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People Share Acts Of Revenge That Are Lowkey Guilty Pleasures For Us All

Darren July 29, 2022

People can be incredibly selfish. They often make choices without considering the impact it will have on others. Oftentimes these can be minor things like parking a car poorly or stealing food. But they’re annoying and leave their victims wanting to take revenge. Sometimes they snap and they act out in hilarious ways.

So today we’ll look at some truly ridiculous scenarios where people committed petty acts of revenge. They’re incredibly spiteful but they also bring a small bit of joy to all of us online – even if we don’t say it. We thank them for their service because the people they target deserved it. Check out these tiny acts of revenge below.

Unique Aftershave

A cheating husband departed his old house with an unexpected gift. His ex-wife couldn’t resist taking her revenge in a petty manner. She earned the right to do this after he committed infidelity with multiple women. She told the story online and made many people laugh.

Evening Standard

“When he was packing, I went in the bathroom, took the aftershave, peed in it,” the Redditor revealed. “And then put it back in his bag. I know it’s petty, but after 30 years, my friends and I still laugh! He never found out. I hope his girlfriend enjoyed my scent.”

Broken TV

The following revenge story is classic but brilliant. One man irritated a woman and she took her revenge in style. She played with his most prized possession and left him thinking that it was broken. But she was much smarter than that and didn’t permanently damage it.

Architectural Digest

“My brother-in-law did something to irritate my wife back when they were in high school,” he said. “My wife turned off the TV, wrote ‘broken’ on a piece of paper taped to the TV, shut off the power strip, and flipped the batteries around in the remote. Took my brother-in-law several days to figure it out.”

Frozen Pee-Za

Everybody remembers that student house or apartment that constantly had parties. Many times, they went overboard and drove the neighbors crazy. It made it impossible for people to sleep and affected their ability to study or work. One Redditor had a brilliant story about his friend’s revenge.


“One day my roommate had had enough,” he explained. “He decided to pee on a metal pizza pan and stick it in the freezer. After a wild party, he pulled the pan out, flipped it upside down — giving him a frozen disk of pee — and then slid that disk under their door where it would melt on their fully carpeted entryway.”

Linen Charge

Expensive restaurants often find sneaky ways to add extra charges to the bill. One customer spotted a cheeky table linen charge and didn’t appreciate it. They decided that revenge was in order but the waiter spotted them. Unsurprisingly, they confronted them but the response shocked them.

USA Today

“Went to a restaurant for brunch,” the Redditor said. “Upon receiving my bill, I noticed a $3 charge for table linen. As I was leaving, I folded up the tablecloth. The waiter asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I paid for it; I’m taking it home.’ And I did.”

Final Destination

Never mess with an air hostess because they have a lot of power. If they feel threatened they can remove a passenger from a flight and influence their future capacity to board an airplane. This air hostess had more subtle revenge for a rude passenger with a heavy bag.


“So I asked her, what her final destination was,” the air hostess said.” “She ignored me and stared out the window. ‘Ma’am?’ No answer. ‘Ma’am?’ Nothing. Fine. I take the bag down and hand it to the agent. What’s the final destination he asks. Our flight was headed to Chicago. I paused. ‘Lubbock.'”

Flat Tire

Everybody hates driving in heavy traffic but there’s always one clown who cruises along the inside lane. That’s what happened in this situation as one woman took advantage of the situation. Another driver took revenge by telling her that one of her tires was dangerously soft.

Dreams Time

“I drive off as she’s getting out to check her perfectly fine tire,” the Redditor said. “The gas station exit is right where the accident was, it probably added 20 minutes to her commute to pull in there and try to get back out.” It’s a funny trick but it’s not fair to drive that way.

Washing Machine Woes

Some obnoxious people take advantage of others at laundromats. They’ll remove their clothes from a machine and leave their victim’s laundry cold, wet, and unfinished. One affected person discovered that someone took their clothes from a dryer. So they repeated the same trick and dumped the offender’s belongings in a washing machine.

Festiva Laundry

They revealed: “Now’s a good time to mention a nice feature the washing machines had that the dryers didn’t: they locked while in operation. The homie would have been stuck for about 100 minutes waiting for another chance to dry their clothes. I hope they made better choices the second time.”

