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30 People Who Had Absolutely No Shame About Their Poor Public Behavior

Darren February 23, 2022

It’s amazing how little self-respect some people have for themselves these days. They have no shame and don’t care about ruining other people’s days. Sometimes this can take the form of a blatant disregard for somebody’s experience on an airplane or in a cinema.

This can also involve breaking the law through acts of public indecency. Either way, it’s despicable behavior and shouldn’t be done, but these people simply didn’t care. In this list, we’ll look at 30 times people showed no shame about their extremely poor public behavior. Check it out below via My Health Gazette.

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30. Put Your Feet Up

One of the worst places for people to behave badly is on a long-haul flight. Everybody knows what it’s like to have somebody kicking their seat for hours. However, it’s even worse when they physically invade your privacy. The image above shows one of the worst in-flight problems that travelers deal with.

Few things in this world are more disgusting than another person’s feet. Nobody wants somebody’s toes poking through because it’s creepy. Even if their feet are clean, it still shows a blatant disregard for other people (via Mashable).

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29. Light It Up

English soccer fans have a terrible reputation but this individual brought it to the next level. His blatant disregard for public opinion is almost admirable. Yes, he jammed a flare into his posterior, with no shame, in the middle of London before lighting it.

This came during the European Championships in 2022. There was a lot of crowd trouble during this tournament. The competition became notorious because of this scandalous behavior. Hopefully, no children will feel tempted to emulate this (via Daily Mirror).

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28. Stadium Fight

An increasing number of crowd brawls occur these days in NFL stadiums. Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles is one of the fanciest arenas in the world but its fans have zero class. In 2021, this brawl made headlines because of its scale and sheer violence (via USA Today). It showed a blatant disregard for people who just wanted to watch the game.

Later, footage revealed the catalyst behind the violence. Yes, a man had a verbal dispute with some other fans. But they turned away from each other to cool down. Then, a woman flung her drink at the fired-up fan. He mistakenly thought it was the men he argued with and the fight ignited.


27. Drunken Passengers

As you can see from this image, a flight attendant is dealing with an intoxicated passenger. It’s illegal to board an airplane in a drunken state. However, this individual doesn’t care and is happy to disrupt the entire flight. That’s not unusual because these cases are on the rise (via N.Y. Daily News).

In 2022, an Irish Passenger drank a few too many pre-flight pints. Then he pulled down his trousers and mooned everybody on board with no shame. This may have been hilarious at the time. But he came crashing down to earth afterward. JFK Airport police arrested him and he faces up to 20 years in jail.


26. Diaper Changing

Everybody knows that it’s important to change a baby’s diaper after they do their business. We’d have to be heartless to disagree with this. It’s also reasonable to say that not everywhere is suitable for this task. Most people go to baby changing facilities or a restroom.

Unfortunately, others show a blatant disregard for others. In the picture above, a woman is doing it in an Old Navy store. Imagine wearing those clothes after the baby’s soiled diaper was on them. Others have changed diapers in the middle of restaurants (via Made for Mums).

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25. Blocked Disabled Spot

One of the most infuriating things that people can do is to park in a disabled spot without a permit. This shows a blatant disregard for those who rely on these spaces for easier access. But some people use them because they’re too lazy to find another place for their vehicle.

The image above shows how this creates awkward situations for disabled drivers and passengers. If this person didn’t have a carer to help him, he wouldn’t be able to get free. The driver of the other vehicle didn’t care because they were selfish (via ABC).


24. MacBook Camera

Many people think it’s pointless to record videos of big concerts and sports events. Professional content will be available online and it’s also higher quality. Yet people still hold their phones up for an entire event even though they’ll never replay the footage (via PetaPixel).

This idiot took it to the next level. For some reason, he brought his MacBook Air to a Jay-Z concert. It’s probably because he thought it was better quality but it just made him look like a moron. Meanwhile, it showed blatant disregard for the people whose view he blocked.


23. Black Friday

Few events show the reality of human nature like Black Friday. Images such as the one above show the anarchy that a cut-price TV or game console creates. It reignites people’s primal instincts as they unleash chaos to the despair of Target workers.

These middle-aged adults show a blatant disregard for their welfare as they wade through a sea of UHD TVs. Many brawls occur across the U.S. on Black Friday because people don’t have self-control. It would be embarrassing but it seems normal now (via Business Insider).

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22. Signed Balls

The man in the sunglasses decided to teach the boy below a harsh lesson about the realities of life. In 2018, Cubs’ first base coach Will Venable attempted to give the youngster a ball. However, he dropped it and this man picked it up (via New York Post).

Did he pass it back to the boy like most self-respecting adults? No, he kept it for himself because the world is a terrible place. Later, the video went viral and the man received a lot of condemnation. The Cubs gave the boy another signed ball too.

