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40+ People Whose Bad Decisions Had Hilarious Consequences

Hizkiail November 19, 2021

For some people living independently is hard, but living independently while making smart decisions is even harder! No matter what type of choice it may be, sometimes we’re just not sure about what to do. Then there are times that we’re so confident about our choices that when life punches us back in the face we were simply not ready for it, and that’s exactly what happened to the people on this list. Take a look at some of the worst decisions ever made, and the hilarious reactions people had the moment they realized what they had signed up for.

By the looks of it, this person’s party was completely over before it even started. We’re not entirely sure what the guy had in mind when he decided to get himself stuck at the park.

​A Rookie Playground Mistake

Perhaps he was just nostalgic, or he was trying to prove a point, either way, things didn’t really work out for the best and he clearly regretted his decision.

While getting a tattoo is nothing too special for some people, for others it’s a big life decision to get something permanently tattooed on their bodies.

Loyalty Went Too Far

For this girl though, her commitment to being loyal seemed big enough to make it to her face in the form of a tattoo. She proudly showed her terrible decision online, and no one could handle it.

These three guys were simply taking a picture together to add it to their list of wonderful memories when one of them decided to lean a little bit too much into the edge.

Not What He Had In Mind

In a split second, he found himself tripping and falling over while his friends reacted in shock. In the end, they couldn’t have taken a more memorable photo than this.

Sadly for this guy who believes that “nothing lasts forever”, this misspelled tattoo is amongst the things that probably will.

A Tattoo Does Last Forever

Unless he regrets it one day and chooses to go through the pain and high cost of removing it, he is currently flaunting a misspelled tattoo that will last on his arm for the rest of his life. What a mistake.

It’s like we said, some days are just not your day and there is nothing you can do about it. Actually, you can decide to look on the bright side of things, or you can just bottle up in anger – both are valid!


This person sadly tried to share her positivity on Snapchat with her freshly bought drink, but apparently, life had other plans for her.

Now here’s another show of commitment that people may not have expected. And well, if we all only live once, wouldn’t we want to make decisions that we wouldn’t regret in a couple of months?


Apparently not. Because this trio made the choice of getting matching #YOLO tattoos, and we’re pretty sure they started regretting it as soon as they saw them.

This poor guy chose the worst moment in history when he decided to show off his huge tray of freshly made sandwiches. Sadly, he became completely heartbroken the second after the first picture was taken after he saw every single sandwich fall to the floor.

​The Most Painful Pose Ever

He then proceeded to throw himself to the ground and began eating as many sandwiches as he could save.

No matter how much of a bad decision it is to fall asleep while the children have crayons on their hands, this mistake is probably worth it once the guy sees the proud looks on his kids’ faces.

​Should Have Stayed Awake

The poor guy was just taking a nap when the kids decided to make some beautiful pieces of art… on his face.

Okay, we’re not sure whether this person thought this tattoo was artistic, funny, or just plain sad, but the fact is that they went with it anyway.

Poop On You

While they might have thought this was a great idea at that moment, we’re pretty sure it won’t take them too long to realize what a terrible mistake this tattoo is.

Clearly, someone forgot to look around while walking into the bathroom as they stared at their phone. From the look of it, this guy probably regrets even going into the outdoor bathroom in the first place, since the result of it was pretty sad.

A Confusing Situation

Don’t walk and stare at your cell phone at the same time – that’s a lesson that this guy isn’t going to forget any time soon.

Here’s the thing, we should all be able to do whatever we want, even if that means swinging and enjoying ourselves in the park just like kids get to do. But this guy didn’t think it through when he decided to fit in the tiny swing at any cost.

​Swinging Is Not For Everyone

In the end, he probably regretted it since someone actually had to call an ambulance to help him get out.

It’s becoming really hard to understand what some people can possibly have in mind when they decide to tattoo their faces. Take this guy for example.

An Interesting Pair Of Glasses

Did he just wake up and say: “Today, I am going to tattoo a pair of glasses on my face!” We’re not sure, what we easily suspect though, is that there is no way in the world that he won’t regret this.

Well, isn’t this just so unfortunate? Imagine you’re just calmly washing your hair with what you think is some shampoo, and end up losing all the hair on your head.

She Thought That Hair Remover Was Shampoo

We are sure that this girl will never again use anything without properly looking at the description in the bottle, but for now, all she can do is regret her decision.

Yet another misspelled inspirational quote for the books. It seems like they are much more common than we ever thought, and something tells us that people will continue to have them until the end of time.

Just Another Misspelled Tattoo

This girl right here decided to go for a “live you’re life” quote that couldn’t have been worse. Oh well, hopefully, this will be a mistake she will learn from.

What on earth did this guy have in his mind when he decided to make the ruthless decision of putting his hand down a toilet?

A Regretful Decision

Clearly, he had no idea what he was getting himself into since professional help had to be called in order to find a way to get his hand out of the pipes. This will probably be a great lesson for him to never make such a ruthless decision again.

