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15 Unusual Ways People are Making Money

Loraine July 11, 2018

For most working people around the world, there’s no time to think about a side gig. The nine-to-fiver schedule is usually work, eat, sleep and repeat, with some random activities in between. The overall pattern is often the same, so there’s not enough time to start something on the side. Yet there are many unusual ways people are making money. But unusual doesn’t necessarily mean weird, but just not conventional.

You’ve may have had this great idea buzzing in your head, but then life got in the way. Routine responsibilities can interrupt your fleeting moment of peaceful, productive thoughts. Whatever the case, many of us never get around to starting a side job. But the few who do are often rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Many people start something small on the internet. Then in time, it grows into something that makes enough money to sustain them. Technology and social media are invading our lives from every possible angle. And they have made it far easier to reach a mass audience.

Some people make extra cash using their special talents. Others earn money doing something that doesn’t take a lot of effort. Some people get money doing things they enjoy doing anyway. You would be surprised at the things you can get paid to do.

Obviously, the easy tasks don’t pay much. But, if it’s something that pays repetitively for the same task, you can rack up some extra pocket cash. There are hundreds of unusual gigs people can try. Keep reading this list to see what’s out there. Some jobs are unusually cool, and others are just plain unusual.

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1. Selling Your Own Sperm

A lot of people sell their body fluids, believe it or not. And donating sperm can be a great way to make some extra money. But there is a bit of a catch with this one. The donor needs to qualify. The qualifications include height, build, attractiveness, blood type and sexual preferences.

They also look at educational background, ethnicity and family medical history. These are things that could potentially be on the wish list of the sperm seeker. The process can be rigorous, but if you meet all the qualifications, you could make thousands of dollars. And just for doing something you’re probably doing anyway. The only difference is that you’re doing it in a controlled environment.

However, sperm banks often have an all female staff to administer tests. They also take you to the sacred room with the TV and porn. And then there’s the chair, which is probably still warm from the last patron. Another potential hurdle in this process is that even if you pass the tests so far, you’re still not out of the qualifying stage. After you’ve given them a couple of samples, they need to test your little swimmers to make sure they aren’t deformed or lazy.

Remember, they’ve narrowed it down to guys like you, and they only choose a few lucky ones. If they choose you, you may have to sign a contract to provide a sample once or twice a week. You may be obligated to come in for months or even a year. And until you fulfil all your obligations, you won’t get paid.

It assures everyone that you’ll live up to your contract. The whole process of in vitro fertilization is outrageously expensive. It can be quite difficult, requiring a lot of tries. So, if you sign on the dotted line, you’ve much signed on for a contracted job.

It’s a lot to go through, but if you’re a qualified donor, it’s a good payoff considering what you’re being paid to do. Once you’ve qualified once, there’s a good chance you could qualify again later.

2. Selling Your Own Plasma

You can expect to be paid anywhere from $20 to $50 per donation. The range in compensation is related to the volume of plasma you’re able to donate. The FDA sets the guidelines and the ranges are 110-149 pounds, 150-174 pounds, and 175-400 pounds. The more poundage, the more plasma, and the more cash you’re paid

Plasma is another way people sell a part of themselves. It’s relatively easy, but again, you’ll need to qualify as a donor. With a little bit of patience though, you can gain some easy cash by selling plasma. You usually need to be at least 18 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds. You’ll have to undergo a couple of medical examinations and a medical history screening. They may test for viruses like HIV and hepatitis, too.

If you’ve got faulty juice for some reason, they will label you deferred. This is a nice way of saying you failed their screening, and you are getting the proverbial boot. A deferral can be temporary or permanent, depending on the infraction.

For every donation you make, you can expect to make between $20 – $50. The amount you get paid is based on how much plasma you can donate. There are FDA standards and guidelines laid out to protect your health.

The ranges are between 110-149 pounds, 150-174 pounds, and 175-400 pounds. If you do it regularly, you can bank up to $300 to $400 every month. Regularly means twice a week for about 90 minutes each visit. If needles don’t bother you and you’ve kept yourself relatively clean over the years, it doesn’t take much effort.

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3. Selling Your Own Hair

It may not be easy for some people to sell their hair. We tend to hide behind our looks in some cases and hair is one of the biggest ways we do that. Our hair can be a major way of expressing who we are. Selling hair is effortless, though it might not be the easiest thing to part with. Some people seem to exhibit strong emotions when they cut their hair. All said and done, it will grow back.

This list of methods of money making are for when you’re in dire need of cash. While all hair can make some money, there are some hair types that can be a cash cow. Depending on the type of hair, if it’s in demand, it can fetch a lot of money. There are many websites that provide a marketplace for hair, making it easy to find a way to reach people looking to purchase your hair.

