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30+ Weird Things That Are Normal In Some Countries, But Are Incredibly Strange In Others

Hizkiail August 8, 2021

Just recently Rome’s state traffic police acquired a Lamborghini Huracan painted in full police colors. Though it sounds pretty extreme, the speed has been extremely useful for high-speed chases and to even transport a kidney to a patient.


Just to put things into perspective, the average temperature in a country such as Denmark is around 37 degrees Fahrenheit, yikes!

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In universal driving rules, the color red in a traffic light usually means stops, and green means go. Yet, Japan stands apart from other 74 countries in the world and prefers to use the color blue as the “go” color instead of green.

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Literally, all over Japanese houses, apartments, and Japanese inns these types of baths can be found, though they are increasingly becoming made of plastic or stainless steel with time.


The delicious sweet cocoa drink is usually consumed alongside a yummy slice of cheese, and it apparently tastes heavenly together. So if you ever go to Colombia, definitely get yourself a delicious cup of hot chocolate cheese.

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The hill is located near Porangahau, in the South of Waipukurau in the Southern part of Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. The name is of Māori origin and is listed in the Guinness World Records.

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While in other countries in the world the shield life of pasteurized milk lasts only a few weeks, in France, the land of Pasteur himself, milk is pasteurized at UHT (ultra-high temperature) and can therefore last much longer outside of the cold.

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The annual event takes place on the Spring Bank Holiday, and although it started only for people who lived in the local village of Brockworth, it grew so much that people from all over the world take part in it today.


That’s why visitors and tourists often get confused and disappointed when they hear the sound, as they often mistake a garbage truck tune with an ice cream truck.

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Historically, engineers would construct traditional structures by building them up rather than down, which would allow them to save as many inches as possible.

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It may take days by car or even weeks to reach the other side of your country, so just imagine being able to walk for one hour from the North to the South of Monaco while knowing that you saw everything you need to see?


Since the company makes over 60 million bras every year, working with huge labels such as Victoria’s Secret and Maidenform, the degree has gained increasing popularity with time. The official name of the popular course is “Intimate Textiles and Accessories.”


Now, if the service isn’t great though, then paying a large undeserved tip may be a little awkward.

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Sure, the nutritional and health value on this one may be questionable, but there is nothing wrong with a necessary indulgence every now and then.

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Because bamboo is so widely available in the country, citizens have made it quite popular to use it as a multifaceted tool to dry things.


The water fight has become an indispensable part of ritual cleansing for the Thai people during the holiday celebration. In many parts of the country, people take the holiday extremely seriously.

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And while some of them do have both details, there is no sign of it anywhere. For that reason, people completely ignore street names and numbers and use local landmarks to describe addresses instead. Though this might sound incredibly strange for other countries, the system apparently works.

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Hence, taking your shoes off before entering somewhere is a part of basic etiquette in Thailand – that is so dirt is kept outdoors at all times, and is never in anyone else’s home.

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That is why on the federal highway system in Germany, also known as the autobahn, the speed limit is only a mere recommendation for drivers and not an obligation.

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Just before the holiday, people will remove the carp from the tub, and then clean its tract since the fish is a bottom feeder. Then, families happily eat it and return to their regular baths after the holidays.

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The World Sauna Championships used to happen every year in Heinola, Finland, particularly between 1999 and 2010. The competition originated from several unofficial sauna-sitting competitions that ended up being banned in Heinola.

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In South Korea, for example, some people would choose to wear a face mask when they had a common cold. Others used it to protect themselves from pollution and other viruses out there.


Several, if not most houses, simply have no curtains or any privacy. This may have come as a result of the Protestant religious traditions and the popular notion that one should have “nothing to hide.”


One of these passports serves more like their ID, and the other passport is the one they use to travel abroad. The reason behind this dates centuries ago when Russia decided to issue internal documents and passports in addition to the typical traveling ones.


If you do so, others may consider it a bad omen, especially back in the days. The shamanistic belief actually originated in China, when red calligraphy was mainly used when a person was deceased.


Apparently, women often prefer to bleach their body hair instead of removing it. That is because bleaching makes it more difficult for anyone to see it.

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Hence, when they would finally tie the knot, family and friends would throw tons of cinnamon at the newly-wed couple to wish them luck and love.

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They are typically drunk in the morning, and rarely anyone is seen having them in the afternoon or the evening. One thing’s for sure though, they are delicious.


Most streets have block numbers and a space in between the blocks, which is different from the Western system.


This may vary from person to person, it can be an umbrella, a box of tissues, a book, or anything personal that says, “this chair is mine!” When they return with their purchased meal they have their seat waiting for them.

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If you ever go to Turkey, you may want to try a popular dessert that is made of something very unusual, chicken breast! The dessert combines shredded chicken breast in milk and sugar and is called Tavuk göğsü.


Instead of saying “say cheese”, the Dutch say “Lach eens naar het vogeltje,” which means: “Smile at the little bird.” This saying is also common in countries such as Switzerland.

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The fish dates back to the 16th century when it became famous for its particular taste. Surströmming is very popular around the end of August, and there is even a special surströmming that takes place in Alfta, a city in the north of Sweden.


The word comes from the roots of the nautical term “ahoy,” and is still widely used in the country today.


There are some perks to living in such a cold country though, and one of them is not needing ice or a fridge to cool beverages. In Sweden, it’s very common for people to simply place their drinks outside in order to cool them.

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Driving on the left side of the road comes as a heritage from feudal times when holding and using swords in the right hand was more convenient while having opposing traffic on the same side in order to fight them better.

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Instead of using a knife to cut cheese, they perfect their slices by using the cheese slicer, which is said to be invented in Norway. With this method, the cheese comes out smooth and whole, ready to be eaten!