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Scorned Exes Share How They Got Revenge In The Most Satisfying Ways

Darren October 6, 2022

Everybody has endured a nasty break-up, but these days people take revenge in hilarious and nasty ways online. We found several internet users who trolled their exes with brutal posts online. It’s hilarious how creative folks can be when somebody did them wrong.

Some of these people had extremely petty reactions but they are still very amusing. Others responded harshly to cheating boyfriends and ruthlessly exposed them. Yet no matter the specific details, they all entertainingly trolled their ex-partners. So check them out below, as they may even inspire some readers who’ve recently gone through a messy breakup.

Glad You’re Not Here!

It takes a special type of person to achieve this level of pettiness. For some reason, they decided it was a good idea to send their former partner a postcard from their vacation destination. However, it didn’t offer them any kind of greetings. They trolled their ex with a post card that read, “Glad you’re not here!”


We almost appreciate the effort that they went to because they must have planned this. Imagine receiving this type of unexpected message from a former boyfriend or girlfriend. The question is if it’s worth the effort because everybody will talk about them after it (via Zazzle).


One of the worst things that happens after a break-up these days is when one person loses access to shared streaming services. Most subscribers change their passwords so that their exes can’t access the content. However, this person took it to the next level by biding their time (via Buzzfeed).


She trolled her former partner on Twitter with this stinging post. “I told him he could keep using all of my cable passwords because I wanted our breakup to be civil,” she wrote. “Then I changed the passwords two minutes before the Game of Thrones finale. Oops.”

Halloween Costume

This man picked the most terrifying Halloween costume that he could dream of. The creature that he chose haunts his dreams but he decided that dressing up would be a healing experience. We’re talking about his ex-wife because he opted to imitate her style at a fancy-dress party.


He wore a gigantic and imposing wig as well as a full face of make-up. This daunting look must have intimidated everybody that he encountered. We respect him because he attempted to confront his worst fears. He also brilliantly trolled his ex-wife online with the photo (via Pulptastic).

Taco Tuesday

One of the most annoying things in the world is when a couple goes on a dream holiday together before breaking up. This often leaves them with a stack of photographs they don’t know what to do with. The images bring back painful memories instead of joyful ones (via Medium).


But this man had a brilliant response as he trolled his ex online. He used his amateur photoshop skills to replace his wife with a giant taco. This made sense because they went to Mexico together. Perhaps it would be confusing if they went to Disney Land. It was a fantastic solution to a very big problem.

Hat on the Windscreen

One woman decided to do the right thing and return her boyfriend’s hat to him. She claimed that the relationship was abusive so she didn’t want to see him. Then she left the hat on the windshield of his car but this didn’t make him happy. In the end, she trolled him brilliantly on YouTube.

Two Roads Hat Inc

“Since I’m a musician, he wrote, ‘What are you gonna do now, go write a song called ‘I Left Your Hat On The Windshield?'” she explained. “So I wrote a song called ‘I Left Your Hat On The Windshield’ and posted it to YouTube with the caption, “By request.”

Pregnancy Test

Cheating is one of the worst things a person can do to their partner. Firstly, it can result in intense emotional damage but it may also have serious consequences for their health. This Redditor had a fantastic reaction to the news that her ex-boyfriend committed infidelity.

Ohio State Health & Discovery

She wrote: “He repeatedly cheated on me with multiple women so I had my pregnant roommate piss on a test and then just dropped it at his front door. No note, no way to know who it came from. The panic was real.” It’s safe to say that he deserved this because his behavior was terrible.

Art Attack

Another person revealed how their ex trolled them by writing a full article online about their breakup. However, the brilliance of this story was that it didn’t mention their partner or their romantic relationship. It referred to a piece of modern art that a famous painter left on one of the interior walls.


When they split, the aggrieved party committed the ultimate revenge by painting over it. Then they wrote a long-winded metaphorical piece about their experience. When people learn the context of this situation they realize that it’s a ridiculous idea (via BBC).

Loose Seams

It’s incredible how a messy break-up can bring out the creativity in people. One person attacked her ex’s haberdashery as she took revenge on him. Furthermore, she gained many admirers because of her intelligence. Some may call this misplaced but it’s very entertaining.

