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30 Red Flags That Prove It’s Time To Find A New Job Immediately

Trista November 24, 2021

We’ve all been there at some point: feeling tired, bored, or dissatisfied with our current work situation. Taking it a step further, how many times has your boss been the root of it? How a boss relates to his or her employees can make or break a positive work environment. Do you feel like you might need to leave a hostile work environment?

Perhaps it’s because of how your boss behaves. Read on for some additional guidance on navigating this difficult situation. Here are 30 signs it may be time to say goodbye to your current gig. See if these apply to you and your situation and begin to plan your next move.


30. Your Boss Constantly Micromanages

One factor to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to leave your current boss behind is that they are constantly micromanaging employees (via Paymo). Sometimes (and only sometimes) this might be necessary. However, if your boss is always trying to pry into every detail of your workday, it can be exhausting. A good boss knows you don’t need to update them about every minute of your workday.

If they gave clear directions, you should have adequate time and space to work on routine tasks. Micromanaging is entirely counterproductive, leads to tension, and just creates a negative vibe in your work environment. It can put a damper on your mood. Furthermore, this action can affect your productivity level as a whole.


29. They Play Favorites

The fact that your boss may cater to some employees more than others is another sign you might want to leave your current boss behind. There is no reason that one employee should get special treatment over anyone else in the workplace. Is your boss is engaging in this type of behavior?

It might indicate their lack of experience and show you that they may not even take their job as seriously as they expect you to. You should expect a level of fairness in treatment, interaction, and feedback from your boss (via SHRM). Is your employer giving other employees more leeway on work productivity, breaks, or anything else? That’s a big red flag that you might not want to continue working for your current boss and company.


28. You Lack The Passion You Once Had

Are you merely dragging yourself into work each day? Maybe you’re not feeling the enthusiasm you used to. It could be time to consider leaving your current boss behind. When going to work is a chore, that can play a role in the level of passion you have for your job (via The Muse). Some people wake up ready and even excited to tackle the day.

However, if you find yourself lacking in this area, having a bad boss could contribute. Not feeling recognized by your boss to complete your daily tasks can negatively you. That goes double for your level of passion. And the same goes if your boss doesn’t appreciate you. Not having the same excitement that you once did about going into work each day can take a toll on not only your passion for your work but your mental health too.


27. Your Boss Expects More Tasks Without Compensation

Is there more responsibility being put on your shoulders to complete projects or other tasks at work? That’s a clear sign that you should consider different employment positions. Good and even great bosses know the level of responsibility they expect from you. Furthermore, they shouldn’t pass off any of their duties without acknowledgment.

Typically this may come in the form of a promotion and especially a pay raise. The more responsibility you take on should always come with fair pay. In most cases, it’s a previously discussed and agreed-upon payment. Is your boss is expecting more from you and not acknowledging the need for appropriate compensation (via The Balance Careers)? Maybe you should consider leaving your current boss behind.


26. Your Employer Isn’t Tapping Into Your Skills

Another aspect to consider is how or, even if your boss realizes skills as an employee. A good boss will constantly look for the strengths and weaknesses in their employees (via High5Test) and delegate tasks and responsibilities accordingly. If you feel like you punch the clock every day and don’t feel any growth potential, it may be time to consider working elsewhere.

Discussions with your boss about your strengths and weaknesses should occur regularly. It would help if you also talked about expectations as well as ways to challenge yourself. If your boss is not having these talks with you and not striving to help all employees reach their potential, this may not be the position for you long-term.


25. Your Boss Doesn’t Provide Relevant Feedback

A glaring red flag in deciding whether or not to leave your current boss behind is that they are not giving you any relevant or constructive criticism regarding your productivity as an employee (via WeForum.org). Providing evaluations to employees (via Capterra) by a boss or manager should be one of the highest priorities from someone in that position.

