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40+ People Who Kept Their Cool In Bizarre Situations Like No One Else Was Watching

Hizkiail June 30, 2021

How he survived without any scratches is a mystery, but we would love to know how this escalated so quickly. Apparently, the driver was speeding, which caused the bus to flip. It’s safe to say that his vacation is not going well.


Now that we are older, we would also enjoy staying in our pajamas to eat chips instead of getting all dressed up for a dance that no one will care about in a few years. Does this remind anyone else of their own high school experience?


It’s a typical man move for him to go straight for the cat. One day she will find out and realize he loves the cat more than he loves her, and she will just have to accept that. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her for now.


We wonder where this man is headed and if he knows anything about the secrets inside Area 51. This man is actually named Cayote, and he runs a flying saucer retrieval and repair spot. His junkyard looks like it is the supplier for a low-budget alien movie from the ’50s.


The news happened to be in the neighborhood reporting on the storm, and he floated by at the perfect moment. While everyone in the neighborhood seemed stressed out by the flooding, he felt like he was on a lazy river at a water park.


What is he going to do if the person they are trying to stop has a real weapon? Will he point his finger gun and say, “pew, pew?” Despite not having a weapon, he seems unbothered by the situation. Unless he is very good at hiding his emotions.


We would be freaking out if a wild animal decided to come that close to our face. Those things have all kinds of diseases, and who knows what it would do if that man makes any sudden movements. Maybe they all drank too much to realize it is a raccoon and not someone’s dog.


People don’t seem to be confused by the fact that there are a group of monks hanging out in public. In some parts of the world, it must be more common for people to see monks hanging around like it is nothing out of the ordinary.


These people were probably putting on one of those interactive performances where they try to get the crowd to join in. Those are always so awkward because no one ever wants to participate, but the actors are beyond insistent. We wouldn’t want to take part in this Indiana Jones reenactment.


Are these people related to that girl from the meme where she posed in front of a burning house? They look like they would get along well because few people would happily stand in front of a burning house and smile for a picture.


It’s possible the group of ancient Romans figured out time travel and accidentally dropped themselves into the middle of a present-day riot. If that happened, it would explain why they put themselves in that shielded formation.


If we saw a firefighter standing in line with all that water behind us, we would let them go first in case he had to get to an emergency. We are surprised no one else is staring at him as if that is out of the ordinary.


While we could figure out most of the situation in this picture, we still don’t know why he is posing in front of the disastrous scene. Maybe he was walking to meet his actual prom date and happened to stumble across this and thought it would make a good picture to remember the night.


It’s possible that he is the only one out of his friend group that forgot his mask, so he couldn’t go inside the store. This was the only way to sit with his friends without getting in trouble.


Does anyone else have the irrational fear that if they stare at this photo long enough, the demon will focus on you? Hopefully, you aren’t reading this in a dark room in the middle of the night because that would make it even more terrifying.


If this isn’t your ideal way to watch a movie, then you probably aren’t dreaming big enough. If we could get away with bringing this much popcorn and soda into a movie theater, we would also stay there for an entire day to enjoy as many movies as possible.


If only he knew what his shadow looked like. He would probably be terrified by the thought that this is on the internet. Hopefully, people knew this was just an accident and this was not a serious picture.


It must take a lot of concentration to ignore what is going on behind him because that is definitely not a quiet situation. It’s possible he is wearing tiny noise-canceling headphones that we can’t see in this picture.


He must be a parseltongue (someone who can speak to snakes) because that is the only way he would be able to tell the snakes to gather around for a sss-elfie. This man is way too casual for us to believe it’s real.


He must’ve been plastered in more ways than one. He probably tried to recreate a Kool-Aid man moment, but the wall was too strong for him to burst through with his whole body. We can guess that his head was killing him the next morning when he started to remember what he did.


What’s even more concerning about this situation is that no one else seems to be worried that there is a car on fire in close proximity to them. Hopefully, no one was hurt in this incident, and the man got away from the car before the fire escalated further.


He is such a good boy for standing still like a statue, so people would think that he is a scarf and not a real dog. We would be nervous that our dog would get distracted, jump off, and run away.


Her boyfriend probably looked at her and said, “Why is your lipstick smeared all over your face? And why is that guy wearing the same shade?” It’s safe to assume that their relationship didn’t last long after this night.


In all seriousness, what Star Wars convention were these two coming from, and why did they decide to go fishing while they were still dressed up? Wouldn’t you be concerned if you passed these two on the lake without any context behind their outfits?


We wonder what kind of drugs did this man take before he found himself hitching a ride on the back of this camper. His face says, “How did I get up here? I took the ramp, and now I can’t seem to get out of this traffic.”


It’s just a matter of time before he looks up and realizes his mom is standing behind him with a disappointed look on her face. That’s going to be the most awkward conversation he has, and you can bet that he will never make this mistake again.


We hear that the highlight of the symphony is watching the hammer-wielding man that only gets to play once per show. He would make a very good judge because he would be able to command the courtroom with his incredible gavel skills.


If you own a cat, is this normal behavior? Or is it secretly plotting his death? We can never tell the difference because we are pretty sure that all cats are trying to take over the world and make humans their personal slaves.


We didn’t know Navy SEAL training made them shrink. They must have a top-secret shrink ray that allows them to move around without being seen. We thank these tiny soldiers for defending the country and doing their pool duty.


This seems more like the latest installment of the It movies. A bunch of clowns gathering in the food court would give anyone nightmares. If you look at this picture long enough, you might even be able to hear the sound of distressed chickens in the background.


He must be sad he couldn’t attend the party, so he is bringing the party down instead. In most other countries, people wouldn’t be allowed in the building if they were tearing down the patio. It just makes sense not to have people there.


Maybe he bought them for a low price and plans to sell them for a profit. Whatever the situation is, it probably took a lot of time to build this banana fort that doesn’t even cover his head. He isn’t protecting his most vulnerable parts.


We have some serious questions for this woman because this picture made us all wince. It reminds us of the saying, “If there is a will, there is a way.” Therefore, she must have had the will and found a way to sit.


He looks like he has given up on life, and this is the straw that will break the camel’s back. If this basket doesn’t magically fill with water, this man is going to lose his mind. It would be a good way to waste time if he knows it won’t fill up.


Did Guy Fieri get exiled from Flavortown? He looks like he wants to reach through the window and steal a fry, but he knows he can’t. We almost feel bad for him because the look of longing and sadness on his face is so strong.


Although students would laugh when he pulled it out every day, the professor never figured out that he wasn’t typing his notes. Hopefully, they let the professor in on the joke on the last day of class.


Do you remember when you were in grade school, and the police would give presentations and allow you to go in the car to see what it is like? That is probably what is happening here because they look too happy to be in any real trouble.


Do you think the photographer was nervous about taking this picture? It seems like an unordinary situation, so he was probably pretty freaked out.


The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the boy taped to the ceiling. How much duct tape do you think they used to ensure he was secure and wouldn’t fall. It probably took a lot to hold up his weight.


It’s unclear what they are trying to accomplish, but it would make a cool album cover. If this is what people mean when they say, “Stop watching TV and get outside,” then we would do that.


Although it seems like a scene out of a horror movie, the boy looks fairly calm. Maybe he has only seen knock-off versions of the Teletubbies, and this is what he thinks they are supposed to look like. That would explain why he isn’t screaming in fear.


The only thing he is missing is a flatscreen TV, and then he will have the perfect setup. The only problem is that he is sitting right in front of the door, so people will have a hard time getting on and off the bus. Not the best place to put it.