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People Share Passive-Aggressive Notes That Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Darren July 28, 2022

Everybody has experienced a situation where somebody annoyed them over a relatively minor thing. Maybe they left unwashed dishes in the sink or stole food from the refrigerator. A common response to these grievances is a passive-aggressive note.

However, passive-aggressive notes often escalate the situation and create bad feelings between people. Today we’ll look at some of the wildest passive-aggressive notes ever. Some of them are justifiable because they deal with wild situations. But others are hilariously petty and that’s why we love them.

Don’t Flush

Here’s a note that may have made the original writer rethink their lives. The initial message advises toiler users to flush properly because it’s just gross for everyone else in the office. While most people would agree that hygiene is important there is another side to this story (via Popsugar).


Another person replied to this passive-aggressive statement because it irritated them. They wrote that “we’re in a drought,” and suggested that it was important not to waste water. This is a difficult situation for everybody because nobody wants to deal with smelly restrooms or waste water. But one is worse.

Fortune 500

This note is one of the most scathing notes in human history. Somebody left a passive-aggressive message advising their co-workers to close the door. However, one colleague didn’t respond well to this statement. They decided to take their critic down a peg with a ruthless comeback.

Bored Panda

The author of the second note criticized their use of comic sans because they work for a “Fortune 500 company and not a lemonade stand.” This is incredibly harsh but hilarious at the same time. We wonder how the first person reacted when they saw the reply.

Turn it Off

Nobody enjoys it when their neighbor blares loud music through their walls. It’s selfish behavior and it creates tension because they don’t want to listen to it. The author of the following note reacted wearily to her loud neighbors and left a passive-aggressive note.


The Twitter user advised them to buy noise-canceling headphones and tried to inject some humor into the situation. But she knew that this may cause more divisions between her and her neighbor. Let’s hope that she finally achieved some sleep because it’s a tough situation.

Bigger Signs

This is one of the most hilariously passive-aggressive signs ever. A pedantic office worker left a couple of notes for their colleagues but they didn’t take it seriously. Instead, they made their uptight co-worker pay the price for trying to tell them what to do (via Fish4).


They joked about making bigger signs to attract the attention of readers. They also addressed the font as well as stylistic choices. It’s so over-the-top and the funniest aspect is that the first note-leaver can’t react. That’s the risk people take when they act in a passive-aggressive manner.

Dating Food Cans

Some people say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but we disagree. The following passive-aggressive note proves that sarcasm can be very effective. A pedantic person advised people to date the food cans because they don’t want expired food to sit around (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

However, one enterprising individual decided this was the right time to make a joke. They wrote that they tried three times to date the cans but “they only think of me as a friend.” This is such a dumb comment but that’s exactly why it’s funny. Imagine the first person’s face after this.

Don’t Tap

Usually, workers don’t want outsiders to bother them when they’re in the middle of a job. That appears to be the situation in this scenario because of the sign on the door. The passive-aggressive message is essentially a fun way to tell people to stay away.

Bright Side

The truth is that tapping on the glass is very annoying and will interfere with their concentration. It makes more sense to enter the room quietly and to communicate with one person. However, we’re glad somebody tapped on the glass because it led to this hilarious note (via Bright Side).

Clean Up

Everybody knows what it’s like to have an untidy roommate who refuses to clean up after themselves. It’s tough to deal with them because it creates tension within the house. However, sometimes they go too far and people resort to leaving passive-aggressive notes like the one below.


This message is a declaration of open warfare. It may appear to be a tongue-in-cheek statement but the reality is that they’re done with their roommate’s garbage behavior. We can imagine that the other people living there cringed because they knew what was coming next (via LiveAbout).

German Neighbor

Europeans have a reputation for a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to nudity and body exposure. They maintain a level of confidence that Americans don’t have but one German took this too far. But it’s unlikely he intended to put on the show he performed.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Unfortunately, his neighbors witnessed an act of intense intimacy and felt obliged to tell him. They left the note above warning him about his public exposure but complimented the German flag in his bedroom. This must have embarrassed him but it could have been worse (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

Brain Damage

Sharing with roommates isn’t easy but there are certain things that everybody should do. Taking out the garbage, washing dishes, and general cleaning are commonly shared. But toilet paper is a tricky one because some people keep their own in their bedroom (via Superstar Communication).

