Follow These 20 Finance Rules To Begin Stacking Wealth

By Trista
Follow These 20 Finance Rules To Begin Stacking Wealth

Money – it’s one of the most familiar words in the world. You can’t live without it, and some even struggle to live with it. Most people live paycheck to paycheck with the hopes they can last until the next payday. People struggling often wonder how people come into money. You wonder what road they took in life, how hard they worked, or if they were simply lucky and born into wealth. 

Whatever crosses your mind when it comes to money, one fact remains clear – there never seems to be enough. Not even for rich people, who always want more money. So the question remains, what are some rules of money so you watch it grow instead of shrinking down to nothing? The article below will help you answer this question by laying out several rules of money. 

Becoming a money magnet means money will find you and you don’t need to find the money. Shutterstock.

20. Become A Money Magnet, Don’t Chase It

People often look for money in various ways such as getting a job, a side hustle, or another part-time job. This is known as chasing money. You’re overworking yourself so you can get more money in the bank because you are living beyond your means, need to save money for college, fix your car, or buy a home. Instead of chasing money, you need to look at becoming a money magnet. 

There are many ways to become a money magnet, but some of them include realizing that wealth is a state of mind, you invest your money, you pay down your debt, and don’t consider buying items you don’t need.