Alan Flusser

The Redditor explained their devious strategy as they humiliated their ex online and in real life. They wrote: “I loosened the seams in all his pants and shorts so that as soon as he sat they’d rip open on him. It’s been 10 years and that still makes me laugh.”

Lights Out

We’ve all seen photographs where one person has edited out their former romantic partner. But what happens when there are two affected couples? One man went on vacation to a lighthouse with his brother and their significant others. Later they broke up and left this photograph defunct.


That’s when he trolled their exes and put his photoshop skills to good use. He edited the image to remove the women and made himself slightly taller in the process. Nobody would bat an eyelid because the result has a natural appearance (via Reddit).

Walgreen’s Points

Sometimes people should take the little wins when they’re available. One woman broke up with her ex-boyfriend but she still took advantage of him. She knew him well enough to know that he was tight-fisted. He refused to spend money or even use any of his spending points.


The Redditor said: “I still use my ex’s phone number for his Walgreens card. He’s so stingy I know he’ll never redeem any of his points so I randomly get $5/$10 off at Walgreens.” It’s nice to know that somebody is using them. Perhaps he is saving up for something with his points but never gets there because of her antics.

Red Flags

Another Redditor had a funny reaction to a display at Lowes. It instantly made them reflect on their relationship and the toxic situations that they dealt with regularly. We think we know somebody but it’s amazing how things can deteriorate in a bad romance.


The individual uploaded a picture of a box with a label that read ‘Red Flags’ on it. They brilliantly trolled their former significant other with the message. We wonder what they did to attract their ire but we’re glad they did. It made the rest of the Internet laugh.

Moving Cars

Somehow one ex-girlfriend discovered that she had her former partner’s spare car key. This gave her a glorious opportunity to wreak havoc. She didn’t wreck his vehicle or anything too sinister. But she trolled him by moving the car away from where he parked it.

J.D. Power

“I did however move his car two blocks every morning for a week,” she wrote. “And on the last day, after what I’m sure was a week of being late to work and feeling on the verge of insanity, I left his car where he had parked it. I also thought to turn the volume to max and move everything movable slightly.”

New Tattoo

It’s never a good idea to get a tattoo of a significant other because it’s an invitation for something to go wrong. This is an expensive mistake that may create a lot of regrets. However, they may also inspire some hilarious cover-ups like the one in the image below.


This break-up victim cleverly reworked their tattoo into a demonic portrait. It was stupid of them to get a picture of their girlfriend in the first place but the payoff was excellent. They also trolled their former love by posting it online and receiving a lot of credit (via Bored Panda).

Pokemon No

The most dangerous part of breaking up with somebody is that they may not take it well. Couples open up to each other and reveal their vulnerabilities. This is dangerous when one party is feeling vengeful like in the situation below. The woman knew the best way to hurt her ex-boyfriend after he ditched her.

Pokemon Go Live

“I logged into his Pokemon Go account and deleted his whole box,” she wrote on Reddit. This is ice-cold and something that must have caused him a lot of pain. If he’s passionate about the game it would be like deleting his family. It must have taken him hours to assemble the team he wanted.

Pizza Anniversary

Sometimes people end their relationships on amicable terms. They may mutually agree that it’s not a good idea for them to remain together. Perhaps they have different goals and are drifting apart but there is no burning resentment. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t make fun of each other.


The man above received a pizza from his ex-girlfriend to mark the first anniversary of their breakup. She expertly trolled him by sending him the pie and the greeting. He has a big grin on his face so he took it well. It would be worse if she sent him a dead rat or something disgusting (via The Independent).

Here’s My Number

Some men are very possessive and don’t want to know their ex is dating other guys. They don’t have any right to feel this way because their former girlfriend is an independent woman. However, one woman trolled a man in the most brilliant way possible.

Body Language Central

The Redditor explained how she took revenge on him. “After blocking my ex-boyfriend’s number, I would give his number to every guy who asked for my number downtown. I went barhopping every weekend during that point in my life so it happened semi-frequently. I’m sure it made his blood boil to have dudes texting his phone looking for me.”


This man trolled his ex-wife by posting an unflattering photograph of her online. To be fair, it’s impossible to distinguish any of her facial features so it’s not an invasion of her privacy. But it does show a hilarious moment that saw her fall flat on her face.