Strong Mojito

It feels like an obvious statement but it’s important to respect servers in bars and restaurants. They don’t earn a lot of money but they work long hours. One woman behaved offensively toward a young male server and complained that her drink was in the wrong glass. She also claimed that it was too weak.

The Spruce Eats

“One thing you never tell a bartender?” they explained. “Make my drink stronger. So, of course, I remade her mojito with zero alcohol, except for two drops of rum down her sip straw. She certainly enjoyed her ‘stronger’ drink, and even ordered two more.”

Ice-Cold Revenge

Nobody likes it when somebody parks in their designated spot. Mistakes happen but it’s terrible etiquette to knowingly take another person’s place. This will create tension and may lead to the victim seeking revenge. That’s what happened in the case below.


“I went inside and filled two-gallon jugs of water,” the Redditor explained. “Went back out and poured them on his windshield. Rinse and repeat. I must have poured about ten gallons of water on his car. Being how cold it was, it was already freezing by the time I poured the last gallon on. It sat like that overnight.”

Late Customer

One of the worst things that people can do is arrive at a store when it is closing. A man landed in a Subway just after the assistant locked the money safe. Then he took a ton of time to order before trying to pay with a $50 note. The server didn’t have any small change but he refused to accept it.

Eat This, Not That

“I explain it to him as I slide his sub to the side where he can’t reach it and he just leaves in a fit of rage,” he explained. “I proceeded to then take that sub home and eat it whilst finishing up my assignment and turning it in on time.” The ignorant customer deserved this treatment because of his attitude.

Boyfriend Seduction

One college student claimed that another girl confronted her because she wasn’t wearing a bra under her t-shirt. The latter accused her of attempting to seduce her boyfriend when she was really just being comfortable. When the former discovered that the man in question wasn’t a student, she got her revenge.

Work It Daily

She complained to the RA and told them about the situation. The affected girl wrote: “This morning, the RA emailed again. They said that due to anonymous complaints, they’d be enforcing the no off-campus guests rule by checking IDs of unfamiliar guests to ensure they were students from then on.”

Pre-Booked Seat

One of the most infuriating moments on public transport is when somebody steals a pre-booked seat. It’s acceptable to sit there if they’re not already on the train. But when they board they should cede the seat to the individual who paid to have it. However, one train conductor refused to help in this situation.

Seat 61

They said that an affected person should call the police but they wouldn’t come. So an individual sat in first class and refused to move. They said: “Well, you could call the police to move me but apparently, they won’t turn out to move someone out of a seat.’I had a lovely trip with power for my laptop and a wide comfy seat.”

FedEx Revenge

Couriers work long hours and have difficult jobs but that’s not an excuse to be a mean person. One driver was irresponsible and almost crashed into another vehicle. This individual decided that an act of petty revenge was the appropriate response. He described it in the following amusing passage.


“This driver was definitely going way over the limit and did not back off my bumper at all,” he wrote. “I might go slightly faster any other day, (maybe 5 over in the 35 zones) but I kept exactly to the limit this entire road. Went down to 25 in the school zone and only slowly came back to 35 after we passed it.”

Cheater Spray

One woman took revenge against her cheating ex uniquely and creatively. She considered messaging the other women that he saw but she thought of another solution. It may seem juvenile but it was also hilarious and exactly what he deserved.

Daily Mail

“I bought a highly concentrated fart spray that smells absolutely horrendous,” she wrote. “Reviews say you have to use gloves while spraying because if it gets on your hands, the smell will take days to remove even after intense washing. I sprayed the inside of his car with it (he’s been missing his passenger windows for years).”

Stop At Every Floor

Some people are selfish and have no respect for others. One hotel patron explained that they went in an elevator with a large and obnoxious family. They overloaded the space despite warnings that it wouldn’t operate properly. When she commented on this they laughed at her.


“I proceeded to run up the stairs and hit the call button on every single floor,” the Redditor wrote. “The best part was that I could hear them complaining from the stairwell every time the elevator opened and nobody was there. Petty revenge never felt so good.”

