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Dads Who Could Sure Use A Little Bit Of Parenting Practice

Hizkiail October 7, 2021

Having kids is a big step, and when you finally get to meet your son or daughter it is a moment you will never forget. For some, parenting comes naturally, and for others, it requires a bit of practice. After a few trial and error sessions, these dads finally learned what not to do. Luckily for us, there is photographic evidence of these daddy don’ts, and they’re hilarious (albeit a little worrying!)

Anyone who has had a toddler knows that they need to eat a nutritious diet. This involves things like fruit and vegetables, rice and easy-to-digest bread, a bit of dairy, and anything else that is bland enough to not upset a child’s stomach. While different kinds of meat like fish and chicken are okay, we’re pretty sure a massive medium rare steak does not fit into the whole toddler diet.

Toddlers Enjoy Nutritious Medium Rare Steak Dinners Right?

This dad must have been barbecuing some steaks for dinner and realized that his young son needed a whole steak if he was going to grow up to be big and strong.

Babies need a lot of care. They need to be changed, fed, and burped all in the span of an hour sometimes. That doesn’t always live parents with the time needed to pursue their own hobbies, like a long video gaming session. For this dad, he figured why not just combine a bottle-feeding session with a quick gaming session. We have to admit, he does seem to be juggling both without any issues.

Video Game Sessions And Bottle Feeding Go Together Perfectly

This baby is going to turn into a gamer if this dad has anything to do with it. We have to wonder if the lullabies daddy sings are songs from games.

Traveling with babies and toddlers is not exactly the highlight of any parent’s life. All you can do is hope that the baby or toddler doesn’t cry for the entire flight. For this little guy, he didn’t want to cry but he did want to enjoy drinking some water from a rather large water bottle. This is a real parenting faux pas right here. A sippy cup always needs to be packed.

Sippy Cups Were Invented For A Very Specific Reason

No sippy cup means that water is about to be spilled everywhere, and completely soak both dad and the child who wanted a sip of water.

Just because a baby has entered the picture, doesn’t mean mom and dad are going to stop going on romantic dinner dates. It just means a few more preparations are in order, like packing baby wipes, a soother, a change of clothes, and everything else under the sun you might need. We aren’t totally sure what happened here, but some kind of liquid has completely covered this dad’s formerly dry t-shirt.

Just Another Dad Being Wildly Unprepared For A Dinner Date

Hopefully whatever is on his shirt is spit up, instead of another liquid that can drench an unsuspecting parent during a diaper changing session. This really is an oops moment.

Every year companies that market products for babies invent new items designed to make parents’ lives just a little bit easier. One of these miraculous inventions is swim diapers. Babies can wear these waterproof diapers in pools and parents don’t have to worry about them doing their business in the water. This dad thought that swim diapers weren’t that important, and just used a regular diaper. There was a rather unexpected outcome.

Diapers For Swimming Do In Fact Exist And Should Be Used

The results were not the same as a swim diaper. This little guy had to drag around an inflated diaper absolutely full of pool water and very saggy swim bottoms.

Bath time is one of the most fun times of the night for kids, and for parents, it means it is almost bedtime. Parents are always looking for ways to make bath time more fun and besides adding a few rubber duckies, and a bubble bath is a great way to make this a fun time. This dad thought that there wasn’t such a thing as too much bubble bath, and boy was he wrong.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Bubble Bath?

There was so much bubble bath product in the tub, that it began to overflow and take over the entire bathroom. Judging by this dad’s look of despair, this will not be a fun clean-up.

Kiddie gates are one of those items that every family with young children or dogs owns. These gates can be attached to form playpens which can come in handy when small kids need to be kept in one place. Instead, of making sure that his toddler didn’t wander off, this dad wanted to make sure that he didn’t wander into his workstation. Come on dad, don’t you know that it is supposed to be the other way around?

Welcome To The Toddler Free And Daddy Only Zone

This toddler seems just fine with wandering around and pulling out all of his toys from his toy box. Daddy is going to have to answer to mommy for this one.

Fashion is one of those things that moms and dads either have a knack for or don’t. This adorable little girl was dressed by dad before she was carted off to daycare, and he forgot one very important piece of clothing. Dad must have only seen mom wear rompers and jumpsuits without a shirt on underneath because that is how he dressed his daughter in overalls. No shirt was necessary apparently.

