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50 Cat Owners Shared Funny Photos of Their “Malfunctioning” Cats

HizkiailOctober 26, 2021

If you have a cat, we are pretty sure you have found yourself asking at one point or another, “What on Earth is he/she doing!?” Turns out that you’re one of the millions of cat owners asking themselves that too. One of the best things about these purr-fect creatures is that they have such unique personalities which, combined with their curiosity and independence, make them nature’s most hilarious animal to watch. In fact, some of them sometimes behave so bizarrely that you may start to question if your cat has malfunctioned or not! So, if you love cats, or if you own at least one, you’re definitely going to recognize your kitten amongst this collection of incredibly strange felines. If you’re not a fan of cats, we are confident this collection of malfunctioning kitties will make you fall in love with them in seconds!

It seems like this cat is a big fan of Italian movies. Although many actors have tried to master an Italian impersonation, this is hands down the best. Someone, please get this talented cat on TV. He will make even Al Pacino feel jealous.

Is He About To Speak Italian?

It looks like he has developed an opposable thumb and is asking, “Ma che vuoi?” Which is Italian for, “What the heck do you want?”

Is this cat trying to pass out in anger? One wonders what made this kitty feel so dissatisfied. This little cutie is expressing its anger, and it is still melting our hearts.

Who Knew Temper Tantrums Looked So Cute?

Well, sometimes, you just got to nap the anger away. And just look at that little heart on the cat’s side. Not to mention the look on his face which is priceless.

A team of 100 cat experts have thoroughly analyzed this photo and concluded that it is a dangerous Belly Rub Trap. The cat makes you think that it wants a belly rub, and just when you touch its soft belly, you’re caught in a furry ball or teeth and claws. Everyone, please beware of this deadly trap before it’s too late.

This Cat Needs To Be Rebooted

We also want to point out that it looks like the cat is wearing a bikini. Now that you’ve seen it there’s no way you can unsee it huh?

It seems evident that this group of cats has started a cult that practices the ritual sacrifice of one hooman victim per year. In this case, it must be an old lady. So, there is every reason to be worried.

A Meeting Of The Secret Cult Of Kittens

They seem like praying, “Dear lord of light, we, your humble servants, pray you to make our annoying humans go back to work and stop taking our pictures every 5 minutes. Amen.” Next they’re going to be putting a curse on the dog so watch out!

Is this cat related to Count Dracula? He is sleeping like him and is waiting to rise as soon as the hooman opens canned tuna.

He Actually Fell Asleep Like This

By the way, this is not how a typical cat sleeps… this is not how any cat sleeps. This one is surely malfunctioning.

How on earth are all these people just walking by a cat and not petting it? This is a typical cat behavior – she is giving no mind about anyone else’s convenience but her own. And honestly, no one is complaining.


Maybe she is working at Walmart. If that is the case, she is the cutest employee ever. However, we would not risk asking her for directions – you’ll just ultimately end up in the cat food aisle.

Someone has a pet bat that loves to behave like a cat from time to time (or is it the other way around?).

When Your Cat Is Actually A Bat

It is cool to have a rare and elusive bat cat in the house, but it means your curtains are going to suffer, and you will have to spend a lot of money buying new furniture every month.

Cats have a simple logic about everything when it comes to sleeping, sitting, or simply waiting to pounce – if it fits, I sits.

Fragile: Please Handle With Care

It seems like this person got a special delivery in the mail – a beautiful cat that wasn’t forcefully put into the box; she went in there willingly. As you can see, even though the lid is off the cat isn’t going anywhere.

When not in use, store your pet cat at room temperature in a dry place.

He's Actually Awake, Just Staring At The Ceiling

The hooman came back to find that their cat was lying on his back on top of cabinets, just staring at the ceiling. Maybe the cat was contemplating the meaning of life. More likely it was planning the destruction of humanity.

If you think this cat looks funny, he is pretty sure you’re actually the funny-looking one from that angle. The cat is attempting to become more of a marshmallow or a cloud than it already is.

Is That Comfortable For You?

Winnie the Pooh once said, “Sometimes the world looks better upside down.” Maybe the world makes more sense if you look at it upside-down? Perhaps we all should try it.

This cat has a black belt in martial arts and Kung Fu. And no, it is not the cat version of Jackie Chan or Jean-Claude Van Damme. Her name is Cat Li, so run like the wind if she ever escapes her home.

Black Belt In Martial Arts

Make sure not to get too close to her, or you might get a lethal kick that might even kill you (only if cuteness doesn’t kill you first).

It’s a problem when your cat starts to malfunction at 3 a.m. since you can’t even call a repairman at that hour. This cat is experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.

Malfunctioning At 3 AM

Maybe this is what happens when you give too much catnip to your furry friend. This photo shows why having a cat in the house can be so rewarding. Just treat them right, and they will reward you with bizarre and hilarious antics that will get posted on the internet!

The parents forgot to recharge the cat, and it clearly needs to be plugged in. Honestly, this is how we feel throughout most of the week, except for the weekends.

