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50 People Who Were Destroyed For Their Unpopular Opinions Online

Darren March 3, 2022

These days, people have a strong opinion about everything in the universe, especially online. That’s why there is a subreddit where internet users reveal their real-life unpopular opinions. In this list, we’ll look at some of the funniest, wildest, and most interesting. However, they also receive major backlash from other Reddit users.

It’s amazing what people become passionate about. Food is a common theme while other aspects of life such as driving and exercise also reoccur. There is something about everything. Check out the list via Bored Panda and Reddit.


50. Caffeine Dependency

Almost everybody drinks coffee these days. But one person thinks that we depend on it too much. They said that the world should take it more seriously because it’s an addiction. Unsurprisingly, they received major backlash because people felt triggered.

Maybe they should look in the mirror because there is some truth. They sneered at this statement and some people called the OP a snowflake. However, some scientists believe that we rely on coffee too much. They say that we use it to reach our baseline (via The Guardian).


49. What Hygiene?

Many people skip breakfast in the morning because they only have time to shower. They prefer to be clean because others will judge them. However, this OP strongly disagrees. They say that showering and changing clothes every day is pointless (via Harvard Health).

It’s not surprising that this received major backlash. Most Redditors said that it’s basic etiquette. Also, some observed that showering refreshes them in the morning. There were rude comments that described the author as a vile human being.


48. Childfree Life

This OP ranted about being childfree. In short, they say that nobody cares who doesn’t have children. They find it annoying that some people use this as a lifestyle identifier. He also points out that he doesn’t have kids.

Several readers recognized the irony of his comment. One wrote that he’s just bitter because nobody wants to be with him. We don’t know if the author was male but most comments believed so. Others observed that many parents use their children like accessories too (via N.Y. Times).


47. Pasta Hater

Pasta is one of the most popular foods on the planet. Who doesn’t love a delicious plate of noodles? It turns out that this OP is one of the few who thinks it’s overrated. They think that it’s a waste to order pasta in a restaurant. That’s because the ingredients are very cheap.

Of course, this was very controversial. Some responses mentioned that it’s impossible to achieve the same effect as a professional chef. Others said that the OP had terrible tastebuds and should just eat cardboard. In the end, it received major backlash (via Insider).


46. Emma Watson

There was a time when Emma Watson was one of the most desired women on the planet. She grew into womanhood before our eyes in the Harry Potter franchise. Then she became a U.N. human rights activist as well as a successful model (via Independent).

However, this opinion shows that some people loath her. The O.P. complained about her lack of talent and annoying mannerisms. But many people disagreed and called the author a hater. They said that the O.P. was jealous because of their lack of talent.


45. Cake Mistake

It’s an uncommon prank but one that everybody knows. Everybody has seen a video of somebody pushing a person’s face into a birthday cake. It’s silly but it rarely happens in real life. However, it infuriated one individual who took to Reddit to complain about it (via Food and Wine).

They received major backlash. Some people thought that their response was too emotional. One reply said that they wouldn’t need to worry because they’re no fun at parties. It’s a strange point to take to the Internet about. In the end, they probably wished that they stayed silent.


44. Cat Love

Some people hate cats because they don’t show love like dogs. Many pet owners have a preference for one or the other. Cat detractors say that they’re selfish and will eat their owners if they die. However, this individual passionately defended them (via NBC News).

The O.P. went on a tangent about cat personalities. They also said that people should look at themselves if they can’t bond with a cat. They received major backlash from critics who said that they were insane. Others said that the O.P. was a future mad cat lady.


43. Tummy Time

These days people are increasingly infantile. Their choice of words and their behavior is less mature than when their parents were the same age. This seriously annoys the O.P. of this unpopular opinion. The author complained about the word, ‘tummy’ and how grown adults shouldn’t use it.

According to the O.P., it’s cringeworthy and only children should use it. Of course, lots of comments teased the author by describing their tummies. Other people became surprisingly defensive because the O.P. triggered them. Maybe he had a point (via The Conversation).


42. No Lettuce Please

It’s amazing how much passion food generates in people. There’s nothing wrong with having a personal preference. But why try to force somebody else to do the same? This O.P. was adamant that lettuce doesn’t belong on a burger (via Mashed).

Of course, this was like a red rag to a bull. One critic said that the O.P had the tastebuds of a five-year-old. Another wrote that they could just remove the lettuce like a sane person. Meanwhile, these also received major backlash from the carnivore brigade.


41. No

This is such a pedantic point for somebody to obsess over. However, this is the modern world and Netizens rant about everything. The O.P. said that ‘No’ is a perfectly viable sentence. They claimed that it doesn’t require any expansion, contrary to some opinions (via Forbes).