Bieber Fever

Everybody has a colleague who doesn’t appreciate the sanctity of the office refrigerator. If he sees something that is potentially tasty, he’ll steal it without thinking. It’s terrible but one thief chose the wrong victim. His co-worker decided that revenge was in order and used his office number to advertise Justin Bieber tickets.

Vanity Fair

CruelHandLuke wrote: “We must have had like 100 calls in the first hour alone. I could hear him telling people, ‘I don’t have ANY tickets to ANY show!’, and absolutely freaking out on every caller. Soon the manager called him into his office because of all the calls.”

Lots Of Love

When one loud student entered the library on a loud phone call he infuriated everybody studying there. The person beside him was trying to study but failed because he was too loud. Then he made the fatal error of divulging his Netflix account and password for the world to hear.


“This was too good of an opportunity for me to pass up,” YeahhTrue wrote. “So I promptly logged in and navigated to the ‘LGBT’ section and started adding the gayest movies I could find to the top of the queue. I like to think that both guys ended up thinking the other one added the movies to the queue.”

Ghost Pepper

Some children become bullies because they have problems in their homes. However, this doesn’t make life easier for their fellow school students. One child continuously stole another’s lunch sandwiches so the latter hatched an act of cunning revenge. He spiked one side of bread with ghost pepper sauce.

Green Matters

Then he went to the restroom because the teacher only allowed one student to leave at a time. He revealed: “After about 10 minutes I come back into the class to be greeted by the sandwich thief crying hysterically with a bright red face waiting for the hall pass. He was in the bathroom for the rest of the day.”

Bed Wetter

Sibling rivalry is real and creates a lot of tension in many families. It often begins at a young age as this story proves. One boy had a bed-wetting problem and his brother teased him. But he took it too far and told everybody that they met in school.

The School Run

The Redditor revealed that revenge was a dish served warm. He wrote: “even after our mother told him to knock it off, he continued. So I decided to level the playing field. The whole ‘hand in a cup of warm water’ deal didn’t work. I stood over him as he slept one night and p***** on him.”

Logs Don’t Lie

One person lost patience when their colleague consistently skipped work and took credit. They decided that it wasn’t fair because they didn’t deserve to succeed. He took revenge by unplugging the offender’s internet connection when he went on an inevitably long smoke break.

Puma Night Run

The Redditor explained: “I would quickly plug it back in by the time Internal IT came around. He begin to complain to management, and since internal IT never saw any issues, they began to question his work and they took a closer look. Logs don’t lie.”

Parking Revenge

We don’t know why this person decided to park their car like this because it’s ridiculous. Instead of taking one spot like a normal human, they decided to stop their car in two spaces. It’s completely selfish but they didn’t care because they thought they were awesome.


But two other rivers decided to enact a petty act of revenge. They parked their vehicles in the spots on either side of the white car and blockaded it. The offending car can’t leave unless one of the others moves first. It’s cruel but it’s completely their fault (via Imgur).

Open Bananas

This is one of the most delightful acts of petty revenge ever. One Twitter user revealed that they upset their child before they went to bed. Little did they know that the son would seek revenge in a hilarious fashion. Cue the photograph above because it’s fantastic.


@VictorPopeJr wrote: “My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive-aggressive monster…” Remarkably, the boy came up with this idea because it’s so creative. We applaud him for his anger and spitefulness.

You Dropped Something

Cigarette butts are one of the most littered objects in the world. They’re a major pollutant and represent a public health risk because they start fires. It’s also potentially dangerous for children and animals because they may put them in their mouths.


This passive-aggressive Reddit user resented their neighbors for dropping butts everywhere. They enacted revenge by collecting the discarded butts and leaving them at the offender’s home. It’s a justifiable act because their neighbors are selfish people.

Emily’s Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If anybody doubts this proverb, they should check out the image below. One man cheated on his wife and paid the price for his infidelity. The spouse, Emily, decided that revenge was in order (via Wink Go).

Wink Go

She did this in the most dramatic way possible. The woman, named Emily, hired a billboard and wrote a message telling him that she knew all about his cheating. We assume that he’ll see it on his way to work because it’s massive. To be fair, Emily has every right to unleash her rage.