If you’re looking to make a difference however, you can donate your hair for a good cause. Many people donate their hair to a charity to help medical patients with alopecia or cancer who have lost their hair. There are charities like Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids who specialize in children. There are also organizations like Pantene Beautiful Lengths who focus on adults, mostly women.

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4. Selling Odd Pets

This refers to legal pets, of course. Although the payoff for black market pets may be tempting, the consequences can be severe. You don’t want to go that route. There are plenty of people who have made a respectable living off selling strange but legal pets.

Jellyfish is one pet that is in demand and brings in a fair wad of cash. Butterflies are also in big demand. In fact, there are loads of specialized animals and insects people sell that bring in an unbelievable load of money.

You may need to know the law when it comes to some animals that are strange but legal to own in the US. For example, the Capybara, which is the largest rodent in the world can be owned in Texas and Pennysylvania. Other states may require you to register a capybara as a pet.

Fennec foxes which are the smallest fox in the world act a lot like a domesticated cat or dog and weigh about 4 pounds. They are currently legal in Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington.

5. Unusual Subscription Services

Technology has contributed to a higher level of convenience. Anything you want is now available for online purchase and delivery. You can get everything you want right at your doorstep. There’s a guy in Switzerland who started a business shipping socks to subscribers.

He found out there’s a market for people, most likely men, who hate sock shopping. So, they just subscribe to a service that ships them new socks about every six weeks. The service, BlackSocks, provides shipments of socks throughout the year for a subscription fee. They also send underwear as well. They now sell all over the U.S., the UK and Europe.

Some of the other unusual subscription services include a bacon club where you get shipped different kinds of bacon every month. There is an underwear supplier, feminine products, and dental hygiene products. For those who like writing on nice stationary, you can have fancy paper sent to you every month. Celebrities will send you random things every month if you’re into that. You can have fresh grass sent to you monthly for your dog to poop in. If you like to eat and you like music just as much, you can have music and food sent to you that mesh together whether it’s Italian music with pasta or Mexican music with salsa. Thanks to the internet, whatever your desires are, you can likely have it sent to you monthly.

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6. Friend Renting

Yes, friend renting is a thing. There are people who rent themselves out for all sorts of reasons. The attend types of activities, outings, functions and events. Some people even command $50 per hour or more for being a hired friend.

But it’s not the people who hire themselves out that seem unusual. Many people would be up for hanging out with someone for $50 an hour. It’s the people who hire them who are a bit of a head scratcher.

And for sites like rentafriend.com, it states quite clearly there will be no sexual contact whatsoever. But it’s almost inevitable that there has to be some kind of mutually consented contact. Touching may happen that wanders outside the stated boundaries, which might break the rules. But we’re all human.

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7. Bitcoin Mining

The process of mining bitcoins, and even the idea of bitcoins themselves have most people scratching their heads. What are bitcoins, and how are they created through a mining process? Bitcoins are cryptocurrency, a type of decentralized currency they based on blockchain technology. The value of a Bitcoin fluctuates, sometimes quite wildly, depending on demand or speculation.

Anyone can open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and link up a bank account. Then they just transfer money and purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You will also need a wallet to store them. Your initial investment in cryptocurrencies will increase as the price increases, just like any other investment.

Cryptocurrencies had an amazing year in 2017. Bitcoin, for example, opened the year at around $966 per Bitcoin. They skyrocketed to a high of almost $20,000 per Bitcoin toward the end of the year. So the potential is there to make an absolute fortune. But along with the reward comes the risk.

Anyone who bought the top needs to decide if they should sell at a loss or hold and see if it spikes that high again. This explains the volatility and wild fluctuations in price. It has become a speculative game on such a massive scale, Korea has outlawed cryptocurrency exchanges altogether.

Mining is a process where you purchase and build the computing equipment to confirm transactions in the blockchain. As a result, you can generate more Bitcoins. Although this sounds simple, you’ll need lots of technical skills to accomplish this feat. You will also need many resources like computing power, electricity and internet bandwidth.

And then there’s the heat. A mining operation of sizable proportion generates an immense amount of heat. This turns out to be one of the biggest issues plaguing big Bitcoin mining operations. But for those who manage to get a mining operation set up and running, the Bitcoins are a profitable reward.

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9. Being a Medium

It pays well to be a medium. It pays especially well to be a medium for pets, too. Evidently, lots of people are interested in connecting with Fido from beyond the grave. It’s not one of those gigs you can just go to school for, though. If you think you have what it takes, this is a good way to make some easy coin.

Firstly, you must have the spidey senses. You have to believe in what you’re doing, and you learn to communicate with the dead. There are countless psychics who do incredibly well for themselves. They have many ways to get messages to people so they appeal to many. You can do tarot cards, crystal ball reading or communicating directly with the dearly departed.

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10. Korean “Mukbang”

This job is one of the most unusual. There is a phenomenon in Korea where people record themselves sitting and eating. However, they consume an unusually large portion of food even by American standards. They do this sometimes over the course of a few hours, while commenting on it all.