Please Recharge As Soon As Possible

Sometimes, you just don’t want to work. Unlike this lucky fluff ball, we have to work to pay for the food.

This photo might have scared those who are afraid of spiders. At first, we also thought it was just another spider sighting, but then we noticed that it is a cat trying to show off its brilliant parkour skills.

Why Does My Back Always Hurt? Also Me:

The cat is like, “Ma! Look…look…NO HANDS!” Honestly, we are so impressed right now.

This is how we look every Monday morning. We also look like this for at least 1 hour whenever someone wakes us up from a nap, which apparently is what happened to this cat.

If Monday Was A Cat

This kitten, known by the name Mars, became famous for his tired, sleepy face. Why does it look like it is judging you? He is like, “There are a million reasons to judge you, Karen.”

The cat owner brought home a cat only to realize that it was a beast from the underworld.

Welcome To My Home, Leave The Cookies At The Door

Who knows, maybe it is a piece of decor to welcome anyone who comes to the house. In our opinion, it is only appropriate to use this décor if Halloween is coming.

So the hooman wanted a cat but got this one that is more human than animal. Talk about indecent exposure.

Hooman, For Fluff Sake Give Me Some Privacy!

The cat doesn’t care or feel embarrassed at all. Honestly, cats look like this almost all the time.

Woah, the cat’s expression looks exactly like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Too much cuteness!

Imagine, This Cat Descended From A Lion

By the way, this derp monster should not be taken lightly. The cat’s expression is the perfect definition of derp.

As cats love the sun, they try not to miss any opportunity to bathe in it. You know how it goes.

I Go Where The Sun Goes

We can all relate to this cat as this is how we sleep after an exhausting day or a satisfying meal.

As we all know, cats love to get into boxes and explore new things in the house, this one found an empty pot and knew what it had to do next. It looks like a beautiful flower now.

Is It A CATcus Plant?

By the way, how often does this one need to be watered? We would be careful with the watering of this plant as it can badly scratch you and run away.

People who say cats are not dramatic should see this photo. This cat can easily win the best overacting award.

This Cat Is Preparing For His Opera Audition

When this cat wants something, it will let you know. In fact, the cat will let the entire neighborhood know about it.

This cat is not going through existential crises – It is just a lazy cat who likes to sleep in weird positions, just like every other cat out there.

Is It Bread Dough?

We won’t say that the hooman is a sick person for taking butt photos of their cat because honestly, no sane person can resist the temptation of taking out their phone and capturing a picture like this.

It is a well-known fact that most cats hate water. They hate water more than we hate pineapple topping on a pizza (we hope this doesn’t offend anyone).

A Soft Bath Scrubber (Depending on Which Side You Use)

This cat clearly doesn’t like taking a bath, and yet it found a place under a shower that is somewhat safe… for now!

There is no denying cats hate water, but what they hate even more is – wait for it – hard work.

Taking Laziness To A New Level

Even though the sink is quickly filling up with water this cat refuses to wake up from his nap. Cats just keep on surprising us.

Unlike most humans and other animals, cats wake up, stretch their bodies, and then go back to sleep. It goes on and on until they want to eat food and ruin the furniture.

Stretching Level: 2000

So, this photo shows that you can never correctly guess the size of your cat. A 12-inch cat can expand to a 36-inch feline in a matter of seconds.

The days are gone when cats used to hunt mice and bring them home, sometimes as an offering or gift for you. Now, cats have started hunting a more sophisticated and clever prey: BREAD. Yeah, that’s right!

This Cat Is Clearly The Breadwinner Of The Family

The cat is a hunter of the elusive yeast beast. Maybe the cat is bringing the bag of bread to demand, “Hooman, make me a sammich!”

This cat looks like it partied hard during the weekend and now doesn’t want to work. We feel sorry for the poor kitty.

There Is No Such Thing As A "Good Morning" For This Little Fur Monster

We think that this kitty needs at least 5 cups of coffee just to get out of bed. Don’t laugh, as this is probably how most of you look on a Monday morning too!

This is how you try to act normal when you see your crush walking by – if it does not impress your crush, we don’t know what will.

Just A Cat Doing Yoga

The cat is like, “Hey friends, do yoga and it will change your life.” If we have a yoga instructor like this cat, we are willing to pay $2000 per day until the day we’re broke (so… basically a day).

This is what happens when you do not make sure to follow the instructions while assembling your cat.

A Cat Taking A U-Turn

Cats tend to make you think that they need a bigger bed, and just when you buy an expensive bed for them, they start sleeping on a pile of dirty laundry. Don’t fall for it. By the way, if you rotate this photo and flip it, you will get the Nike symbol.

Why buy an expensive power bank for your cell phone when you can get a fluffy chonk giant cat power bank, right?

The New And Improved Portable Charger

This one comes with unlimited juice and you won’t have to recharge it. However, there is a slight problem with it. This power bank is not very portable.

Here is evidence that shows how intelligent cats can be. They’re just acting dumb for now and waiting for the right moment to take control of the world.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The cat could have gone after a bowl of cat food, a piece of pizza, or a piece of chicken, but the letters? She’s hinting that she knows more than she’s letting on…

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the new ergonomic, environmentally friendly doorstop that looks amazing. Please buy it before it is too late.

