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35 People Who Became Famous For Their Rare Appearances

Monica April 20, 2022

Whenever we see someone with a unique look, we often do a double-take. It’s an innocent gesture, as their look sparks our curiosity and interest. There are people out there who are famous because of their rare, one-of-a-kind appearances. While some people are famous because they are business tycoons, others are famous for their looks.

Whether that’s having albino skin, a constellation of freckles, or white hair straight from the womb, these famous people are quite stunning. After reading this post, you’ll see why these people stood out a bit more from the crowd. Check out these unique people known for their rare appearances right here.


35. Ava Clarke

Ava Clarke is an African American girl with albinism. She’s a child actress and model who is known for having one of the most beautiful and rare appearances out there. She rocks a blonde afro and was featured in BOOM Magazine, VIP Magazine, and Denim Magazine. When she was born, doctors told her she’d be blind. When she was five, she overcame the genetic disorder rendering her blind. That’s some remarkable achievement. While most of us were learning the alphabet, Ava Clarke was overcoming a genetic disorder and is now famous (via Famous Birthdays).


34. Winnie Harlow

This Jamaican-Canadian fashion model is known for her vitiligo, one of the most intriguing and rare appearances someone could have. In 2014, she gained prominence as a contestant on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Even though her skin condition is quite rare, most can agree it’s very beautiful. Reading about people like Winnie Harlow is also very inspiring, as they accept who they are and love themselves fully and deeply. We can learn a lot from these famous people (via Instagram ).

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33. Aleece Wilson

Aleece Wilson identifies as Native Indian, Black Canadian, Irish, and Italian. She has one of the most remarkable rare appearances out there because of her freckled skin. She even flaunts her confidence and beauty, saying “there is no one like me,” and has even gained attention from heavyweights such as Marc Jacobs, Fabien Baron, and Vogue. Her aesthetic beauty is inclusive and unique (via Purpose and Perspective).


32. Gabriella Lewandowski

Lewandowski has a remarkable range of modeling jobs and experiences, with clients such as Italian Vogue, GAP, Apple, Hyundai, and Bobby Brown. She’s known for having one of the most unique and rare appearances in the modeling industry. Her wild, carefree hair and beautiful features make her stand out from the crowd. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, she has a large following who thinks she’s gorgeous (via Instagram).

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31. Hamad Jaman

Have you ever seen someone with hundreds of freckles? Hamad Jaman is known for his freckled face. This is one of the most fascinating and rare appearances that make us gaze in awe and admiration. With over 60,000 followers on Instagram, he has a fan base that rightfully admires his beauty (via Instagram).


30. Maeva Giani Marshall

Maeva Giani Marshall sports tattoos and freckles. After she had a stroke in her twenties, she developed a skin disease. Despite the disease, she sought fame and became the person she is today. This is one of the most motivating stories about rare appearances out there. In an interview, she said, “I want to show people that you’re allowed to be different and don’t have to change for anyone” (via Tribute To Magazine).


29. Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson is an albino model known for his trademark white hair and skin. Not to be confused with the UFC fighter of the same name who goes by, “Wonderboy,” got his big break when he appeared in Daniel Peddle’s ‘The Aggressives.’ It led to him receiving a spot in the Givenchy SS 11 campaign in 2011 (via Models.com).

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28. Sophia Hadjipanteli

Hadjipanteli is a woman with one of the most striking rare appearances in the world. She’s a Greek-Cypriot model that’s well-known for her unibrow, and as a result, her face displays power and strength. Next time you find stray hair near your eyebrows, don’t freak out – just look at how stunning Hadjipanteli is. In 2017, she gained public attention, and in 2020, first appeared in fashion shows during London’s Fashion week. Previously, she’s modeled for brands including Polaroid and Guess Jeans (via Wikipedia).

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27. Monami Frost

Monami Frost has incredible body modifications and tattoos that cover most of her body. If you’re afraid of getting your first tattoo, Frost might inspire you to take the leap. Even then, we’re not sure we’d want a gauge dangling down our earlobes. She also seems confident and owns her style. She’s based in the UK, and is also a model, entrepreneur, and “YouTuber.” On her YouTube channel, she shares makeup tutorials and tips for tattoos. She’s an advocate for the vegan diet and gluten-free recipes (via The Famous People).


26. Lotte Zuidema

Life moved quickly for Lotte Zuidema. After several test model shoots, she was accepted as a model and signed a contract. Even though she’s new to modeling, she’s still one of the most beautiful models in the world, with some unique, rare appearances. She’s gorgeous, with freckles speckled all over her face, as some of the other famous people on this list have (via The Fashion Spot).

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25. Andrey Bartenev

As a resident of Moscow, Andrey Bartenev gained fame through rare appearances with intricate, futuristic costumes and pop art. He uses costumes creatively and uniquely. We probably all wish we had an eye for design like Bartenev. He combines Russian futurism and rave aesthetics. Previously, he displayed his work at art festivals like the American National Art Club (via Gum Red Line).


