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30+ Times People’s Horrible Looking Food Went Viral Online

Hizkiail November 12, 2021

Have you ever cooked something that was slightly questionable? It seemed like a good idea, but once it got on the plate, it made everyone want to run for the hills. Don’t go hanging up your chef’s hat just yet though – as bad as you think your food was, what you’re about to see will make that little Frankenstein monster of yours look like a gourmet feast! From people who tried and failed, to those who look like they can’t tell the difference between an oven and a spoon, these are the absolute worst and weirdest meals that ended up going viral.

It looks like this person was trying to make a lamb cake, but it didn’t turn out as they expected. It seems the cake wasn’t cool enough to frost, so it turned into a melted mess. Those strawberry eyes might look tasty, but they are also staring into our souls.

Mary Had A Little Nightmare

Lamb cakes never seem to turn out like the pictures on the internet, and they always look like ghostly demons. Mary’s little lamb needs to visit the beauty salon because it is looking rougher than normal. She should take care of her animal to keep its fleece as white as snow.

Even if you believe there can never be too much garlic, we can all agree that this is unacceptable. The restaurant is calling this a garlic burger, and that is the understatement of the year. It looks like they threw raw cloves of garlic on when they added the cheese and hoped it would taste good.

Would You Like Some Burger With That Garlic?

If you ever want people to stay far away from you, this is the burger to eat because the garlic will be seeping out of every pore. Vampires wouldn’t come within a five-mile radius if someone ate this. They could have at least chopped it up or cooked the garlic before serving it.

Much like the demon cobbler, this pie is also possessed by the devil apparently. They might receive retribution if they try to cut it. While this might have been intentional because it was for Halloween, it is still too scary for people to eat.

"You Think You Are Going To Eat Me? Not If I Get You First"

The face is missing some of its teeth as if it got them knocked out in a fight, and the eyes look like there is an evil presence behind them. Pour some holy water on this and throw it away so that it doesn’t come back to haunt you.

Not only does matzah taste like cardboard, but it is also difficult to make too. When this girl tried making it for the first time, she must have summoned a demon who is in desperate need of moisturizer. Maybe if they hydrated it, the matzah would be happier and not try to steal your soul.

First Attempt At Making Matzah And She Summoned A Demon Instead

They should say a prayer and hope it doesn’t possess the kitchen appliances to turn on them. In the middle of the night, they could walk into the kitchen and hear it conjuring the blender to liquefy any human in sight. Maybe they should kill it with fire.

For some reason, this person thought it would be visually appealing to place the chicken breasts over the birds as if you are eating them right off the plate. The chicken is shaped so perfectly for the birds – it’s almost scary. However, this would turn anyone off from chicken for a while.

They Were Finally Reunited In The Afterlife

If vegans want people to stop eating meat, they should start showing people food on plates like this. They can put burgers in the shape of cows and bacon on pig print plates. When you have to look at the animal, it makes it harder to want to eat it.

Have you ever seen a caesar salad before? If you have, you will know that this is not that. For $15, this restaurant thought that people would accept a few lettuce leaves, croutons, and a side of caesar dressing. This is the saddest and stingiest salad we have ever seen.

In What Backwards World Is This Caesar Salad Worth $15?

We wouldn’t even pay five dollars for this sad excuse of a salad. They should have included a sign that said, “some assembly and ingredients required.” Where is the fresh cheese or the cracked black pepper? A caesar salad is so simple, but this “deconstructed” version is not what anyone asked for.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme song because this is freaky! Apparently, when you chop lotus root into wedges, it looks like aliens invaded your frying pan. It’s going to be hard to unsee this now. They are no longer out in space; they have officially made their way onto our planet.

The Aliens Have Started Invading Kitchens Now

Someone should call NASA to get in there fast since it seems like we have first contact! Hopefully this person thought about how the aliens were trying to send them a message right before they finally tucked in to their meal.

We don’t know where people get their inspiration for these cakes, but why do they have to put teeth on them? We have never seen a porcupine smile; however, we are positive it doesn’t look like that. It looks more like a sea urchin than a cute woodland creature.

Smile...It Can Smell Your Fear

This person must have an interesting creative vision because this is nothing like we have seen before. Without the creepy fake teeth, this wouldn’t be that bad. Last time we checked, porcupines usually have noses, so it looks like they are missing something pretty important here.

On the menu tonight is a slice of lovely homemade sourdough bread topped with creamy brie cheese. We hope you like your meal extra crispy because this was in the over for a whopping 11 hours before someone remembered they were making food.

We'll Give You Three Chances To Figure Out What This Is

It is closer to charcoal than edible food at this point. They probably should have pulled it out of the over ten hours and 45 minutes earlier, but that is just our amateur cooking opinion. They must have been making some special recipe that will crack your teeth when you bite into it.