Superstar Communicator

Otherwise, the household should take turns buying and replacing toilet rolls. The note above shows a passive-aggressive response to one person’s lack of patience. Nobody wants to find themselves in the situation where they need to wipe but there’s only one small sheet left.

Every Breath You Take

A common aspect of passive-aggressive notes is their use of humor as well as pop culture references. The following message incorporates lyrics from The Police. But this level of effort proves their level of disgust and impatience with the situation they’re reacting to.


To be fair, it’s uncomfortable dealing with loud noises from above. They may wake the residents beneath them or disturb them when they’re relaxing. However, it may be best to complain to the landlord before taking matters into their own hands because of the risk of tension (via Indy100).

Check Reception

There are two types of passive-aggressive notes. Some serve as genuine outbursts that reveal the writer’s barely-constrained frustration. We know that they want to punch the recipient in the face but they’re choosing to maintain a calm facade for now (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

Then there are the humorous passive-aggressive notes like the one above. These inject humor into a situation and tease people. The original writer said that they would be in reception if they weren’t in their office. But the company’s comedian teased them with a series of funny notes.

Athletic Supporter

It takes a special type of person to steal somebody’s postal delivery. Most people wouldn’t dream of acting in this way but there are some horrible creeps out there. The message below shows that an apartment resident took a package from the author’s locker (via Yahoo News).

Yahoo News

The hilarious statement informs them that the delivery should protect their groin. Then they suggest that the individual who stole the package doesn’t have one themselves. It’s a great comeback and we hope that the villainous person saw it because they should feel bad.

Spoiled Milk

Some passive-aggressive comments deserve an equally snide response. The image above shows what happens when somebody tries to hold the moral high ground. Then their co-worker made them appear ridiculous with a funny cartoon that they stuck beside it (via DeMilked).


The original note advised their colleagues to shut the fridge door and prevent spoiled milk. However, the response is even better because it shows a picture of a milk carton wearing sunglasses and saying, “My dad buys me anything I want!”

Swapping Spit

Everybody hates when their colleagues steal their food. It’s so infuriating when they steal that last precious slice of cake or a candy bar but it’s difficult to deal with. The only way to stop them is to catch them in the act and confront them at the time.


Some people resort to other tactics and leave passive-aggressive notes like the one above. However, the ingenious writer also informed her office nemesis that she licked the cookies too. Perhaps this won’t bother them but let’s hope she has some kind of skin disease (via TheFW).

We Just Can’t Help It

Some people hate when others use their property. They may have a specific plate or cup that they keep for themselves because they don’t want to share. This isn’t abnormal and they may find it frustrating when their colleagues cross this boundary.

Bored Panda

However, leaving a passive-aggressive note is never a good idea because people will sneer at it. That’s precisely what happened in this situation because all of the co-workers joked about it. To be fair, it could have been much worse because they turned it into a funny situation (via Bored Panda).

Fridge Chart

It’s wild that people still think that they can get away with eating their colleagues’ food. This is one of the most shameless acts in an office setting because it shows a blatant disregard for everybody else. One passive-aggressive person decided to get ahead of this problem (via Runt of the Web).

Runt of the Web

They left the chart above in the kitchen to inform the other staff members about their behavior. It’s snarky to the extreme but that’s exactly why it’s funny. Sometimes the only way to deal with these situations is to meet them head-on. They’re up for the fight and won’t back down.

Wear A Sweater

Donna is grinding this poor employee’s gears because she insists on turning up the office temperature. However, her colleague is bringing the heat in the form of a passive-aggressive note. They’re not afraid to call her out and shame them in front of the entire company.

Passive-Aggressive Notes

This is a bold step but a dangerous one because it may ignite open office warfare. People may take sides and be at odds with each other. It all began because Donna refused to wear a sweater instead of turning on the heater. It’s a wild story but a funny one (via Passive-Aggressive Notes).