It's Called Fashion And Dad Doesn't Know Much About It

Mom definitely noticed that her baby girl was sent to daycare without a shirt, but we have to admit, she still looks adorable in just the overalls.

Most parents have a diaper bag that they grab before they head out anywhere. This bag contains everything that could possibly be needed from diaper wipes to medicine, what it does not typically include is an actual baby. Dad seems to have thought that diaper bags and baby bags are essentially the same things, and if the baby fits it stays. Dad doesn’t have to worry about carrying both the baby and the bag in each hand.

Don't Forget To Grab The Baby Bag On The Way Out

This is a pretty ingenious idea, but we would suggest not putting a baby in a diaper bag. Car seats and strollers were made to be used too.

Unless someone has taken the time to explain how to do laundry, it might be a bit of a mystery to dads who have never had to do it. For example, you separate darks from lights, and sometimes certain materials or colors. It takes a bit more time, but it does help avoid certain pesky situations, like dying a white shirt pink or shrinking a piece of clothing to a size that would only fit a guinea pig, much less a baby.

It May Not Be Rocket Science But Doing Laundry Does Take Skill

Sometimes helping mom isn’t actually helping, and this dad learned the hard way, that doing laundry is not as simple as sticking clothes in the wash and pressing start.

Out of all the images on this list, this one of the dad doing the Tarzan rope swing across a pit full of foam blocks while his daughter holds on for dear life has to be one of the funniest. It appeared to be a good idea at the time but quickly turned into one of those, “Don’t tell mom!” moments. Dad managed to swing across the pit, but his daughter did not. Luckily, all of those foam blocks were there to cushion her nosedive.

Hold On To Avoid Going Headfirst Into The Foam Pit

We’re sure that dad came to her rescue, and managed to scoop her out of the pit and onto the next obstacle on the course. It’s all in good fun.

Kids don’t think about their surroundings in the same way that adults do. Walls look like great white canvases that need to be covered in drawings, and smartphone screens don’t look very breakable which makes them great items to throw. This dad learned the hard way, that little fingers should not be allowed to grab expensive cellular devices. Otherwise, this can sometimes be the result, and it is not a positive one.

Keep Smartphones Out Of Reach From Little Fingers

Smartphone screens are often made of glass which can shatter quite easily. This dad better have purchased some phone insurance.

As soon as kids hit the toddler stage, their hair begins to grow like nobody’s business. Those long ringlets or floppy mullets are adorable for a time, but eventually, it is time for a haircut. Many parents opt to give their kids their first cuts, and for this toddler, dad wanted to do the job himself, rather than paying for a barber. It all seemed to be going to plan until dad realized he might not be as good at cutting hair as he thought.

You Get What You Pay For And That Includes Bad Haircuts

This little boy doesn’t seem to mind that he looks like he is straight out of an episode of ‘Peaky Blinders’ but mom must have decided a trip to the barber was in order after seeing this.

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang is one of the most beloved comic strips of all time, and Charlie the main character was always known for his yellow and black shirt, and a single strand of hair. As soon as this dad laid eyes on his baby son, he knew that he had his very own Charlie Brown lookalike. After some careful internet searching. the dad came across exactly what he needed to surprise mom when she got home from work.

Welcome To The Land Of The Living Baby Charlie Brown

Mom was greeted by the sight of her very own Charlie Brown baby, right down to the swoosh of black hair that Charlie always rocked. Wonder what her reaction was.

Anyone who has watched the Star Wars franchise of films remembers the famous scene when Darth Vader is fighting with Luke Skywalker and he pauses and says, “Luke, I am your father.” This was a pivotal moment in movie history and changed the way audiences viewed the entire world that Star Wars is based in. As an avid fan of the films, this dad could not help but dress his baby up as one of his favorite characters.

The Darth Vader And Luke Skywalker Switcheroo Baby Act

Darth Baby might not be as fearsome as Darth Vader, but that’s just because he needs some time to grow into the role. Mom must have laughed a lot at this image.