Even though there is nothing inedible about this, the person used the wrong sized pan, and the banana bread tried to escape the small prison. It came to life and decided that it wanted to walk right out of the kitchen and into a better life.

The Banana Bread Wanted To Break Free

It’s like it was in the blast area at Chernobyl, and it mutated into something living. Someone stop it before it takes over the world and consumes everything in its path, like in The Blob. Is anyone half expecting it to form a face and start talking? Maybe it’s just us.

You don’t know real boredom until you decide to put cheese on a baking sheet and make “grilled” cheese. It’s a keto person’s dream meal because they can’t eat carbs, but plenty of cheese is allowed. This one actually doesn’t look that bad, but it is a sad excuse for a meal.

Have You Ever Been So Bored (High) That You Make A Pan Of Baked Cheese?

For anyone who is lactose intolerant, this picture alone could cause an uncomfortable stomach. If it were a little crispier, maybe it would be more appealing, but eating melted cheese on its own doesn’t sound like the best meal option.

This is a spicy meal for a Brit. The bitterness of the broccoli might overpower the sweetness in the plane lettuce and the unsauced pasta. Some British people might take offense to this, but their cooking is not always the tastiest, and it usually lacks in flavor (sorry British people – we love you, but your food needs some work).

Even Though Britain Invaded Most Of The World For Spices, They Never Use Any Of Them

The green from the vegetables might be a little too bright; usually, the food is different shades of beige. We don’t know about you, but we enjoy a colorful meal with lots of flavors and spices. Maybe these people should tune into the Food Network for some inspiration.

We would like to apologize to sushi chefs everywhere for even slightly comparing a corndog to sushi. They can eat their corndog however they want, but they cannot call it sushi no matter how it is cut up or which utensils they choose. If this roll had a name, it would be the Americano roll because only Americans could possibly enjoy this.

The Delicate Art Of Homemade Sushi

This must be why Japan was fighting us in WW2; they were so angry about us ruining their famous cuisine and had to attack. Is this the reason 2020 was so bad? Why did someone curse us with the sushi abomination? If someone recreates this, they shouldn’t share it on the internet.

Is this really what people think vegans want to eat? These beyond meat sausages are the last thing anyone would want, whether they are vegan or not. It looks like they were sitting in the refrigerator for too long and shriveled up because they got too cold.

Growers Not Showers

If you sprinkle a crushed blue pill on top of them, they will return to their normal shape and size. However, those side effects shouldn’t last for more than four hours, or they will have to go to the doctor. Despite their shape and look, these actually aren’t that bad when they look normal.

Someone made these bacon masks, which won’t be very useful to protect you from covid, and they will definitely give you maskne, but they are tasty. This might be the solution for all those anti-maskers. At least they will have something covering their faces before they eat it.

A Mask That Would Only Last For Two Minutes

These are the kind of masks we needed when swine flu was on the rise. These give us serious Hannibal Lecture vibes if pigs were the ones wearing them. If someone has a corona goodbye party, they can make these as fun snacks.

Although this probably took a lot of skill and time to make the bowl, this makes us want to go on a hunger strike. This looks like a recipe someone made in the midwest during the ’60s or ’70s when they didn’t really know that much about heart disease and high cholesterol.

Spaghetti O's With Meatballs In A Pepperoni Bowl — $50

This dish should come with a bottle of antacid on the side because it is heartburn central. Someone, please tell us who thought it would be a good idea for people to eat soup out of a pepperoni bowl? No one should be subjected to this atrocity.

Where is Gordon Ramsay when you need him to deliver one of his sassy lines or yell at someone until his face turns red? This restaurant has two Michelin stars, and they are serving food that looks like this. It looks like a phallic object with a side of a dirty sponge.

When A Michelin Star Restaurant Posts This On Instagram...Gordon Ramsay Is Quaking

Because it is from a fancy restaurant, we can imagine that whatever it is tastes delicious, but the visual appeal is not there. People say that we eat with our eyes first, so they should try to make this dish look different presentation-wise. We wouldn’t want to put this anywhere near our mouths.

When you only have two things left in your fridge and have to cook them before they go to waste. This is one of the saddest meals we have ever seen. We love how they tried to make the rice look nice by using a mold, but it is still just plain white rice.

When You Have Given Up On Cooking

It looks like it needs a vegetable or sauce to be more appetizing. Who would want to eat a hotdog and rice by itself? At least add some ketchup or mustard to give it a bit of flavor. The lack of condiments is kind of disturbing.

We don’t know what this child was going through, but they decided to put broccoli on their Christmas cookie. Someone should check to see if they are feeling ok because most children that age do night like vegetables, especially broccoli.

One Way To Get Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

We wonder what he said when he took a bite of it. Maybe he made it for his mom, who keeps insisting that he eat more vegetables, so he gave her a taste of her own medicine. We can imagine that this was the worst cookie of all time.