This could also serve as a metaphor for their relationship because it came to an unceremonious end. Perhaps they remain on good terms but he couldn’t resist sharing this moment with the world. He timed the image perfectly when he took it so it will always have a special place in his heart (via Reddit).

Wine Collection

Sometimes couples remain stuck in the same house after a breakup. That’s because they have a rental agreement or take time to find a new home. This benefit is that there will be plenty of opportunities to take revenge on an ex. This person trolled their former wife online by ruining her wine collection.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

They wrote: “Right before I packed up – she was out of town for a trip – I took every bottle out of the wine fridge and placed each one in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes until they were nice and toasty. Then back in the fridge, they went. Enjoy that Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar ’05.”

Stolen Toilet

Imagine hating somebody so much that stealing their toilet seems like fair game. That’s what one boyfriend did to his ex-girlfriend on his way out of their house. She made the mistake of falling asleep while he was packing. Then he unleashed his nefarious plan and took her lavatory.


This demonstrates a twisted genius but it’s a horrible thing to do. The best thing that we can say about it is that he didn’t leave a mess behind. We wonder what the woman did to provoke this reaction from her former boyfriend because she must have been a garbage human (via Reddit).


There’s nothing worse that somebody who says one thing but does another. This person trolled their ex-boyfriend because he was a terrible hypocrite. Unfortunately, he followed in his father’s footsteps and cheated on his partner. This was a terrible thing to do but she destroyed him online afterward.

Best Life

The Redditor wrote: “He always spoke about how he hated his dad for cheating & lying to his mom, so when I find out he cheated on me with multiple women I went to his apartment and found a photo of us on his bedside table & wrote ‘Just like your daddy’ on it.”

Clingy Boyfriend

One of the most dangerous aspects of breaking up with an ex is that they may have a databank of material for revenge. This person trolled their ex-boyfriend by sharing some of their messages on social media. In short, they humiliated them because they were too clingy.


Nobody wants to deal with somebody who demands constant attention. Jealousy is also a stressful factor in many relationships. She revealed how her former boyfriend became jealous after she said she was going to Michael’s. Her boyfriend didn’t realize that this was an arts and crafts store and not another man (via iFunny).

Simple Revenge

Sometimes the simplest revenge is the most effective. In an ideal world, people would have amicable break-ups and move on with their lives. But it’s more entertaining when someone haunts their former partner. This person had a very clever plan that didn’t require a lot of work.

Great Italian Chefs

“I put prawns in his curtain pole,” the Redditor wrote. This is brilliant because they will stink after a while. It will also be difficult for the man to identify where the smell is coming from. Then he will have to try and remove them from the pole. She ingeniously trolled him and provided a lot of joy for the Internet.

Pendant Sale

One of the best ways to recover from a broken relationship is to erase painful memories. It may not be a good idea to hang onto gifts and memorabilia because they will revive the worst moments. This person had a novel approach to getting rid of her ex-boyfriend’s gifts.


She trolled her former partner by posting the picture above online (via 9Gag). It revealed that she practically gave a valuable pendant away because she hated him so much. Then she described it as passive-aggressive revenge. It also amused many people who came across this on social media.

Shirtless Picture

A great way to achieve revenge is to post somebody’s number online. Fake advertisements for concert tickets are very effective but this woman went even further. She ensured that he received a lot of masculine attention by sharing his topless photographs.

New York Post

The Redditor revealed: “I posted a shirtless picture of him (which he posted on social media right after our breakup) and his phone number on Craigslist’s men-seeking-men page. The headline? “Young guy looking for fun.” Not only did he have to change his phone number, but he also never bothered me again.

Extreme Reaction

This man resented paying alimony to his ex-wife but he didn’t go down quietly. He decided that revenge was in order and went to extreme measures. Then he shared a picture of his devious scheme as he rubbed salt into his former partner’s wounds. He proved that he’s much happier in his current relationship.

Bored Panda

The aggrieved man printed pictures of him and his new wife on the checks. This meant that every time the other woman cashed a check she saw a picture of the happy couple together. It was an excellent troll, even if we question his mental health because this is a bit too much (via Bored Panda).

