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Servers Share Their Most Disgusting Stories About Waiting On Celebrities

Darren April 26, 2023

Servers have tough jobs because they work long hours while trying to keep often difficult customers happy. Meanwhile, they earn meager salaries and mostly rely on tips to make money. Most people probably assume that celebrities always tip generously, but this isn’t always the case. Some servers reported that many famous faces treated them like the dirt on their shoes.

Today we’ll look at several stories from Reddit where real-life servers reveal their encounters with celebrities. They say that fans should never meet their heroes because they’ll always be a disappointment. Unfortunately, this was a harsh reality for all of these servers. Check out their infuriating stories below.


Drake the Snake

Canadian rapper Drake is one of the most successful hip-hop stars on the planet. He has an estimated net worth of about $250 million, but that doesn’t mean he’s a frivolous spender. Some servers discovered this the hard way because he allegedly didn’t tip them. It’s a ridiculous story considering his status and the amount of money he has.


This is crazy because he is one of North America’s most recognizable stars but didn’t care. Drake came into this establishment with a sense of entitlement and left after showing his true colors. Maybe he was having a bad day but it’s not fair to the servers who worked hard to meet his needs (via Reddit).


No Tippin’ Pippin

Scottie Pippin was the Chewbacca to Michael Jordan’s Han Solo during the Chicago Bulls’ heyday. The duo enjoyed incredible success as they dominated the NBA in the ’90s. But Pippen also had one of the worst contracts in the league after Jerry Krause exploited him. Windy City servers hated him because he never tipped them properly.


This is outrageous because Pippen was a superstar. However, he turned into one of the stingiest people in the nation after realizing that he had signed the dumbest contract ever. Pippen opted for security and signed a five-year $18 million deal. Meanwhile, Michael Jordan was bringing home twice this amount per season (via Reddit).

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No Cents

50 Cent is another hip-hop icon but servers don’t appreciate him. He began life as a rapper but wasn’t afraid of the hustle. Now he’s a successful entrepreneur and producer with $40 million in the bank. Most people would expect him to be a generous tipper but reportedly this isn’t the case.


This Redditor revealed that 50 Cent didn’t tip well when he visited their establishment. That’s disappointing because most stars meet the expected 20 percent or give more. But he opted against this for whatever unknown reason. It’s ridiculous because it doesn’t mean much to him but most folks grind away every day (via Reddit).

Entertainment Weekly

Hell’s Kitchen

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey made his name as the foul-mouthed star of Hell’s Kitchen. Meanwhile, he achieved more success with his Kitchen Nightmares series. Ramsey always made a point of ensuring that servers took all of their tips home on TV. But one Redditor said this wasn’t the case when he visited their restaurant.


In Ramsey’s defense, it’s possible that he wasn’t responsible for the bill and didn’t realize what happened. Other reports said that Ramsey was a generous tipper when he visited other places and a polite guest. However, it’s ironic that his party didn’t tip when he is a massive advocate of the practice in the U.S. (via Reddit).


The Help

The following account is one of the most infuriating on this list because the celebrities allegedly treated their servers with contempt. We’re talking about Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Ray, who made life a nightmare for some restaurant staff. Paltrow was especially despicable because she reportedly believed herself to be above them.


We won’t be as harsh on Ray because maybe she drank so much to tolerate a lunch with Paltrow. But it didn’t help the servers who dealt with their ridiculous antics. It’s a shame because we assume that they’re lovely people because of their on-screen personas. Unfortunately, reality brings the truth to light (via Reddit).

Entertainment Weekly

Where’s Wayne?

Amazingly, Lil Wayne has time to rip off restaurants. Some servers experienced hosting the hip-hop star when he left his local precinct. They wished that he didn’t bother because he reportedly didn’t leave a tip. But let’s not be too harsh on the New Orleans native because he probably used it all for bail money.


However, there’s no excuse for trying to walk out on a check. Imagine how awkward that must have been for the poor servers. They probably realized that he was famous and had a tough situation to handle. Lil Wayne is notoriously volatile so it might now have felt safe to ask him to settle his bill (via Reddit).


Kanye’s Shame

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Kanye West but here’s another to add to the list. Allegedly, he doesn’t tip even when restaurants comp his entire tab. According to this Redditor, their manager decided this was the right thing to do. It didn’t matter that West has a net worth of half a billion dollars and could easily afford his meal.


He wrongly assumed that the grateful rapper would leave a generous tip and give them a shout on social media. But instead, he walked out without leaving a dime after racking up a massive tab. This was a harsh lesson for the restaurant owner because they lost a lot of money. Never comp celebrities because it’s not going to pay the bills (via Reddit).