It’s a good thing this person knew the difference between anchovies and the very poisonous fugu fish because most people would have thought that it was just a fat anchovy. This is just another reason to never eat dried anchovies; they didn’t have to do much to convince us.

A Poisonous Fish Got Mixed In With The Dries Anchovies...What A Deal!

Just the thought of eating dried anchovies makes us want to curl in a ball and cry. At least they have a good reason for a lawsuit. That’s some easy money in their bank account. Congratulations to them for not dying.

When you look at reviews for a restaurant, you would assume that those who have higher ratings have better food. This restaurant had five-stars on UberEats, and this is the pasta carbonara they delivered. This is the saddest carbonara we have ever seen.

Carbonara From A Five Star Restaurant...A Child Could Do Better

They must have fake reviews from bots because we don’t think anyone would give them even one star. Every Italian person seeing this would say, “Pasta LaVista” because this is an insult to Italians everywhere. Also, why is it in a pizza box instead of a container that seals?

Quarantine has made us all eat weird things from time to time. Maybe it’s the boredom or laziness, but we all stopped caring about nutrition and cooking at some point during that crazy year. This person decided to make a tub of cookie dough and slowly eat it for weeks.

Quarantine Diet: Cookie Dough All Day, Everyday

Although the risk of salmonella has never stopped us from eating raw cookie dough before, we probably wouldn’t feel safe eating this much. However, they now make cookie dough without eggs, so maybe it can be safe and enjoyable to chow down on this.

In case you didn’t know, filling a jelly bun with a syringe is not going to turn out like the inside of a classic jelly donut. The thin needle will make the inside of your jelly buns look like brains. Unless this is for Halloween, people will be grossed out by these.

Have You Ever Just Craved Brains?

Did this person expect it to all go in one clump or were they making brains on purpose because the color is spot on? We would also love to know what a jelly bun is, and why it is clear. These look like those water drop cakes that went viral a few years ago.

Someone really thought it would be a good idea to put pasta inside a rice paper roll. In what world did something truly believe this would be a solid and appetizing idea? It looks more like someone’s small intestine instead of a meal.

What In Tarnation Is This Thing?!

Food has to be somewhat appealing to the eyes before we put it in our bodies, and this person was not considering that aspect at all. Maybe if they made it with an actual burrito, we would be more on board, but this doesn’t seem to make any sense.

If you are familiar with the Pillsbury crescent rolls, you know that they come in triangles, and you have to roll them up before baking. Apparently, not everyone knows that like this girl’s boyfriend. Instead of the delicious rolls, they got large crispy chips.

When You Forget To Roll The Croissants Before Putting Them In The Oven

She regretted asking him for help when she pulled these out of the oven. You would think that he would have read the instructions if he never made them before. At least these taste good, and he only messed up the shape.

You know your boss is going through a rough time when this is what they bring for lunch. Two rice cakes with some slimy lunch meat is not an appealing lunch, but maybe she is a picky eater. At least they have a well-rounded meal…because everything is circular.

When Your Boss' Lunch Looks Like Depression On A Plate

If Toby from The Office were a sandwich, this is what he would look like. Beige on beige on beige might be satisfying to some people, but having this every day seems like a total bore. They should add some veggies onto their sandwich to make it look a little less depressing.

Tonight’s dinner special is two slices of frozen garlic bread, leftover pasta, and a side of frozen vegetable medley. Can you guess who thought this would be a delicious meal? We’ll spoil it and tell you that someone who smoked something green thought of this concoction.

When You Have To Use All The Things You Have In Your Pantry Before Going On A Trip

Although the sandwich looks like a good drunk snack, we don’t know what the reasoning was behind the frozen vegetables. All of the parents out there would be proud that someone thought to add vegetables to keep the meal balanced.

Why do people continue to think that putting faces on pies will turn out okay? It always looks terrifying and we can’t imagine why someone would do this. The pies look like they were so angry about their faces that they started fighting each other.

The Pies Got In A Fist Fight

The pie on the left was clearly the loser in the fight. He had a black eye and a swollen lip. They must be teenager pies because of their acne, but a little face cream will clear that up in a few weeks. This gives a new meaning to moon pies.

The most well-known pregnancy craving is pickles with peanut butter, but this is a new combination we have never seen. While these two things are delicious on their own, we would never think to combine bananas with instant ramen.

Pregnancy Cravings In A Bowl

Maybe this is a delicacy in her culture, or we are missing out on one of the best combinations. If anyone is brave enough to try this combination, please let us know how you feel after and if it were any good.

If you thought other meals on this list were sad, then this one will bring you to tears. With only five minutes for lunch, this person took two slices of white bread, uncooked instant ramen, and called it a sandwich. If you look at this long enough, you can almost hear the loud crunch when they take a bite.

