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35 Well-Timed Pictures That Are So Perfect, They Can’t Be Recreated

Monica February 22, 2022

It’s an exciting moment when you take a perfect picture, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t typically take good pictures. But when these pictures are perfectly timed and capture some strange essence – a shadow person, a hidden detail, an animal, or an optical illusion – it’s even more cause for celebration.

These perfectly timed pictures will wow you and maybe even make you do a double-take. Some are even so surprising that they’re nearly unbelievable. These photos might inspire you to dig through your archives and discover some perfectly timed photos you might’ve previously missed at first glance.


35) In Flight Inception

It’s safe to assume that none of us have ever experienced this before. Reading a book during a flight is common, but reading a passage about the exact flight you’re on, during the flight? Unheard of. Maybe this Reddit user saw that as a sign and affirmation that they were exactly where they were supposed to be. It’s also reassuring that the passage they read mentioned the flight arrived safely. If they had read something different, like the flight crashed and no one survived, they might have had a terrible and anxiety driven rest of their flight.

“The book I was reading on the plane mentioned the flight I was reading it on.” – via oldtrader1


34) Water Jug Flame

It’s one thing to watch something go up in flames, but to capture it perfectly timed inside of a water jug is something else entirely! This Reddit user managed to capture a photo of a flame at an ideal moment, when it was perfectly situated inside of a water jug. That’s pretty cool. It looks like the water jug is on fire. At a quick glance, we’d probably all wonder how the water jug isn’t melting from the flames.

“Perfectly timed picture of a flame inside a water jug.” – via wildrube


33) Double Rainbow

“Took a picture of some rainbow buildings while in a taxi, didn’t notice the perfectly timed rainbow bus driving next to us until after!” – via Ginmakesthegirlbrave

These buildings are pretty cool by themselves. But the fact that this Reddit user managed to capture a photo of a rainbow bus driving directly underneath it is impressive. From time to time, we might’ve seen vehicles matching the buildings they’re next to, but never managed to take a photo of it right at the right time like this Reddit user did. The bus matches the colors of the rainbow buildings. This is one of the most perfectly timed pictures on this list.


32) Polar Bear Barbecue

“The way the smoke created a near perfect picture of a polar bear on the lid of my grill.” – via Erifedud13

Smoke rising into the air can make interesting shapes like swirls and curls. But have you ever seen smoke in the shape of a polar bear? That, plus the fact that it was perfectly timed on the lid of this Reddit user’s grill, makes it that much more interesting. You can even see the ears and the eyes of the polar bear. Maybe this Reddit user even decided to name it. It’s a good thing the smoke wasn’t in the shape of a chicken or cow because otherwise, they might think twice about what they’re cooking on the grill.


31) Jaws

“Light reflecting on the surface makes It looks like a shark is in my Koi pond.” – via WarStrategy

Luckily, this Reddit user knew the shark was just a trick of the light on their eyes. They were quick enough to capture a photo of it, too. It would’ve been interesting if they hadn’t known that, and instead quickly assumed there was a shark in their pond. This perfectly timed picture reveals how light can play tricks on our eyes in the strangest places.


30) Odometer Alignment

“My odometer matched today’s date.” – via Cyffrx

This seems like another alignment sign from the universe. It must have been a shock to this Reddit user when they glanced at their car’s odometer and read the exact same numbers as that day’s date. How often does that happen? It’s another affirmation that they’re in the right place, at the right time. Since these occurrences happen rarely, it makes them that much more special when they do happen.


29) Mirror Tricks

Mirrors can play some pretty odd tricks. This Reddit user seemed to capture one of the most interesting tricks of them all. It’s funny that they captured this photo of a very wide person while at the gym. At first glance, they might have even assumed that’s why this person was at the gym in the first place. We can thank this Reddit user for reminding us that not everything is as it seems at first.

“A very wide person at the gym.” – via Issong99


28) Matching Floor

It’s pretty rare to find patterned shoes that also match the pattern of the floor. Most of the time, we’re walking on tiled, marble, or wooden ground, and aren’t wearing shoes that are tiled, marbled, or wooden. Once in a while, you come across a random occurrence such as this one, where this person happened to be wearing patterned shoes that matched the patterned floor.

“This guy’s shoes at the hospital.” – via Niblek


27) TV Match

We’ve all watched TV with our feet up. But have you ever happened to watch TV with a quote and an actor that made it look like they actually saw your feet in real life? It’s rare, and hilarious when it does happen. This person happened to have their feet in the right spot at the right time. It’s as if this actor were actually speaking with them! This is one of the most perfectly timed photos on the list.