Push it Harder

Here’s one of the most passive-aggressive and frustrated messages on this list. Somebody broke the photocopier because they kept pushing the button too hard. They thought that this would make it work quicker but this was the stupidity of the highest order.


One of their colleagues reacted with this wonderful message. It made a mockery of their efforts because they didn’t follow logic. Let’s hope that the moron that initially broke the machine saw this note because they should be ashamed of their behavior (via Pinterest).

Cat Parts

This is one of the most ominous passive-aggressive messages ever. Somebody left this note advising their roommates not to leave cat parts in the sink. Firstly, we’re not sure what this means because it suggests that they keep a bag of feline limbs and tails in their room.


If this is the case then we can get behind their message. However, this seems a bit extreme so possibly they’re referring to hairs or something else. Then the recipient responded with their passive-aggressive reply as they made a mockery of the previous statement (via Fropky).

Temporary Existence

Perhaps this person didn’t intend to be passive-aggressive when they left the note below. They responded to the statement that the printer was in a new temporary position. Then they wrote: “In the greater scheme of things, aren’t we all (via Cheezburger)?


Maybe somebody is having a genuine existential crisis in the office and requires help. Or else they just wanted to make their colleagues laugh with their funny notes. Whatever the reason, it’s funny and we hope that everybody saw it. This type of joke deserves appreciation.

Day-Old Ketchup Backfires

Passive-aggressive people rarely admit that they are being passive-aggressive. But this person acknowledges it without any embarrassment. They use this incredible power to call out one of their co-workers because they don’t throw out their food.

Bright Side

While this type of person can be frustrating to be around, they’re also necessary. Many workers avoid confrontation and don’t want to have trouble. This individual doesn’t care and made that clear to the one who refuses to clean up after themselves (via Bright Side).

Horrible Singing

Some people love singing in the shower because they think that they sound great. However, the reality is that they should leave it to the professionals because they sound like a cat dying. It’s unfortunate because everybody else must sit and listen to their yowling.

What Culture

One person finally lost patience and left a passive-aggressive note on their door (via What Culture). They told them in no uncertain terms that they sing horribly in a harsh but accurate message. Sometimes the truth hurts but we don’t know if they reacted well to this statement.

Dishes Are Like Boyfriends

Dishes are always a source of conflict between roommates. Some people take turns washing up but there can be problems if one of them cooks a larger meal. Another issue is that some roomies forget to do their chores and this drives cleaner housemates crazy.


That’s why a frustrated woman left a passive-aggressive message for her slovenly roommate. She compared dishes to boyfriends because she shouldn’t be doing somebody else’s. It’s a smart line but the smiley face underlines her anger with the situation. (via Cosmopolitan).

Two Microwaves

There are things in this world that don’t make sense. An example is a note below that advises kitchen users not to use both microwaves at the same time. However, one passive-aggressive joker reacted with a hilarious and slightly thought-provoking note.

Bored Panda

They asked why are there two microwaves in the kitchen if it was not possible to use both. This is a great thought because it makes no sense. The answer is probably that they didn’t realize two would trip the fuse. But maybe they should just remove one to remove all the temptation (via Bored Panda).

The Exorcist

It appears as though a happy couple had too much fun during their nocturnal activities. This led to their neighbors covering their ears in despair because they didn’t want to hear the noise. Then, another person decided to leave a passive-aggressive note.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

He went straight to the point and told them he hoped that their exorcism was a success. That’s because they made so much noise that it sounded like a horror movie. Finally, he advised them to grease their bed post so that their next enjoyment would be more subtle (via Cheat Sheet).

Spit Syrup

Sometimes the best aspect regarding passive-aggressive notes is how people respond to them. The following image shows a person’s frustration because a roommate or colleague kept using their syrup. Then they informed everybody that they spat in the bottle to dissuade thieves.

We Made This

However, they didn’t realize the depths of their rivalry. The robber decided to spit in the bottle too so that the petty person wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. It’s incredible how people can be so pedantic but we’re delighted that they shared it with the world (We Made This).

