Follow These 20 Finance Rules To Begin Stacking Wealth

To become a master, you need to know how to control money and not let money control you or your schedule. Shutterstock.

19. Become A Master Of Money – Not A Slave

Some people say that bad debt is the new form of slavery, and if you think about it, they are correct. You can build so much debt that you have no idea how to erase it. Instead of having the freedom to work one job, you need to work two jobs to pay off your debt and bills. You’ll start to lose more freedom as you need to pick up extra shifts. Soon, you find yourself working close to 80 hours a week and you still struggle to make enough money. 

If this sounds like you, you’re a slave to money and need to turn this around to become a master. Meet with a financial advisor or someone from your bank that you trust to help you with the next steps. Start a budget to help you find a way out and stick to the plan. Do what you can to invest in your money so you can control it instead of it controlling you.