Hip-Hop DX

Absolute Worst

Jamie Foxx is a massive star in Hollywood but this doesn’t mean he’s nice to ordinary people. Some servers discovered this after the Django Unchained actor showed his true colors. This was during the Super Bowl week in Santa Clara, California. One restaurant worker said that they hosted many celebrities with mixed results.


Amazingly, Mark Cuban was nice because the media doesn’t always paint him in the best light. But it’s very disappointing that Foxx didn’t treat them well. Maybe he was having a bad day or feeling a lot of stress but it’s crazy that he didn’t tip them well. This is the least that any major celebrity can do and it doesn’t matter to them (via Reddit).


The Whitney Nightmare

The late Whitney Houston had one of the greatest voices of her generation. Everybody knows that the superstar songstress had substance abuse problems. It’s possible to feel bad for her but also to sympathize with the regular people who dealt with her. One Redditor revealed that she was a nightmare when she came in with Bobby Brown.


It’s ludicrous that she left a six-dollar tip because that wasn’t even 10 percent. In Houston’s defense, she may not have been herself because we know what happened to her. Nonetheless, these servers felt relieved when Houston and Brown left. It’s a nightmare when celebrities act like divas in public (via Reddit).


Smiley Face

Let’s preface this by saying that Lady Gaga didn’t directly forgo a tip in this scenario. However, one of her representatives decided to insult a delivery driver by drawing a smiley face on the check instead of leaving a tip. It’s so offensive that they thought this was an acceptable thing to do.


We can give Gaga the benefit of the doubt and assume that she knew nothing about this. Maybe she had bigger things on her mind and her handler decided to pocket the change. But it doesn’t make life easier for the courier who delivered all of those sandwiches and didn’t get a tip (via Reddit).

Teen Vogue

Queen Kourtney

There’s nothing worse for servers than when somebody enters the restaurant when they’re about to finish service. However, some poor restaurant workers experienced an even more intense version of this. Kourtney Kardashian allegedly entered with her child before they closed their shop with miserable results.


The UK has the Royal family while the U.S. has the Kardashian clan. Typically, Kourtney acted like an entitled infant. Then, to rub salt into their wounds, she failed to tip the servers. This is despicable and beyond inconsiderate because it must have been obvious it was closing time. There’s no need to disrespect people like this (via Reddit).

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American Express

Spike Lee is one of Hollywood’s most significant directors but that doesn’t make him a good person. Servers couldn’t stand the sight of him because he was a nightmare to deal with. One Redditor’s husband found this out to his cost after he hosted the A-Lister and his guests at his restaurant.


Perhaps the establishment was at fault for automatically taking the service charge. It appears they didn’t clearly outline this in their policies and this cost them dearly. At the same time, it’s awful that somebody with Lee’s wealth and public persona has this type of reputation. The restaurant made a mistake but Lee’s antics were obnoxious (via Reddit).


Thanks For Nothing

Meek Mills is another famous U.S. rapper with a lot of disposable income. He makes a point by saying that he wants to give back to his city, Philadelphia. However, some servers loathe him and think that he is speaking garbage. They claim to have had direct experience of his mean-spirited ways.


Once again, they learned that comping a celeb’s food is risky. Yes, if it works out it can be a brilliant piece of marketing. Post a picture of them on Instagram and attract lots of attention. But if they act as Mills did then it means they’ve lost a lot of money. Let’s hope that he doesn’t do this often and that they caught him on a bad day (via Reddit).


Queen Bee

Beyonce and Jay Z comprise one of the most powerful couples in the world today. But they were the bane of one restaurant’s existence for a night. That’s according to one server who claimed that they entered right before closing time. However, that wasn’t the most disrespectful part of their evening.


It’s grossly unfair to go into a restaurant and demand a two-hour menu when they’re ready to close. These people have lives too but they couldn’t go home because they knew who they were serving. Then they had the cheek to ask to smoke marijuana in the establishment. Kudos to the manager for standing up to them even if they didn’t tip well (via Reddit).

Texas Monthly

GOP Shame

Politicians represent the ordinary people and depend on their votes for reelection. With this in mind, it makes sense to treat regular citizens with respect. However, one Redditor claimed that Texas Governor Greg Abbott had nothing but contempt for them and their fellow servers at a fundraiser.


This is counterproductive because it guarantees bad press. It is also very unfair to the servers doing their job. They don’t have a horse in this race but they want to make some money. In the end, they may have lost income by traveling to work without making tips. It’s a shambles and if it’s true, Abbott should be ashamed of himself (via Reddit).

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Lil Tip

Ortiz was one of the best sluggers of his era and a popular baseball star with the Boston Red Sox. The Dominican won three World Series titles and was a 10-time All-Star. Meanwhile, he made massive sums of money during his time in MLB. But this didn’t mean that he was generous when he went to restaurants.