Make Something Good

Imagine calling an artist out on the Internet with an anonymous handle and suggesting their work isn’t good enough. All beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this person didn’t understand that. They criticized @alicex and told her to make something better. So she did so in the pettiest way possible.


The artist painted a beautiful image of a hand making a rude gesture. Some acts of pettiness deserve applause and this is one of them. Unsurprisingly, the exchange went viral because the artist destroyed her armchair critic in style.

Wife Portrait

Here’s another glorious act of petty revenge. This man decided to get a tattoo of his wife’s face on his body. It was a terrible decision because it cursed his relationship. Every wedding should come with a list of dos and don’ts. Top of the list is not getting a spouse’s portrait as a tattoo.


However, this individual had a fantastic response to leaving his ex-wife. He went back to the parlor and asked for a cover-up. The artist brilliantly adapted the original picture into a demon’s face. It’s a subtle act of revenge but we love how he handled it (via Reddit).

Microwave Tea

Tea is an institution in the United Kingdom. They become very angry when they see people making it wrong. However, a vengeful individual decided to twist this to her advantage. She said that she was dating a British man when he annoyed her. Never annoy a woman because they’re vengeful.


Her response was a spectacularly petty act of revenge. She described how she made a cup of tea in the microwave in front of him. @AlishaRai tweeted that she started him directly in the eyes as she committed this cardinal sin. What a queen she is.

Make The Bed

Here is another casual act of extreme pettiness. A couple had an argument that left the husband in a huff the next morning. He decided to express his burning rage in one of the most ridiculous ways possible. The man makes the bed every morning after he gets up.


However, this time he only made his half and left the other side rumpled. It was so silly but it made Reddit users laugh. Some acts of revenge don’t make much sense but this was almost childish. At least she knew how he felt about the fight. Let’s hope they saw the funny side.

Parking Trol

Some people don’t understand that parking badly annoys everybody else. We already saw how two people trapped one selfish driver’s vehicle. Another parking lot user took revenge in an even more petty and more creative way. Their audacity was truly remarkable but we applaud them for it.


In short, they zip-tied a shopping cart to the door handle of the car. This must have been a major inconvenience for the driver but it’s no less than they deserved. Don’t double park because it is such poor etiquette. Maybe they’ll learn their lesson the next time (via Imgur).

Boiled Milkshake

One of the worst things that somebody can do is leave a bad review about a restaurant. It can affect their business because other potential customers read them. That’s why increasing numbers of restaurant owners are responding to unwarranted poor reviews.


Usually, they get their revenge by making the customer’s complaint appear to be very stupid. In this case, the Milkshake City manager made Harry seem like an entitled idiot. Maybe more happened behind the scenes but they had no time for his ridiculous complaint (via Newsweek).

Drummer Boy

Many neighbors have a love-hate relationship. At some point, they’re bound to have a passive-aggressive encounter over some decision they’ve made. But something that’s infuriating is when one makes a lot of noise. One Reddit user complained about their neighbor’s dog barking all night.


Unfortunately, their neighbor failed to do anything about it so they took revenge. They bought a full set of drums and a trumpet for their young son. Then they encouraged him to play loudly in the early hours of the morning. This situation probably escalated for sure.

Olive Garden

We spend more time with our colleagues than with our families. However, we have to tolerate them differently. Unfortunately, explosive arguments aren’t conducive to a good working relationship. Even so, there’s always one person we maintain a loathing for.


This Twitter user said that their least favorite colleague insulted them regularly. So she offered to take her workmates for lunch and asked them for their preferences. The bad person said that she wanted anywhere except Olive Garden. It’s easy to guess where they went.

Set An Alarm

Ethan Davenport didn’t have much patience with his classmates. He attended a business statistics class that his fellow students didn’t take very seriously. There’s nothing worse than when people don’t help with a project or take notes. Then they try to leech off of everybody else.


Three of his classmates said that they slept in and skipped class. They asked for notes but it didn’t end well. Davenport refused to accept their tardiness and responded in an ice-cold manner. He simply wrote that they should set an alarm and left it there (via Twitter).