There are a lot of different practices when it comes to making a baby feel comfortable, and swaddling is one of the most common. Babies love to be rolled up like little burritos in blankets. It makes them feel all nice and snug. As soon as this dad saw a rather large pair of baby pants, he knew what he needed to do: turn his baby into the armless wonder child.

Don't Worry Son, You Will Grow Into The Pants

We love creativity, and this baby looks like he might be enjoying this pants swaddling technique. For the dads, if you ever need to swaddle a baby quickly, just find some pants!

As soon as a baby enters the picture, parents have to prioritize their child’s needs. Feeding, clothing, changing, burping, and everything in between needs to be taken care of. It can seem like a lot of work, but the payoff is worth it. For this dad, he seemed to forget that babies need to be protected when going down slides, something moms always remember. This is a prime example of how different moms and dads are.

Slipper Slides, Dads, And Babies Do Not Always Mix Well

Instead of holding on to his baby, this dad is just enjoying sliding down with his son, until his son starts to slide just a wee bit faster.

Babies are naturally curious. Everything they see, hear, touch, and taste are completely new experiences for them. Thus, it makes sense that any baby who has recently learned how to crawl, can’t help but crawl everywhere possible, and try and touch everything close by. After losing his baby one too many times, this dad decided enough was enough, and his baby needed to be contained somehow. We’re not sure about this method though.

The Case Of The Overly Curious And Disappearing Baby

Instead of being allowed to roam free, this little guy now gets to learn what it is like to be stuck in one place. Tying the legs of his romper to the crib is definitely a new parenting hack.

Bath time is either the highlight of a baby’s day or a major shriek fest. This dad decided his little guy needed some bubbles to make his bath extra fun, and he definitely agreed. Dad decided to have even more fun with the bubbles, and turn his baby into a foamy Santa Claus and a baby-faced Elvis Presley. Judging by the look of absolute glee on this baby’s face he did not object.

Is That A Baby Or Is That Bubbly Santa Claus?

For any dads looking to make bath time more fun, just grab a bottle of bubble bath, pop some in and get ready to be all nice and foamy.

Anyone who has gone shopping in the toy aisle of a store knows that each toy comes with an age warning. Some toys are for babies while others are for toddlers and older. This toy is definitely not for babies, but dad decided to have some fun with it. It’s pretty hard to tell by this baby’s expression, but it seems like he is having a whole lot of fun?

Does The Perfect Face Making Baby Toy Even Exist?

Or maybe he is wailing and we simply can’t tell because dad has put a toy on his face, which displays how he is feeling.

After a long day of parenting, it can be hard to find the energy to do anything else. Squeaky doors call for some WD-40, and almost every household has a canister of the stuff. After looking after a child all day, this dad had some hinges that needed oiling, and he had to get that chore done. However, after having to return to parenting duties he clearly forgot that WD-40 belongs in a cupboard.

It Might Be Time For Dad To Take A Nap

As soon as mom or dad opened the fridge and saw the WD-40 just hanging out on one of the shelves, they probably realized they were a tad overtired.

Just because there is no snow on the ground, doesn’t mean that you can’t go sledding. Dads love to come up with fun indoor activities for kids to do, and sledding down some stairs on a makeshift sled has to be one of the most fun. This dad knew his four kids needed to be entertained and what better way to do that, than to grab an old mattress and hit the stairs.

Time To Grab A Mattress And Go Sledding Inside

Hopefully, no kids took a tumble down the stairs, and everyone enjoyed a barrel of laughs. Be careful if you decide to try this activity with your own kids.

Learning how to style hair takes some finesse. Some dads like to hunker down and watch a few YouTube tutorials to learn how to braid and create cool hairstyles for their kids. This dad must not have got the memo that zip ties are not the same as hair ties. We can understand the mistake, after all, they both do the same job, just one is a little bit easier to use than the other.

Dad's Can Be Hairstylists When They Need To Be

Clearly, this little girl didn’t mind that dad used a zip tie for her ponytail. All that matters is that her hair is out of her face right?

Every kid dreams of their birthday party. They know their parents will put a lot of effort into decorating their home, making a delicious cake, and giving them all sorts of cool presents. What this kid didn’t expect, is that his dad would be tasked with making him a rather unique-looking birthday cake. Unappetizing is probably the best word to describe this nose-shaped cake, with green goo dripping out of it.

