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These People Wish They Never Told These Blatant Lies Online

Darren November 21, 2022

Baked Phone

Never underestimate other people’s willingness to call out lies online. Somebody tweeted that they accidentally baked their phone into their cake and shared a photo of the incident. Yes, they attached evidence but a quick Google search shows that this wasn’t genuine.


That’s because they took a screenshot from a YouTube video where somebody did a dumb experiment. Another Twitter user shared the video in the replies and destroyed the original poster’s story. They should delete their account after this type of garbage story because it’s all over for them (via Imgur).

Snowden Says No

Some businesses and Internet users mention celebrities in their tweets and online stories because they want the added prestige. They also think that famous people are too busy to trawl through their mentions. But sometimes they do and their words come back to haunt them.


One VPN business claimed that Edward Snowden endorsed their product and used this to advertise their product. But then the man himself replied and emphatically denied this. He also said that it was impossible because he never promoted any VPNs. Imagine the discussions in that boardroom after he ruined their business (via Reddit).

Amazing Sunset

It can be very easy to disprove somebody’s lies online. This individual shared an alleged photo of their dog frolicking during a sunset in Arizona. That seems lovely and untoward but there’s a major issue with their story. A quick Google search produced the same image.


As another Redditor noted, this was an Adobe stock photo and not an image of their pet. We’ve no idea why they thought that somebody would believe them but they didn’t care. They should have known that if it was easy for them to find this photo it would be simple for others too (via Reddit).

Accidental Photo

Candid photos often produce the best images because we’re not self-conscious about the camera. Sometimes people even accidentally take shots of themselves when they mistakenly hit the button. But that’s not the case in the image below as another person observed.


The post said that the best pictures she takes are by accident. But somebody else called out her lies online because of her pose and the fact that she’s looking at the camera. Meanwhile, she must have reached out to take the photo. She didn’t fool anybody with her ridiculous claim (via Pinterest).

Deep Inhale

Many people try to lose weight but struggle to achieve their goals. They’re justifiably proud when they manage to shed some pounds and want to share it with the world. This is a time when Internet validation can be a good thing because it motivates them to continue. But don’t lie on social media because it will end badly.


This lady claimed that she lost 14 lbs. and shared a pair of photos beside each other. But one friend asked her if she was sucking her cheeks in to look thinner. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that she’s wearing the same clothes in the same place but she wouldn’t tell lies online, right (via Pinterest)?

Cop Fight

There are always people who try to appear to be tough online. Some internet users discussed a video where a police officer acted violently toward a teenager. Then one person replied and said that they violently disposed of a law enforcement officer after he tried the same thing on him.


Another Twitter user said what everybody else was thinking and denied his lies online. He did so in a humorous manner that conveyed his disbelief. Everybody can be tough online but this doesn’t mean that they’re able to act this way in real life. This thread is a great example of this type of nonsense (via Reddit).

Thanks, Harry

Allegedly, Harry Styles is a very nice person and always gives his fans a lot of time. But it’s also stupid to write about him on Twitter and compose a bogus story. Yet, that’s exactly what one person did as they claimed that he gave them money at the Detroit Tigers to buy him two beers.


Then they claimed that they took a hundred bucks and left. But they didn’t expect Styles to reply and expose his lies online in front of millions of followers. He immediately explained that he didn’t go to the Tigers game as he made a fool out of this liar. It’s safe to say that he won’t make this mistake again (via Reddit).

No Physical Locations

Some people enjoy leaving horrible reviews about different businesses. This is terrible because it may negatively influence other shoppers and patrons. It can prove to be incredibly costly for these establishments but sometimes these bogus reviewers make a mistake.


One reviewer criticized a store’s employees because they didn’t wear masks. But there was one significant issue with their bold claims. The business’s account replied and said that they don’t have any physical locations. Sometimes it’s easy to expose lies online because people are morons (via Aubtu).

Going Hiking

One of the most important points to remember about life is that one’s siblings will always humiliate them. This young woman discovered this the hard way after she left a post on Instagram. She chose a cute outfit and then posed after she went hiking. However, her younger brother revealed the reality of the situation.


She claimed that Nature is the ultimate healer but her brother showed the other side of the photo. The older sister didn’t go hiking at all but made her boyfriend take a picture in her garden. It’s amazing the effort that people will go to as they hunt for likes. This time it didn’t end well for her (via Twitter).