Noisy Fan

It’s strange to think about but people spend more time with their office colleagues than with their families. But this doesn’t mean that they like each other all of the time. There is often tension and stress between the workers because some of them can’t stand each other (via Reddit).


It’s always a dangerous move to bring passive-aggressive notes into the workplace because it brings this to a new level. The exchange above shows how petty they can be. One person suggested leaving the light on because it covers the sound of the fan but the other responded with a snide jab.

Please Check

Many passive-aggressive notes result in hilarious reactions like the one below. People make a mockery of the original message with a sarcastic response. Often this is in the form of a literal reaction that the author didn’t intend when they wrote their statement (via Bored Panda).

Bored Panda

This note advises toilet users to check that they flushed. It’s clear that somebody forgot to do so once but this writer pursued them ruthlessly. However, they didn’t expect their colleagues to check with a pen to prove that they flushed. It’s a funny reaction.

Fake Tan

Public restrooms are a regular arena of tension because people share intimate facilities. Men behave more disgustingly than women but their standards are also lower. There are more things to go wrong in a women’s restroom because they use sanitary products as well as cosmetics.


The best thing about the note above is that the author ends it with a smiley face. Otherwise, it is a ruthless and cutting message that eviscerates the fake-tan-wearing person. It’s hilarious because the writer didn’t pull any punches. Imagine the face of the perpetrator after reading this (via Piximus).

Bin Spit

Sometimes it’s better not to know why people do something. This situation is one of those because we don’t know why this person keeps spitting in the bin. It’s a strange and disgusting practice that doesn’t lend itself to a public setting. Why did they think that nobody would react?


The spit also goes on the wall and sticks to it. That’s why somebody left a passive-aggressive note to call out the perpetrator and humiliate them. This is the problem with sharing facilities with other people. One of the best aspects of working from home is not dealing with others (via Twitter).

Wash Cycle

Laundromats are another common battlefield because people fight over machines. There is nothing worse than when somebody can’t wait and dump another person’s clothes on the floor. But it’s equally frustrating when they take too long to remove their laundry from the washer or dryer.


This person reacted with fury when somebody stopped their wash cycle and removed their clothes. That’s a ridiculous thing to do so they responded with vengeance. It helped that they lived in a cold climate so they dumped their rival’s laundry in the snow (via Indy100).

What Should I Do?

Blocked toilets are the bane of every plumber’s existence. They have a love-hate relationship with this problem because it means they’ll be dealing with bodily waste. But it also pays their bills so they won’t complain too much. Somebody wrote a notice informing restroom users that they should only flush toilet paper.

Bright Side

This led to a bright person responding with a funny but passive-aggressive note. They wrote below the original message asking what should they do with their feces. It’s so dumb but that’s why we love it. No doubt many people laughed after they saw this witty reply (via Bright Side).

Great Roommate

It’s a rite of passage for American students to share a room. This can create life-long friendships or lead to miserable horror stories of their co-existence. It seems as though this person didn’t enjoy sharing with their former roomie (via Awesome Inventions).

Awesome Inventions

They wrote a passive-aggressive note that makes fantastic use of sarcastic quotation marks. Finally, to remove any doubt of their meaning they write: “P.S. I’m free” in block capitals. We imagine that this greeting card found a new home in the trashcan but we appreciate the effort.

Seat Wars

Gender wars exist in every aspect of society but there is one thing that generates more tension than anything else. We’re talking about toilets and the different ways that men and women approach them. The former prefer to leave the seat up while women insist on putting the seat down.


Meanwhile, females feel as though they have some kind of twisted moral high ground. They don’t want to touch the toilet seat but they think men should. The note above shows the passive-aggressive male staff responding to their female coworkers (via QuotesGram).

Polite Notice

This passive-aggressive notice is a classic of the genre. It contains everything that such a message should entail including barely-disguised scorn and sarcasm. Meanwhile, they use the heading “Polite Notice” to ensure everybody understands their anger (via Reddit).