Without offering any helpful feedback to employees, there can be no expectation of growth for employees. Suppose you feel like you are not given any advice or direction as to what things you can work on. In that case, there is a good chance that your boss doesn’t care about you as an employee.


24. You Dislike Your Boss Thoroughly

Something to consider when deciding whether to leave your current boss is how you feel about your boss and your coworkers. If you feel like you don’t get along with other people in your workplace or don’t have the same ideals and goals in common anymore, you might want to consider finding another position.

The fact that you don’t get along with your coworkers and boss is not always the worst thing. However, if you dread going to work each day because of how your boss acts, there might be a serious disconnect in the workplace, which can drain your mental health and your ability to be productive at work (via Social.Hays).


23. Your Boss Isn’t Open To New Ideas

You can usually tell whether you’re in a productive work environment if your boss is open to new ideas. A good boss and a good company should be at least somewhat receptive to innovative approaches from employees. Forward-thinking employees can continuously improve things like day-to-day procedures that increase the quality of work.

If your boss isn’t open to hearing any of these ideas, that could be a sign they don’t have the best intentions or truly want to see their employees succeed. Learning from others in the form of ideas and past experiences is a great way to build on a company’s future success (via Biz Journals). If this isn’t happening in your workplace, it may be time to leave your current boss behind (via Indeed).


22. Your Physical Health Is Affected

Another essential factor is the overall toll your job is taking on your physical health. If you wake up stressed and in a bad mood because you have to go to work, that negatively affects your mind and body over time. You’ll experience damaging effects on your health when you are constantly agitated and feeling stressed.

No job is worth sacrificing your health over. If you have noticed that you aren’t feeling as good as you used to, it may be time to consider the effect your job has on you and that it may not be the correct position for you anymore (via Very Well Mind).


21. Your Employer Isn’t Listening To Your Ideas

One of the most effective ways a company can improve and gain success is by listening to employee ideas. After all, you and your coworkers are the ones carrying out everyday tasks and operations. If anyone has any real insight into what might improve the company, you are an employee. Is your boss is not open to hearing any of your ideas or suggestions (via Growth Engineering)?

It may be time to consider leaving your current boss behind. If you feel like you’ve tried to express your thoughts and fell on deaf ears, take that as a sign you may want to leave the company. Our culture and world are constantly changing, and if your boss is not being open to listening to your ideas for improvement, that can be a sign to seek employment elsewhere.


20. Your Work/Life Balance Is Off

Having a job or career should not be a significant hindrance to having a life outside of work. A full-time work schedule should not become so dominating that you miss out on doing things with friends and family. That goes double for just having time to yourself outside of work.

A good boss knows that adequate time away from the workplace is essential to keeping healthy, productive employees in the company (via Centrical). Are you beginning to feel like you’re not making for your life outside of your job? Then it may be time to consider leaving your current boss behind.


19. Not Discussing A Long-Term Outlook

Another critical point to consider is whether or not your boss discusses any type of longevity with you as an employee (via The Grooms List). A good boss is always looking to the future. Furthermore, they are seeing how people do or don’t fit into that perspective. Discussions of the future should be a common occurrence, but if you find that your boss is barely looking to the end of the day or week, it may be time to consider other employment (via CIO).

Regarding the future when looking at employee productivity and company growth is a vital responsibility of a boss. If you feel like you’re not getting that kind of feedback from your boss, then it may be time to look at your job and whether or not you want to continue working there.


18. Your Employer Doesn’t Care If Employees Are Overworked

Employees and their ability to be productive in a healthy manner are essential to their overall productivity (via CIO). A good boss will ensure their employees have adequate time off. Not only that, but a break from the day-to-day grind to remain healthy. Why? So they can be productive employees.

True, bosses expect employees to spend a fair amount of time at work. However, not to the extent that they may feel overworked or burned out. Does not consider this, forcing you to work more than expected in the form of longer hours and extra shifts? If not then it may be time to consider leaving your current boss behind (via Forbes).


