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50 Facts about the human body that are absolutely breathtaking

HizkiailJune 30, 2021

There are things going on there said! If we combine all the signals and the pulses, the electricity would be enough to light a light bulb.


Researchers have looked at thousands of possible facial expressions and have noticed that they increase as we evolve.


Additionally, hair decays at an incredibly slow rate, and it can easily resist many types of acids and chemicals.

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This particular syndrome is called gourmand syndrome and it is triggered when a person sustains an injury to the right anterior cerebral hemisphere of the brain. The person who suffers from it will want to eat fine cuisine for the rest of his life and will be obsessed with fine food.

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The hydrochloric acid that our bodies produce is strong enough to break down food, but in many cases it is also strong enough to burn the skin to the point of leaving a hole in it.


This mechanism works because you actually cool your thumb and it calms your heart rate.

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Scientists have found that 615 different types of bacteria can be found in our bodies and in our mouths in particular. They are sometimes billions.


Well, humans are born with over 300 bones in the body and many of them merge with time and the growth of the body. A normal adult has 212 different bones in the body.


If we put them all end to end, our blood vessels would stretch over a distance of between 95,000 and 160,000 km.


Indeed, the human eye has a sensational resolution of 500 megapixels and has 180 degree vision.


These giant communities of microbes have a terribly damaging effect on our health, but little scientific research is done on them.


If we could remove all of our skin and spread it on the ground, it would cover more than 2 square meters.


This specific species of moth that lives in our eyelashes is called demodex. They are said to be responsible for a lot of our skin problems!


This process never stops, even with age, the process slows down just a little bit as we approach death.


If we put this constant blinking end to end throughout the day, even if each blink lasts less than a second, we realize that our eyes remain closed 10% of the time we are awake.


This filtration is crucial is essential for the blood to remain blood and for our body to function properly. A normal human body has around seven to eight liters of blood.

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If you observe birds and reptiles closely, the pink corner in their eyes is very similar to that of the human eye, but after millions of years of evolution, not much is left.

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When we sleep, it all moves and relaxes and we wake up taller in the morning.


The liver grows back slowly over time until it regenerates completely. Of all the organs in our body, the liver is the only one that has this ability.


The discs between our vertebrae tend to flatten over time, but at such a slow rate that we can hardly notice it.

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Specifically the songs that go crescendos. Blood vessels constrict around the cardiovascular system.

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In fact, taste buds start to change after just ten days.

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After death, enzymes continue to work and feed on the fluids produced during a phase called autolysis which is triggered when a person dies.

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This process helps fight dental plaque, but also cavities if you have it. The less plaque there is, the less likely you are to get cavities. So don’t hesitate to kiss as often as possible!

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This means that about 97% of our bodies are stardust. It is hardly believable. The most skeptical will find it hard to swallow it, but scientists have confirmed it more than once.

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The light is simply too dim for the human eye to see. Other species like fireflies and jellyfish have the same capacity, but at higher intensity than us.


Every day, our heart contracts about 100,000 times and constantly pumps blood. People who exercise have a heart that pumps six times more than sedentary people.


Nowadays, the number of people who say they dream in black and white is much lower.


Likewise, when we eat, the glands are working even harder than usual.

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There are also psychological changes that take place when we are submerged which makes researchers think humans had aquatic life in the past.


If it could be untwisted, DNA would stretch a round trip distance from Earth to Pluto.


When viewed under a microscope, each one is truly different from the others.

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The number of soaps obviously depends on the weight of the person and their fat reserves. The more overweight a person is, the more soap will be obtained.


The change is not huge, but it can be observed. When the baby is born, these changes start to reverse immediately.

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The organ finds its oxygen in tears and nutrients in the aqueous humor of the anterior chamber behind it.


Yet it is the truth. Before anything else develops, a small anus can be seen forming on the future human fetus. The second organ is the mouth!


From that moment on, they will never change again until that person dies. Each person has unique fingerprints.


It’s one of the most complex parts of our skeleton and if you think about it, maybe that’s why they have so many injuries.


Most astronauts return from space a little taller than they did before they left. Those who stay in space for more than a year can grow up to 2 inches.

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If the two intestines were combined together and unwound, they would form a rope large enough to descend a three-story building.


This happens when you are starving, but also in people who are on too draconian diets. The scientific term is called autophagy.


In other words, a man will pass out after a minute or two without oxygen, but his brain will continue to function for a few more minutes after that. Even if your heart stops, your brain will continue to live for a few more minutes.


You won’t be able to play sports like before though. Same thing with the kidneys.


In fact, the position of the kidneys is different in most bodies and the left kidney is located a little higher than the right.

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This is because our vocal cords are placed in a certain way which does not allow one to do that or the other.

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A human head is quite small, and the brain takes up the largest space in it, even bigger than people imagine. To understand how the brain actually size, one would have to be able to lay it out entirely on a flat surface.

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And so if a cell notices that something is wrong or not working, it is able to kill itself before things get worse.


The possibility of taking people’s tongue prints someday is pretty low, but it’s still incredibly cool to know. To really realize this, it would be necessary to be able to make a 3D image of the language on the other hand.


This is because we blink to keep our eyes well lubricated, but babies don’t need as much lubrication as adults.


The average person loses 700 g of skin per year, or about a little over 45 kilograms in their lifetime. It is so much and at the same time you can hardly notice it.


It depends on how you measure the power of course, but if you stick to the weight, it is the cheeks that are the most powerful. A single cheek has a force of about 90 kilos.


Bacteria make up roughly one to two percent of our total body weight.


So that we realize the situation, remember that the normal temperature of a man is 37 °. One should be concerned if the temperature rises above 38 ° and in most people the organs start to suffer from insufficiency from 41.5 °.