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21. Time To Rest

We get it, not everybody is as mobile as other people. That being said, there are appropriate places to sit. But most shoppers agree that a grocery store apple display isn’t one of them. In the end, this woman gave up on life and sat down on the tempting fruit (via Bright Side).

Perhaps she knows something that we don’t. Maybe apples provide an ergonomic effect that makes them very comfortable. But most people won’t want to eat these Pink Ladies after her bottom rested on top of them. She had no shame and we almost respect it.


20. Corvette Parking

This driver is either desperate for attention or just doesn’t care. One way or another, they show a blatant disregard for others. Instead of choosing one spot to park in, the driver straddled the line and took up a pair of spaces (via Carbuzz).

Yes, they have enough money to afford a Corvette. But this doesn’t give them a license to be a disgrace of a human being. Hopefully, the authorities came and towed the vehicle away. They don’t appreciate it because they would show more care.


19. Broken Defibrilators

Defibrillators are a crucial piece of medical equipment. These devices are expensive but they help to save lives. Unfortunately, some vandals don’t see it this way. Ireland recently went through a spate of vandalism. Hooligans targeted defibrillators and left them unusable like the one above.

This was disgraceful behavior because it could be the difference between life and death. There is nothing to gain from destroying a public defibrillator because nobody will think it’s cool. It’s not an anarchical statement because it’s just a blatant disregard for others (via The Journal).

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18. Last Woman Standing

This shocking photo shows a pregnant woman standing on a train. Disgracefully, none of her fellow passengers were willing to give up their seats. Usually, the seat beside the door is reserved for elderly, disabled, and pregnant people. But nobody cared.

One social experiment in the U.K. showed that many people failed to give up their seats for pregnant women. This was because they were worried that the woman was overweight. They didn’t want to offend the individual. However, some just have no shame for their lack of decency (via Elle).

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17. Shrimp Festival

These Chinese tourists made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. They were traveling in Thailand when they decided to go to a seafood buffet. However, they took the expression ‘all-you-can-eat’ as a challenge. They loaded up multiple plates and went to town on the shrimp (via SCMP).

Most diners take a little bit of everything from the buffet. They won’t just fill several plates with one dish because it’s selfish. However, these tourists had no shame and took it all. They ate the shrimp as though they were an endangered species.

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16. Parking Plant

Another day, another case of terrible parking. In this situation, the driver abandoned their truck on top of a bush. It appears as though it happened in the UK because of the registration plate. This shows that there are terrible drivers in every country.

We have no idea why they thought that this was appropriate. Maybe an inexperienced driver might accidentally drive up on the verge. But who shrugs their shoulders and leaves it there? It’s such a strange photo because of the blatant disregard for what people think (via The Guardian).


15. Wild Camping

One of the side-effects of the recent global health crisis was an increase in wild camping. It makes sense because people didn’t want to be around other travelers. However, as the picture above shows, not everybody was considerate of their surroundings.

Some campers abandoned their tents and garbage. Firstly, this tarnishes the natural beauty of the area and affects other people’s experiences. It’s also disturbing, because who thinks this is acceptable? Something is wrong with their brains because they have no shame (via ABC).

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14. No Smoking

There are many morons in this world but this is a special case. Everybody knows that smoking isn’t allowed on airplanes. It’s unpleasant for other passengers but that’s not even the primary reason. These days everybody is concerned with health and safety.

Naked flames and airplanes don’t go well together. However, this idiot passenger had no shame and lit up a cigarette. Allegedly, Minnesota Police arrested this man after the flight landed in Milwaukee. It’s unknown what happened after this point (via Daily Mirror).


13. Bottoms Up

Many sports fans enjoy a cold beer during a sports game. In the United States, drinkers must be over the age of 21. However, in Germany, the legal age is 16. This image was at a soccer game and shows a young child guzzling down a lager.

It looks like he’s about 10 years old so he’s not legal. Incredibly, television cameras captured this moment live. Maybe his father only gave him a little sip of his beer. But if he bought him his pint, then that’s a different story (Times Snow News).


12. Time to Go

Nobody likes to wait for the toilet. Unfortunately, it’s a reality on an airplane because there are hundreds of passengers. But there are only a few restrooms and everybody shares. This Polish lady was traveling on the European budget airline Wizz Air.

The name is appropriate for what happened next. She had a desperate need to use the facilities but they were in use. So she had no shame and squatted. Needless to say, her fellow travelers didn’t enjoy the golden river (via Express).

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11. Too Many Toys

Parents have a responsibility when it comes to their children’s public behavior. Most people are reasonable enough not to judge them for a child’s temper tantrum. However, it’s a different story when they go on a destructive rampage.