It’s hilarious how specific this message is and they blatantly try to turn workers against their slovenly colleagues. This is more instructional than some counterparts but that’s because it’s in a professional setting. We love this type of pedantic note because of the rage behind it.

Large Jobs

Sometimes a passive-aggressive response provides a moment of great hilarity. That’s exactly what the following picture achieves. Technically, it’s not a written note but a brilliant picture. It comes after the supervisor advised staff not to print “large jobs.”


One person had a fantastic reply. They printed an image of Apple Founder Steve Jobs and stuck it next to the original notice. It was a clever reaction because they took the word “jobs” as a pun. No doubt this joker is a great colleague to work with (via TheFW).

Replace The Rail

Toilet paper is a common source of strife between roommates. Some people keep the good stuff for themselves in their bedrooms. Others share and take turns to replace it when they run out. But if one roomie forgets it can create an awkward situation for the house.


One housemate lost patience with one of their fellows and left a passive-aggressive message. They wrote, “thanks for replacing the rail” on the empty holder. Every time the guilty party enters the bathroom they’ll see this annoying note (via Domain).

Dirty Dishes

The worst part of sharing a kitchen is dealing with another person’s dirty dishes. It’s bad enough when they leave a mess but if it affects another’s ability to use the facilities it’s a problem. Nobody wants to wash a filthy pan because they need to use it too.

Commercial Real Estate

This office has a funny if slightly passive-aggressive way of responding to this issue. They left a notice informing their staff that dirty dishes “triggers crushing depression in kittens.” We’re not sure if this is true but it absolutely triggers anger in the workplace (via Commercial Real Estate).


Dave tried to protect his green tea collection by leaving a passive-aggressive notice in the refrigerator. It read: “Is your name Dave” as he tried to dissuade people from stealing his favorite beverages. But chaos ensued when another Dave entered the picture.


This comedian instantly snatched one of the cold drinks but he wasn’t finished. He left a note saying that he is also a Dave and wrote “Daves for life.” The original message writer may have laughed when he saw this because it’s such a ridiculous exchange (via Indy100).

Don’t Leave Notes

Everybody has lived with a passive-aggressive housemate who won’t speak about their problems. Instead of confronting people and talking to them face-to-face, they’ll leave annoying notes. Sometimes this infuriates the recipient and they may react in kind.


That’s exactly what this individual did after they received one passive-aggressive note too many. They wrote a message telling the person to stop and talk to them. Some people indeed hate confrontation but it’s the reality of the world (via Cheezburger).

I’ll Cut You

The addition of an emoticon can transform a threatening message into a passive-aggressive note. The image below reveals this because it informs readers that the author will cut them if they adjust the temperature. But he also leaves a smiley face so it’s all good.


At least, that’s what he thinks by including it. People may think twice after reading this because they’re not sure how serious he is. Perhaps he’s joking but he may be a psychopath and have a violent reaction. Just walk away and leave it alone (via Cosmopolitan).

Bad Toilet

Imagine walking into a restroom cubicle and finding someone else’s giant turd floating in the water. It’s never a nice sight but we’ve all experienced this. That’s why it’s crucial to flush after using the facilities to show respect for everybody else.

Office Chai

This polite note carries a world-weary and passive-aggressive edge. It takes into account that it was a big weekend and that the toilet itself isn’t great. But it warns users to check and continue flushing until all traces disappear. That seems fair enough because nobody wants to find a surprise package (via Office Chai).

Bad Parking

Some people are terrible at parking and take an age to put their car in the right space. But others don’t care and drive selfishly. They make take up several spaces or commit the cardinal sin of parking in a disabled slot. It’s a common source of passive-aggressive fury because it happens in every society.

The Mirror

The note above shows what happened when one person lost patience with a bad driver. They called them out on their habits because it’s not fair and negatively affects other citizens (via The Mirror). Let’s hope that the driver thinks twice the next time they park their car.

Paper Towels

School students are brilliant when it comes to humiliating their teachers. Sometimes we should stand back and applaud their wit because they have no shame. When an educator informed his class that they should store sugar jars upright, one pupil had a funny reply.


