, claiming that he was rude. Mr. Crews, on the other hand, gave the Internet the real scoop.

It’s never a bad idea to treat a celebrity’s children poorly, as they’re not going to be interested in satisfying whatever request you have. Crews had no interest in giving a photo op to someone who would be rude to children.

Science Sensei

8. The Unluckiest Catfish

One Twitter user posted the simple offer: “Tell me something I don’t know,” along with a picture of themselves peering into the distance. It was a somewhat meaningful post until you realized the horrible truth of the situation: they weren’t even using a picture of themselves. And to put the icing on the cake, the real person caught them.

Stealing someone else’s photos and reposting them so you could take on a persona is a scummy thing to do. Hopefully, after they got caught, they never tried this again with anyone else.

Science Sensei

7. Those Aren’t Real

This is probably the worst photo editing job the Internet has ever seen. It’s one thing to do a semi-decent Photoshop job for clout, but it’s something else to do this poorly and expect people to believe it. And no one did.

The first comment rips the image apart by asking the guy to teach them Photoshop. He tries to refute it by saying it’s not Photoshop, but it’s pretty easy to see that it is because he didn’t even give himself a belly button. It would’ve been easier for him if he’d just used an Instagram filter to fake those abs.

Science Sensei

6. Fake Story Doesn’t Garner Sympathy

The original poster of this story was probably hoping to get some sympathy and attention. After all, it’s no fun being on your period, but no one imagined that she would dream up this kind of story to help ease her pains. Unfortunately for them, someone left this comment on their post, calling them out.

It sounds a little too cute to be true, so much so that this person decided to ensure that no one would believe their story ever again. Even if it’s true or not, the one flaw in their story is that they had no idea how old the cashier was, which kind of puts a damper on what would have been a nice story.

Science Sensei

5. Faking A Relationship

What’s even worse than catfishing is pretending that you’re having a relationship and using someone else’s photo to make it look legitimate. It’s a little on the pathetic side, but it can be challenging to catch someone in the lie if you can’t see them in person.

Luckily, it’s now easier to reverse image search to see where it came from, and that’s what this person did. They took an “innocent” picture of “Vitoria” and proved a Polaroid from a modeling agency. They may have made things more awkward for their friend, but at least the original poster isn’t lying anymore about having a girlfriend.

Science Sensei

4. Another Pyramid Scheme Busted

Here’s another story about an MLM scheme trying to rope in another unfortunate “victim.” The person posting the screenshot was just scrolling through Instagram when they got a random message asking them to join their company. Sounding too good to be true, they did a little research…

The random person tried their best to get them to join and said their work wasn’t a pyramid scheme, but they shot right back with a link, proving it all a lie. With the Internet at everyone’s fingertips, it’s easy for anyone to find out this kind of information, so why lie?

Science Sensei

3. Pretending To Be Single

Sometimes, you get strange text messages from weird people. Random strangers who think they can just hit on you and that whatever line they use will work. The following text conversation demonstrates just how poorly this kind of conversation can go.

Only this isn’t a conversation between two strangers, and the person texting in blue knows that. They were simply stringing the other person along to see how far they’ll go, and that happens to be cheating on their wife behind their back.

Science Sensei

2. Confessing The Truth

Sometimes, it’s okay to tell a little white lie. Perhaps there’s an event you want to get out of so you tell people that you’re sick so that you can stay home or go somewhere else. There’s nothing wrong with white lies that don’t hurt anyone.

However, when you’re being stupid about it and posting the truth about where you are online, then everyone has a good reason to get angry. Not only did their friend reveal the lie they’d told to get out of going to dinner, but their boss also commented, which dug an even deeper hole for them.

Science Sensei

1. Not Knowing History

We all can make mistakes when it comes to recalling history. That’s because there’s an awful lot to remember. Nevertheless, it’s a different story entirely when you get history wrong, but act as if you’re completely right for clout. This one was almost too easy to put this woman in her place.

America didn’t even end up being in the top 10 countries to abolish slavery first. She had a lot of gall to make such a bold-faced claim. She had even more to not do any research on her claims. That ended up being her downfall because someone else proved to her how wrong she was in front of the Internet.