It’s unbelievable that he reportedly tipped just five percent at this table. Most regular people tip the full 20 percent regardless of the service quality because it’s a habit. They don’t want to appear to be cheapskates so they do the right thing. Even if they don’t believe in tipping, they understand it’s a necessary evil in U.S. society (via Reddit).

Hollywood Reporter

Eddie No Money

Eddie Money broke the hearts of some servers in a ski town after he went to their steakhouse. Usually, it’s exciting when a celebrity enters the premises but it always creates some trepidation too. For every Keanu Reeves, there’s an Eddie Money. The ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ singer allegedly didn’t leave a tip after racked up a big tab.


Most regular people can’t understand how some celebrities act in this way. Maybe they think they’re better than ordinary people and that they’re treating them by gracing them with their presence. Unfortunately, this doesn’t pay for the utilities or the staff’s salaries. It’s disgraceful that they thought this was acceptable (via Reddit).


$20 Brady

Tom Brady is the most successful NFL player in history thanks to his seven Super Bowl rings. Meanwhile, his massive profile and incredible achievements made him one of the wealthiest athletes ever. Fox Sports even signed him to a 10-year deal worth $375 million after his retirement. But some servers didn’t see his generous side when they hosted him.


Imagine spending almost $5,000 and leaving a single $20 bill as a tip. This is almost offensive to the servers because they worked hard to deliver premium service. Realistically, they should have tipped $1000. This may seem like an outrageous sum of money but it’s a drop in the ocean for someone like Brady (via Reddit).


Hit Girl

Chloe Grace Moretz rose to stardom after her showstopping turn in Kickass. She instantly became a comic book movie icon as the foul-mouthed Hit-Girl. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like she learned much about respecting regular people during her time in Hollywood. Maybe she takes fame for granted because she allegedly didn’t treat this restaurant well.


Firstly, 18 percent isn’t the worst tip on this list by any means. Nonetheless, it’s clear that they took their privilege for granted and didn’t consult the restaurant before forcing them to stay open longer. It’s very difficult to refuse because stars can complain in their Instagram story and destroy their businesses (via Reddit).

Page Six

Hungry Rick

Everybody has been in a position where they’ve tried to find something to eat but none of the options are great. Allegedly, this happened to Rick Springfield after he played a concert in a casino. He didn’t want to eat unhealthy steakhouse food but there weren’t any other options in the area.


However, the servers did their best to accommodate his wishes. It’s a shame that he didn’t treat them with the same respect because they didn’t do anything wrong. Instead of appreciating everything that they did, he focused on the negatives. This is disappointing because it wasn’t fair on the servers (via Reddit).

Pittsburgh Jewish-Chronicle

Rude Lovitz

It’s a long time since Jon Lovitz was relevant in the showbiz world. But this doesn’t stop him from acting like a diva. The former Saturday Night Live star reportedly came into a fancy dining cinema and acted like a garbage human. The manager went out of his way to give Lovitz a good experience but didn’t receive any thanks.


Once again, it shows that there are rarely benefits to comping celebrities. Lovitz treated them in a contemptible way because he thought he was a superior human being. This was a gross abuse of his privilege and the restaurant staff deserved better. Unfortunately, some celebrities act this way (via Reddit).

Vanity Fair

Cheap Shia

Shia LaBeouf is an infamously volatile Hollywood personality. There’s no denying his talent but he can be extremely difficult to deal with. But if his co-stars find him tough to handle, imagine being a regular person. One bartender claimed that the actor tipped him the bare minimum after spending one hundred dollars.


LaBeouf made millions from the Transformers franchise and has been in many other projects. It’s disappointing that he didn’t treat the bartender with more respect and give him his dues. Americans can forgive Europeans for tipping the bare minimum because of cultural differences. But LaBeouf had no excuse (via Reddit).

L.A. Times

Here’s A Tip

The following account is one of the most disgusting on this list because it deals with borderline sexual harassment. Pauly Shore is a popular U.S. comedian with an ego the size of a train. Unfortunately, this makes him think he’s a god and can do anything that he wants. One woman rejected his advances after he allegedly tried to get intimate with her.


The response is sickening because it shows how many of these male comics have a superiority complex. This is straight out of the Louis CK playbook but it could be argued that it’s even worse. We must emphasize that this is an allegation and not a fact but it’s a shocking story. In the end, they must have been grateful to see the back of him (via Reddit).

Good Morning America

Kimmel’s Wedding

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the most popular TV hosts in the U.S. today. He has a reputation for being an everyman and a nice person but some servers didn’t see it. They worked at his wedding party where dozens of celebrities were in attendance. However, this doesn’t guarantee that they’ll make more tips.