But it attracted a major backlash. Some comments strongly disagreed and said that this was just rude. Others sat on the fence and noted that there were times when ‘no’ was an adequate response. But top marks went to those Reddit users who simply responded with ‘No.’


40. Message Read

This is a topic that divides many readers. Some believe there is nothing wrong with opening a message and not replying immediately. They think it’s childish to worry about it because people are busy. Others won’t leave a message ‘on-read’ if they can’t respond directly.

The O.P was in the former category. They went on the attack and triggered a lot of Reddit users in the process. The original post had a lot of supporters. But it also stimulated a major backlash from others. There’s no winner in this type of argument (via USA Today).


39. Olives are the Devil

Food mobilizes people like few other things in this world. There are wars and tragedies across the planet but Internet users prefer to argue about olives. This O.P. said that people who like them are ‘masochists’ because they taste so bad (via Healthline).

He also acknowledged that he is offending the Italian nation in the process. It’s good that he realized this because he mobilized him online. They said that this was sacrilegious and a cultural smear. Some users even threatened to send the Italian mafia to his home.


38. Parking Spaces

Car parks may be one of the few places on the planet that are more toxic than the Internet. Several people complain online about terrible drivers. However, this O.P. targeted the morons who spend half an hour trying to find a space closer to the department store.

The author acknowledged that disabled people are an exception. However, several readers didn’t notice this caveat and angrily went after him. They hit him with a major backlash without realizing that they were being stupid. To be fair, he had a point (via Thrillist).


37. Ice Cream Tactics

Anybody who analyzes the best plays to taste ice cream has too much time on their hands. Some netizens may see this as a great service to humanity. But most agree that the best method is the one that the eater enjoys most (via Tasty).

Unfortunately, this O.P didn’t think about that. After condemning ice cream biters and lickers, they wrote that using lips is the best way to taste it. This received a major backlash and incited a massive online war. In the end, the consensus was that ice-cream biters are psychopaths.


36. Employee Rights

These days the world watches people like never before. Many employers analyze their employees’ social media to ensure that they are behaving responsibly. However, one Reddit user took issue with this. They believe that employees shouldn’t have to worry outside of work (via Washington Post).

It’s important to note that they weren’t talking about illegal activity. But some people heavily criticized this perspective. These replies gave examples like teachers moonlighting as OnlyFans models. Meanwhile, others said this was completely fine as long as it didn’t affect their work.


35. Apple Juice Rules

Everything is a topic of contention these days. It’s typical to enjoy a glass of juice in the morning. Orange is the most popular but apple also has strong support. But why do these sides have to fight? Can’t they both enjoy their cold beverage without fighting? (via Greatist)

Sadly, the answer is no. This O.P. presented the opinion that O.J. is bitter and the bits are horrible. There are a lot of bored people in this world because he received a massive backlash. Orange juice loyalists tried to shut him down and said apple juice is too sweet.


34. Big Pickup Truck Ban

In India, they have the sacred cow. But in the U.S., they have pickup trucks. Anybody who criticizes them is committing a treasonable offense. They should probably just move to Russia because they have no place in our society. However, this O.P. doesn’t think so (via Cars Guide).

They targeted pick-up trucks and compared the size of the vehicle to their drivers’ appendages. Needless to say, this incited a major backlash online. Critics condemned the O.P as a communist and threatened to drive over his Prius in their Ford trucks.


33. Band Fan

It’s not uncommon to see young people wearing Ramones or Joy Division t-shirts without knowing the band. This infuriates diehard fans who feel a sense of ownership. However, this O.P. defended people who wear band t-shirts. They claimed that they don’t have to know every song to wear them.

This received a massive backlash because the internet is a toxic place. Some detractors said that they’re not real fans if they can’t name every album in order. They believe it’s cringeworthy and even offensive because these people enter a marginal space (via Daily Utah Chronicle).


32. Average Women

One way to create enemies is to criticize peoples’ appearances. This O.P. said that most men are ‘average.’ They claimed that women are too but use make-up as a shield. Many women become defensive when make-up arises in this context (via The Atlantic).

Some men think that it’s just a mask and it’s wrong for them to depend on it. But several commentators said that their make-up gives them confidence. It’s a complex topic because a lot of women won’t go outside without make-up. They’re too worried about what people think.


31. Food Ownership

We advise any Italians to look away now. The internet is full of food purists. These are people who believe that traditional recipes should never be changed. Any attempt at a shortcut changes the soul of the dish and is a crime against humanity (via Medium).

