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40+ Times People Witnessed Unbelievable Things While Shopping

Hizkiail July 19, 2021

Someone probably tried to buy the cat assuming it was for sale since it was sitting on the shelf. However, they should insist that the price stay the same as the rest of the bags. We hope they gave some love to this cheesy cat who just wanted to nap somewhere warm.


Usually, turkeys only come in one size, so we don’t see how she got so confused as if it were a shoe department. What you see in the fridge is usually what you get. Hopefully, she didn’t ask to speak to his manager.


We would save so much time if we had these skills. Imagine every time you dropped something, and you were able to pick it up with your feet. That would be so useful in life. It must be a legal requirement in Brazil, where this video was taken, to have flawless footwork.


This dad is so precious, and he should be protected at all costs. He is so proud of this joke, and nothing will be able to top it for weeks to come. Every time they go to the grocery store, he goes straight to the frozen food aisle to remind everyone of his amazing joke.


We hope to be like this couple when we get to their age. Our parents made us stop riding the shopping cart a long time ago, but they can’t control us now that we are adults. We just need someone to push us, and we can recreate this scene.


No matter how old they get, they will always do things together and wear matching outfits because it connects them as twins. We have never seen twins dress alike after elementary school, but it must be important to them to stick together.


People came to ask him gardening questions because they assumed that he was an employee, but he simply explained that he was just watering the plants. At least someone is taking care of the plants and giving them some water.


This security guard must be sick of teenagers coming into his store to make his life harder. The teenager is trying to get into the security guard’s head and psych him out. If they touch, they will explode because these two can’t co-exist in harmony.


It must have been Halloween, and this person wanted to scare all the customers out of the store so they would have less work to do. If we saw an employee dressed like this, we would turn around and choose a different place to buy video games.


People must be walking by wondering what is troubling this man so much. Was his furniture missing some pieces? Because that happens more often than people would think. He must have been extremely bored to consider this as a fun activity.


He came in to get some extra milk and realized it was time to pray. The shop owner lets him roam freely around the shop because he keeps other pests away. It is a win-win situation for both of them because the cat also gets lots of love from the customers.


In reality who needs one of these gimmicky devices to cut a banana? How hard is it to grab a knife and slice it on our own? Companies come out with such bizarre products that really don’t solve any problems, but pretend to make your life easier.


He must be confused by all these products because they didn’t exist in his time period. They had to hunt for their food, and meanwhile, these people can just drive and buy whatever they need for incredibly low prices. It is so much different than what he is used to.


If you go into a department store, you can recommend the competitors, or try your luck outside a fast food place and see what kind of results you can get there. You might piss some employees off, but hey, it’s all in good fun, right?


We don’t know if a child was messing around or a bored store employee had too much time on their hands, but they might have scared some customers away from buying this fish. This also probably scared a few children from ever going in the ocean again.


If you want the secret stash of expensive products, you have to tell him the secret code, and he will lead you to the hidden passage where they hide all the good stuff. Not many people get to see the hidden path because the cat is selective of who he lets in.


He wanted to practice all of his funny faces that his parents say to stop making because it will get stuck like that. This boy has a bright future ahead of him in comedy. He will also be the master of trolling everyone on the internet.


Luckily, he is too young, and he won’t remember most of the things he saw. We wonder what characters he noticed that would cause him to make this face. Did he see a woman with her underwear sticking out, or a weird man in a bizarre outfit? There are always plenty of those.


If they didn’t get a card, all hell would break loose, and their guns can’t protect them against an angry wife. The person who posted the photo was there at four in the morning, and we have to question why anyone is at Walmart during those hours.


He must have thought that the clearance section was better because someone will buy him if he is on sale. Sadly, the mischievous cat was eventually removed from the store, and banned for life. When you mess with security, you have to expect harsh punishment.


It was probably terrified because of all the noises and people, so we wouldn’t recommend doing this, but it did make for an adorable photo. You don’t see many people with these kinds of pets since the more predictable thing is a cat or dog.


That doesn’t look very comfortable for either of them, and we think the goat would have been just fine if he stayed at home. It seems like the man is holding some other animal that would prefer to be anywhere else besides Walmart.


They might look bizarre, but it will help the child stay entertained while they go through the labyrinth that is Ikea. It’s never fun to deal with a screaming kid, so at least they are staying entertained and calm.


The dog must have thought the man was a character from Star Wars and wanted to join the Jedi. They were comparing beard lengths and shapes to see who had the best one. It was an incredible experience to witness, and they both were smiling for the rest of the day.


Everyone who comes into the store knows what her position is, and they don’t have to question it. Maybe that is her real name, and she was destined to be the world’s best cashier. It could be her superhero name, and she saves the world by counting one dollar at a time.


She must have bought the stuffed toy for one of her children and wanted to put it out of the way so she wouldn’t get any pizza on it. At least she has good company with her instead of sitting all alone, even though some people prefer that.


She wanted her underwear to match the Walmart smile, so she chose the perfect pair for her trip to the store. There were some men who got in trouble for staring, and their wives were not happy to see this woman’s undergarments.


It’s like one of those people from the math problems we ready in middle school. If Johnny bought 100 bananas and gave Phil 36, how many bananas would he have left? That checkout line has a potassium overload, and the cashier doesn’t even know where to begin.


At that price, we would also opt for the king-size rather than the apple. It’s a hint to other shoppers that they should treat themselves instead of restricting their sweet tooth. At the very least they could have put it back in the right section, so the employees have less work.


He was unhappy for the rest of the shopping trip, and his mom wished that she hadn’t shown him that novel. It was too soon for him to find out that dinosaurs aren’t alive anymore. He was hoping to have a pet t-rex, and now all his dreams are crushed.


He probably got to sniff and lick many people from that height instead of walking on the ground. We wish we could carry our dogs in our backpacks and take them with us wherever we go. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?


Maybe they were using the crutches to fake an injury for sympathy, and then they disposed of them once the trick was over. Although that is horrible to fake an injury, it seems more logical than a miracle occurring outside of Ikea. However, those Swedish meatballs can be life-changing.


These heels make his legs look so long, but they don’t look so easy to walk in. Even after years of wearing stilettos, we would be intimidated even to put these on. He probably needed to break in his new shoes before the drag show that weekend.


This person spilled some flour, and instead of helping to clean it up, they wrote ‘sorry’ in the pile and continued on with their shopping. We would feel so guilty leaving this behind. At least they could have notified an employee and said sorry to their faces.


If they got together, they could form the most balanced couple out there. It just shows that not everyone likes the same things. Some people would rather chill out with some fried foods while other people have more of a sweet tooth.


This employee is pulling out all the skills he learned from cartoons as a child to catch this wandering pigeon. People always said Saturday morning cartoons would turn our brains to mush, but they didn’t know how useful some of those episodes could be.


This would never be possible in America because it is not safe to leave small children unattended. There are creepy people out there who will take a lonely child at any chance they can get. Always keep your eye on your small children.


Instead of moving, he found comfort by holding the hand of the nearest mannequin until his mom came back. It’s a good thing he didn’t run around searching for her because that would only make the situation scarier and more challenging.


The man must have tried to disguise his dog as a human, but the security guards caught on to his trick and asked him to leave the dog outside. Many grocery stores don’t allow pets because it is not the most sanitary thing to have around food.


According to the ancient samurais, if someone tries to shoplift, he will have to chop their heads off because that is the only correct punishment. He is not messing around, and this is probably one of the safest stores to do your grocery shopping.