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30 Red Flags That Prove It’s Time To Find A New Job Immediately

TristaNovember 24, 2021

5. You Have Little Conversation With Your Boss

Building on the last point a little further, little to no communication or conversation with your boss is another red flag to note. 

Are you having relevant, constructive conversations with your boss about day-to-day work projects and tasks? If not, it may be time to consider leaving them behind. A good boss will keep in touch with their employees regarding daily needs and expectations (via SHRM). 


4. Your Performance Is Suffering

So you don’t feel like putting forth your best effort at work anymore. If you really could care less about the amount of work or quality of work you are producing, it may be time to consider other opportunities.

Feeling like you have to drag yourself to work each day, and having no real motivation to accomplish anything can be an accurate indication that you need to consider other employment opportunities (via LinkedIn). Some level of interest and motivation should exist in your job to want to stay with that company. 


3. Your Employer Doesn’t Empower You

 good boss should always look for ways to help employees make sound decisions and solve problems (via Forbes). Does your boss push you to do your best and gives you the tools and support to succeed? If that is the case, your potential for success is almost unlimited. However, do you feel like your boss doesn’t pay attention to or acknowledge the time and effort you are putting into your job?

It could even be worse. Your boss doesn’t seem to care if you are there or not. It may be time to consider leaving that job. A good boss will always make this aspect of their position one of their higher priorities, as finding ways to empower their employees can positively affect morale and productivity (via The Lee Group).


2. Your Boss Constantly Changes Their Mind

It can be hard enough to maintain an efficient output level during your workday and feel like you are accomplishing your tasks (via Forbes). However, if your boss is constantly changing their mind and opinion about things, it can just become completely draining to get through the workday.

Clear expectations should be set at the beginning of a project and followed through on by your boss. When this doesn’t happen, you can become disappointed and discouraged about your job and the company.


1. You No Longer Believe In The Company

Is it time to leave your current boss behind? If you no longer believe in the values and ideals of the company, it’s probably time to consider leaving. The way a boss behaves and treats employees on a day-to-day basis has so much influence on the daily work environment.

Furthermore, it impacts how employees feel about themselves and their desire to come into work each day. A boss who doesn’t portray your company’s values can spell disaster for the goals of having a positive and productive work environment (via Forbes).