24. Beth Ditto

The American singer-songwriter is most notable for her work with Gossip, the indie rock band. She has a beautiful voice, on par with Etta James, Tina Turner, and Janis Joplin. After Gossip, she pursued her own career in fashion, and since then, began her solo career. Currently, she rocks a face full of makeup, a unique hairstyle, and many other quirks and is on this list of people made famous with their rare appearances (via Wikipedia).


23. Slick Woods

Simone Thompson, also known as Slick Woods, has one of the most unique and rare appearances in the world. She has a bald head, tattoos, and gapped teeth. This definitely makes her distinctive among the crowd. While most of us try to conform to what society deems an acceptable look, Woods is making headway and going completely against that. She’s also an American actress and fashion model, and is a part of the “Social Media Modeling” movement, with followers in the six-figure range (via Instagram).


22. Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle is an American internet star, and is known for being a GILF (similar to a MILF, but for Grandmas). At the age of 85, she became an internet sensation, most notably for her social media tagline—”Stealing Your Man Since 1928.” All of Baddie Winkle’s rare appearances, including her hairstyle, clothes, and mannerisms, made her famous (via Instagram).

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21. Liza Ostanina

Liza Ostanina has one of the most gorgeous rare appearances on this list. She has an incredibly striking beauty, with icy blue eyes, freckles, and fair skin. She looks like an actress from the Game of Thrones. When she first started modeling, she doubted her abilities, but eventually gained the confidence that’s led to the fame she now has. Her unusual beauty has made her a favorite on the runways of Gucci and Prada (via wwd).


20. Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur has an incredibly unique condition that gives her one of the most distinct rare appearances on this list. At age 12, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is a medical condition, due to elevated androgens – male hormones – in females. Symptoms vary from person to person, but one of the symptoms of PCOS is hirsutism. This is the ability to grow excessive hair, specifically on the face and body. As a result of her condition, Kaur can grow a full beard. It took her many years to come to terms with her condition and fully embrace it. This is a beautiful example of body positivity. Kaur is now an advocate for the body positivity movement and is an inspiration to all of us (via Wikipedia).


19. Diandra Forrest

Forrest made headway with people with rare appearances, as she’s the first female model with albinism to be signed to a major modeling agency. She’s an African-American actress and model with a lot of charisma and charm. She’s also passionate about art and creativity, which we can see by her look. It wasn’t until she was nine years old when she realized she had albinism. She often felt out of place growing up. But, this helped push her to embrace her condition and create a life where she feels accepted and appreciated for her beauty (via Albinism).

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18. Em

Em is a gorgeous model with one of the most unique rare appearances in the world. She has a skin condition called vitiligo, where white patches develop on the skin. It’s an autoimmune disorder where your body develops antibodies that destroy melanocytes. Em’s Instagram is a great place for body positivity, as her tagline says, “Love the skin you’re in, it’s yours.” This is something we can all learn from (via UMassmed).


17. Khoudia Diop

As a child, many of us were teased. Diop was no exception. Diop was teased because of her dark skin tone. When she moved to Paris at the age of 15, she entered the modeling world. Eventually, she earned the name “Melanin Goddess” because of her dark black skin. She’s another model with one of the most unique, rare appearances in the world, which she uses to her advantage. She feels pride and acceptance of her beauty and is someone we can all learn from (via Wikipedia).


16. Nikia Phoenix

Based in Los Angeles, Nikia Phoenix is a model with a passion for feminism and women’s issues. She created the blog Model Liberation and has also been featured in Glamour, Huffington Post, and Darling Magazine. Her gorgeous freckles make her one of the most beautiful people in the world, with one of the rarest appearances. On her website, there’s the quote, ​​”love what you have. Embrace what Mother Nature gave you,” which is something we should all learn to live by (via Black Girl Beautiful).


15. Luis Padron

Even though Luis Padron has one of the rarest appearances in the world, it’s not natural. He’s spent more than $50,000 to look like a real-life elf. The investment helped him gain an Instagram following of more than 80,000 followers. He’s also given himself the nickname “Plastic Prince,” and identifies as a “trans-species.” He’s one of the most individual, unique people in the world (via Famous Birthdays).


14. Tsunaina

Tsunaina is a Tibetan model. Her rare appearances earned her the title “Intergalactic Avatar” and exotic cat. She has beautiful, feline eyes, highlighted by a cat flick. Also, her lips are soft and luscious, set on top of fair skin and a chiseled jawline. She, like a couple of others on this list, has a unique constellation of freckles across her face (via Dazed Digital).


13. Bee Melvnin

Bee Melvnin, a young Gambian, has a hair color that made her famous. The color of her hair caused her to have one of the rarest appearances in the world. Since birth, her hair is purely white, because she has a rare genetic mutation. It’s stunning and captivating and would catch our attention if we saw her walking down the street (via Opera News).