Sometimes This Is All You Have Time To Eat In 5 Minutes

There is a reason these noodles need to be cooked; they do not digest well when raw. It’s like their monthly sodium values in one meal, and we hope they don’t eat this regularly. This is hard for us to look at and call a solid meal.

This person found these adorable ladybug buns on Pinterest and wanted to recreate them. However, something went horribly wrong, and theirs turned out looking like some sort of swamp monster. We don’t know what they did wrong, but it is undoubtedly not what they expected.

What They Wanted Vs. The Angry Gremlin That Came Out Of The Oven

If they want to save this, they can say they made Doomsday out of bread. Instead of feeling bad about their failures, they can turn it into something different because these ladybugs look very complicated. Just cut your losses and enjoy the rolls.

The idea behind the cupcakes was so adorable, but we don’t know where this person went wrong. It looks like the derpy version of the one they saw online, and we feel bad for these panda cakes. It is looking in two different directions, and its ears are all wrong.


We would have given them a pass if they did a better job with the face, but it was just a long trip on the struggle bus. These probably tasted delicious because you can’t really go wrong with Oreos and cupcakes, but it does not look appealing.

This woman had a foreign culture themed dinner for her family, so she tried her hand at cooking a traditional dish from Pompeii. Anyone from Italy’s southern region where Pompeii is located would probably wonder what this woman thought their food is like.

Can You Guess What This Is Supposed To Be?

​You can’t even tell what she was trying to make because it is so badly burned. We hope she didn’t try to make her family eat whatever this is, and they ordered a pizza instead. At least pizza would be from the same country she was originally aiming for.

Did this restaurant forget that chicken has to be cooked? It’s not like meat where you can get away with cooking it a little more on the raw side. Chicken is either cooked or raw, there is no in-between. We would be so disgusted if we found this in our food.

Just A Tad Undercooked

Whatever restaurant this is from, we would not want to visit there in fear that they make this mistake often. How can someone forget to cook a piece of chicken? At least we know that they use raw chicken and not something that is precooked.

This looks likes someone’s oven after they drunkenly put a frozen pizza in the oven and forgot to put it on a pan. Usually, the box recommends using a pan because they don’t want this to happen. This is going to be so frustrating to clean up; we would not want to deal with that messy cheese.

This Is Why They Tell You To Use Baking Pans

Not only is this annoying to clean up, but now they don’t have pizza. Hopefully, they have a backup pizza in the freezer to satisfy their cheesy craving. Imagine having those post-bar cravings, only to see the food you couldn’t wait to have fallen to the bottom of the oven? Pure disappointment.

This man tried to make a cute decoration for his wife’s cocktail based on a picture he saw online. However, he didn’t realize which end of the banana he was supposed to use. Instead of looking like a dolphin holding a ball, it looked like something a four-year-old drew.

Sometimes The Decoration Doesn't Elevate The Drink

Although it is more about the thought that counts, she was probably questioning her husband’s artistic eye when he brought this out of the kitchen. Luckily the garnish doesn’t change the taste of the drink, so it is still useable.

This person definitely found the inspiration behind this cake on Pinterest, and somehow, the cute creature turned into this nightmare. We don’t know exactly where things started to go wrong, but when pretzel rods were sticking out of its head, they should have known something was incorrect.

The Devil Hedgehog Has Risen...Kill It!

Why did they have to add those creepy gummy teeth? It looks like a swamp monster more than an adorable hedgehog. While this person might not have the eye for decorating cakes, we bet it tasted delicious as long as their guests can get past the scary exterior.

If Tim Burton opened a pancake restaurant, this is what the food would look like. This person was trying to make a cute blueberry smiley face pancake, but it didn’t go as planned. Instead, the face turned out to look more like a bloodthirsty killer from a horror movie.

One Order Of Blood Thirsty Pancakes Coming Right Up

These would make any child too afraid to eat pancakes for the rest of their lives. We don’t know how they could have saved this horrifying face, but you can imagine that it tasted delicious no matter how messed up it was.

Despite the simplicity of hard-boiled eggs, people have trouble making them correctly. This person doesn’t know when the egg cracked, but it looks like it grew gold hair during the cooking process.

If A Boiled Egg And Goldilocks Had A Baby

It looks like Humpty Dumpty won’t be put back together again because his insides are now on the outside. We are sure it is still edible, but it is not the outcome they were hoping for. Some foods take a few extra tries to get perfect.

When this person tried to recreate the baby bear made out of food that they saw online, it was more like the bear’s nightmare. It came out looking nothing like this inspiration picture, and we don’t know many people who would want to eat that.

Baby Bear's Nightmare Come To Life

If you eat it, it might possess you and take over your body. No one wants that. Although it is just eggs and rice, the presentation makes you not want to put this anywhere near your mouth. It looks a little suspicious since it has a creepy face.