Not Sorry

Women don’t like when men tell them to go back to the kitchen. Nor do they appreciate when their husbands refer to them as “sandwich makers.” Somebody failed to tell this individual because his wife didn’t respond well to the latter label (via Imgur).


She duly made a cheese and ham sandwich for him the next day and took a bite out of the cheese, which was still in the wrapper. And she also left a special message on the slice of cheese with a sharpie. She wrote “not sorry” as she took her revenge in style. It was stupid of him to think that she wouldn’t punish him for his misdemeanor.

Not A Note

Everybody thinks that their children grow up too quickly. They want them to maintain their innocence for as long as possible because it’s a tough life. This mother always left a note in her daughter’s lunchbox. But one day, the little girl told her mother that she was too old for them now.


Nonetheless, her mom persisted with a great message the next day. She wrote a note again but said that it was a poor choice of a napkin. To call this revenge may seem too strong but she called her daughter’s bluff. Nobody can stop a mother from showing her love (via Reddit).


Coffee Creamer

There’s nothing worse than when a colleague takes somebody’s lunch or snacks without permission. Nobody likes a workplace thief but it’s difficult to challenge somebody unless there is irrevocable proof. However, one Reddit user took revenge in a gross but brilliant way.

Somebody was stealing her coffee creamer from the refrigerator and she didn’t appreciate this. That’s why she came up with the devious scheme of incorporating her breast milk into the creamer. It’s hilarious but awesome and the best part is that they can’t say anything about it.

Bike Thief

It’s not nice to steal other people’s belongings. However, this person became frustrated when thieves stole their bikes multiple times. The owner decided that enough was enough and put a tracer inside the frame. The thief didn’t realize this before they took the bicycle.


Then the owner left a passive-aggressive revenge note on the frame. They sarcastically told the thief to return the bike before they involved the law. Furthermore, they had the robber’s face on camera so there was nothing they could do about it (via Reddit).

30 Minutes With No Service

Some people won’t like this one because it creates a difficult situation for a restaurant. The customers became frustrated because they didn’t receive any service. They reacted childishly because they felt that they deserved better treatment.


That’s why they wrote this huge message in ketchup on the table. It’s an interesting choice of artistic medium and a stark one. They made their complaint so that everybody could see. We feel sorry for the server that will clean it up later (via Reddit). Maybe they could have just walked out.

I Am A Thief

Here is another situation where somebody decided to steal something. However, it ended badly for them because the victim had a devious scheme. They had a sign for a restaurant but a robber stole it on multiple occasions. Finally, they had enough and got their revenge (via Reddit).


They had a double-sided sign with different messages. Unfortunately for the thief they didn’t spot what was on the far side. It read “I am a thief” in a deeply humiliating and incriminating way. It also gave the owner a lot of satisfaction because they brought this saga to an end.

Slash The Tires

There are a few certainties in life and bad parking is one of them. A Twitter user decided to take passive-aggressive revenge against one selfish person. They decided to slash their tires. However, they didn’t do this in the way most people expect.


Instead of taking a knife to their wheels, he put a picture of the guitarist Slash on the wheel. Then he left a note telling them what happened. It was a brilliant gesture because he made the owner panic before humiliating them. That’s a fantastic petty act of revenge.


For some reason, women often say “whatever” when their boyfriends ask what takeout they want. Then they eat their partner’s food because they pick something nice. It’s a vicious cycle but that’s the circle of life. One long-suffering male decided it was time for revenge.


He wrote a message to the pizza parlor and asked them to send an extra empty box with “whatever” written inside it. This is because he wanted to meet his girlfriend’s request in the most literal way. We would have loved to see her face if they delivered on the request (via Reddit).

Mustard Doughnuts

Don’t eat somebody else’s food in the office. It’s a simple thing to remember but people still abuse others’ trust. This enraged individual became tired when coworkers ate their donuts. But they didn’t sit back and passively complain about it (via Twitter).


Instead, they came up with an elaborate act of revenge. They injected mustard into the delicious treats because they wanted to inflict pain on the thief. This is a life lesson that they’d never forget because it would taste extremely disgusting for quite some time.