The reality is that ordinary people are more conscious of their fellow citizens. They understand what it means to grind and grift their way through life. That’s why it’s more likely that they’ll tip the full 20 percent. They don’t take servers for granted like many celebrities who prefer to act like they’re invisible (via Reddit).

AP News

Thanks For Nothing

Justin Bieber has an estimated net worth of about $300 million. The Canadian is a modern icon and one of the most popular stars of his era. But sometimes fame goes to people’s heads and affects how they relate to ordinary citizens. It also makes them act weirdly in public as some servers discovered.


Maybe Bieber knew that his security guard would pay the tab so he walked away. Or perhaps he didn’t care and wanted to court some drama. Nonetheless, it seems like a weird way to act when he has more money than he knows what to do with. There’s no reason to treat people in this strange way (via Reddit).

NBC Sports

Worst Ever

Troy Aikman is one of the most successful quarterbacks in Cowboys franchise history. These days he’s a successful broadcaster and he’s making millions of dollars for giving his opinion on TV. The same can be said about Joe Buck because he’s doing a similar job. But that doesn’t mean that they know how to treat servers with respect.


It’s very disappointing to learn that they were reportedly horrible to bar staff. However, it’s fascinating to know that Mel Gibson was a nice person. He’s a polarizing figure with questionable views. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be pleasant to regular people when he’s one-on-one with them (via Reddit).

NBC News

Gigantic Mess

Bam Margera is the definition of a B-List celebrity who thinks he’s a massive deal. The former skateboarder achieved some fame on Jackass but it appears to have gone to his head. One restaurant worker claimed that he ran up a massive tab without tipping. But that wasn’t the most egregious part of the Bam show.


It’s disgusting that some male figures act like this when they encounter women. Meanwhile, the rest of the group’s antics were disgraceful, and, shockingly, nobody thought to tip the servers. This is exploiting decent and hardworking people who are just doing their jobs. They deserve more respect than this (via Reddit).


Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch was a brilliant running back but he’s a notoriously prickly character. He also infamously doesn’t tip servers in restaurants or diners. It’s a shame that he acts this way because he was an amazing player. But this is another case of never meeting your heroes because they’ll be a disappointment.


Nonetheless, this was an excellent reaction from the restaurant staff. They took their revenge on Lynch because they weren’t earning enough money from him. The majority of NFL players suffer from financial difficulties after they retire from playing. But Lynch is picking the wrong ways to save money (via Reddit).


Cheap Fluffy

Gabriel Iglesias is one of the most beloved Latino comedians ever. Fluffy’ is the voice of the diaspora and a popular figure across the nation. However, he is also allegedly a cheapskate and someone that servers don’t enjoy dealing with. The following account reveals some unfortunate aspects of his character.


It’s ludicrous that he never tipped when he was probably the wealthiest person in the room. Meanwhile, it’s also interesting that some comedians don’t have friendly personalities. They seem as warm as apple pie on stage but this is a persona. Real life is a different story and their true character shows (via Reddit).


Garbage Human

Robert Pattinson became one of the highest-grossing actors on the planet after he starred in the Twilight franchise. This gave him the freedom to pick and choose the projects he wants to work on. That’s why he developed into a respected indie star with some great performances under his belt.


However, this doesn’t mean that everybody likes him in real life. It’s damning that someone called him a ‘garbage human.’ Some celebrities think that they can do what they want without consequences. But this isn’t the way the world works and they should realize that. Realistically, many of their fans don’t care and enable this behavior (via Reddit).

CBS Sports

Bad Zeke

Former Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliot was one of his team’s most exciting players. Then his career declined while he remained one of the highest-paid running backs in the NFL. He’s a polarizing person because he has a lot of talent but he’s also a woman-beater. It’s difficult to respect a man like that and it’s not surprising that he’s reportedly horrible to servers.


Sadly, it’s not a shock that he disrespected a female employee and acted aggressively toward her. At last Prescott stood up and showed he was a decent human being. The Cowboys quarterback shows that he’s a decent person even when his friend put him in an awkward position (via Reddit).


Khloe… Again

Finally, here’s another example of Khloe Kardashian acting like a spoiled diva. We’ll give most people the benefit of the doubt on this list. Maybe some of them were having a bad day or they weren’t responsible for the check. But here’s another incident where Kardashian allegedly treated servers with contempt.


It’s disgusting that she treated another human being like they had a virus or something. The way she wiped her arm with a napkin is sickening. Meanwhile, forcing the kitchen to stay open was also ludicrous. However, she has 300 million Instagram followers so there’s not much they could do except oblige (via Reddit).