Snapchat Filter

When people tell lies online they’re assuming that everybody is stupid and gullible enough to believe them. But that’s not always the case as this person discovered on Reddit. They shared a picture of their anime art because they wanted to impress the world and receive validation.


But the problem was that they told a bunch of lies and somebody spotted it. They noted that he used a Snapchat filter and took a screenshot. This instantly revealed that the original poster was a liar. We don’t know why he felt the need to spin these lies in the first place (via Reddit).

Inconsiderate Youths

This person tried to exploit the world’s love of outrage as she called out some youths occupying disabled seats. The problem with this is that she hasn’t looked around her properly. Her criticism even bemused some of her fellow Twitter users because it didn’t make sense at all.


She said that they should have allowed an elderly woman to sit down. But her fellow social media peeps noticed that there was still an empty seat behind her. She may not have deliberately told online lies but she made a fool of herself in front of the world. Some people should take a deep breath before spreading outrage (via Reddit).

Wendy’s Tattoo

Imagine if a fast food chain trolled somebody online. This happened in real life after somebody falsely claimed that they got a Wendy’s tattoo. Firstly, we don’t know why they thought that this would make the business happy. It’s a weird thing to do at the best of times, even if it was real.


The official Wendy’s account saw this stupid callout and immediately replied. They sarcastically trolled the moron because it was the same image as the first Google result for Wendy’s tattoo. It’s safe to say that they didn’t put a lot of work into their effort to trick the chain (via Twitter).

Stuck In Traffic

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic as this person showed on Twitter. However, at least he had time to take a selfie and share a picture with his followers. It gave him an excuse to put their face on social media as he hunted likes as though they were an endangered species.


But he forgot that he was wearing reflective sunglasses and these gave away his location. It emerged that he was telling lies online because the sunglasses betrayed him. The mirror effect showed that he wasn’t in traffic at all but was driving dangerously. Many of his fellow Twitter users agreed that this man is a desperate moron.

Stay in School

Sometimes the Internet is a cruel place but occasionally this ruthlessness is wonderful. The picture below is a fine example because this young man made an idiot of himself online. Other Facebook users happily destroyed him and proved that he was a liar or possibly just a moron.


He wrote that the sun was in his eyes as he stood in a dramatic pose. But this defied basic physics because if the sun was in his eyes his shadow would be behind him. Instead, it was in front of him and contradicted his claim. As one person noted, he should have stayed in school (via Imgur).

Lost Art

Everybody dreams of finding a lost famous painting in a thrift store or a Ming vase in their basement. That’s because these items have a value of millions of dollars but sadly it’s unlikely to happen. However, this person said that they accidentally bought a Joan Miro painting for a fraction of its cost.


Unfortunately, somebody who knew about art recognized the artwork and knew that it was in the Guggenheim. Imagine the expression on the original poster’s face when they realized that everybody knew the truth about them. It was a dumb thing for them to do in the first place (via Reddit).

Grandma and I

If there’s one truth in this life it’s that online stupidity doesn’t have any boundaries. This person proved that as they posted a pair of photos side by side. They claimed that the one on the left was their grandmother while the other was a photo of themselves. Somebody commented and questioned who they thought they were fooling.


This is one of the stupidest things that we’ve ever seen. Perhaps they thought that they were being funny or ironic by posting the two color palettes next to each other. But if they were serious then they should never go online again. There’s no overstating how ludicrous this post was (via me.me).

Three Years Old

Most three-year-olds only care about their next playdate or candy. But according to this woman, her child is smarter than her. After reading this tweet we believe her because it’s complete garbage. She made up a complicated and seemingly profound quote that her son said about dying.


One person immediately and emphatically called her out. What delights us most about this is that they appear to be completely done with her nonsense. They’ve no time for it and they make it abundantly clear. We appreciate this approach to calling out online lies (via Twitter).

Very Rude

Some parents don’t take responsibility for their children and blame everybody else for their behavior. They react badly when businesses ask them to control their offspring and to respect other patrons. One person left an angry review after a restaurant and other customers behaved rudely toward them.


At least, that’s what they claimed. The truth appears to be different because the restaurant owner replied to the review. They explained the situation to readers and said that their child went crazy inside. He also offered to show video footage of the incident to prove that they were telling the truth (via Reddit).