Custom Alimony Checks

Sometimes the tiniest act of revenge can make a losing scenario better. That’s the mindset of this man who divorced his former wife. This forced him to pay alimony when he resented her. We know this because he printed a particular image on custom checks.


The man arranged unique checks with photos of his new partner and him. This meant that every time his ex received her payment she saw her happy husband with her replacement. It’s so ridiculous but it’s also amazing. This man deserves a round of applause (via Imgur).

Pothole Birthday

This is one of the most British things we’ve ever seen. Some local villagers became enraged because their council failed to repair their damaged road. There was a big pothole and it was a major hazard but the authorities didn’t address it (via Twitter).


After a year the villagers decided to mark the anniversary of their hole by having a birthday party. They even bought a cake and took photographs to embarrass the council. It was brilliant because it was completely passive. That’s the sort of thing we appreciate immensely.

Parent’s Revenge

Some revenge takes a long time to materialize. This father waited eight years to teach his daughter a life lesson. It was completely unnecessary but we’re still delighted he did it. One morning he woke her up early when she wanted a lie-in.


His justification was that his blanket fell from his bed. This was a common complaint when she was a toddler. Now she cared about staying in bed so he evilly woke her up. This was a horrible thing to do but it’s also fantastic (via Twitter). All parents should take note of this.

Cat Food Tacos

Another office thief kept taking this Twitter user’s lunch. This left them with no choice except to take revenge. Anybody with a sensitive stomach should look away now. @Doooppy made fish tacos but they opted to use cat food as a special twist.


Let’s hope that the thief consumed the taco and enjoyed it. It must have been hilarious to see their face after they discovered what happened. It was also vengeful for them to bring fish to the workplace in the first place. After all, the smell lingers for a long time.

Corporate Made Us

Somebody sassy worked at this Sonic because they wrote some funny messages outside. The first said that their ice cream machine worked, unlike at a rival fast-food establishment. We’re not going to name names because they didn’t either. But let’s just say the chain was known as ‘Golden Arches.


The second message said that corporate made them take the first sign down. They also called this petty. It’s funny revenge but hopefully, they didn’t receive any trouble for it. Customers enjoy a bit of personality and sass so let’s hope the management agreed (via Reddit).

Concrete Present

It’s never easy to buy gifts for family members but this brother made the experience unforgettable. He wrote on Reddit that his sibling duct-taped his present the previous year. So he took revenge in an entertaining way that required a lot of effort.



In sum, he covered the gift in concrete and left a hammer on top. This meant that his brother had to smash his way into the gift. It’s worth noting that he did a fantastic job of smoothening the concrete because it’s a beautiful surface—what an act of great revenge.

Heavy Card

One boyfriend discovered that his girlfriend cheated on him with several men. Needless to say, this didn’t please him so he decided revenge was in order. He invited her for a romantic dinner before giving her this card. On the front, it said: “this card will feel heavy.”



Inside, he stuck her house key and told her to move out. He mentioned the names of the men she saw behind his back. Unfortunately, he posted this on the internet before meeting her. She discovered before he could do it the way he wanted. But at least he’s free now (via Imgur).

Parking Lot Jam

We don’t condone public acts of vandalism but we can’t help but laugh at this. This BMW owner clearly parked in the walking zone of this parking lot, blocking the way for pedestrians to get through.


Somebody freaked out when they saw this and reacted most naturally. They took a jar of jam out of their shopping bag and chucked it over the white exterior. The jam resembled blood and added to the effect. The BMW driver doesn’t have a right to complain because they committed an offense too.

Pumpkin Revenge

For some reason, somebody stole the pumpkins off this man’s porch. While the inconvenience must have been bothersome we’re glad it happened. That’s because it inspired a wonderful act of revenge. At least something positive came from this callous act.



The victim became creative and stuck dozens of tacks on the outside of his replacement pumpkins. The idea was to leave the thief with a painful lesson if they came back. We don’t know if they returned but we hope they did. Don’t come between a man and his pumpkins (via Reddit).

Laundry Cycle

Laundromats are one of those places where tension arises. People hate sharing with others and there’s always somebody who abuses the facilities. But the worst is when they remove another person’s laundry before the cycle ends. This is pure evil and deserves a brutal punishment.