They sit, eat, talk, and then chat with viewers who are watching them sit, eat, and talk. Supposedly, the top paid mukbang earned in the realm of $300,000 in a year. Just for eating and talking. But without a workout routine, such a massive intake of calories could cause weight gain. Health issues would eventually scupper the entire silly production.

But as the broadcasts have become more popular, there has been a boom of every day amateurs trying to break out as mukbang. So, there many people who value popularity and potential fame and riches over their general health.

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11. Hangover Helpers

There’s an Australian husband and wife team with a brilliant idea. They provide exactly what their name states: hangover helpers. Did you throw a huge party and need a quick clean up? Did “a couple of beers” with some friends while the wife was away turn into a raging drunken house party?

Have you’ve woken up to a home that resembles the aftermath of a tornado? What if your wife and kids are on their way back home? If you live in Perth, Australia, just call these guys. They’re offer a cleaning service, but they also cook breakfast and bring Powerade. When they’re done, nobody will be the wiser you even had a guest.

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12. Services for Stoners

This one is also self-explanatory. With marijuana becoming recreationally legal in more states, many services cater to the needs of people partaking in their new-found legal bliss. Some examples are hotels and cafes that advertise as pot-friendly. There are even marijuana tourism companies. You can have monthly boxes of marijuana products sent to your door. There is even dating sites for stoners.

As with anything else, many informational websites drive traffic to their site from people Googling to know the what’s what in the world of pot. Pot delivery is becoming an incredibly large industry in states where recreational marijuana is legal. People that are passionate about weed will eat up anything that’s thrown their way. So think of a niche and go with it. Chances are, you’ll probably find a loyal following of stoners that are willing to buy your products.

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13. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

There are infinite varieties and sizes in this sort of business. Some people make extra pocket-money by walking a few dogs for a couple of hours. Others have full-blown pet sitting operations, pet hotels and even pet spas. These services can generate a lot more money than one would imagine.

Being in business dealing with pets or the care of pets can be incredibly lucrative. People tend to treat their pets as family. So they are willing to splash out the cash to make sure they are well cared for. But just being an animal lover is not enough to delve into this industry on a level beyond dog walking.

Just like dealing with other people’s kids, taking on the huge responsibility of their pets is daunting. And doing it day in and day out requires a level of dedication the average animal lover will want to think about first.

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14. Venom Milker

Being a venom milker takes a certain breed of person. But, people can make money by milking venomous snakes for their venom. Many companies use it to make antivenin or add it to drugs to treat many types of human medical conditions. Anyone who does this for a job would need extensive experience in handling venomous reptiles.

They would need to be an expert in this field, as the margin of error would be zero. A milker has to have steady hands to gently open the mouth to expose the fangs. Then they have to squeeze out the venom. Venom milkers respect the snake and know if the snake got the chance, it could kill them. They use extreme caution and professionalism.

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15. Professional Mourner

Some people make money going to go to funerals and wakes. They will act like they’re mourning. In some cultures, they also hire a professional wailer. They hold a microphone and wail away at full volume, mourning the passing of whomever is in the box.

You’ve probably come across someone who has a natural gift for mourning. If you can cry on a dime, you should consider this lucrative side gig. This isn’t some cheesy method of getting paid either. It’s actually a very old occupation that derived from Mediterranean cultures as well as other parts of the world. A professional mourner is known as a moirologist. They are compensated to mourn or be the person to deliver the eulogy. It’s a serious position that takes a certain person. If you think you can honor the death of loved ones accordingly, you may find this an interesting way to make extra money.

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16. Human Guinea Pig

Some people have the unfortunate fate of contracting a rare illness. If there is no cure yet, they can sign up for a clinical trial. There are experimental drugs and procedures they are trying; hence the word, “trial.” But, nobody knows if they will work or not – at least for humans.

In some cases, they improve their situation, as it turns out to be a helpful drug or procedure. In other cases, it doesn’t work. It’s a bit of a crap shoot, but if the illness is severe or terminal, it may be the best hope for survival. And if it works, it could help many other people, too.

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17. Professional/Competitive Eater

Many people have heard of Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, who shoveled 72 Nathan’s hot dogs into his gob in 10 minutes. He won $10,000 for that, and he’s done it many times. He’s supposedly worth about $800,000 from his professional eating career. And he’s not alone. There are lots of competitive eaters around the world who make a living on gluttony.

Stretching your stomach to absurd proportions so you can dump in contest food by the truckload is not what most people want to do. To most people, it is disgusting and enough to turn your stomach. But to a select few, it can be the path to a good living, health risks aside.

These are just 15 unusual ways people are making money. There are hundreds of unusual ways people bring in extra coin, or even a comfortable living. Although there are some viable ideas, some that best left to those who are doing them.