Birthdays Call For Celebration And Weird Cakes Designed By Dad

Even the little boy doesn’t look like he wanted to eat this, although the green ooze is actually gummy worms which are pretty delicious on their own.

Babies cannot be left alone, and dads know that strollers can quickly become man’s best friend when it comes to walking children around. As soon as mom or dad went out for the day, it was time for dad to head to the store and pick up some much-needed groceries. Lucky for him, his baby’s stroller also works very well as a shopping cart. The baby didn’t seem too concerned about sharing the space.

Time To Get The Grocery Shopping Done With The Baby

In fact, when this baby gets older, he will realize that this is the perfect setup for sneaking a few delicious snacks while out shopping.

Next to strollers, baby carriers have to be one of the best inventions known to man. It’s very easy to strap a baby onto your chest and walk around while performing normal tasks, like eating a hotdog. When using a baby carrier, the baby’s head is often nestled right underneath whatever adult is carrying them. This does make them a prime target for any condiments which might decide to slide out of a hot dog bun.

Oops, Looks Like Dad Dropped A Dollop Of Ketchup

Dad had no issues quickly licking off a dollop of ketchup that landed on his baby’s head. We can’t blame him, the 20-second rule is obviously in play here.

Have you ever heard of organic curry-flavored pancakes? Neither have we, but this dad decided to help out with breakfast duty much to his chagrin. Sometimes it’s tasty to add a sprinkle of cinnamon or brown sugar, and maybe they kind of look like curry powder when they are in similar jars. However, any taste tests show that curry does not remotely taste like cinnamon or sugar. Hopefully, this dad caught himself in time.

Not All Spices Taste The Same, Especially In Pancakes

Otherwise, this family got to enjoy a very curry-licious breakfast. That’s okay though, savory crepes are delicious so why not curry pancakes, maybe it will be a new trend.

Every parent has different tips and tricks when it comes to looking after their little ones. Some parents like to use strollers, while others like to use child leashes to keep their kids close to them. This is a good option for kids that like to wander off, which can give parents a real fright. That being said, there are actual leashes made for kids, and they definitely don’t look like the kind scene here.

Time To Take The Child Out For Her Daily Walk

This is most definitely a dog leash, but if it gets the job done that is all that matters right? It’s important to always keep close to dad and not go roaming off.

Dirty diapers are no fun, and they are definitely not one of the highlights of parenthood. They are, however, a necessity. Nobody enjoys the smell of dirty diapers, or even having to dispose of them which is why this is a major daddy fail. Diaper genies need to have a bag placed inside them to trap all of the diapers and keep the smell that emanates from them contained. This dad made a major faux pas.

Behold The Very Full Used Diaper Genie And Its Treasure

He forgot to put a liner in the genie, and the result is this mess of very smelly dirty diapers. Now, the dad has the unenjoyable task of handpicking each diaper and placing it in a garbage bag.

There are some pieces of information that moms just seem to know innately, and dads need to learn through practice. One of these is understanding what the different diaper sizes mean. A four diaper does not man four diapers, which this dad got totally wrong. We can understand the mistake though, mom was a bit vague in her text messages. The baby doesn’t seem to be too worried about the extra layers.

Four Diapers Is Indeed Not Better Than One Diaper

In fact, if anything, the baby probably feels nice and toasty with all of those diapers on. This might be a fail, but there was no harm done here!

That first month with a newborn is a time most parents remember well or at least remember being extremely tired during. As soon as a newborn enters the house, parents spend long hours feeding it, burping it, and all of this happens at all hours of the day and night. For one dad, he thought he was handling being a new parent pretty well until he noticed a strange smell and some weird feelings.

Eventually The Tiredness That Comes Along With New Parenthood Creeps In

The containers for almond milk and laundry detergent do bear a striking resemblance to one another, so it is an honest mistake. Instead of enjoying almond milk cocoa puffs, this dad enjoyed laundry detergent-soaked cereal.

Multi-tasking is something all parents need to learn early on. When a baby falls asleep on you, you definitely do not want it to wake up and start crying again. That’s why this dad learned how to use his newborn’s back for a very specific activity. After a long day of parenting, it was time to enjoy a much-needed piece of cake, and with no table insight, his newborn’s back looked perfect.