A Furry Doorstop

This cat has found the best vantage point from which she can easily guard her kingdom. As expected, it can get pretty boring up there.

This little demon knows that humans are her slaves. They clean her litter and feed her every time she needs food. Do you think this is too much?

A Furry Demon

Well, this cat also rides the human when they try to clean the carpet. The cat is there to supervise the cleanup job (it is her house after all).

This cat looks like it is plotting and planning your eventual death. It is like, “Not yet, but soon!”

I’m Always Watching You

We don’t want to call it a creepy cat. Maybe it’s just malfunctioning… we hope it is at least…

Sure, some humans take extreme steps to get some short-lived attention (which is a pity), but that is not the case with this cat.

The Cutest Attention Seeker Ever

This kitten doesn’t care if you’re working to earn money, it essentially runs the house, and right now it just wants to play! The cute furry angel is interested in getting kisses until it becomes irritated.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about this photo. Someone hanged their laundry to let it dry. However, if you look closely, you will notice that it is actually a cat.

How Do Cats Lay In The Most Uncomfortable Of Places?

Everyone knows that cats love dirty laundry. They’d rather sleep on a pile of dirty laundry than an expensive $200 bed. This one slept on laundry for too long that now it has become a part of it.

For a moment we thought, “Hey, there are cat air conditioner technicians as well?” In reality, the cat is saying, “Nice shelf you’ve got here. Be a shame if something were to… happen to it.”

Over Here, Loser

The cat has never been to school, but he knows how to raise his cute paw for instant attention. And he is very serious about it too.

Can you hear something coming out of this photo? We’re hearing, “Mommmmmmmm! Do something instead of taking my photo!”

Just Another Case of the Mondays

Maybe the cat was trying to help with the gardening. We think the cat is broken and requires some serious fixing.

We keep on getting proof that cats are far more superior to humans. Seriously, they are just waiting for the right moment to take control.

On That Day Humanity Had A Great Reminder

Our advice to this cat parent is to sleep with one eye open and beg for forgiveness as soon as possible.

Ah, why isn’t life this easy for us? Laure is chilling, and Fry in the background is as cool as a cucumber (though they won’t remain so cool if someone were to throw a cucumber in there).

When You Don't Have To Worry About Putting Food On The Table

It seems like Laure has realized that humans are going to feed her for the rest of her life, so she is super chill.

Unlike humans, cats have a lot of time on their paws. This one had no work to do, so he became a little creative.

That's A Cute Mustache

This cat needs to start a YouTube channel and upload a video titled “How to catch your tail.” It is a rough estimate that there are over 600 million cats globally, and we bet all of them would watch the video.

It is still a mystery how the cat managed to get trapped that low in the tree. All we know is that it happened, and the cat was not too thrilled about it.

Yeah, Stand There And Watch Me Burn

It seems the cat is saying, “I am a dignified and graceful creature deserving of nothing but utmost adoration. And I will end your miserable life if you tell anyone what you saw here.”

We are not near something hot, so why are we melting after seeing this photo? This might be happening due to an overload of cuteness.

Jazz Paws

By the way, this was her “mommy is home” reaction. That is one cute little way to welcome your hooman.

How many of you have seen a cat sit like this? This is not normal at all, right? At first glance, we thought it must be a cat sitting on top of another cat.

A Meow Stance

Honestly, our brains literally couldn’t comprehend what we were seeing for a good few seconds because it never even occurred to us that a cat could sit like this.

The person who uploaded this photo called their cat “An idiot. A dramatic idiot!” We, however, don’t want to offend this adorable kitty.

Get That Cat A Drink

It seems like the cat is about to say, “So, you’re probably wondering why I’ve gathered you here today, right? Well, I want food NOW.”

When mom brought home a new cat and wanted everyone to see her new furry friend, this is what he did. We can’t wait to see your face, you little angel.

Not All Cats Like Photos

She is our spirit animal. We don’t know what you think, but to us she’s purrfect.

This cat sleeps with his eyes wide open and we don’t think it is creepy. If that were a human, it would be an entirely different matter.

Constant Vigilance

Fun fact: cats can sleep with one side of their brain remaining active so that they can see out of one eye while they sleep. It’s a way for them to remain alert of their surroundings for any possible threats and still get a proper amount of sleep. Pretty creepy huh?

This cat is a one-of-a-kind vampire hunter that has superpowers and knows how to fly. Who are we to argue when there is so much proof right in front of us for everyone to see.

Vampire Hunter Kitty

All this cat needs now is an explosion behind him for a more dramatic effect.

It seems like Nichola does not understand the meaning of personal space yet.

What Personal Space?

He knows there is free space, but all he wants is a warm spot. It is good that his brother is tolerating the behavior.

Oh boy, look at that handsome smile. This is the cutest thing we have seen all day. He is the guy she tells you not to worry about.

That "Charming" Smile

Honestly, if this cat steals your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, it would be best to move on. You do not stand a chance against such a cutie pie.