17. A Cultural Disconnect

Something else to consider when deciding to leave your current boss is if some disconnect has developed in the workplace. Consider how you feel about how your boss and company treat employees and how that does or doesn’t contribute to a healthy, productive workplace (via CNN). If you feel like you are somehow no longer in sync with the ideals of your boss and company put forth, it may be time to look at whether or not you should stay in your position.

Not being treated the way you feel like you should be by your boss regarding the company’s values is a significant reason to step back and consider whether or not you should continue your employment with them (via Harvard Business Review).


16. They Call You On Your Days Off

If your boss makes a continual habit of calling you on your days off to ask you to come in, this can also be a sign that you need to consider other employment opportunities (via Indeed). A good boss knows that time off and being away from the stresses of work is not only healthy.

It is also essential to maintaining motivated, productive employees. When you have a scheduled day off, there is no reason for your boss to call unless there is a real issue going on, but your boss should not be making a habit out of doing this.


15. Your Employer Doesn’t Set Clear Expectations

One of the biggest responsibilities of a good boss is providing clear and direct expectations of employees to complete tasks (via Business News Daily). If you don’t know your expectations, how can you put out a quality product? That proves difficult to produce the kind of work your company expects.

There should be clear guidelines in regards to the work required. If your work expectations are not clear, how can there be any level of quality output from you as an employee (via McKinsey)? A good boss will always make known their level of expectation from you. Without this, there will not be any actual level of quality output from employees as they don’t know their place in the flow of a company.


14. Your Boss Loses Control Easily

Another telling sign that can help you decide whether or not to leave your current boss behind is their behavior in the workplace. A good boss won’t lose their temper easily or act out in the heat of the moment. Maintaining a level of composure when things may not be going smoothly is key to being a good boss.

Yes, problems will always arise, and things will go wrong. However, that doesn’t mean your boss can be allowed to take things out on you as an employee in an unfair and even embarrassing way (via CHRON).


13. Other Jobs And Careers Begin To Look Good To You

If you find yourself looking at other positions that seem more attractive than your current job, it may be time to consider other employment. A boss can have a very real negative or positive impact on a work environment based on how they act and treat their employees (via Harvard Business Review).

You may start to feel like you have lost that passion and excitement for going to work and start thinking about the possibility of working elsewhere. If this has happened, it may be time to consider leaving your current boss behind.


12. Your Boss Doesn’t Advocate For You

A good boss should always go to bat for their employees. Employees should feel like they have someone in their corner who will stand up for them and defend the work they do (via NY Times). This creates a much more positive work environment overall.

When you begin to feel like your boss doesn’t care or even acknowledge the time and effort you put into projects, it can take a toll on your motivation to continue working effectively and efficiently. A good boss will set the tone for this and be on the offensive for employees when it comes to supporting and even defending work strategies and output.


11. Your Employer Takes Credit For Your Work

To build on the last point, a good boss will also not take credit, acknowledgment, or praise for their employees’ accomplishments (via Forbes). This is a major issue if your boss is doing this. Your boss has responsibilities and duties in their own right.

There should be no reason they need to steal any credit regarding the work their employees are doing. Again, not feeling like you have someone in your corner looking out for you can affect your passion and motivation level in your job.


10. You Are Constantly Stressed

Being able to maintain a healthy stress level at work can sometimes be necessary for some work environments. You need to meet deadlines and solve problems, and that comes with the territory many times (via Claromentis). Nevertheless, are you feeling stressed out or have a negative outlook about your job?

Then it may be time to consider leaving your current boss behind. A boss can have a significant influence on the way you feel about your job. If they motivate you, stand up for you, and help you grow, you are much more likely to feel good about your position in the long run. However, on the other hand, feeling like your boss is too negative or doesn’t care about your accomplishments and hard work can be stressful and lead to a negative perspective of your job.