“Watching TV with my feet up when suddenly…” – via rankieMART


26) Creepy Zombie Discovery

It would be a pretty grim discovery to walk through your yard and find something resembling a foot. This person’s reaction was probably one of horror and shock before they realized they weren’t actually looking at a real foot, and it was, instead, some sort of vegetable. It would’ve been even funnier if they took a picture of a real foot next to this one.

“Thought I found a foot in the yard.” – via MeowBerkely


25) Human Egg Yolk

“My egg broke out into human shape.” – via Deflepfan

It can be a fun challenge to crack eggs into a bowl and try and get them into a perfect circle. It’s also a fun challenge to try and flip them perfectly while cooking so they don’t lose their shape. Eggs always seem to be better eaten when they’re cooked really well. But what if you cracked an egg yolk and it was in the shape of a human, like this Reddit user happened to do? That’s a perfectly timed picture that doesn’t happen often.


24) Doppelganger

Running into a friend while wearing a similar outfit can be a fun discovery. This Reddit user happened to capture a photo of two people wearing the exact same outfit next to each other. It’s unbelievable how perfectly timed this was. Maybe this was the start of a beautiful friendship between them.

“Dude spawned twice for his route.” – via b4j54n


23) Mid-Air Chop

“Took a perfectly timed photo of my boyfriend chopping wood.” – via aislewhere

Most of us probably grew up trying to capture a perfectly timed photo of us jumping into the air with our hands up. This Reddit user happened to capture a photo of their boyfriend at an ideal moment, when they were slicing a log of wood. It’s a cool moment involving an action shot.


22) Trick Of A Mirror

“6 legs, 2 tails, and no head.” – via MJay_Vee

This cat happened to be lying in front of a mirror. And this Reddit user happened to capture its reflection perfectly timed, before it moved out of the way. It makes it look like the cat has six legs, two tails, and no head. If we didn’t know this was an optical illusion, we’d probably wonder what sort of pet they have.


21) Curly Q Number Five

This curl is in the shape of the number five. It would be even better if this Reddit user’s little sister was five years old! This photo was perfectly timed, and capture before the little girl’s curl turned back into a normal shape. Maybe they’ll be on the lookout for the number eight, next!

“My little sister’s hair formed the number 5.” – via Fiezjam


20) Fish Pacifier

“A guest dropped a pacifier in the Cypress Swamp exhibit at the Virginia Living Museum today. Someone was quick to take advantage!” – via fmlmel

Unfortunately, the guest at this exhibit dropped a pacifier into the fish tank, which can be harmful to the fish. At least this Reddit user was able to capture an interesting picture out of it. This fish wasted no time and decided to make that pacifier his own. It seems that the fish is enjoying the pacifier at least.


19) Carrying A Tree

“My friend easily carrying his end of this fallen tree.” – via JaronChurchwell

This perfectly timed picture is an optical illusion and makes it look like this Reddit user’s friend is actually carrying a giant tree. This is a trick most of us have probably done in the past. It’s fun to angle the photo to make it look like we’re doing the impossible, like dragging fallen trees. If we didn’t know this was a trick of the eye, we’d assume this Reddit user’s friend had incredible strength.


18) ​​Mystery Faces

“Crumpled paper shadow faces” – via mildasf*ck

When faces appear in the strangest places, it’s definitely something we want to capture on our camera. This photo happened to be perfectly timed in the way it captured shadow faces from crumpled paper. These faces look like they should be on some crime detective TV show. Maybe these faces are on a secret mission, and maybe this Reddit user even ended up naming them in the end.


17) Double Bodied Man

“A man with 2 bodies.” – via itsrockysingh

This is something that makes us look twice. If you’d seen this in real life, you might’ve been too stunned to capture it on photo. This Reddit user managed to perfectly time this photo, so he captured a man with two bodies. If they had waited any longer, one of the men might’ve moved and they wouldn’t have captured this photo of gold.


16) Angry Machine Faces

It’s always fun capturing faces on inanimate objects, just like the Reddit user did with the crumpled shadow faces. These workout machines don’t look happy to be there, much like most of the people who were probably using it at the gym. This perfectly timed picture personified the workout machine quite flawlessly. The machines look like they’re screaming in agony.

“This angry workout machine.” – via FeelThe_Byrne

r/AccidentalCamouflage - Pic my husband took of me passing him a pencil

15) Matching Pencil And Outfit

Have you ever dressed to match your pencil? Probably not! This Reddit user happened to be wearing the exact same outfit as their pencil. This is a photo that is perfectly timed, considering the amount of times this happens is probably slim to none. It’s a fun photo to have, nonetheless!

“A pic my husband took of me passing him a pencil.” – via kitschier


14) ​​Perfectly Timed “Oops”

“Just popped in at the perfect moment!” – via shelldog

The angle of this perfectly timed photo makes it look like this man is peeing. At first glance, we all probably assumed this man’s stream was nearly a foot long, and wondered what he had been drinking all day. What’s even funnier is that it was a complete accident. All you can do is laugh.


