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These People Should Win An Award For Their Internet Stupidity

MonicaJune 10, 2022

13) Bromosexuals

This one takes the cake. We thought Nintendo was smarter than that. Their attempt at supporting Gay Pride was shot down after they posted a photo of Mario and Luigi kissing. Their baffling stupidity was called out by Greg, who reminded Nintendo, the creators of Mario and Luigi, that they’re brothers. Sure, it’s great they’re supporting same-sex love, but incestual love is quite different. Let’s hope it was an honest mistake on Nintendo’s end (via BlazingShadow007).


12) Simply Become Intelligent

Intelligent people don’t feel offended. Only uneducated people feel offended. According to this person, to not feel offended, all you must do is become smart. Their baffling stupidity lacks logic and empathy. They’re certainly not a self-aware adult. If they saw backlash from the internet from their Tweet, they’d likely feel offended. Let’s hope this isn’t something they believe (via A_Queer_Feral).


11) ​​Taco Bell Burrito

This felt awkward to read. Jordan Rachel needs a lesson in economics because she tried to argue that a Taco Bell burrito costs $38. We’re not sure what Taco Bell she ate at, but it’s one we’ve never heard of. Brian pointed out that Washington D.C. already has a $15 minimum wage, and Taco Bell is affordable. It’s just awkward when people make up economic theories and get called out on the internet. At least we know that minimum wage won’t make Taco Bell more expensive (via Kueez).


10) Ironic Flag

These protestors need a history lesson. They waved around a flag that was defeated in 1865 at an anti-immigration protest. It doesn’t make any sense, and their baffling stupidity surprised the internet. It’s laughable and a bit embarrassing and makes us cringe. It happened in the USA, so they should be carrying around the American flag. At least they got the red, white, and blue colors right (via Kueez).


9) Arthur Writes This

A new disease exists, it’s called: Arthur Writes This. It’s a spin-off of arthritis but involves a person named Arthur who’s writing. On a more serious note, this person needs to learn how to spell. Arthritis can be a tricky word to get, but it’s not that difficult that it needs to be spelled in an unrecognizable way. This person’s baffling stupidity should send them back to English class, where they can learn a thing or two about spelling (via Buzzfeed).


8) Internet Resources

The Internet is full of resources, scientific or not. A lot of the time, they’re based on people’s personal opinions. That’s why it’s best to stick to proven articles. When this person tried to write their college thesis on the negative effects of the vaccine, they decided to check the Internet, because they couldn’t find any scholarly articles supporting their thesis. We give him credit for his effort, however, asking random people on the Internet for their opinion is always a bad idea. He shocked the Internet with his baffling stupidity, and someone even suggested he rethink his thesis. That’s probably not a bad idea (via Kueez).


7) Roman Numerals

Just like the person above who’s invented a new disease, this person invented an entirely new dish. It’s a spin-off of ramen noodles. Maybe they’re shaped like roman numerals. It’s captured our attention, even though it’s because of their baffling stupidity. If this person has spent their entire life calling ramen noodles by roman numerals, then they need some serious help. Maybe they call roman numerals ramen noodles. Someone needs to call them out (via Buzzfeed).

Aren't Them All Planets Was Flat?

6) You Just Butchered This One

The debate if the Earth if flat rages on, for some foolish reason. But this person took that debate to the next level when they asked in a rather grammar-avoidant way if the other planets and the moon were flat as well. Needless to say, the internet was quick to jump on the baffling stupidity of this question with some comparably hilarious answers (via Kueez).


5) Facial Recognition

This internet posted claimed that the government would have people’s faces if they used facial recognition on any of their devices. This person responded that unfortunately, they already had their face when the person was photographed at a government agency for their driver license. Talk about being put in your place (via Kueez).

All Sorts of Hidden Messages

4) Erotic Almond

This person decided to start stirring up an unnecessary conspiracy theory by rearranging the letters of two variants of the coronavirus that suggested it was all just the media controlling them. Another Twitter user pointed out that these letters could also be rearranged into something else that was also nonsensical and had nothing to do with the topic. It was good to see this tinfoil hat wearer called out for their baffling stupidity (via Kueez).


3) 19-Month Pregnancy

According to this person, a twin pregnancy takes 19 months because 9+9 = 19. Their baffling stupidity struck not once, but twice. How is this even possible? Do they really believe that women are pregnant for 19 months with twins? Let’s hope they’re joking because this is sad. This is another prime example of someone who needs to go back to health class and learn a thing or 10 about pregnancy, and math class since they don’t know how to add (via Buzzfeed).


2) No More Chocolate

This “joyless communist” has a point. If we can’t have chocolate without slavery, then we shouldn’t have chocolate at all. Do you hear that, Nestle? You’ve shocked the internet with your baffling stupidity by replying that this claim could hurt your sales. Well, maybe you should stop hurting innocent humans and start paying them appropriately. Slavery was abolished in the 1800s. Clearly, they didn’t get the memo. Their horrendous secret is out. What’s even worse is they don’t even make the best chocolate in the world, so now it’s a lose-lose situation (via Kueez).

1) Hello New York

Apparently, this girl believes New York is its own separate country and isn’t a part of the USA. She also believes geology is the same thing as geography. If only she knew geology was the study of Earth’s mineral and natural resources, then she’d take back what she said. Maybe she should continue these beliefs since she’ll get what she deserves at some point. All of it’s sad, and her baffling stupidity makes us shake our heads and sighs with defeat (via Kueez).