An Imgur user agreed after someone chucked their clothes out of the machine and put their own in. So they decided to take it to the next level and abandoned the perpetrator’s laundry in the snow outside. They also left a note and told them to come up to their room if they had a problem (via Imgur).

The Grinch

It takes a special kind of evil to steal someone’s Christmas decorations. But that’s exactly what one man did when he saw an opportunity. However, he didn’t expect the homeowner to enact their revenge in a cold and calculating manner (via Reddit).


The decorator knew what to expect and also set up cameras. They captured the thief in action but didn’t stop there. Then they blew up the photos and displayed them in their garden for the world to see. It was an outstanding response because it shamed the robber.

Revenge Served Ice Cold

Another food thief victim came up with an act of novel revenge. They knew that somebody would try to steal the ice cream from the freezer. That’s why they mixed in some California Reaper chili powder. For the uninitiated, these are one of the hottest chili peppers on the planet.


Picture the scene, the robber sneaks into the refrigerator with their spoon. They look around but there’s nobody in sight. Then they dip their utensil into the cold tub of delicious ice cream. Moments later they’re in agony after consuming incredible levels of spice (via Reddit).

Cat Revenge

Cats are strange animals because they seem smarter than people. Everybody knows that they are evil and tolerate their owners because they bring them food. But they’d take over the world if they had opposable thumbs. This feline companion irritated its owner so they put the cat in the bathroom (via Reddit).


The owner was cooking and the cat kept getting in the way. Finally, they had enough and moved it out of the way for the time being. When they released it from its temporary confinement they discovered the cat took revenge. It mangled a toilet roll and sat there with judgemental eyes.

The Cookie Monster

@GroovyTasia is a vindictive human being. When someone annoys her, she takes revenge in the most annoying way possible. The effort that she goes to is beyond belief because she makes them a batch of chocolate cookies. But she brings psychological torture into the equation.


The Twitter user says that she adds a single raisin per cookie because she wants to mess with their heads. We’re certain that this works because it’s pure evil. Nobody should ever allow her to receive too much power because she’s an evil villain in waiting.

Tinfoil Room

This student and his housemates enjoyed playing practical jokes on each other. But he made the fatal flaw of telling them that he locked his bedroom so they couldn’t enter when he left for the weekend. Little did he realize that they entered through the window (via Daily Mail).

Daily Mail

Then, they wrapped everything in his room in foil. They also filled 580 cups of water and left them on the floor. He couldn’t believe his eyes when they returned because they made so much effort. He appreciated their endeavor because they went all out.

Saran Wrap Prank

When one student fed his friends dog food under the pretense that it was jerky, they decided that revenge was in order. This is completely justifiable because he crossed a line. We can imagine that there was a lot of vomit after he gleefully broke the news (via Imgur).


That’s why they took a leaf out of the book of the previous prank. But instead of using foil, they covered everything in his bedroom in Saran wrap or clingfilm. This took a lot of time but it was worth the effort. Sometimes applause is in order and this is one of them.

Petty Labelle

Sharing Netflix passwords is tricky for people in relationships. When they break up they must change their password or the other person can keep using the account. Some shameless individuals will keep using it until they can’t anymore.


@heyqueerregina wrote that her ex-girlfriend continued watching Netflix after they left each other. The Twitter user waited until she reached the final episode of a seven-season show before changing the password. Now, that’s phenomenal petty revenge and she even dubbed herself “Petty Labelle.”

Park The Bus

Don’t mess with Chinese bus drivers because they are vengeful people. Unfortunately, this car driver discovered this the hard way. They didn’t just park their vehicle in a bus lot, but they also overlapped two places. It’s amazing how bad this decision was.


Then the infuriated bus drivers took their revenge. They blockaded the car, surrounding it and making it impossible for it to leave. It was like a caged zoo animal and it may have taken ages for them to finally secure an exit (via Reddit). Don’t park like a moron.

Free Monkey

On the face of it, this image might not raise many eyebrows. But the context is incredible. One office worker became tired of dealing with scammers. So they noted down the offending number and took revenge in a beautiful way (@soundslikepugett/Instagram).