The photo above is an example of horrifying parenting. It looks as though the little girl wanted to find a toy to play with. Her instinct was to test them all. But her parents failed to clean up after her and they left a disgraceful mess behind with no shame (via Washington Post).


10. Late Check-In

Most frequent fliers know what it’s like to arrive at the last minute. It’s incredibly stressful because of the risk of the gate closing. Unfortunately, this Florida doctor was too late to board his flight. The airline staff refused to allow him to board because of this.

He immediately erupted and had a furious outburst. Shockingly, he said: “You’re treating me like a black person.” Florida Police came to the scene and promptly arrested him. It’s a disgraceful thing to say and he won’t be flying anytime soon (via Florida Times).


9. Collateral Damage

Unfortunately, stadium fights occur too frequently these days. This brawl went down between Ravens and Packers fans. Most of these happen because a couple of men become drunk. Then one of them says something dumb to the other and it escalates.

In this case, an innocent woman received a punch. The men around her were behaving like childish morons but she was just trying to watch the game. However, she suffered a heavy blow to the face. These horrible antics ruin the day for everybody around them (via Total Pro Sports).


8. Ruined Fountain

The Baraccia is a 500-year-old fountain in the middle of Rome. This classic sculpture has endured World Wars and revolutions. However, it fell victim to Dutch soccer fans. Feyenoord traveled to the Eternal City to play Roma in a Europa League game.

They brought a lot of hooligans with them who had a blatant disregard for history. Firstly, they turned The Baraccia into a bubble bath before urinating in it. Meanwhile, it also suffered permanent damage after they broke parts of it. It was a tragedy for the city of Rome (via Reuters).


7. Punched This Horse

Australia saw many protests in 2022. These were related to public freedoms after months of draconian lockdowns. Many people have different stances on this topic. However, it’s reasonable to say that punching a horse is not a good form of protest.

But this man didn’t get the memo. He made headlines across the nation after cameras captured him striking the beast. It’s a horrible thing to do because the horse didn’t even ask to be there. In the end, a court charged him with cruelty to animals (via Euro News).

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6. Live-Streamed Police Chase

This image shows the moment police intercepted Gemma Green in Dublin after a chaotic high-speed chase. The craziest aspect of this was the fact that Greene had no shame and live-streamed it to her followers. She reached over seven million viewers on Instagram.

Of course, this was disgraceful because she showed a blatant disregard for other people’s safety. Greene drove at high speeds, breaking the speed limit on the busiest motorway in Ireland. Meanwhile, she put the lives of the police at risk (via Independent).


5. Auschwitz Selfies

The Holocaust is one of the most horrifying and tragic events of modern history. Nowadays, many people travel to former concentration camps like Auschwitz because they want to learn about these events. But some tourists can’t resist the temptation to take a selfie.

There is a time and a place to take a provocative picture. Arguably, standing in front of a facility where 1.1 million suffered brutal deaths is not one of them. This woman received a lot of online abuse after she posted this picture but it was her fault because she had no shame (via ABC News).


4. Cinema Cellphones

Cinema-goers want an experience when they go to the movies. These days it isn’t cheap to watch a film on the big screen, especially for a family. What they don’t want is for somebody’s phone to light up in front of them for a couple of hours (via The Atlantic).

It’s very distracting and shows a blatant disregard for other cinema patrons. Why go to the movies if they’re just going to spend the time checking their cellphone? It’s a waste of time and money. Furthermore, it antagonizes everybody else.


3. Didn’t Re-Rack The Weights

There’s always one person in a gym who fails to re-rack their weights. It’s one of the most infuriating things to deal with because it makes it impossible to find the right dumbbell or plate. Meanwhile, when gigantic bodybuilders fail to unload weights, it makes life difficult for other users.

Spare a thought for the gym trainers who pick up after them. This is effectively another workout because of the physical stress of putting them away. It’s amazing how everybody knows this is the right thing to do but some gym-goers still have no shame (via Fitness 19).

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2. Hold Onto Your Trash

Some people continue to throw trash out of car windows. We all know that this is terrible for the environment because plastic waste takes centuries to disintegrate. It’s also very unsightly and everybody knows that the perpetrator is an idiot (via Daily Mail).

This Russian taxi driver made headlines because of his reaction to a passenger’s behavior. The man threw some garbage out of the window so the taxi driver immediately stopped. Then, he physically removed his customer and abandoned him on the side of the road.


1. Public Peeing

It’s amazing what alcohol or a lack of inhibition can do. Some people are completely shameless and have no issue urinating in the middle of a train carriage. There are many horror stories about homeless people soiling public spaces (via New York Post).

However, the image above shows a well-dressed individual allowing his urine to flow like a fountain. He has no shame and doesn’t even stand up. We expect that the passenger beside him is milliseconds away from jumping away in disgust. This is truly remarkable behavior.