12. Bera

Bera, a musician, is the son of the richest man in Georgia, who made his money during the collapse of the USSR. As a rapper, he called his recording studio Georgian Dream. He raps, “As long as I’m Georgian, Georgia will exist, I promise. When I win a Grammy / I will say thank you / with a Georgian accent.” Also, he has stunning fair skin and white hair. These rare appearances helped his claim to fame, with over one million followers on Instagram. Check out his latest posts for cute photos of his kids (via Wired).


11. Rain Dove

Rain Dove, a gender-nonconforming model, poses alternately as male and female in runway shows, productions, and photoshoots. Dove is a “gender capitalist,” and their many rare appearances helped make them famous. Dove writes, “I’ve never really cared about pronouns for my own descriptors. Use she, he, it, one, they … I honestly don’t care … All I’m listening for in that sound is positivity.” Dove is yet another inspiration for acceptance and body positivity in this very day and age (via Wikipedia).

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10. Thando Hopa

Hopa is the first woman with albinism to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Now that’s a lifetime achievement. Through her acceptance and love of her condition, she made her way to fame. This is yet another person who became famous because of their rare appearances. Previously, Gert-Johan Coetzee scouted her, who hoped to portray albinism positively. Eventually, in 2018, Hopa made her way to fame and was recognized by BBC with the 100 Women award from BBC, because of her diversity (via Wikipedia).

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9. Ilka Brühl

Born with a cleft nose and lip, Ilka Brühl is famous because of these beautiful rare appearances. While she was in the womb, part of her face hadn’t grown together properly. As she grew older, she withdrew, until she was in her twenties, when she began to truly accept who she is. She’s yet another inspiration on this list that motivates us to love ourselves, just as we are. Brühl hopes to recreate a new definition of beauty (via Deutschland Funk Nova).


8. Daphne Groeneveld

Daphne Groeneveld, a Dutch model, is the face of Tom Ford Beauty. Her face is quite striking, with many rare appearances that, together, make her look incredibly unique. She appeared on the 2010 December/January cover of Vogue Paris and is considered a supermodel by some people (via Wikipedia).


7. Arina Lubiteleva

With over 140,000 followers on Instagram, Arina Lubiteleva is famous for her travels and adventures. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world with some of the most spectacular rare appearances, most notably her height. She has stunning blue eyes and soft brown hair. Her remarkable features make her stand out from the rest of the crowd (via Famous Birthdays).


6. Nyadak Thot

Nyadak Thot, also known as ‘Duckie’ Thot, is an Australian model who became famous because of her beautiful, rare appearance. She played the lead role in the Alice in Wonderland-inspired 2018 Pirelli Calendar. She’s also the face of Fenty Beauty. She’s stunning, to say the least, and sports many different hairstyles and looks (via Wikipedia).

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5. Madeline Stuart

One thing about society today is that everyone has the potential to become famous, no matter what. Madeline Stuart is an Australian model with down syndrome and the world’s first professional model with down syndrome. She’s walked Paris fashion week, Russian fashion week, and even Mercedes Benz fashion week. Stuart is an inspiration to all of us. It goes to show you that no matter what, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Also, she has over 300,000 followers on her Instagram and is one of the most inspirational people who became famous because of their rare appearances (via Wikipedia).


4. Swantje Paulina

Swantje Paulina is another Instagram influencer with a gorgeous constellation of freckles on her face. Also, she has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram platform. She’s known for her long lashes, gorgeous blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and freckled face. Because of her many rare appearances put together, she’s famous. Occasionally, she posts photos with her dog Boomi on Instagram (via Famous Birthdays).

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3. Mirian Njoh

Mirian Njoh is a West African multi-hyphenate who became famous because of her rare appearance. She’s very talented, and partakes in photography, styling, modeling, and creating content for her social media. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always explored different ways to embrace and express my creativity,” she said. “As a kid, I did a lot of illustrations and paintings, and was an avid writer. I also made music, began sewing, and started learning ceramics, graphic design, and photography” (via Lofficiel Singapore). She claimed her way to fame and is an inspiration to us all.


2. Elisany Da Cruz Silva

Meet Elisany da Cruz Silva, the world’s tallest teenage girl. She’s 6′ 8″ (203.2 cm) tall and lives in Brazil. Interestingly enough, a tumor on her pituitary gland affected her height, since the pituitary gland regulates growth. When she was younger, Elisany was too tall to ride the school bus. She also suffered from teasing from her classmates, something that unfortunately happens often when we are young. Elisany has a boyfriend, who’s 1′ 4″ shorter than her. They’re one of the cutest couples we’ve seen. Her boyfriend, Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, 22, said “I feel free and relaxed as a person and don’t care what people say” (via Viola).

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1. Laura O’Grady

Another beautiful model on the list, Laura O’Grady’s featured in Elle UK, 10 Magazine, and Idol Magazine. She has striking features, and one of the rarest, most beautiful appearance on this list. Also, she puts her hair in different styles and is seen making many different faces (via Fashion Encyclopedia).