He wrote: “Dear Science, I have invented the paper towel. Love, God” in a witty response (via Piximus). The child annihilated his teacher in the passive-aggressive battle. Most teachers will probably think this is funny and tell their colleagues in the staffroom.

Lost Butts

Smoking is a dirty habit that leads to all kinds of diseases but people still do it anyway. However, it’s unfair when it hurts others. That’s why it’s illegal to smoke in most indoor settings. Another issue is when smokers abandon their old cigarette butts on the ground.

Somme Cards

One ruthless person wrote a passive-aggressive note for their neighborhood litterbug. They had no hesitation in picking up the discarded butts and including them in the message. It’s a wild effort but let’s hope it worked for the sake of the community (via Somme Cards).

Desperate Measures

The following message shows what happens when a person begins to go crazy. The individual is losing their mind because somebody keeps stealing their cheese. Now they’ve reached the last resort and carved their name into the block of dairy goodness.

eBaum’s World

We’re unsure if this step or the passive-aggressive note will dissuade their cheese-stealing nemesis. But it’s worth a try for their sanity. The next step is setting up a camera or hiring a sniper to target their foe. This could be the making of a thrilling Hollywood movie (via eBaum’s World).

Old And Smelly

College students are notorious for their shocking hygiene and inability to clean after themselves. That’s why there are so many personality clashes in dormitories. Some people’s parents brought them up with a high standard of living and a respect for others.

NZ Herald

But many students don’t have this mindset and act selfishly. That’s why one housemate left the passive-aggressive note above because they couldn’t handle it anymore. The dish was so dirty that it almost came back to life and walked to the sink (via NZ Herald).

Washing Machine War

Apartment blocks are a complicated place to live because so many people are in close contact. If there are thin walls this can lead to all kinds of problems, especially during the night. One resident took issue with another’s use of their washing machine.

Awesome Inventions

They left a passive-aggressive note but they didn’t get the reaction that they wanted. The other person replied scathingly and told them where to go. They also said they’d have more respect for their rival if they confronted them about the issue face-to-face (via Awesome Inventions).

Toilet Training

It appears as though this office or workplace had restroom problems. There are an incredible number of adults who struggle to use a toilet properly. In theory, it’s relatively simple because they just sit down and do their business. Then they wipe before flushing it all away.

Bright Side

However, this passive-aggressive note suggests the presence of a vile human being. They don’t even lift the seat before unleashing the full force of their bowels. We almost respect the audacity of this but it’s a disgraceful thing for colleagues to encounter (via Bright Side).

The Quiet Club

We hate the person who wrote this note because it’s easy to picture them. They were the child who sat at the front of the class and answered all of the teacher’s questions. But then they looked back at everybody else with a “know-it-all” expression on their face.

The Advertiser

Nobody can stand this type of person because they’re unbearable. This smarmy note suggests that they’ve got the moral high ground. But even if that’s true it doesn’t mean that they’re not annoying. Let’s hope that everybody slams their doors now and teaches them a lesson about life (via The Advertiser).


It’s very annoying when communal office appliances stop working. We don’t mean facilities like the printer or computers because these are essential business tools. But items like microwaves and coffee makers contribute to improving the workers’ quality of life.

Daily Mail

In this situation, there’s no drinking water because of a leak. One colleague wittily responded with a passive-aggressive message. They wrote: “When will it be turned on due to fixage?” as a reaction to the banal notice. It’s safe to say that this frustrated many people around this specific office (via Daily Mail).

Sniper Danger

Sometimes a passive-aggressive note carries an open threat like the one below. This person threatens to snipe anybody who rings the doorbell or wakes their child. The only reason why this isn’t an active threat of violence is that this is illegal.


All the same, we appreciate the sentiment behind this note. There are few things more annoying than waking up in the middle of the night because of irresponsible noise. People have resorted to violent measures for lesser reasons than this (via Cheatsheet).

Keep Your Clothes On

The following message seems very reasonable because nobody wants to bump into a naked man or woman in the middle of their laundry. Perhaps it’s ok if they’re very attractive but it would still confuse most people. Despite this, there are folks out there who don’t mind showing everything that they have.