This person said that they love putting ketchup on pizza. They attracted a major backlash because people believe Americans have no food culture. Critics said that they take other nations’ recipes and make them worse. Others said that this person should remove their tongue.


30. Open Relationships

Western culture still treats open relationships as an alternative lifestyle. However, they are increasingly popular. While most people don’t care what others do, some find this threatening. Perhaps that’s why this O.P. went to town and described them as opportunities to cheat.

But loyal polygamists came out in droves. They defended their relationships and said that they were as valid as any other. Meanwhile, some said that the O.P. seems so miserable they won’t attract anybody. Cheating won’t be a problem for them (via Glamour).


29. Think About The Children

Never comment on somebody’s parenting style because it will start an argument. This unpopular opinion says that parents don’t own their children’s belongings. There was a major backlash online because many parents disagree. They feel that they have the right to dictate when they feel it’s necessary.

In sum, if the child acts out, it’s fine to deprive them of a toy. However, some disagree and discussed the ethics of invading their privacy. This is especially significant when it comes to cellphone use. It’s not easy to be a parent in the 21st century (via Wired).


28. Bridesmaid Woes

This woman hated her life when she wrote this unpopular opinion. She went on a furious rant because she couldn’t afford a bridesmaid’s dress and attacked the entire tradition. Needless to say, this attracted a major backlash on Reddit (via The Guardian).

Critics slated her because she was being ungrateful. They hoped that the bride-to-be saw her comments. Instead of appreciating the honor of participating in her friend’s special day, she complained. We all make sacrifices for the people we are close to.


27. Dark Mornings

This unpopular opinion didn’t incite the same fury as others on this list. But it prompted some interesting reactions. Usually, people are happy in spring when the days become longer. However, this O.P. loves traveling in the morning darkness of winter.

Many replies disagreed with this because they find it tough to motivate themselves to get up when it’s dark. It’s also more depressing to leave the house and work in darkness. The only light they enjoy is for a short time on their lunch break (via New York Post).


26. Sibling Babysitters

Here is another controversial parenting opinion. The O.P. says that parents shouldn’t force older children to babysit their younger siblings. They believe that it’s unfair to burden them with the strains of parenthood. Some people agreed and said that it’s too much responsibility.

In the worst case, it’s potentially even dangerous. There was also a major backlash. These Redditors said that it was important for siblings to care for each other. It would increase their bond and teach the older siblings some important life lessons (via Bright Side).


25. Birthday Tragedy

It’s easy for life to become a rut as people grow older. Birthdays are one of the few special personal days we have. That’s what this O.P believes anyway. The author of this unpopular opinion says that employers should give their staff an automatic pass on their birthday.

Critics of this unpopular opinion said that it’s infantizing and dumb. They noted that not everybody cares about their birthday. However, the other side of the argument is that many employees live to work. We don’t have enough of a balance in modern society (via Yahoo).


24. Sleeping Alone

This comes under unpopular opinions but many people secretly agree. The author pulled no punches and said that sleeping alone is superior to sharing a bed. They explained that they have their own space without invasive behavior.

However, some people responded with a major backlash. These Redditors said that the O.P. should be grateful that somebody wants to sleep with them. Many men indeed overheat in bed. Then they awkwardly try to avoid women cuddling them during the night (via Bolde).


23. Uneven Balance

Here is an example of somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This post attracted a major backlash because the O.P. thought that they had a good point. But they didn’t really. They said that it’s stupid that employees can’t leave jobs whenever they want.

In short, they believed that the balance was in favor of employers. However, other Redditors observed that this was dumb. It’s unfair to leave somebody in the lurch unless the employer is abusive. Many small businesses rely on their staff and appreciate the two weeks notice (via CNBC).


22. Adulting

Here is another example of modern slang irritating a Reddit user. The writer ranted about the term ‘adulting.’ This is a millennial phrase that refers to being responsible and acting like a grown-up. However, the O.P. believes that it’s infantizing and pathetic (via Cosmopolitan).

They noted that many millennials have been adults for longer than they were children. There was a major backlash online because it triggered some readers. They said that the phrase didn’t hurt anybody. Then the O.P. called them ‘basic snowflakes.’


21. Prius Drivers

There is something about trucks that grind people’s gears. This Redditor went off on a tangent about gas prices and their Prius. They laughed at truck drivers because they complain about the former. But they don’t care about the environment (via Medium).

Meanwhile, this started a major backlash. Redneck Redditors clashed with the Prius drover in an intense battle for the ages. They accused the O.P. of virtue-signaling and trolling. They have a point but at the same time, there’s something to be said for respecting the planet.


