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Flight Attendants Reveal 40 Secrets That Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

Hizkiail July 21, 2021
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They use the greeting to get a better idea of passengers who could be problematic. They also look for people who are physically fit or disabled, intoxicated, traveling in a group or alone.

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Air marshals mostly fly without getting noticed and in some cases, your flight may not have a flight attendant at all. The presence of air marshals has increased a lot since 9/11. Keep on reading to find out more flight secrets.


We see in some movies how the pilot and attractive looking flight attendants hook up in the hotel. It is not quite common, but it still happens. Keep on reading to find out answers to more plane questions.

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Flight attendants also hate to pour this fizzy drink because they have to pay close attention to not overflow a cup and that’s why it takes three times as long to pour this drink as compared to other drinks. Nevertheless, they will still serve it you even if they despise it.

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In fact, they are only paid once the main cabin doors are shut. It means that delays and cancellations affect and annoy them as much as the passengers. It kind of affects them more because they don’t get paid unless the plain boards. Although some airlines have relaxing policies regarding it, we have to respect their patience.

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When it comes to in-flight safety, planes are sturdy enough to withstand getting struck by lightning or thunderstorms. It is important to buckle up during flight because most turbulence-related injuries happen when some passengers forget or ignore to fasten their seat belts.

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There are crew meals on international hauls and not domestic flights. As we told you about how healthy the airplane food is, it becomes clearer because most flight crews bring their own food during the journey.

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According to one anonymous flight attendant, getting an upgrade to first or business class is still possible even after the cabin doors close. However, it doesn’t often happen a lot. Still, who knows you might hit the jackpot someday.

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Also, the cabin crew asks if there’s a doctor on board whenever there’s an emergency. In case of a grave situation, a pilot can either land a plane or divert it, which usually takes around 15 minutes. However, it becomes more difficult if it is an overseas flight.

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You may hear certain beeping sounds during flight and they are not just some call buttons. According to insiders, the “dings” are used during the takeoff and landing to signal the crew that everything is okay as most dangerous stages are over. There are other bells for severe turbulence, emergency, and also if someone tries to enter the cockpit.

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Pilots also have assigned rest periods and sleeping berth which is usually located in a separate compartment. When the pilot gets some much-needed sleep, the co-pilot takes control of the plane.

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The tanks for the drinks are clean, but still there are doubts over how often they are cleaned. But we cannot ignore that the valve for filling clean water is quite close to the one for cleaning lavatory waste.

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However, airlines do emphasize on professional presentation and appearance and some of them even have height parameters to ensure that the flight staff can easily perform their duties.

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They are also trained to handle an unruly passenger, self-defense, and emergency evacuation, as well as attempted hijacking. One of their main responsibilities is to guard the cockpit so that no one enters it during the flight.

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The main reason behind doing is to allow the eyes to adjust to the lack of light if there is an emergency. In case of an accident or emergency that requires immediate evacuation, the lit signs become more visible.

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It turns out that mid-flight meals are quite unhealthy for you because they have almost zero nutritional value. They are just loaded with fat, sugar, salt and carbs. We would highly recommend you to eat something before you board, especially if you a frequent flyer or health-conscious.

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According to experts, the purpose of the brace position is to compact the body in a way that your vital organs are protected from injury. This position also helps facilitates the force of a crash to channel into the chair instead of your body. You can also check “MythBusters” to find out more about it.

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As the airplane industry needs to maintain the weight balance to ensure there is the right center of gravity for takeoff, they employ the practice of loading sandbags into the cargo to even out the weight.

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Despite what some think that airplanes serve old food to their passengers, one travel catering expert claim that airplanes only serve fresh food which is prepared between 12 to 72 hours ahead of time. We’ll let you decide on it.

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So, pilots cannot make arrests in a legal sense, but they can give orders to place someone in restraints or handcuffs if they feel that the problematic person pose a danger to the passengers. Here is another interesting fact for you; pilots can take the will of a dying passenger.

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If we bring stats into this answer, flying a plane is much safer than driving. As per the US government research, the odds of being in an air crash are 1 in 7,178 in a lifetime and the odds of being in a fatal motor vehicle accident are 1 in 98.

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For cheap prices, airlines usually customize certain aspects such as seat selection, baggage fees, and legroom amenities. So, go with a budget airline without concerning about your safety.

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Ignorance is bliss. The best you can do is to bring your disinfectant wipes. Moreover, the FAA isn’t in charge of how often planes are cleaned, so the airlines often make their own decisions regarding cleaning.

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Those odd-shaped containers can be human remains because when a person dies abroad then their remains need to be repatriated.

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Never ever try to take off your shoes and socks. You can get up to stretch your legs, but taking off shoes or socks is just gross and you should avoid it. Please keep in mind that your comfort in taking off shoes can become a discomfort for everyone in the plane.

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Did you know that the majority of profits airlines make are through baggage fees and seat fees? Airlines often overbook flights because they need a certain amount of passengers to make a profit.

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Despite wherever you sit, your chances of survival drop severely if you don’t fasten your seat belt. Your chances will increase if you are sitting on the aisle seat or near an exit. The US government analysis suggests that the majority of airplane accidents are indeed survivable.