The Perfect Plate Doesn't Exist Or Does It?

No sleeping babies were harmed here, but a delicious slice of cake was enjoyed by one very tired papa. Try not to wake your baby up by copying this trick.

All parents know just how important a crib is for a baby, and pack and play cribs are an absolute must for parents who like to move the crib around. Sometimes having to look after a little one for 24 hours can take its toll, and those cribs do like mighty comfortable. Dad decided it was time for baby and him to have a nap, and instead of napping separately decided to nap together.

Babies Needs Naps And So Do Very Tired Dads

His baby had other ideas, and while dad peacefully slumbered away, mom was able to catch him. The baby just looks downright confused to have dad in the crib with him.

When a baby is ready to sleep it will, and definitely not before then. A lot of parents will wear a baby sling because it helps them to keep their baby close at all times. This dad obviously liked wearing his sling, but his baby seemed to forget that its head is supposed to be outside of the sling not inside of it. At least the baby looks comfortable, even if dad is confused.

Even Babies Aren't Sure About How To Sit In A Sling

It might be a good idea to make sure this baby doesn’t have a crick in its little neck after sleeping in what looks like a rather uncomfortable position.

Anyone who owns a label maker knows just how much fun it is to create labels and stick them to every possible item you can find. Cereal box, put a label on it, picture frame, put a label on it, baby, definitely put a label on. That is what this dad must have been thinking as he gazed at his little one enjoying a nap, after all, he might forget it is a baby without one.

Everything Needs A Label And That Includes The Baby

Mom probably didn’t love coming home to a baby with a label that read ‘BABY’ stuck to its forehead, but that is the price you pay when you leave dad with it.

Parents love to get creative with their kids’ lunches. As soon as the bell for lunch rings, kids dive into their lunch boxes and pull out all of the goodies that their parents have packed for them. When dad is on lunch duty though, you never know what you are going to end up with. For this kid, he thought he was getting a salad, but instead got half of an onion.

A Nutritional Lunch Is A Must And That Includes Onions

Does this count as a salad? Is half an onion the same as half an apple? Many people’s taste buds would disagree. This dad did not get lunch right.

Parents always encourage their children’s artistic side. You can never know if your child is going to be the next Andy Warhol unless you foster that artistic spirit. That is what this dad was trying to do when he gave his son a bunch of blue paint, some paper, and told him to paint to his little heart’s content. What he did not anticipate is that another canvas would be used.

It's Time To Enjoy A Nice Finger Painting Session With Dad

Bodypainting is all the rage in certain artistic circles, and this little boy definitely decided to get on board and give himself some beautiful blue markings. This must Mehave required a bath immediately.

Is there any breakfast food as tasty as a pancake? For this little girl, she would definitely agree that pancakes are the most delicious breakfast, especially when drenched in sugary maple syrup. However, on this particular morning, she decided that she wanted to wear her breakfast rather than eat it, and the result is laugh-out-loud funny. After carefully adding eye holes and a mouth hole, she showed her dad her creation.

Meet The Daughter Of Mrs. Pancake Head, Pancake Junior

Dad obviously thought this moment was worth capturing on camera, and no scolding for playing with food happened here. Kids just need to have fun sometimes.

Generally speaking, tools and kids do not go together. Not only might they hurt themselves, but also they tend to be quite heavy. This dad decided it was time for his daughter to start helping around the house, and he wanted to play a prank on his wife. He showed his daughter how to hold a nail, and then carefully position his camera to snap this picture to send to mom.

Helping Dad Around The Home With Minor Home Improvement Jobs

The resulting text message from mom telling her husband not to have their daughter help out with dangerous tasks must have been priceless. This is a good prank for April Fool’s Day.

Movie nights call for popcorn. Most people have two options when it comes to making the delicious buttery snack. The first is to pop corn kernels in an olf fashioned popcorn maker, and the second is to just grab a microwavable popcorn pack. The microwave option is obviously the easiest and the go-to for most busy parents. This dad thought he got it right, after all, he just pressed start.

Time To Make Some Delicious Buttery Microwave Popcorn

However, he must have forgotten how much time is needed to pop the popcorn, because the bag exploded absolutely everywhere. Hopefully, there was another in the cupboard.