20. Don’t Get Drunk

Alcohol plays a significant role in Western social behavior. Most people partake in a culture of drinking from a young age. When individuals reveal that they don’t drink, it always attracts confusion. This O.P. says that being drunk isn’t enjoyable in any way.

They received a major backlash. Reddit users said that this was just one person’s opinion. They couldn’t speak for another person’s experience. Another comment said that it’s all about observing limits. If someone goes past them, then they’ll have a bad time (via Mayo Clinic).


19. Sugarcoated Death

This person is as sensitive as a broken TV antenna. They ranted about the term ‘passed away.’ In short, they don’t see why we should sugarcoat death. The person says that it’s better just to normalize it because it isn’t harsh. Unsurprisingly, there was a major backlash.

Many Redditors criticized the O.P. because they didn’t consider the feelings of others. They may be able to deal with death in this way. But some people find it much more difficult to accept. It depends on individual cases (via Huff Post).


18. Ugly Isn’t Beautiful

This person believes ugly people aren’t beautiful. However, the O.P. says that there is nothing wrong with being ugly if they have other qualities. Furthermore, they described calling them ‘beautiful’ as degrading. It’s an interesting argument but it rubbed some Redditors up the wrong way.

Lots of folks condemned the writer for shaming ugly people. Others wrote that this wasn’t the intention of this unpopular opinion. It’s certainly one that the author might not write if they had to use their real name. In the end, it generated a lot of buzz (via Washington Post).


17. Diets Work!

Unpopular opinions about people’s bodies receive a major backlash. This one discussed diets and claimed that people who can’t follow them lack discipline. Unsurprisingly, some people reacted angrily and said that not everybody can lose weight easily.

A balanced diet is indeed a crucial part of weight loss. However, many people don’t like to admit their weaknesses. Some Redditors supported the O.P. and said they made a valid point. It’s not a pleasant one but it’s not wrong either (via N.Y. Times).


16. Blame The Bus Driver

Teachers often punish students because they arrive late for class. However, if their bus is late or the traffic is bad, they can’t control this. That’s the point this unpopular opinion made. In fairness, it’s probably not even that unpopular (via Montreal Gazette).

But some people had negative feedback. They said that some teenagers will take advantage of this. If they know they’ll go unpunished they’ll push their luck. Meanwhile, others said that they could take an earlier bus. That seems a bit harsh.


15. Women’s World

Men enjoy a lot of social advantages over women. However, there’s one area where they suffer. At least that’s according to this O.P. who says that it should be acceptable for men to wear shorts in professional settings. After all, women wear dresses and skirts without issue.

Some traditionalists complained because they think this is silly. A lot of people agreed with him though. It came under the category of unpopular opinions but it certainly found a niche. That being said, many men wouldn’t dream of easing off on their dress code (via ABC).


14. Don’t Tip

Tipping is always a minefield in the U.S. Everybody complains about the system because they don’t earn a big enough salary. Meanwhile, visitors hate it because they didn’t come to the States for a Math lesson. Meanwhile, there are questions about who deserves a tip.

This person created a major backlash after saying food delivery drivers don’t deserve tips. However, many people say that these drivers give their time so that diners can enjoy a hot meal. Others agreed with the original post because the drivers don’t help make the food (via Today).


13. This

It’s very easy to be lazy with speech in modern society. Online communication dumbs down conventional interactions. One common phrase that internet users write when they agree with something is “This.” However, this Reddit user can’t stand the term and slammed it in an unpopular complaint.

Most people responded to his unpopular statement in the most annoying way possible. A seemingly endless stream of people reacted by writing ‘This.’ It must have been very annoying for the O.P. to read, yet he created the situation for himself (via Entrepreneur).


12. Keep a Secret

Loyalty is important in every relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s platonic or romantic. However, this Reddit user says that nobody should expect him to keep secrets from his spouse. He says that is a line he won’t cross and it doesn’t matter what it is.

Some responses commended him and agreed. But others reacted with a major backlash. They said that some secrets are appropriate to keep from significant others. As long as it doesn’t hurt them, it’s ok not to tell them. Of course, this is very controversial (via Divorce Mag).


11. Hold the Door

It’s common etiquette to hold the door for people coming behind you. However, some people hate this convention. Some feminists don’t like when men do it. But this unpopular opinion relates to the inconvenience of having to speed up (via M.V. News).

They hate the awkwardness of someone holding a door when they’re too far away. Unsurprisingly, there was a major backlash online. Redditors called the O.P. ungrateful and rude. It just goes to show in the 21st century that the internet will complain about anything.