We’re going to go ahead and make a cheesy joke because this image truly asks for it.

Checkers On The Face

While most people in this world check themselves before wrecking themselves, this guy “checkers” himself and completely wracked his face forever. Whatever he had in mind, hopefully, he’ll have better luck next time.

One thing is for sure, this guy will never ever forget the mistake he made this time. When he thought that this snake was harmless, he leaned in a little bit too close for his own health.

A Savage Snake

Sadly, the snake ended up making a move and sending him straight to the hospital. We are glad he is mostly okay though!

This image might bring some pretty tough deja vu to many of us, since spilling the entire tub of salt or pepper has probably happened to most of us before.

A Little Pepper For The Win

And when it does, how heartbreaking is it to see our lovely food becoming completely unedible because of a small mistake? This rookie chef probably really regrets using the pepper that day.

This guy may truly love his mother (or girlfriend, wife, it’s an endless list of possibilities), but there was absolutely no reason in this world for him to get a tattoo of the young woman in a bikini.

A Homage For Mom

There are so many ways to show our appreciation for the people we love, and a cheap tattoo is probably not the best.

So it’s pretty mean to laugh at this picture since the person in it is completely devastated. But unfortunately, something went really wrong at her wedding, and we’re guessing it has something to do with making the wrong decision.

A Wedding Fail

Looking at the positive side though, there has to be a strong reason why she left, and hopefully, that will bring her happiness in the future.

There are several effective ways of warning people about wet paint, and putting a huge sign right next to where the wet paint is in is probably one of the most effective ones.

A Paint To Remember

Yet, that didn’t work very well for this poor woman who decided to sit exactly where the sign warned about the wet paint situation, yikes!

If what we are looking at really is a family tradition, then they have chosen the worst tradition in the history of time.

A Really Awful Tradition

And no matter how much this guy wanted to take on his family’s traditional values, there is no way that he is happy about what he now has on his face. Hopefully, he is reflecting hard on his decisions right now.

By the looks of it, it seems like these three guys are about to commit a crime, but the force wasn’t on their side that day.

So Much Cringe

One of the members of the crew really seems to be regretting his decision to rob someone as soon as his colleagues messed up the entire operation. Hopefully, this will discourage him from the next one.

While this person may think she is incredibly sweet, she is probably a little sour too since her spelling skills are seriously failing her.

Sweet Pee

Sweet pea is spelled with an “a”, and not an “e” folks, so here’s the thousandth reminder on this list to ALWAYS make sure that whatever we’re tattooing on our bodies is spelled correctly.

These days, people go to great lengths to post a good picture on social media. It doesn’t matter if that means putting themselves in uncomfortable situations, or even in dangerous ones.

A Failed Instagram Post

And in this one, this person could have easily lost their phone after they tried hard to take a cute picture of their meal.

Shame, this poor guy was just enjoying his day at the beach when he made a terrible mistake. He decided to get himself buried in the sand when a bunch of birds thought his head would be the perfect place to poop in.

Beach Day Gone Completely Wrong

They say getting pooped on by a bird is good luck, so at least this guy has that going for him.

This person is seemingly so proud of the fact that “only God will judge him” that he went on to tattoo it in huge letters on his back.

You Bet He Will

And what’s worse is that he even managed to spell the sentence incorrectly, adding to the terrible mistake that it was to get this tattoo in the first place. Hopefully, he will be forgiven right after being judged.

During a photoshoot, this woman got a little bit too excited and ended up making a really terrible mistake.

A Picture To Remember

She stood on every possible angle for it, while the photographer failed to let her know that a couple more centimeters and she would be in the water. Well, that’s exactly what happened, and she has got it all on camera forever.

Most of the time, the expression “getting your foot in the door” refers to something positive. But we’re not sure that what we’re looking at here is a positive thing after all.

Stuck With A Foot In The Door

We have no idea how this person managed to put their foot on the door like this, but it somehow became stuck in a way that leads us to believe that she instantly regretted it.

What can we say besides, how weird is this?! Google may actually power this guy, but if this is the price of being empowered then we’re not so sure it’s worth it.

Powered By Google

We wonder if Google gave this guy a shout-out at their last shareholders’ meeting, something tells us they didn’t though.

So we’re not really sure what happened here, but this guy seems to have loved his McDonald’s bill so much that he decided to tattoo it on himself. What’s up with people jumping into tattooing so many random things anyway?

​A Terrible Bill

You’d think that deciding to get something permanently tattooed to our body would take more thinking, but apparently, that’s not the case for everyone.

Now isn’t this just one of the creepiest tattoos out there? This guy probably thought it was hilarious to tattoo a scary face on his back, but the “the-one-who-can’t-be-named” vibes it is giving us are way too strong.

I'm Watching You

He can probably still hide it once his hair grows back, but what if he becomes bald? What is he going to say to his grandchildren then?

So, let’s approach this positively first. The meaning of this tattoo is deep, there are certainly some tragedies out there that are beautiful, and vice-versa.