One laundromat resorted to writing the message above advising patrons to keep their clothes on. It should be noted that some homeless people only have a single set of clothes. If they want to wash their belongings they may need to take them off first (via someecards).

Dear Judy

Every office has a busybody like Judy. Nobody wants to deal with them because they’re temperamental and believe that they’re always right. This Judy wrote a passive-aggressive note as she addressed the problem of skid marks in the lady’s restroom.

Awesome Inventions

However, one person didn’t have time for her nonsense and responded ruthlessly. She explained the situation and described the original note as “completely unnecessary.” Imagine the vein throbbing in Judy’s forehead after she read this because she may have had a meltdown (via Awesome Inventions).

Creepy Van

If anybody ever says “no offense” it immediately means that they want to offend someone. However, they use this phrase as though it’s a get-out-of-jail-free card. That doesn’t always work because some recipients feel insulted and react angrily.

Just Something

This isn’t the worst example we’ve ever read as one neighbor asks another to park their van elsewhere. The reason is a bit strange because they think it’s creepy. But they’re generally polite and use a smiley emoji to break the tension (via Just Something).

Life of Brian

Brian doesn’t like his roommate because he refuses to clean after himself. That’s why Brian decided to write a passive-aggressive note and explain his feelings. He informed the roomie how the dishwasher works and that Brian himself is not a household cleaning appliance.

Bored Panda

It feels like such a cliche at this point because everybody knows an unclean person like this. But we still must deal with their garbage behavior because it affects all of the house’s residents. We hope for Brian’s sanity that he solved the problem and the roommate changed his ways (via Bored Panda).

Parking Area

Private parking zones are worthy of anthropological study because of the human conflict they create. If somebody parks in another’s spot there will be nothing short of open warfare. A quiet suburb may become a battle zone or a dueling field.


We’re exaggerating slightly but there’s no denying that owners are prickly about their right to their spot. This person left a passive-aggressive note advising a trespasser of their misdemeanor. An added twist explains that they agreed on it with the community police (via Reddit).

Dirty Table

Passive-aggressive people can produce brilliant moments of sarcastic creativity. The illustration below proves this as they take out their frustration on their unclean housemate. They animate the table and give it dialogue as though speaking to a child.


This message is very condescending but that is why it is brilliant. the drawing is also creepy and we hope that it haunted the dreams of the offending person. If they washed up after themselves it wouldn’t be an issue but there are these types of people everywhere (via Buzzfeed).

Dear Hagrid

Another person became creative with their passive-aggression as they addressed a note to Hagrid. Many readers will remember Hagrid, the jovial and clumsy half-giant from Harry Potter. They chose this character because their recipient made too much noise in their apartment.

Adelaide Now

Then they signed it off as ‘Harry Potter.’ This message almost went beyond being passive-aggressive because it uses swear words but it still ticks the bill. It’s also one of the most creative notes on this list and is worthy of a place (via Adelaide Now).

Melted Snow

The following passive-aggressive note takes a subtle dig at the apartment’s dog owners. Unfortunately, some of these people don’t pick up their pets’ droppings and it leaves a mess. Firstly, it’s unsightly but it’s also potentially dangerous for young children.

Why Are You?

They politely suggest that the snow is melting but the dog’s waste remains. It’s a fair note because everybody is responsible for their pet. Many apartments generally ban pets because they create a mess. So people shouldn’t take this for granted because they may lose the privilege (via Why Are You?).

Pants Day

Most people don’t see clothing as optional when they’re around others. However, some will remove articles from their outfit in a determination to become comfortable. They don’t care that their company doesn’t want to see their underwear.


That’s why this student asked his roommate to ensure he was wearing pants all day. His parents are visiting and he doesn’t want them to see Evan in his underwear. If Evan is a nice person he’ll understand where his roomie is coming from with this request (via Cosmopolitan).

Alarmed Door

Indeed, this isn’t the most passive-aggressive note on this list but it’s one of the funniest. One message advises users that they should only open it in emergencies because it is “alarmed.” Then another colleague responded with a brilliant reaction.