Unwanted Photographs

The following story reveals what happens when two toxic people come together. This woman trolled her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her. It’s fair to want revenge but arguably she went too far because she used his nude photographs. If a man did the same thing to a woman the situation would be very controversial.


The Redditor explained: “After finding out my then-boyfriend of 2 years had cheated on me with multiple girls I was devastated. I printed off 53 copies of his penis (from pictures he had sent me) and hid them around his house hiding them in boxes of Christmas decorations, under his mother’s pillow, and inside of his father’s pill bottle.”

Matching Tattoos

Everybody knows that it’s a terrible idea to get somebody else’s name tattooed on their body. However, it may be safer to get matching tattoos because at least it can mean something else. But one cheating boyfriend received a sharp shock when he agreed to do this with his girlfriend.

Pattaya Thailand
@Breyonnn tweeted: “My boyfriend cheated on me so I convinced him to get matching tattoos… he went first and I went home.” It was ridiculous for him to participate in the first place because their relationship wasn’t strong. She fantastically trolled his stupidity.

Happy Birthday Stupid

Imagine receiving a birthday cake from a former partner after the relationship ended badly. This may be the most dangerous thing on the planet because nobody knows what they’ve done to the sweet treat. A Redditor trolled his ex-girlfriend online after she sent him this terrifying concoction.


Another commentator noted: “The words are probably toothpaste, and the chocolate is probably filled with laxatives.” Anybody who takes a slice should immediately undergo a drug test because this is probably toxic. However, other readers thought that maybe she still has feelings for him.

Extra Large

One Internet user intelligently trolled her ex-boyfriend by giving his new partner false expectations. The Redditor wrote: “When I moved out I took everything except I purposely left a box of magnum condoms half empty in one of the bathroom cabinets. He never could fit into such large protective gear.”

D3 Surplus Outlet

Her fellow netizens loved this approach because it was a subtle way to achieve revenge. Imagine the psychological turmoil he endured after this because it humiliated him. There was no way for him to meet her expectations because of his lack of substance down under.

Divorce Selfie

This Redditor was delighted to finally end his union with his wife. Most people would wait until they leave their lawyer’s office before they trolled somebody online. But the emotions overwhelmed him and he immediately snapped a picture before sharing it with the world.


Then he transformed it into the meme that we can see below. This may be the happiest man on the planet because he is beaming like a Cheshire Cat. Meanwhile, his former partner scowls like she dropped her phone into the toilet. It’s a glorious moment for this hero to all aggrieved men.

Little Man Syndrome

Sometimes people feel insecure about the stupidest things. One man forced his girlfriend to wear flat shoes because he didn’t want her to tower over him. She obliged but changed her ways after they broke up. Then she trolled him online about his little man syndrome.


The Redditor revealed: “I spent our year together wearing flats because he was self-conscious that he was slightly shorter than me. When we broke up, I bought the tallest, sexiest heels I could find and wore them to a mutual friend’s party. The look on his face when I arrived towering over him was priceless.”

Photoshop Time

One of the worst parts of a break-up is going through all of the photographs and deleting them. Most people have fond memories of good times with their exes. This process may create doubt or even anger but it’s usually necessary. However, one man trolled his former girlfriend through photoshop.

That Viral Feed

Instead of deleting the pictures, he edited them with disturbing results. The one above is a fine example of his ridiculous antics as he magnificently trolled her (via That Viral Feed). Sometimes it’s better to laugh instead of allowing the past to become torture.

Gilmore Girls

Everybody has heard about people canceling streaming service subscriptions as they troll their former partners. But one clever internet user was in the opposite scenario. She used her boyfriend’s account but quickly took revenge before he froze her out of his Netflix.


The Redditor wrote: “I watched all of the Gilmore girls on his Netflix account. His recommendations were forever ruined.” This was very smart because it would take a lot of viewing for him to change it. It’s harmless but infuriating and provided her with a lot of joy.

Pick That Out

We’re not suggesting that anybody should follow in this person’s footsteps. It’s a terrible idea to attack a vehicle with multiple pickaxes but it is eye-catching. They probably faced legal consequences because they destroyed their former partner’s car but it must have felt satisfying.


