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30 People Who Had Absolutely No Shame About Their Poor Public Behavior

Darren RydingFebruary 23, 2022
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11. Too Many Toys

Parents have a responsibility when it comes to their children’s public behavior. Most people are reasonable enough not to judge them for a child’s temper tantrum. However, it’s a different story when they go on a destructive rampage.

The photo above is an example of horrifying parenting. It looks as though the little girl wanted to find a toy to play with. Her instinct was to test them all. But her parents failed to clean up after her and they left a disgraceful mess behind with no shame (via Washington Post).


10. Late Check-In

Most frequent fliers know what it’s like to arrive at the last minute. It’s incredibly stressful because of the risk of the gate closing. Unfortunately, this Florida doctor was too late to board his flight. The airline staff refused to allow him to board because of this.

He immediately erupted and had a furious outburst. Shockingly, he said: “You’re treating me like a black person.” Florida Police came to the scene and promptly arrested him. It’s a disgraceful thing to say and he won’t be flying anytime soon (via Florida Times).


9. Collateral Damage

Unfortunately, stadium fights occur too frequently these days. This brawl went down between Ravens and Packers fans. Most of these happen because a couple of men become drunk. Then one of them says something dumb to the other and it escalates.

In this case, an innocent woman received a punch. The men around her were behaving like childish morons but she was just trying to watch the game. However, she suffered a heavy blow to the face. These horrible antics ruin the day for everybody around them (via Total Pro Sports).


8. Ruined Fountain

The Baraccia is a 500-year-old fountain in the middle of Rome. This classic sculpture has endured World Wars and revolutions. However, it fell victim to Dutch soccer fans. Feyenoord traveled to the Eternal City to play Roma in a Europa League game.

They brought a lot of hooligans with them who had a blatant disregard for history. Firstly, they turned The Baraccia into a bubble bath before urinating in it. Meanwhile, it also suffered permanent damage after they broke parts of it. It was a tragedy for the city of Rome (via Reuters).


7. Punched This Horse

Australia saw many protests in 2022. These were related to public freedoms after months of draconian lockdowns. Many people have different stances on this topic. However, it’s reasonable to say that punching a horse is not a good form of protest.

But this man didn’t get the memo. He made headlines across the nation after cameras captured him striking the beast. It’s a horrible thing to do because the horse didn’t even ask to be there. In the end, a court charged him with cruelty to animals (via Euro News).

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6. Live-Streamed Police Chase

This image shows the moment police intercepted Gemma Green in Dublin after a chaotic high-speed chase. The craziest aspect of this was the fact that Greene had no shame and live-streamed it to her followers. She reached over seven million viewers on Instagram.

Of course, this was disgraceful because she showed a blatant disregard for other people’s safety. Greene drove at high speeds, breaking the speed limit on the busiest motorway in Ireland. Meanwhile, she put the lives of the police at risk (via Independent).


5. Auschwitz Selfies

The Holocaust is one of the most horrifying and tragic events of modern history. Nowadays, many people travel to former concentration camps like Auschwitz because they want to learn about these events. But some tourists can’t resist the temptation to take a selfie.

There is a time and a place to take a provocative picture. Arguably, standing in front of a facility where 1.1 million suffered brutal deaths is not one of them. This woman received a lot of online abuse after she posted this picture but it was her fault because she had no shame (via ABC News).


4. Cinema Cellphones

Cinema-goers want an experience when they go to the movies. These days it isn’t cheap to watch a film on the big screen, especially for a family. What they don’t want is for somebody’s phone to light up in front of them for a couple of hours (via The Atlantic).

It’s very distracting and shows a blatant disregard for other cinema patrons. Why go to the movies if they’re just going to spend the time checking their cellphone? It’s a waste of time and money. Furthermore, it antagonizes everybody else.


3. Didn’t Re-Rack The Weights

There’s always one person in a gym who fails to re-rack their weights. It’s one of the most infuriating things to deal with because it makes it impossible to find the right dumbbell or plate. Meanwhile, when gigantic bodybuilders fail to unload weights, it makes life difficult for other users.

Spare a thought for the gym trainers who pick up after them. This is effectively another workout because of the physical stress of putting them away. It’s amazing how everybody knows this is the right thing to do but some gym-goers still have no shame (via Fitness 19).

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2. Hold Onto Your Trash

Some people continue to throw trash out of car windows. We all know that this is terrible for the environment because plastic waste takes centuries to disintegrate. It’s also very unsightly and everybody knows that the perpetrator is an idiot (via Daily Mail).

This Russian taxi driver made headlines because of his reaction to a passenger’s behavior. The man threw some garbage out of the window so the taxi driver immediately stopped. Then, he physically removed his customer and abandoned him on the side of the road.


1. Public Peeing

It’s amazing what alcohol or a lack of inhibition can do. Some people are completely shameless and have no issue urinating in the middle of a train carriage. There are many horror stories about homeless people soiling public spaces (via New York Post).

However, the image above shows a well-dressed individual allowing his urine to flow like a fountain. He has no shame and doesn’t even stand up. We expect that the passenger beside him is milliseconds away from jumping away in disgust. This is truly remarkable behavior.