10. Take Care Of Yourself

It’s an irrefutable truth that marriage changes the dynamic between couples. However, this O.P. believes that spouses should try to maintain their appearance. They think it’s uncaring not to show the best version of themselves (via Men’s Health).

This is the type of unpopular opinion that stirs up a major backlash. He infuriated some Redditors who claimed that it’s unfair to police a partner’s weight and appearance. But he also had some support. They said that he had a point because it’s important to make an effort.


9. Not Stunning and Brave

The Internet allows users to seek attention in different ways. However, some people hate the abundant online narcissism. The author of this unpopular opinion falls into this category. He – you can tell it’s he – wrote that it’s not stunning and brave to cry on camera. All they want are likes.

Take out the popcorn because this went down like a tonne of bricks. There was an immediate major backlash as Redditors called him insensitive. They also used much worse words that we can’t write. But there was also a lot of agreement because he has a point. It’s called ‘Sadfishing’ (via The Conversation).


8. Workout Time

Everybody recognizes the importance of staying healthy. That’s why so many people go to the gym. Unfortunately, gyms, like almost everywhere in this world, are cultural battlegrounds. Many users hate the way some gymgoers pose for selfies (via GQ).

This Redditor called out sad influencer-wannabes and fashion shows. The response was immediate and impactful. Critics slated him and said that it’s just as easy to pull on a cute crop top as it is to wear a ratty vest. He’s fighting a losing battle.


7. Reddit Debates

Sometimes it feels like Internet users are shouting into a black hole. It doesn’t matter if it’s Reddit or Twitter because the situation is the same. They get into arguments with random people across the world. But nobody debates properly. Instead, they just shove their opinions into people’s faces.

However, this Reddit user has an unpopular opinion. They say that this has helped them to develop their debate skills. Most Redditers disagreed because they think the internet is a cesspool. They probably have a point because that’s most users’ experience (via Irish Times).


6. Don’t Judge Me

This man shows incredible honesty in this unpopular opinion. In modern-day society, it’s unusual for men to sleep with stuffed animals. However, he has no shame in cuddling one when his girlfriend isn’t there. Most males would die before admitting this.

There was a mixed reaction online. Most people said that it doesn’t matter what anybody does if they’re comfortable. They agreed that sleeping with a stuffed animal doesn’t hurt anybody. But some folks responded negatively and said that he’s an embarrassment to men everywhere.


5. Leopard Trash

Another unpopular opinion, this one is about fashion. Specifically, it targets leopard print and women’s love for it. The Reddit user complained that it’s tacky and ugly. In short, they don’t understand the appeal. Of course, one person’s trash is another’s treasure (via Elle).

But tell that to the countless female Redditors who responded with a major backlash. They defended their right to wear what they want. Some also said that leopard print can be nice if it’s in the right design or outfit. However, many male users strongly disagreed.


4. Don’t Be A Karen

Dog lovers are unrelenting when it comes to their four-legged friends. They unanimously hate fireworks when it’s the Fourth of July because their pooches hate them. This Reddit user has no time for this attitude and refers to dog owners as ‘Karens.’

Furious pet owners responded in a major backlash. They said that they weren’t selfish but just caring. Meanwhile, they accused the creator of this unpopular opinion of being cruel to animals. It’s safe to say that neither side will change their minds (via Chronicle Live).


3. Fast and Furious Fantasy

Driving is a stressful experience for many people. That’s why they don’t appreciate it when some drivers are inconsiderate. It might not be a true unpopular opinion, but this Redditor made their feelings known. They called out those who weave at speed through traffic.

This is oddly specific but it generated a mixed reaction. Naturally, some users agreed and jumped on board. However, others said that there was a time and a place to weave through traffic. They also told the complainant to take public transport instead (via MTLawMS).


2. Not Bothered

It’s not uncommon to see videos on the internet where disabled people perform incredible athletic feats. These are inspiring but they also throw shade at able-bodied people. There is almost always a caption like ‘what’s your excuse.’ However, this unpopular opinion loathes these preachy clips.

They said that they don’t need to give a reason not to do exercise. Critics said that the Redditor misses the point. It’s all about disabled people proving that they can do what they want. Furthermore, others called him lazy and other nasty things (via Bleacher Report).


1. Tattoos are Uncool

For a long time, people associated tattoos with sailors and gangsters. But these days, they’re very popular as a fashion statement. This Redditor has the unpopular opinion that it’s now more rebellious to be tattoo-free. They think too many people have tattoos for them to be cool.

Of course, this attracted a major backlash. Tattoo fans said that getting ink isn’t about being rebellious. They got them because they want to show their creativity and be expressive. Not everybody wants to make a statement because they have ink (via Medium).