Bored Panda

They added a second notice with a pair of eyes and the message “I am alarmed.” This appears to bring the door to life and turns the original statement into a joke. We love their sense of humor but we don’t know if the original poster appreciated their attitude (via Bored Panda).

Special Gift

Here’s another example of dog owners not taking responsibility for their pets. It’s reasonable for other people to react with fury. This individual wrote a passive-aggressive message and included a special gift for their foe. It’s safe to say that they’ll never forget this exchange.


They didn’t just reference the dog’s droppings but they also gathered them before abandoning them outside the dog owner’s door. There’s also a good chance that the person mistakenly stood on them before realizing what happened. Nobody expects this but it’s a great idea (via BuzzNick).

Spot the Dog

A terrible parking error led to another person creating a passive-aggressive note. They used the example of Spot, a dog, and said that they were giving him to the driver. The reason behind this was that they parked in many spots at once instead of just one.


This is the perfect combination of offensive and funny because it would make neutrals laugh. No doubt it aggravated the driver because they insulted their parking skills. We don’t know if it was a male or female driver but it doesn’t matter (via DeMilked).

Do You Want Ants?

Anybody that lives in a hot climate understands the peril of leaving uncovered food on a table. It will attract ants like a magnet and soon there will be dozens of tiny insects crawling all over it. The simple solution is to put it in the refrigerator or at least an airtight container.

Bored Panda

However, somebody left an open box of donuts in this office. One colleague reacted with this snide, passive-aggressive note informing them of their error. Perhaps they’ve watched some kind of horror movie where the ants take over the world. Whatever the reason, they hate ants (via Bored Panda).

Thank You!

Siblings master passive-aggression from an early age because they need to insult each other without it being obvious. Usually, things settle down as they mature but sometimes they escalate. That’s the case in this situation as the note below proves. These sisters don’t appreciate each other at all.


One of the sisters had a birthday but the other disregarded it. So the younger sister wrote this message and thanked her for everything that you didn’t do. The sarcasm drips off the page like fat off a slice of bacon. We wouldn’t like to be beside them during the Holidays (via QuotesGram).

Don’t Take These Pens

The following note is a classic example of a passive-aggressive note. This should be in a museum because it encapsulates everything about the style. Firstly, it’s completely pedantic and is about a topic that shouldn’t matter. However, it means the world to the author of this message.


They underline “your” in the second sentence to emphasize the reality that they’re not messing around. The next step after this note may be hiring a hitman. In short, the pen-stealer only has one chance left before matters escalate out of control. That’s when it’s time to take out the popcorn (via Popsugar).

Take A Bite

Imagine seeing a slice of pizza on a table and thinking that it’s ok to take a few bites. Somebody ate a chunk out of a piece of pie below but left most of it behind. This infuriated the owner because they didn’t want to eat the remaining pizza after another person’s mouth touched it.

How R U

They left a passive-aggressive note on the paper plate instructing the thief to eat the whole thing next time. Taking a few bites was cruel because they could imagine consuming it. At least if it’s gone there’s nothing left and they can move on with their lives (via How R U).

I Unclogged Drain

Indeed, men are usually more disgusting than women. But there’s one area where the fairer sex takes the prize for vile behavior. Often, they’ll clog the shower drain with hair and irritate everybody else. One person had a passive-aggressive but equally-disgusting response.

Bright Side

They took the hair out of the drain and crafted it into a message that read: “I unclogged drain.” Incredibly, there was enough hair for them to successfully achieve this. But they did and it stands the test of time in this picture. Imagine the other person’s reaction because this is foul (via Bright Side).

Breast Milk

The author of this note successfully left the freakiest message possible. Somebody continuously stole their coffee creamer and this infuriated them. It should be simple not to steal from office colleagues but somebody always tests their luck. This time it didn’t pay off because they received harsh punishment.

Yahoo! News

The poster revealed that they put breast milk into their coffee creamer all week. They allowed the thief to continue stealing milk without realizing what they were doing (via Yahoo! News). Finally, they informed them of the truth and allowed the office to burn around them.