They advertised a free monkey and put the perpetrator’s phone number on the bottom. This way they’d have to deal with a bunch of phone calls from people looking for a monkey. It’s an ingenious tactic and one that deserves a round of applause.

Matching Tattoos

It’s never ok to cheat on another person because it crushes them emotionally. This lady decided that it was time to get revenge when she discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity. @Breyonnn persuaded him to get matching tattoos and he got his first.


But then she broke up with him and went home. It’s entirely justifiable because he was a terrible and idiotic human being. Why would somebody cheat on their partner and then commit to matching tattoos? It’s bizarre but there are some morons in this world.

They’re Loud

Nobody likes noisy neighbors so one person decided it was time to do a public service. That’s why they put up warning signs on their windows so that everybody would see them. It was brilliant because the entire neighborhood took notice.


This was passive-aggressive revenge at its finest. The person who took the photo wasn’t even affiliated with the building. @aggravatedman just thought that it was hilarious. He was correct because it’s fantastic. We wonder if it quietened them down at all.

Dog Attack

A woman complained to his neighbors after their dog bit him. But they didn’t react well and told her to move out if she had a problem. This triggered one of the most elaborate acts of revenge on this entire list. @LondonbreedAnn took photos of the dog taking a dump throughout the following month.


Of course, the neighbors failed to pick up after their pooch. Then on the final day before the next rent installment, she brought the photo evidence to the authorities. They duly fined the neighbors after the first of the month and they were unable to pay after just paying rent. Then the landlord evicted them.

True Patriot

Many countries invaded Vietnam through the centuries. China, France, and the United States all attempted to subdue the South-East Asian country. But it refused to bow to any colonizer and remained free. Meanwhile, one TikToker decided to take petty revenge.


She dated men from the aforementioned countries and broke their hearts. In her video, she claimed that she did it out of love for her motherland. We’re not sure if she’s being serious, but we respect the patriotism if it’s true. Maybe the marine corps should take notes.

Flat Earth

Some people believe that the earth is flat even though this makes no sense. It doesn’t matter that there are centuries of evidence and science against them. They refuse to believe it because they’re attention-seeking and want to feel special as part of a mindless clique.


One employee decided to get back against a flat earther colleague. It was the latter’s final day on the job. They received a globe from their fellow staff members with a message telling them best of luck wherever the world takes them (via Reddit).

Game Of Snakes

Snake is one of the most famous arcade games ever. But this wife decided to interpret it differently. She had a difficult relationship with her husband because he refused to help with the housework. So she took her revenge in a devious way (via Reddit).


She had a pet snake but her husband was afraid of it. The woman took one of his favorite video games and put it next to the snake. He wouldn’t touch it because the reptile terrified him too much. It was a genius tactic and she manipulated him into doing the work.


Here’s another situation where a struggling boyfriend couldn’t get his partner to order something to eat. She just said I don’t know and refused to specify. He didn’t want to be responsible for her happiness because ordering takeout is a serious business.

Bored Panda

So he decided it was time to teach her a life lesson. He went to an intense effort and wrote “IDK” on many tiny pieces of paper before serving them to her on a plate. She probably didn’t like this but she can’t say he didn’t give her the message (via Bored Panda).

Don’t Be Rude

We know that people sometimes have a bad day but they shouldn’t be rude to others. It’s not a random person’s fault that things aren’t going well. Unfortunately, one shopper received abuse from a lady in a grocery store. So she made her pay for her actions.


@spokendamsel invited everybody behind the rude lady to go ahead of her in the line. This forced the rude person to wait for a long time. Meanwhile, the Twitter user didn’t care because she had time. It was worth the delay to torment her abuser.

Bernie’s Revenge

This grandmother couldn’t handle her family because they kept fighting over her fortune. To make matters worse, she wasn’t even dead. She watched them bicker until she decided to teach them a lesson. Then she took an advert out in a magazine with a message for them (via Reddit).


It explained how she felt and revealed that she wasn’t going to leave a dime for any of them. Instead, she’d keep taking out adverts until all of the money disappeared. They’d watch the money burning away because they were too abusive toward each other. Well done, Grandma.