9. You Feel Like You Have Plateaued

There is usually room for growth as an employee with your company in most positions. However, do you’ve begun to feel like you’re not making any more forward progress? Are you growing your skills as an employee?

If not, it’s likely that your boss is not putting their best effort forth to help you in that aspect. That can be disappointing. Feeling like you are just doing the same old thing day in and day out? Suppose you are not growing as an individual and employee. According to Forbes, it may mean it’s time to consider quitting your job (via Forbes).


8. Abuse Is Occurring In Your Workplace

If there is abuse of any kind going on in the workplace, it’s time to leave your current boss behind. Sexual harassment towards your or others is not okay in any way (via Lifeguard and Safety Training). There should be no reason for any kind of this behavior to occur in the workplace. No one should feel uncomfortable about being at work or around certain employees because of inappropriate behaviors.

If this is going on, it may be within your boundaries to make the right people aware of what is happening, like human resources, before you leave the company (via TriNet). This is a serious matter that should not go on unacknowledged by anyone.


7. You’re Miserable Every Morning

Waking up every morning feeling down and depressed about going to work every day is no way to live your life. When you dread going to bed because you have to wake up every morning and go to your job, it may be time to consider doing something else.

If you that you’re in a foul mood you each day because you know you have to go to work and deal with your boss, it’s time to take a good look at whether or not you should stay with this company (via NYT).


6. Your Boss Leaves You Out Of Key Meetings

Should you leave your current boss behind? That depends if they keep you in the loop with meaningful discussions and conversations at work. Good communication from your boss is a pivotal aspect of maintaining a positive, productive work environment. A good boss will hold meetings with employees regularly for several reason.

This can keep everyone on the same page about the expectations of everyone in the company. If you consistently feel like you get left out of critical discussions about projects at work, it may be time to leave your current boss behind (via Forbes).


5. You Have Little Conversation With Your Boss

Building on the last point a little further, little to no communication or conversation with your boss is another red flag to note.

Are you having relevant, constructive conversations with your boss about day-to-day work projects and tasks? If not, it may be time to consider leaving them behind. A good boss will keep in touch with their employees regarding daily needs and expectations (via SHRM).


4. Your Performance Is Suffering

So you don’t feel like putting forth your best effort at work anymore. If you really could care less about the amount of work or quality of work you are producing, it may be time to consider other opportunities.

Feeling like you have to drag yourself to work each day, and having no real motivation to accomplish anything can be an accurate indication that you need to consider other employment opportunities (via LinkedIn). Some level of interest and motivation should exist in your job to want to stay with that company.


3. Your Employer Doesn’t Empower You

good boss should always look for ways to help employees make sound decisions and solve problems (via Forbes). Does your boss push you to do your best and gives you the tools and support to succeed? If that is the case, your potential for success is almost unlimited. However, do you feel like your boss doesn’t pay attention to or acknowledge the time and effort you are putting into your job?

It could even be worse. Your boss doesn’t seem to care if you are there or not. It may be time to consider leaving that job. A good boss will always make this aspect of their position one of their higher priorities, as finding ways to empower their employees can positively affect morale and productivity (via The Lee Group).


2. Your Boss Constantly Changes Their Mind

It can be hard enough to maintain an efficient output level during your workday and feel like you are accomplishing your tasks (via Forbes). However, if your boss is constantly changing their mind and opinion about things, it can just become completely draining to get through the workday.

Clear expectations should be set at the beginning of a project and followed through on by your boss. When this doesn’t happen, you can become disappointed and discouraged about your job and the company.


1. You No Longer Believe In The Company

Is it time to leave your current boss behind? If you no longer believe in the values and ideals of the company, it’s probably time to consider leaving. The way a boss behaves and treats employees on a day-to-day basis has so much influence on the daily work environment.

Furthermore, it impacts how employees feel about themselves and their desire to come into work each day. A boss who doesn’t portray your company’s values can spell disaster for the goals of having a positive and productive work environment (via Forbes).