What A Tragedy

But we wonder if this person gets how ironic it is that in the future, she will probably feel that the tattoo she chose to get on her body is its own kind of tragedy too.

There is nothing like a beautiful bond between a father and son. And while many fathers love getting their kids’ faces tattooed on their bodies, this guy might have gone a little bit too far.

A Very Special Bond

He actually went all the way to tattoo his toddler’s face on his left cheek, and we’re not sure he’ll feel proud of it once he takes a second look.

Oh man, how awkward is this? It must be the absolute worst to ask someone to tattoo something on our bodies and to have them misspell the word.


After all, we probably want to have the right spelling in something that we will have to look at for the rest of our lives! We wonder how this person’s little “aingel” would feel about the dad’s misspelled tattoo.

If there is one thing that this guy made incredibly clear is that he has made some really bad decisions in his life. One of them was undeniably this tattoo.

A Crystal Clear Bad Decision

And since he decided to tattoo it on his back, he might not always be able to remind himself, but we’re pretty sure he will always be aware of the huge mistake he has made on his back.

Here’s the deal, if what you want to get as a tattoo is the quote of a famous artist, then you ought to get that quote right! Otherwise, what’s the point?

Wrong Phrase Man, Wrong Phrase

But it seems like it’s more common than it should be for people to get it completely wrong, and what’s worse? He is now stuck with the wrong Bon Jovi quote.

Here goes another sad mistake someone made when a tattoo artist (if we can even call them that) tattooed something grammatically wrong on this guy’s arm.

Double Negative

And the thing is that it was an easy phrase to not mess up, it could have easily been “never give up” or “don’t give up”. Yet, the combination of the two just didn’t work out for him.

Sometimes, people’s loyalty towards a celebrity can go beyond the rational level, and we’re cautiously sure that that’s what happened to this person. She loved Drake so much that she decided to go for the bold move of tattooing his name on her forehead!

​The Drake Drama

She thought that would be the best step into showing her love and appreciation for the artist, but apparently, the singer wasn’t impressed at all.

This guy might be screaming for ice cream a little bit too loud with this hilarious tattoo he got on his face. He is rocking it, that’s for sure, but there is no way that he looks in the mirror, sees that tattoo, and genuinely believes he made a good decision in his life.

Just A Little Ice Cream

Sadly, he has no other option but to make peace with it at this point.

Once again, the saying this person chose to tattoo on her arm wasn’t that bad. It makes sense, right? We don’t want our past to rule our future, but what if our decisions in the present are just as detrimental to our future?

Another Poor Decision

Listen, folks, there is nothing wrong with liking a saying and refraining from tattooing it in huge letters on our bodies. Just put it on paper instead.

When Carly Rae Jepsen’s song hit the radio the entire country (and the world) went bonkers! The super catchy song could be heard everywhere, and apparently, people loved it so much that they decided to immortalize it.

Call Me Maybe

This group of friends went ahead and got a matching tattoo with the lyrics for the song, and well, we’re just going to say this was a terrible mistake.

Well, here’s a situation we’re not really sure how to react to. This young woman decided to express herself in the weirdest way, with an unusual haircut and a tattoo that she will most probably regret for the rest of her life.

Strange Decisions

And now that she has become a mom, even her newborn is already doubting her choices just by looking up at her.

Oh man, this is so awkward. So many of us appreciate and love the King of Pop, but we don’t necessarily go running to get his face tattooed on our bodies.

The King Of Pop

This fan, however, really felt like he had to get one, but couldn’t he at least have gotten a professional and good-looking one? His tattoo just makes us all uncomfortable.

Here’s what we interpret from this tattoo. This guy really wanted to showcase how strong he is with a very inspiring and common saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

The Mistake Is Strong In This One

However, like many of the folks on this list, his tattoo came all faulty and his grammar is just so off. Hopefully, this misspelled tattoo will make him much stronger.

Nah man, this one is just really high up on our list of some of the biggest mistakes anyone has ever made.


Though it is true that we only live once, that isn’t a strong enough reason to go to a tattoo artist and ask him to tattoo the world “Yolo” in the form of little male genital parts. Also, what type of tattoo artist is cool with doing this?

It is incredibly clear from this picture that this guy truly loves his food. He loves it so much that he chose to tattoo the logos of some of his favorite fast-food chains on different parts of his body. Is he going to regret this one day?

He Really Does Love His Food

Probably. But is he rocking the tattoos while enjoying his food and not caring about what people think? Most definitely yes.

How unlucky do you have to be to manage to make that bus in the last second but then getting your head stuck on the door the way that she did?

Troubles In Transportation

And what’s worse is that the people around her seem to be in as much shock as she is in, so instead of helping her, they are all just looking at her.

There are a few things that make a mistake worse than just your regular lapse in judgment. And misspelling words such as “knowledge” is definitely a huge one.

Oh No, You Didn't!

This person, who apparently truly believes that knowledge is power (to the point of tattooing it on his body), apparently didn’t acquire enough knowledge around how to spell the word correctly.