13) Seconds To Spare

Before this Reddit user could even react, they managed to capture a perfectly timed photo of their dog nearly biting the tail of their other pet. We’re all probably wondering what happened after this photo was taken, but the fact that this was even captured is good enough. We can assume that the aftermath wasn’t something to laugh about, and could even feel compassion for the mess this Reddit user most likely had to deal with.

“One second before the disaster” – via Apurpletrex


12) Diving Head-First

We’ve all dove into water, and probably even tried to capture a photo of us jumping into the water. This Reddit user captured a perfectly timed photo of them jumping head first, into a lake. If you look closely, you can even see half of their face is still out of the water. It’s amazing what some people can capture at just the right moment.

“This perfectly timed photo of me diving into the river.” – via scofierc


11) Matching Face Mask And Shirt

Has your face ever matched your sweatshirt? Probably not. This Reddit user managed to capture a perfectly timed photo of their dried face mask and sweatshirt. If they had taken a photo anytime before or after, they probably wouldn’t have matched their sweatshirt flawlessly.

“My face mask dried unevenly & matches my sweat shirt.” – via Monsteradeliciosous


10) Perfectly Timed Trip Mileage

“Reached a milestone with my car mileage, timed perfectly with my trip meter.” via _B4Z

Another Reddit user shared their experience with their perfectly timed car mileage. Their trip meter and car mileage are from the numbers one through nine. This is a rare occurrence indeed. If they had waited any longer to take a photo, they would’ve missed the opportunity since the mileage would’ve gone up.


9) Fountain Pee

“People often say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think these perfectly timed photos are worth ten thousand words each. Each one of them is pure luck.” – via sonoo

Another person was able to capture a photo of a perfectly timed water fountain and person. This photo makes it looks like the person was urinating, similar to the photo from above. They were in the perfect spot, at the perfect time.


8) Snowball Face

We all love taking selfies, but how many times is your selfie perfectly timed with a snowball and street lamps? This Reddit user managed to take a selfie at the exact moment the snowball was thrown at their face. This is definitely a picture for the archives, that’s for sure!

“Snapped a selfie at the exact moment I get nailed by a snowball from other son (not pictured), and street lamp lines up perfectly to look like setting sun.” – via Fun_Avocado1981


7) Nose Licker

“A perfectly timed photo of my dog.” – via coco_94742

This Reddit user didn’t hesitate when capturing this photo of a dog licking themselves. This perfectly timed photo shows the dog’s tongue across its entire face, nearly licking itself in the eye. They must have been quick to snap the photo.


6) Shadow Man

Another inanimate object captured in its human form. This Reddit user managed to capture these cables in the shape of a man’s head. Maybe this cable is friends with the crumpled shadow faces from the Reddit user above. You never know.

“The shadows cast by these cables form a man’s head.” – via ssbu9876


5) Matching Furniture

This Reddit user found their furniture soul mate. If you look at this photo fast enough, you wouldn’t even see them sitting there. Wearing clothes that match furniture isn’t something that happens that often, so when it does happen and its captured on a photo, it’s definitely a perfectly timed picture.

“Hotel hallway? I got lost in an old armchair.” – via sublimeskank


4) Blending In

We’ve all looked for an object that was directly in front of our eyes the entire time. This picture is the epitome of blending in. This perfectly timed photo captures an experience we’ve all been through time and time again, and probably made us feel a bit better when we reminisce about the times we’ve missed something directly in front of our eyes.

“My girlfriend’s hairband — she gave up trying to find it earlier.” – via lawndog86


3) Bride And Groom Jugs

We’ve seen a water jug on fire, and now we’re seeing a water jug that’s getting married. It looks like the water jug has a veil on it and is, in fact, about to get married to the water jug wearing a tuxedo. This isn’t something you see very often. We’re lucky this Reddit user had their phone with them, to provide us this very amusing entertainment.

“These water jugs look like they’re getting married.” – via SoupSeeker


2) Slithering Snake

“When you walk in your room and have a mild heart attack.” – via pooptime1

Let’s hope this Reddit user doesn’t live in Australia, because finding a snake in your house is common there. Even so, finding a belt on your floor in the shape of a snake is pretty terrifying, especially if you weren’t expecting it. This perfectly timed photo captured a scary occurrence we’ve all experienced from time to time. Hopefully, next time, it isn’t an actual snake, and they mistake it for a belt.


1) “J” Cat

“​​My parents cat has a lowercase “j” on his back (or an “i” if I timed the picture right).” – via Kootsiak

This perfectly timed picture shows the letter “j” on the back of this cat! Let’s hope this Reddit user managed to capture another photo with its tail in the shape of an “i”. Maybe they decided to call their cat the Alphabet cat.