Imagine the feeling of the owner when he came back to his Audi after a day at the office. She trolled him brutally by embedding the sharp tools into different points of the car. The most humiliating aspect is that everybody knows that he did something wrong too (via GHMA Law).

Ironing Mistake

One Internet user knew that her husband was cheating on her but she didn’t immediately leave him. The situation was complicated because they had children so she bided her time. Meanwhile, she trolled him by taking subtle revenge against him when he went to work.

The Independent

The Redditor explained: “I would periodically “forget” to iron all but one sleeve on his work shirts, the sleeve that he could see when opening the closet. It was during the summer and so he’d be forced to keep his jacket on and be boiling in the Arizona heat all day.”

Celebrity Troll

Sometimes celebrities take revenge against their former partners too. In this case, the actress Roseanne Barr went through messy divorce proceedings. Her husband decided that he wanted their stretch limousine so she agreed. But she decided to make some modifications to the vehicle first.


The Redditor shared: “Roseanne Barr’s husband wanted it in the divorce and she agreed. But first, she did this to it… he didn’t take it after all. Now my father drives it occasionally for some funny ladies in Phoenix.” We think that the changes improved the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.

Dirty Laundry

Another Internet user trolled her boyfriend by hiding his protein powder. This infuriated him because he couldn’t find it and he even called the police. They laughed when they discovered where she hid it because she didn’t commit a crime. In the end, he was a laughingstock.

Eat This-Not That

“I hid all his protein powder in his dirty laundry,” the Redditor explained. “He called the cops about three weeks later, who then showed up at my house asking about stolen protein powder. I informed them that no it wasn’t stolen and if he had done his laundry in the last three weeks he would have found it.”

Fetish King

It’s very easy to ruin somebody’s life or career by using their email address in the wrong way. One aggrieved victim of cheating decided that revenge was appropriate. She decided that it wasn’t too extreme to make everybody think that he was a pervert. Then she trolled him on Reddit by sharing her story.

Angie’s List

“I signed my ex up for a bunch of crazy fetish porn using his work email,” the Redditor wrote. “It’s been almost a decade and I still get a good chuckle about it.” Any man reading this should take this as a warning never to scorn a woman because it will end very badly.

Just Divorced

Another person trolled their former spouse online with the picture below. This was probably stupid because they incriminated themselves but we respect their confidence. They had a toxic relationship and they couldn’t wait until they broke free of their spouse’s clutches.


They put the message “Just divorced” on the rear windscreen of the man’s car. Perhaps the pair went back to their lawyers after because this was a criminal act (via Vice). Maybe she should have hopped in her vehicle and gone home but she couldn’t resist the temptation.

Unreturned Property

It’s crucial to return rental property before the company goes looking for it. Otherwise, it may result in hundreds of dollars in overdue fees. One woman revealed that her husband left her for a new girlfriend in the Philippines. But first, he demanded that she sell the belongings he left behind.

Vietnam Real Estate

She did this but she deliberately failed to return the valuable appliances he rented. She wrote: “Three years later I got an angry message from him demanding to know why I didn’t bother calling the rental place because now he’s got a pending felony for the couple thousand dollars worth of unreturned property.”

Data Corruption

The mid-noughties were a funny time to be a teenager because the internet wasn’t in full force. People still required hard drives and USB sticks to store their data. One person trolled their former partner by destroying their data with a magnet. It was pure evil but also brilliant at the same time.


“I ran a magnet over my ex’s hard drive in 2005 to corrupt the data,” the Redditor explained. “This was before cloud storage when a hard drive full of media was arguably the most valuable thing a teenager could have.” This was ruthless but she didn’t care because she no longer loved him.

Bye Bye Broncos

One girlfriend bought Broncos tickets for her boyfriend because they were his favorite team. She planned to take him to Mile High Stadium and share a great experience. But they broke up that same week and didn’t go together. In the end, he asked her for the tickets anyway but she refused.

USA Today Sports

“We had Bronco tickets that I purchased,” the Redditor wrote. “The week after we broke up, he asked me if he could have the tickets so he can take his friend without paying me for them. I ended up giving them to my sister and her BF and told her to tag him in any and all Facebook posts she makes during that match, which she did.”